Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says to the doctor that he is forgetting Nandhani from his memory hearing which the doctor gets amazed. He says that the night he was with Cabir he cannot remember where he was going and then on the night of the O2 concert he cannot remember what he talked with Nandhani. The doctor asks him to sit down and says that this is a rare case and he was already researching about this.
Manik asks him that he has to do something and he cannot forget her as she is the most beautiful thing that has happened to him and he cannot lose her.
Manik is sitting when a peon comes and says that Nandhani sent this food for him Mani says that he does not want it when Nandhani asks him as to why does he not want it. Manik says that he is not hungry and he was getting tired so he went for a drive.

Nandhani then plays with him and says that he will not eat then she will also not eat and is she dies then it is Manik’s fault. Manik smiles and eventually gives in after which they both eat the food.
Nandhani asks Manik what he was hiding but he makes an excuse which Nandhani does not buy and thinks that she will have to find the truth. Manik diverts the topic and says that they should do something from her bucket list to which she gets happy and says that she will bring the list.
Aaliya and Varun are sitting where Aaliya is eating a cake and some chocolate is still on her lips Varun says that there is some chocolate on her face and reaches to remove it when she stops him and says that she has watched enough movies to know that it is a movie line. Varun gets a call and says that he is with a client to which she asks if everything is okay and he says that it is okay.
Aaliya is sitting when Mukti comes and is very frustrated. Aaliya asks her as to what happened and she did not even call her to which Mukti gets angry and says that she has to take an appointment to meet her. Mukti says that her skin is getting very rough after which Aaliya give her Himalaya lotion and se looks at it with amazement.
MAnik and Nandhani are sitting when Nandhani says that they have to say I love you in five different languages at first they do it but then Mank says that he wants to eat Golla, Nandhani asks him if he has ever eaten it to which he says that he has not and then they o to eat it when Manik eats a lot of different flavors and both are thinking about how to tell eachother that Manikis forgetting their times together. They get home when Nandhani sends Manik to get a bath after which Nandhani takes his diary and reads it. Manik comes out and searches for Nandhani then when he finds her she asks him as to why is her name not complete to which Manik says that he is forgetting her and doesnot want to because she is the best thing that happened to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. MaNan scene was emotional for me…… today is last MaNan day ????now Monday k liye excited hone ka reason hi jayega…… cmg to epi MTV walo last k 3epi ..bache hai aur usme bhi this rona dhona

  2. Wat s da exact and repeat timings f dis show???

  3. emotional episode whenever”Baatien yeh kabhi na tu bhulna”song played in kyy i felt very emotional but today when the song played i felt some relax because they are together but they worried for each other that make me feel sad i can’t explain how i feel when i saw that and one more thing this is last week of kyy i hope kyy next season will come…….

  4. Really depressing yaar ! Kya faltu track hai. At least end toh happy wala rakho yaar ! I want my dearest MaNan , Mukbhi and Manbir back.. And yeh how can u forget Dhrulya ! Plz MTV fans ko itna depressing sad end mat do ! Mata rani maaf nahi karegi aur Navya bhi !

    1. don’t worry kyy ki happy ending hone wali hai niti taylor ne interview mein bataya so be happy and enjoy kyy last week bye

  5. Its confirmed. Mtv wale toh humein rula-rulakar maarenge!! I thot atleast last week ke epis would be happy-shappy wala.. But no! I ws being a fool! Just 3 epis remaining!! Still not able to believe this naked truth! After this thursday, im nt gonna care that which day it is coz evrytym i used to think “hmm 2 days r remaining for our MaNan day, our kyy” 2 days 3 days so mny hrs n thinking n talking bout it all d tym! Im so gonna miss all this small small things also!!!!!!
    Comin to d epi………….. I dont hav a perfect word to describe d pain watchin MaNan!! Sayin heart wrenching would b an understatement now……… The gola scene.. D race.. D stinking excuse.. And the last scene of d epi… I srsly cant help my brains!! Its just BLANK !! Speechless!! I dont love manan to d moon n back! I love them far far more than that!! Humesha!! No wonder this mere word has become so damn magical to us mananholics !!
    Precap – flirt!! U varun!! Hated u always!! Alya was expecting happiness in u and what u did?! Never believed you!! U jerk!! I hope that hug is just b/w to professionals! N alya wont break down again!! Pehle hi kya kum pain hai??!!! Every damn character of this magical show had pain !! I didnt even realize that my cmnt went so long now! Huh. Idk how difficult the comin year is gonna be!! No kyy onscreen!! No new epis!! Expecting d casts’ pics!! So seeing d bday list of d cast of kyy.. As much as i kno.. Its parth’s bday next.. After 3 months 13 days !! March 11 !!
    Good night people! Hope i see kyy dreams! I mostly see manan dreams 😛 hangover for a forever!

  6. The way manik was holding his ears was sooooo dammmm cuteeee ????
    MaNan scene was heart wrenching coz jabhi bhi i listen judaii n baatein yeh kabhi na I feel lyk crying!! N dunno wats wrong with him he was behaving lil strange while gola scene …
    N alya ji aapko humne bohot warn kiya now see that jerk’s true face anyways m least interested in alya’s love life coz for me her character is completely ruined….. y i felt in precap it was muku who was hugging varun…hope its not true….last three epi bache hai ache jai toh acha hai….. aiyyappa pls last 3epi happy wale rakho….

  7. @ Minnie, y did u said that today is last MaNan day??? I mean will they not gonna show us MaNan from last epi??? What will happen plz can u tell???

    1. I mean from next Monday onwards there will be no manan day as v don’t have to wait for epi after 3 long days to see manan…. so today was last manan day they will show manan on last epi don’t worry…..

  8. Sirf do din aur repeat telecast bhi nahi hai…. wat da hell….will miss MaNan fab5 n Navya a lot…

  9. Yaar gonna miss kaisi yeh yaariyaan so much especially manik hes the best

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