Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik asks Dhruv as to what the matter is,to which Dhruv says that everything is alright but Manik says that he doesnot believe him and again asks as to what is wrong. He sits down and knows that Dhruv doesnot like Varhun but he has to trust Aaliya, Dhruv says that he wants to see Aaliya happy either with him or another guy and even doesnot listen to Manik. He says that he is not able to do anything he is not doing anything and now he even cannot sing. Manik gets up and says that they all face challenges in life and they will do everything right, Manik says that he has to concentrate only on Music gala and now has to relax. He says that Dhruv has to take Aaliya out then Dhruv gets up and hugs Manik tightly. Dhruv is then walking and urns back to thank Manik which also makes Manik feel happy.

When he leaves Manik gets a call from Nandhani.
Manik and Nandhani are walking when Nandhani says that Dhruv was looking stressed for many days now and something was worrying him, Manik says that he knows him and now everything will be okay, Nandhani is looking stressed when Manik asks her as to what the matter is when Nandhani says that they did wrong to Kiran and Sahil because they where Harsh but Manik says that they did everything right because Kiran and Sahil broke their trust and Cabr will never do anything like this and then they walk away.
Varhun is sitting tensed when Aaliya walks in and asks him as to what the matter is but he says that he won but he still tensed and when Aaliya asks him he says that he was just playing a prank and then they both hug eachother when she sees Dhruv standing and feels that she did something wrong.
Nandhani is walking when she sees Aryaman signing the form of the music Gala and takes him away. She starts to say to him that he did something’s wrong which affected her but he says that they were a band but this time she signed solo without even asking him or telling him so this is why he signed solo. He also says that Naviya keeps on texting him but Nandhani did not even text hi even for once.
Aalia and Dhruv are standing when Aaliya asks Dhruv as to why he is behaving like this to which Dhruv says that he feels that she is happier with Varhun and they are not meant to be together and he wants her to keep smiling which she can only get with Varhun. Aaliya starts to cry but Dhruv hugs her and leaves. Aaliya hearing this starts to cry.

Precap: Manik and everyone else are with Aaliya when Manik says that he talked to Dhruv and felt that things are going to be good between them. He receives a text from Dhruv which says that he is going away and believes that he is not himself anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Aur mera uttu chala gaya ???aiyyappa y everyone is leaving kyy first #cabir now #dhruv!!! ? Fab 5 will never be complete now ???

  2. Same feeling …?? its more sounding now kaisi yeh relationship…… I can’t see yaariaan anywhere……….
    Now I feel lyk s2 nahi hota toh chalta least s1 mein sab happily rehte …….rather this heart breaks ???upar that song judaii it was lyk cheery on cake…….. whenever I listen to that song it makes my eyes moist….and today many of us cried with dhrulya………???
    Pehle mukBhi ki adhuri kahani
    And now
    DhruLya ki adhuri kahani
    Matarani pls kal dhruv ko janne se roko ???dhruv tussi na jao…….. was missing cabira already and now u too…….

    I thought that new creative head will bring old kyy back but No!!! For me kyy is alive only by richa mam’s version…. she is the best!!! Hope they will bring her back….. only she can now fix ky2s2…….

  3. A COMPLETE HEART-WRENCHING EPISODE!!! I was crying so damn badly while watchin n aftr d epi too! Shit! Last ManRuv scene??!!!!! DhruLya… Alya ws hurt deeply.. She loves dhruv.. Seriously this is one of d most emotional epis ever!! That song..yaaron dosti.. That just has me in tears n a sad smile.. Friendship indeed is life!! The show goes by d name… KAISI YEH YAARIAAN! Again im crying.. Silent sobs.. And there was NO GROUP HUG and NO DHRUNI!!! Like seriously! Cudnt they give this huh??!!! Gonna miss uttu badlyyy!!!! Ja tu bhi ja ayaz k grp mein! Cabira n dhruv..our cute sa shy boy topiwala dhruv.. Miss DhruBir soo much!!! Left wid FAB 3!! There was MaNan scene..like not romancing..bt convincing bout d sahil kiran fiasco.. But i cant c anythin else than dhruv vedant, utkarsh gupta and yaariaan!!
    Gonna miss u so much uttuuuuu!!!!! Love u loads n all d luck fr ur future shy boy topiwale!!!

