Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani is standing in front of the mike with Jd on the instruments and is not able to sing, she pause for a moment and then regains her strength and then begins. She thinks of the moments spent with Manik which give her the momentum that she required and she starts to get on with it. When she stops Aryaman starts to clap followed by everyone and Jd also seems very happy after which he request her to sit. He says that the results will be announced after some time.
Naviya and Aryaman both go to cheer Nandhani up and then all of them are standing when one after another the candidates get the message of qualification but Nandhani doesnot get her massagedd and then gets disappointed after which she goes away leaving Naviy and Aryaman depressed.
Aaliya is sad when Varhun comes and says that they should go to the movies hearing which she gets angry and says that she saw him with the other girl. Varhun tries to explain to her but she says that she doesnot want to listen and leaves.
Nandhani comes into the room where Manik is sitting and playing with a ball, she hugs him and then they start to talk and Nandhani says that she qualified for the music gala to which she is congrulated by Manik but after some time she says that Manik is tensed. Manik says that he is confused about all that is happening and is t really because of the car blast. Nandhani starts to cry and then Manik cheers her up.
Naviya is sitting with Abir when Kiran and Sahil come and they seem sad and upon being asked by Naviya say that the lawyer said that Gay couples cannot adopt a child and so even if they want they cannot do it.
All of them get a text saying that there is a party at Manik’s place. Nandhani is handing out clothes to Manik for some options that he can wear at the party. Manik stops her and asks the reason for doing all this to which she says that he is the most important thing in her life and if he forgot her after he came back then what she will do at fist Mani says that she will remain back but Nandhani is adamant to go with him to which he finally agrees. He further says that love above all and that they will fight together till the end.

Precap: All of them are at Manik’s place and he welcomes them and when Aryaman comes Manik hugs him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This season was too boring…..
    There were no special manan scenes as they were in season 1…..
    They just ruined everything……

  2. Just can’t believe that only one epi is left….

  3. Plz plz plz MTV walo……
    AP logo se from whole hearted request h…..
    Ki “MTV KAISI YEH YAARIAAN” season 3 plz plz plz jarure start karna….
    Mana ki show baand hoo raha h…..but “MANAN” still exists in ours heart…..ye baand nhi hoo sakta….
    nd all the very best for all crew nd cast of KYY2……for their future…..
    Love manan
    Love pani
    Love cavya
    Love dhualiya
    Love u all…..
    Kyy always rockzz…..in our heart…..

  4. Ik this is nt the right place to say but anyone here is supporting parth??? CoZ I am… n now niti tweeted she is with vikas so just wanted to kno…… coz ps can never say anything wrong against any girl that’s 1000000% coZ even karan was there that time n he can’t bear anyone saying crap on his sis ……

  5. Btw the first cmt of this pg is so damm funny hahah of course must some moron… oh sry a bl**dy moron anyways kyy is mind blowing n bout s2 toh definitely there were not many special manan scenes according to some fool but that fool should better understand that KY2S2 IS ALL ABOUT YAARIAAN NOT MANAN

  6. Hug scene of MaNan was nice. Gd epi. Precap seems interesting. Luv kyy. Luv MaNan.

  7. Man its going to be end… I cant belive

  8. Me tooo minnie… I support parth… He has his cousin…and i will not belive any random discussions..

  9. Guyz wht is the reason ??
    Is there smthing fishy between parth nd niti
    I really dnt knw can sm1 plz tell me ??


  10. I too support parth..he never disrespect women..we love parth samthaan and we all stand by him..plzzz support him…will u guys support him??

  11. Anamika u should check out for the recent news of parth.. Or in any social sites .. U will get to know….

  12. Saw the article of legal war b/w parth n vikas on IF and for me, it was surprising ppl supported parth! Ofcourse except parthians! Coz d article b4 that idk hw mny fools were against parth! And all my frnz on IF r supporting parth n here i so so so wanna join twitter n insta sirf iss exams k wajah se thats nt allowed! 😡 Saw niti’s tweet also… I so hope parth wins d case!! He’s even informed it to d police! Guyz do u think vikas is behind all this??

  13. Its dec 31… Last episode of our kyy.. Our jaan.. Sachi na?? Still not able to believe! Remember this day of last year?! Abhi tha.. Hehe bandar.. MaNan night.. Tujhko jo paya hug.. Cabira teasing manan(wt i love d most).. Saawali si raat.. One of fav epis.. They showed d repeat of dat new year 3 times n i like a crazy fan watched all d 3 times! 😛 still im ready to watch it infinite times!
    Hey guyz! Shall we do somethin spcl 2day?? We’ll play somethin.. Idea do!! Im really bad in suggesting games! 😛 acha quiz? See i suck at it!! Bt i’ll ask 1 question whose answer i will never forget!!! When was ZEHNASEEB song first played on MaNan ??

    1. Hey plumpyyy…..I think ZEHNASEEB song 1st time forest scene me tha…. Jab manan akele forest me hote h…..but I m not confirm…..bcoz mene ye show after 55episode dekha h….too agar use phele ye kbhi play Hoya hoo too mujhe koi idea nhi h….nd h yahi song unhone fusion concert me bhi play kiya tha sath me..

