Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani and Manik are standing together when Nandhani says that she is fading from his memory and asks if she has done something wrong then why it is happening to her. Manik says that he researched over it and things will get better he asks for some time. Nandhani starts to cry and sys that he has to remember her and cannot forget her because one soul mate cannot forget the other.
Nandhani starts to cry and then Mani picks up his guitar and sings a song that is dedicated to her so that her mood can brighten slowly Nandhani gets happy and Manik says that he remember this song and slowly things will get better. Manik thinks that his memory should come better.
Aaliya is trying her lip balm when a colleague asks her as to what it is then she gives it to her to try and says that

she has a spare.
Mukti is walking and is very angry about Sahil and Kiran. She yells at Naviya and says that she can no longer tolerate then in the house, just as they are talking both of them come in and says that shopping for Abir is a very big task. They start t shift the things around the house at which Mukti gets angry and requests Naviya to make them stop which Naviya does.
Sahil says that today is a big day for them as they have met an investor that can invest five percent in their app and they request both of them to come with them to the meeting to which Mukti says that she will not leave the house and will not go with them.
Aaliya is with Varhun when he gets a call which he ignores but after some time it rings again he picks it up and after attending it says that he has to go and leaves.
Naviya is with Sahil and Kiran and Sahil is with the other guy finalizing the deal. Kiran says that the other guy is also guy hearing which Naviya gets amazed and says that how can he tell to which Kiran replies that he can tell by the body language and other actions of the guy. He gets jealous when he sees Sahil flirting with him and when Sahil comes back he says that he doesnot want to talk to him to which Sahil says that he is only using him and will leave him after the work is done. Naviya gets angry hearing this to which Sahil says that girls also do this to the boys to which Naviya says that not all girls are the same.
Nandhanicome and sits with Aryaman and Naviya and asks for the forgiveness from Naviya to which Aryaaman that no one is angry at her. Jd comes and they all stand, he says that today he will decide who is going to participate in the Music Gala. Nandhani starts to use her mobile at which Jd gets angry and says that her mobile is not in charge of getting her into the competition.
Aaliya is following Varhun and is adamant to find out who the reason of him being so tensed then he stops the car besides a building and moments later is hugging a girl. Seeing this Aaliya gets shocked.

Precap: Aryaman is practicing s to how to tell Nandhani his feelings meanwhile nandhani and Manik are arguing about Nandhani’s participation in the music gala and Manik going to the doctor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Uss ladki ka face nahi dikhaya na ??coz I decided I will watch only last epi on tv… so…

    1. no they showed her face.. some random girl…

  2. nice episode but fans expecting kuch achha climax ho i hope so,jo hamesha kyy ka naam lete hi yaad aaye…..

  3. pata nhi cmnt karke shi kar rhi hu ya nhi
    koi dekhe ge bhi ya nhi pata nhi
    guyss i missed evrything a lot our KYY our chats my ni8 birds sammy nutzy sab kaha ho
    sab bhul gye hoge na meko
    sana missed u like anything pls koi contact do na kisika on mails

    1. Aadhuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god u came!!!!!!! Missed u so damn much u kno!!!!!!!!! And… WISH U A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE AADDHHHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U thot i’ll forget wat is spcl abt january 5th huh?? Nah nah i cant forget my cuteee si aadhu’s bday!! May god bless wid all d happiness, success, prosperity, good health n love on u aadhuu… Wish to meet u someday… Somewhr.. Wid our ever rocking kyy roxz family.. I so thank kyy fr blessing me wid frnz like u.. My 2nd family.. Acha u say.. How r u?? U didnt miss me na… Sho bad… Hehe.. V all r alltym nautankis 😛 i miss our days so much re aadhu!!! Aadhu if u hav sara’s mail id ask my contact number wid her.. She has it.. Bt i’ve changed my watsapp number n sara doesnt hav dat new number.. I’ll hav to tell her on IF.. Aadhu plz tell sara to check IF once.. Tell her i’ve msged my new num.. Love u aadhuu!!! Happy new year and happy birthday aadddhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Epi….. U flirt!!! Tera kuch nhi honewala varun!! Get lost now…
    MaNan.. Love.. Selfish and Selfless.. It ws selfless in yest epi… So much care… Epitome of love they are!! GD.. Kyy end honewala hai.. Apke chotu dimag mein ab kuch nhi aanewala.. Jo hoga khud dekhlo..
    Precap – so much love!! Love manan soooooo much !!!!!!!!!

  6. 2day’s precap ws d LAST precap of our KYY..!!! Is this show really gonna end 2mrrw?? Im still under some intoxication! Love kyy.. Humesha!! Ah ah.. This isnt a mere word for us kyyians! This word itself is magic! Each word they spoke has magic!! Couldn’t love more!

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