  4. This varun ????bl**dy jerk!!!!!!
    Can’t he understand alya has her personal life too !!!!!! Sirf professional relation nahi rak sakte the kya !!!??? idk what that flirt thinks of himself !!! what was the need of all this huh!!!?? itne saare log hai uske fashion house mein usse sirf alya hi milti hai aise stupid pranks k liye???i hate that jerk varun!!! Bada aaya unpredictable insaan!!

  5. Yo guyz!!! 2mrrw is a very very special day for me! Reason 1- BFF 3rd birthday..lives in my heart for a forever n d show which for which i lost my heart fr d 1st tym. Reason 2- ANNUAL DAY!! Im damn happy n excited n nervous! Haha mixed feelings! But highly saddened k its d last annual day of my schl life 🙁 ;( like srsly! I am in 10th std! I dont believe k i’ve grown so fast! Last year’s kyy epis r lyk just 2-3 weeks pehle wala epi.. 8th std toh is lyk yesterday.. 9th is lyk day b4 yest.. 10th iz lyk future! Lol.. I seriously didnt understand how fast time passes! The friendship.. V all r goin in diff ways aftr 10th.. But i’ll make sure we’ll b in touch n plan a get togethr wenevr v r free!! N haan..if kyy ends na.. I’ll b in touch wid u guyz 😉 bhagne ki koshish mat karo!!
    Im being all nostalgic after watching 2day’s epi man!! I just cant get over it!!

  6. This oluchi ruined evrythin!! Pata nahi usse kya khushi milti hai aise heartbreaks dene se!! Seriously.. Parth and ayaz had decided to quit ky2..tabhi end kr skte the na!! Coz of s2 jo log s1 dekhte the unka interest bhi gya!! Heartbreaks dete rahenge aur hum.. I dont evn think oluchi has heart! Kitna heartbreaks degi yaar woh bhi back-to-back !! Itna pasand hai toh harshad ko nali mein girne wala scene de na!! Kitna happy shappy honge hum!! Huh.. Varun d flirt!! Aur agar in d upcoming track they show dat o2 ka buddha toh i’ll break d tv screen i guess!! Na tv ko kyu marna.. Tv off karo aur baitho aaram se.. Old kyy dekho aur happy ho jao!!!

  7. Waise.. They did not show abhi meeting mukti b4 he left.. Jaane k baad muku got his letter.. In case of DhruLya.. He met alya.. But did nt inform bout his departure.. N msg bheja sabko.. Kya yaar jab koi quit krta hai toh uska character happy rehne do na!!

  8. So it was last ManRuv hug ???that song was damm perfect for that scene

    Teri har ke burai pe dante woh dost
    Gam ki ho dhoop to saya bane tera woh dost

    Srsly last group hug toh banta tha ????but real last Fab 5 group hug s1 mein hi hua tha…… the real Fab 5 style……… I always use to say this koi pls usse topi pehnao yaar……… bina topi k he always does something heart wrenching…..topiwala cute sa dhruv is gone now…….m sure that flirt varun must be doing salsa ??
    Hope manik will be able to handle mukLya…….. but before that only nandu can handle manik……today I again watched that scene in which dhruv covered up manik for missing the performance and then the prank they played on navya when she came to taunt them……….. I miss Fab 5???topiwala cute sa dhruv ??

  9. FYI karishma mam already left kyy 2-3 weeks back…….this mess is done by new cv

  10. See I told once this musicana is curse for kyy…..Mc start hua nahi k break up start ??dunno when mc will start then what will happen…….last yr mc MaNan breakup this year DhruLya breakup…….matarani musicana always proves bad for Fab 5 MaNan navya…….?? btw got kno that kiran n sahil’s track is not over yet!!

