Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandhani are sitting beside the car where Nandhani says that she is going home to sleep when Manik taunts her saying that she was rude. Nandhani says that he should not eat too much sugar. Then Nandhani says that she wants the number of the doctor because she knows that he will not call him after he resists she forces him but he is not unable to remember seeing this Nandhani says that they will call Manik’s father tomorrow and now she is going home.
Naviya and Mukti are hearing Sahil talking to someone and then they search his wardrobe for anything but only find beauty products. Mukti says that he has even more of the products then Naviya, says that they have to speed up otherwise he will come back and when she turns away Sahil is standing there and theyboth run away.

is sitting with the phone on his hand and s trying to wonder as to what is happening to him but he is unable to remember.
Muukti and Naviya both are seeing Sahil with Abir. Naviya then says to Mukti that she met Pumi aunty who is back but then she tells Mukti that she is just cracking a joke. Then they both look at Sahil and ask him who says that he was just giving Abir a rock star look.
Nandhani is walking when she sees Aryaman and confronts him and also asks as to why he was not answering and of her calls but he says that he was just feeling a little low and then he says that he is alright after which he leaves.
Naviya is walking when she sees Sahil sitting and asks him the where about of Kiran to which he replies that he s in goa but Naviya catches him and asks him that he just said he instead of her to which he says that he confused her wife with his business partner. He presets her with the adoption papers but Naviya leaves saying that they will discuss it in the evening.
Manik is seeing videos when Nandhani walks in but e doesnot look back then Nandhani takes off the headset and they have fun. Manik holds Nandhani on his hands. They are lying on the roof when Nandhani says that they have to go and rehersal.
The fab5 are practicing when Manik says that the drums are tuff and then they all have some things gone wrong after which they put the practice on the end. Harshad comes in and says that he has booked the jamming room for the fab5 but Manik says that he is thankful that Harshad did not come in the middle and disturb them and requests him to leave. As he is walking out of the room he sees Aaliya rushing in she walks to the rest of the members and says that she is looking at the video and was busy. Then she shows them and they recognize it to be Kiran who is Sihal’s wife but Manik says that they are not even married.

Precap: Naviya and Sihal are sitting and Naviya is about to sign the papers when all of them enters. They tell Aaliya the truth and say that Sihal is not marrried but has a boyfriend after which Manik starts beating him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    nice episode

  2. Hasiiiii????? after a longgg time…….awwwwee the way nandu pulled manik’s cheeks ???iTs my wish to pull parthu’s cheek once…. may sure I’ll fulfill it…!! He was looking super cuteeeee ????

    And aryamann ??after watching the promo he got in my nervous!!!!! Wth he thinks of himself idk!

    And harshad… God!!!he and being so sincere ???oh sry pretending to be sincere president………. who gave him 230(I guess) votes….rip them…….
    In precap while beating sahil a guy came na…..maybe his of

    1. Its not may its m* and its not of bf *

  3. uff
    it’s getting worse day by day…???
    i lost my kyy???

  4. When manik said lets do jamming my first reaction was awwww mela baby how cuteeee ???and sevond….kahi yeh bhool toh nahi gaye jamming ka dusra meaning ???????

  5. Dunno from where such ppl come who hate this show but will still stalk it ????

  6. Hi guys, prads thnx for voting on my story on wattpad, lgta hai only u will read it, I toh don’t even have followers, m ready with character sketch and chapter 1 but for who m I writing? I dont have much followers ?

    1. What’s name of ur story in wattpad. I’m curious to read that. Plz tell d name.

    2. Chill yaar when I started even I didn’t had much followers nor readers….. as u will proceed further readers will increase and post cs and 1st chappy…….btw what tags u kept for it……

  7. @ena,
    Again sick ppl start coming here. If u don’t like it then get lost from here. And stop ur bl**dy mouth. WORSE?!!?! U r the worse person I have ever seen. So don’t say a word against kyy. And ppl like u continue coming here then this pg will loose its charming one day.