  14. Guys d its d character Manik dt ur drooling over.. Not Parth in real life.. any person who posts cute pics n reaches out 2 d public cn nt b a gud soul .. He z doing it cz he z an actor n an actor needs dt fame.. No offense bt d telephonic convo z a clear proof dt abused Niti n its sad 2 c d words he used for her.. He said he z a profes sional I don’t think professionals accuse co stars n dt 2 he commentd on her luks..its perfectly fine to create wapp grps wid such names like Parth did.. bt he dicussd those ppl whoom he calld bffs like Charlie n othrs.. Hw wd it b if ur bf discusses such non sense bou u.. Y z he portraying d gud boy image whn he z definitely nt 1.. U guys r so addicted to kyy dt u don’t wanna accpt d fact js cz it may hurt u

  15. m nt supporting any1 … bt I think it wud b bttr if we say #stand by truth#.. Wt he hs wd Vikas ll gt cleared.. bt d nonsense he spoke about Niti.. n dt women r meant fr lust.. I think u guys shd face d truth..

    1. Don’t mention “we” coz u are no one to advise us whom to support n not… its our choice to stand by parth so u better not poke ur nose in b/w!! V are facing the truth that vg is cheap thats it!

    2. Oooo now u will teach us that which will be better for us???? O like really. Then listen all d Parthians of here will stand by parth. Cuz v trust him and v kno that he is saying true. So plz stop ur unneeded suggestion. Get that on ur mind. And he never spoke nonsense bout niti. And his acc was hacked so he also didn’t spoke any nonsense bout women. U should think 10 times before blaming someone.

  16. Ps- even I admired Parth as an actor always bt a person who disrespects gals.. cn never go high.. n GIRLS at least u shd realise ds.. It’s our foolish drooling over these male actors dt give em a tickt 2 do nonsense n gt away wd our support

    1. And a person who blame others without knowing anything can’t go high. Yup I’m talking bout u. I think u can’t catch a line easily. So I am again telling u- PARTH DIDN’T DISRESPECT GIRLS. Got that ??? If didn’t then u should get treatment of ur illness.

  17. D whole Parthian fandom z busy supportin hm n he z having a gala time.. At least he cn luk luk in2 it.. More over criticising his co stars..


    2. Oooo. See who is here. U r behaving like u kno parth personally. V r supporting parth bt that is our matter. Just stop poking. He never criticising his co stars. Do u even kno the meaning of this word???? R u his personal assistant??? U r behaving like there r no human in earth kno him more than u. So stop ur nonsense these will never effect anyone of us.

  18. n Minnie.. Niti nevr wrote anything about supportin Vikas she stood fr hrslf.. n said dt d fact dt her co star abused her hurt her.. She clearly said may #truth win# . so she clearly stands fr truth not vikas or Parth.. n she z nt interested in Parth so stp linking her wd him I think it only hurts her

    1. LMAOF ???????when the hell did i said they both r together or she’s interested in him??? I Just said she’s with vikas thats it usme bhi ppl lyk u have prob then hogaya bhala… I guess u are more interested in pani coz i never mentioned niti is interested in parth or anyone else but still…… God! I will pray that ur eyes will get well soon.???

  19. @plumpyyy yep vikas is behind this….. m sure coz he’d asked uttu to leak those ss n did u read telly chakkar article?? They said parth accused vikas for molesting but ik its fake coz telly chakkar always publish crap on ps from starting…. n only they said that others said he just want his 5lakh of ptkk (or other thing) which vikas has not given…..

  20. I watched all epi till 199 on youtube uske baad on tv but how much i remember Zehnaseeb was first played on epi 67 MaNan first kiss anniversary ???????kavya u watched it after epi 55 then u should kno…..
    PS: I hope m not wrong..

    1. Dear Minnie
      meine phele hi kha tha….i m not sure….
      But thanx for correcting me…..
      Me paka episode 67 aj hi check karogi….nd really thanx for this….

    2. Yeahhhh!!!! I got d correct answer!! How on earth we mananholics can forget that epi na 😉 Atleast i cant! N i kno u too cant and i knew u wud kno d correct answer! Epi 67 is d epi of kyy which i’ve watched d most! And ur hope won.

  21. Ofc u r d problem .. Cz Niti z wd d truth not wd Vikas or any1 fr dt matter.. Such a thick headed gal

  22. Whats ur damm prob in it..?? Thanks for the compliment sashii mam thanks for letting me kno who’s right n who’s wrong otherwise I would still be in illusion that parth is right… how should I thank u mam… n yeah ik m thick headed girl infact everyone is… y u have thin head??? Yuck! It must be looking so vulgar na…?? M thankful to god for giving me thick head…I’ll pray u will get donation n u too will get thick head… thin head can be easily ripped apart… ☺☺☺☺

  23. Shit,,, I missed d game dearie. Sry. Btw hw r u. I was too much busy. So couldn’t cmnt here. Nic game.

  24. I truely support parth!! M really scared yarrr! Coz the court has also announced that parth is not allowed to use sns! Y r da ppl in this world sooo selfish?????????

  25. ??????????????????????????i don’t think v kyyians want 2016 to come… coz I srsly don’t want it…… kyy is my life…. i love it a lot….. ???no words to describe how much I love ky2

  26. really kyy2 gonna off air?oooo so sad .I can’t believe it . it is ending without happy ending . manik is still not well

    1. Lolllllll this is not last update

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