  11. Damm true yaar this mc is curse for everyone

  12. What’s wrong with these guys..pehle cabir n Manik…and now Dhruv!!!!Ssly!!!!!how dare they!!!!n when Manik came back..we all felt good but now what’s dis again!!!!I mean now Dhruv’s gone!!!???I secretly always adored topiwala Dhruv!!!n now he is gone!!!
    KYY 2 will surely go down d drain as now no main characters r der…at least introduc some new ones plzzzz to make for those who have left n balance it out…for sure they wont b able to fill d gap left by cabir n dhruv bt at least there’ll b some excitement n thrill!!!!We Want D KYY thrill n fun n excitement n most of all D YAARIAAN BACK IN KAISI YEH YAARIAAN!!!!

  13. shifa(shakira)

    dhurv chala gaya. Emotoinal episode,hlo prads how r u? Where is pinky and anu?.hlo nash.plumpy how r u?.kyy2 rocks

    1. Hii di!! M not at all good….. wbu di?? Anu didnt came only…..sara will come soon

      1. Sry mail id k place mein likh diya

    2. Not Gd,very sad. My dhruliya! I can’t see their heartbreaking. Feeling very sad

  14. shifa(shakira)

    i miss fab5.uttu plz dont quit the show

  15. Okay srry for that karishma thingy. But seriously.. Instead of karishma place d new cv.. Atleast d team ws happy wid her na.. Pata nahi wt they hav stored for us 🙁 🙁
    nache bhi woh teri khushi mein.. Ab nachna hai?? Khushi khud chali gyi toh ab kya nachna!! Yaar so mny heart breaking things happening onscreen n offscreen too.. Offscreen se it means only for me. January was d only month i ws fully happy!! Uske baad pata nahi kitne sare probs aaye hai!! August toh i hate it! But sirf anuu k liye i wont hate it. But august has given me a life long sadness. Mera bachha chala gaya tha..woh bhi on independence day.. Huh.. N aug 27 ko ek aur.. Cabira.. Uske baad v all kno kyy team mein kya kya hua!
    Guyz remember dat cutie shy boy topiwale ka super cute BG music!! Kinna shweeeeetttt hai woh!!!!!! Bohotttt shweeett… Shweeter than sweets itself! Aah gonna miss dhruv so much!! Its d first day 2day..the beginning.. Aage kya hoga??

  16. Shifa i’ve msged u on watsapp.. We’ll chat der..

  17. Nothing to say. I’m hurt by seeing the breakup of dhruliya. Can’t control my tears. Plz dhruv don’t go. Luv dhruliya.

  18. #want ayaz back

    All r bodered about tht stupid maban no one saying 2 bring back cabir. On demands ooff u people manik came if more fans of ayaz have also demanded of return of cabir than with manik cabir would also re entered

    1. Look even v want him back and even trend was there but ppl were less and u are saying as it u are leader and v are u slaves its coz of u ppl n all! And yeah parth came back coz cv realized without manik kyy don’t have its soul……and fyi ayaz don’t want to come back didn’t u read his iv he clearly said he don’t want to come back neither hes regretting his decision and he has already signed a NEW SHOW ok!! And stop calling manan stupid v won’t tolerate it!!
      P’s: if ayaz only don’t wanna cumback so no use of asking him for come back !

    2. No no u r wrong. U didn’t saw that v all r writing a line at d end of our comments sometimes and that is come back cabira. And don’t call MaNan stupid if u don’t like them then ok don’t watch v luv them so this hurt us. Ayaz Ahmed would come back bt he decided to move on and it is probably his choice. And v should support him in his decisions rather than blame others for his move on. And v all missing him. Can’t express in words that how much. And stop calling stupid to MaNan.