  8. @nashita its college drama but I have just updated the description only n cover page,my name is sallysue8 n its not a fan fiction story

  9. This page is nt smone’s property.. Y ppl behave lyk it’s their personal property..??? How much u paid for this personal property.?? And if this is ur personal property then keep it at ur home.,y r u uploading this page on internet.?? And if this page is here that only means this is nt anyone’s personal property. If ppl say smthing admin dsnt have any problem. Y u behaves lyk this.

    I always read comments if smone comment bout show u guys abuse them ..but y ??? Ppl NVR say anything bout u all.she talked bout d show. Ppl have d right to say all have dfrnt thoughts. What d need to abuse her. She didn’t abuse u ..she didn’t tell anything bout u..y u read her comments .? Did she ask u to read her comments?? No Na then..??? It was ur wish to read her comments… Jst ignore if u didn’t lyk..

    Look I really don’t want to hurt anyone but actually I always see this. I always read comments here. I also love kyy but it dsnt mean that v have d right to abuse ppl..so pls don’t treat this pg lyk ur property.. Nd if u think this that keep this property to ur home.??????

    Love kyy ?????

    1. I read comments on many pages ppl nvr behave lyk this to others on other pages.

      1. N ya,u asked na ki whether itz our property or not????
        So here’s da answer for ur question!!
        #HOPE U GOT THAT!

      2. N ya,u asked na whether itz our property or not?? So here’s ur answer_!


      3. I also didn’t mean to hurt anyone …, I m also a big fan of kyy… But if u read then she said “shut up ur BL***y mouth”… Nd ena didn’t use abusive language..d other girl use this word.. ….Minnie also replied her but she also used soft language not lyk this girl..

        Nd I m also sorry if I hurt anyone ..I really don’t want to hurt u guys.. But d language she uuse was……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Yeah u r right they didn mention anywhere that this page is only for lovers. This page is for all viewers.. All can comment here..and now I understand why nashita don’t have any friend here. I also read comments always.

      5. I used soft words coz ik somewhere she is right………and she didnt abused me so……just do one thing…. go to contact us section and report to tu…. they will so something…for using abuse

      6. Yeah I also missing old kyy…. Minnie..!!!!

    2. @kistie,look, u juz read our comments………n then u said all this!
      But did u try to understand what we really meant?? NO! If da ppl don’t lyk da show…….they can juz write that in a simple language n stop watching it na?? Watz da need to use abusive language??!! If u don’t lyk……don’t watch! Thatz it!! See,we don’t have problem if sum ppl don’t lyk it….the problem is that we juz can’t tolerate abusive language! N after all itz a show r8???? So why da hell do u need to say all those things??!!!
      Plz do understand what we really mean………n then say………I don’t mean to hurt u……..n if I have,then m really sorry………but this is da fact!!
      Kyys2 rockz

  10. I seriously didnt hear one single word which harshad spoke in yest’s epi!! Voice sunte hi khoon jalta hai!! But d epi was CUTENESS and LOVE!! So they showed friendship’s strength.. Sahil n raima.. Maza ayega uss raima ka face dekhne mein!!
    Still in d hangover of HASI.. But only d female version.. Lol.

  11. Hey ppl if anyone uses wattpad read my story if u want to, its name is college drama n my name is sallysue8
    Hi plumpy long time no c, v r not enemies na? Ri8? Can v have a fresh start?
    Hey kistie ?

    1. Sorry if I hurt u yar…..

  12. @ kistie or whatever ur name is I don’t care. D point is this is a pg of kyy lovers d ppl who don’t love kyy shouldn’t come here and shouldn’t say negetive bout kyy here. He or she can keep that in their. For an example- if anyone say some bad bout ur fv8 thing then u’ll probably feel bad. D same thing is happening wid us. If they don’t like it then why they come here??? They should not watch it if they don’t like it.