  19. I want to cheer up my mood dunno if anyone will lyk it or not but its hilarious!!!

    Yaad hoga ki nahi pata nahi par once I said alya bua wale thing……
    So agar harshad manik ka baap hai toh according to this abeer manik ka bhai ?
    Navya manik ki mom ?
    Navya-nyo = sotans ?
    And l
    Last but not least
    PS: ?Don’t take it srsly…?. ??

    1. This is hilarious!!! ???

  20. Shifa di here I m, m also feeling bad bout this epi but on the other side I m frustrated coz of my wattpad story, mene itna long chapter likha post sirf ek he line hui, I deleted character sketch also, u don’t use wattpad? If no then u won’t understand.
    Hi prads, meri story k chapter ka surf ek line post hua, puri book delete krdi mene?

    1. Will u continue that story??? Cuz I’m quite curious about cruel-sweet people relationship. I mean uk na. So r u continuing that???

  21. shifa(shakira)

    wat happen prads,nash?.plumpy nanna wats up delet agide instal madi da male msa marrtene.sara how r u?.ky2 rokzz

    1. Nothing sissy. Just watching dhruliya and fab5 scenes. Will miss dhruliya. And also cabir and dhruv. D shy topi wala boy. Remember aliya gave him a card with d pics of guitar and there was a drew topi too in first pg of that card.

  22. guyz do u know about d song that dhruv sang for nandini to cheer her up
    “nandini sun toh Zara tu bhi gunguna”

  23. guys pls any one help me how to get o yara song plsss

    1. If u want to listen only then search in utube. And if u want to save it then take it in offline of utube.

  24. shifa(shakira)

    good sara

  25. wht da hll is hppng everyone is leaving show like seriouslynow they are left vd only 3.God rlly frustrating…….gonna miss uttuuuuu so much

  26. Hey guys how r u all??? Plump, shifa, sara??? If u guys wanna cheer up then watch the funny moments of fab5 with dhruv and cabir. And dhruliya scenes. Do u guys remember, this day that harshad was arrested. And our MaNan scene. When Nandini was not able to put her top down in that dark room, manik helped her. I am feeling better after watching these. So u guys can try.

    1. Heyy Nash!! I n prads toh do it almost daily!! U knw…..itz my daily routine…….one present epi n one old epi!! Srslyy!! I even spent my diwali vacs lyk that……..I used to start watching da epis in da morning……n continue watching them till eve……..srsllyyy!! I completed a whole 200 episodes!!!!!!
      Kyys2 rockzz

      1. Plus I got the power of my eyes increased by 1.5!!! Now itz 7.15!!!
        Kyys2 rockkz

      2. Really. My mom always ask and scold me for not putting glass on. I hate my glass. I didn’t put glass till now. Sometimes I do bttben when mom is away I put off.so probably my power will increase. And now my power in the left eye is 1.50. It was 1.25. And these all credit goes to kyy.

  27. Heyyyy prads,shifa di,sara,!! How r ya’ll my inestiesssss!!!!!! Miss u all a lot!!!
    Nowadays m a lill busy……so jabhi I get tym……I cum here!!!!! I wrote this sterday too……but it didn’t get posted!!
    Hope it gets posted this tym………
    Luv ya’ll loadssss!!!!
    Kyys2 rockzzz…….humesha!!!????

    1. M here

    2. M fine n u?

    3. Anuuuuuu !!!!!???hii behna! M not at all good yaar……dhruv left ??n in today’s epi also dhruv aka uttu cried……I hate uttu crying more than anyone……. how are u dear….?? Luv u too!! ?

      1. And yep true v watch old epi of kyy everyday ……!!its my daily routine least 5epi …..even before going to bed and after waking up I do that only……..!! And the best part is v never feel bore watching them……

  28. Nash I will continue but every time I post chapter 1n publish it, only 1 line is posted, rest is deleted, don’t know what’s the problem

    1. Then Sara check ur sever. And if u using ur wifi then check it too if there is pro in others apps too. Another option is delete that then again install wattpad then u can start that story again from the beginning.

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