    And this is not our property. Btw who r u to tell us that wht is right or wht is wrong. V didn’t ask any advice from u. Did v??? Then just shut up ur nonsense. And don’t try to interfere in our matter. U hav right to talk when v’ll say smthing to u. This is our matter so stop poking in our matter. And stay away from us. And if u r talking bout rights then for ur kind info u hav no right to tell us that wht should v do or wht shouldn’t. And yeah thnx for ur not needed advice.???

  13. Whatever ur name is.., did I take anyone’s name ??? Obviously no ….I didn’t take anyone’s name……then ..??? And actually u also do d same Na poking no one asks u to read their comments ??? Nd if u love smthing then keep loving she didn’t ask u to stop loving then ??? Nd actually who r u to abuse ppl if they r not loving d show.??
    Kyy team didn mention that this pg is for only kyy lovers ..did they ??? I culdnt find anywhere ..if she didn’t take ur name she didn’t say anything bout u..then ??? Nd actually I also didn take ur name Na ???

    1. U r forgetting or u r not seeing by who said I don’t have frndz here??? If u think that then see my dearie plump, shifa is not here, Sara, nitz and so mny uncountable frndz. But why m I saying u??? Anyways, I don’t care wht u say. Just wanna prove u wrong and I did that.

  14. Even I agree with u…….. ena didn’t used abuse but that other girl which was unnecessary and disgusting! Coz even in sns ppl say its boring n all but ppl use soft words lyk that other girl did or they choose to ignore them……….
    And yeah once even tu said that this pg is not only for lovers ppl ate free tomorrow share their opinion…….. but without abuse which ena did but that girl abused her !! which made me think that she is sick (i didnt wanted to say this but i observed that abuser’s cmt they mostly consist abuse if anyone shares their opinion…….just complain to telly updates…

  15. Hey kistie or watevr! I dont wanna speak anythin bout wt u spoke bt 1 thing really cracked my mind! How can u even say that no1 here is nash’s frnd??!!! Like u actually donno her as a person n wt she said ws a genuine lover’s reaction! All arnt d same u see! I AM NASHITA’S FRIEND!! Shifa ain’t here as she has her exams but yeah even she’s her frnd!! Dont ever think that nash doesnt hav frnds here!! Sorry if i hurt u bt i really didnt lyk dat one line of urs!

    1. I’m quite lucky as I have u as my frnd. She is the real frnd who help or stand by her frnd in need. U did that. I think I am the luckiest person to have u. Ik thnx is not allowed bt yeah today I really want to thnx u dearie. Love u and hope v’ll will be always like that???

      1. Aww love u too nash! Friend in need is friend indeed! The saying goes lyk this im happy n proud that im one of such frnz! N u too stood by me na wen that niti’s bday tym fiasco happened.. Nd nw its opposite.. Dont care bout ppl who speak ill bout u.. U kno wt u r.. Ur frnz kno wt u r.. Toh baki log gaye baadh mein!!
        Yaariaan u see 😉

      2. Really luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuu. V’ll make it stronger.???

  16. @amrutha.. Dear.. R u a kyy viewer?? M asking this coz if u dont watch it toh surely ur a fool!!! This page is mainly for kyy viewers!! And if ppl think its getting worse then y watch it? Time is precious u kno! Vry less ppl kno it! Ek toh ur commenting here fr d first tym upar se prejudices??!!! Only by reading nash’s cmnt u say that toh wt bout me huh?? I use more abusive lang than her’s on characters or ppl who cross their limits! Does nash’s cmnts hav magnet or does it contain some sort of magnetic field huh that u always read her cmnt??!!! Im reading a physics chapter now so i can say a lot more using that only so better shut ur mouth!! U say.. What did u comment bout kyy?? Kistie toh she said she loves kyy.. Bt wt bout u? Kya hua?? Reply now!! Ik 2day’s epi is updated bt come here n reply u fool!!!
    Kyy dekhte nahi bade aaye cmnt krne!!

  17. No no nash v wont b lyk this! Dont freak out… We’ll make our friendship stronger!! What say? ^_^

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