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Manik is listening to the music while Nandhani is making something. Manik tries to look at it but she hides it, she is trying to put the cup on the table but is not looking at it then Manik helps her and asks as to what the matter is but she denies .He forces her and she finally says that she is thinking about Sihal and the music gala but now that he is here there is nothing to worry about. Manik gets closer to her and then they start to have fun.
Aaliya is on the phone and is yelling at the delivery guy suddenly the Vihan comes at the back of her. She starts to ask a lot of questions from him but he asks her to calm down and says that he is going to get a coffee for her. Aaliya takes the laptop and opens a video in which she finds the video of Kiran.
Manik and Nandhani prepare

Parymids made of paper and see eachother through them. They start to make a whole lot of things which are from Nandhani’s bucket and also have a lot of fun. Then they also paint a wall ad make it beautiful and when Manik closes the lights they see the pattern of Manan.
Aryaman is playing the drums and is thinking about what Nandhani said to him regarding Manik. He is so lost in them that he does not realize that his phone is ringing and when he finally sees it he ignores the call and starts playing the drums. Nandhani is with Manik and is saying that Aryaman is not picking up her call then Manik makes her realize that they have more important to look after and they both take off.
Mukti is asking Naviya to come and make Abir stop crying then Naviya hurriedly comes and starts to feed him seeing this Mukti starts to relax.
There is a bell on the door and Naviya asks Mukti to go and open it and when she opens it and finds Manik and Nandhani she hugs them both and makes them come in. Manik and Nandhani asks them to come as they have an important thing to talk to them and then Manik asks them if they think that the couple is good and when he hears the answer he gives Naviya a heads up and says that she needs to be careful because it is Abir’s life and that she should be conscious. Naviya agrees and they go in.
Aryaman opens a bottle when Harshad comes and starts to talk to him Aryaman constantly asks him to leave but he doesnot and keeps making Aryaman feel anger towards the fab5 and Manik epically.
All of them return and find Sahil giving a bracelet to Kiran seeing this they all head on to the room where Manik turns and is not sure as to what the matter is between the two of them.

Precap: Manik and Nadhani are together where Manik is playing Nandhani a song which she also sings with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Rockxxxzzzzz !!!!!!!!! Its so special fr me, so close to my heart, simply luv it :-*

  2. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Rockxxxzzzzz !!!!!!!!!! Its so special fr me, so close to my heart, simply luv it :-*

  3. Kyy hs gvn me a lot, especially my dear frnds, luv u al, bcoz of u al guys i feel so alive, thnx mere pyaare yaro 🙂

  4. “Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan” sachme frndshp, dosti, yaariaan it makes our world so beautiful, frnds ho toh ye zindagi he, frnds k bine hum adhure akele kuch v nehi, so my big salute to evry1 out there who cares fr his/her frndshp n can do anythng fr da sake of hs/hr frnds 🙂

    1. Nashita(nina)

      Awww u r so cute. Nutz. Btw how r u??? Long tym sissy. Really happy to see u here.

  5. Nashita(nina)

    Nice epi. But where is the precap wala scene??? Eagerly waiting for that MaNan scene. Love MaNan. Curious bout sihal and kiran relationship.

  6. Nashita(nina)

    Plump, r u here? If u r then see who’s here,,, yeah ur nish. And if u r not then plz come as soon as possible. Tomorrow is my holiday so I am totally free but alone.

  7. They didn’t showed noodles wala part ??????
    Konse?? Akhir konse janam ka badla le rahe ho MTV walo… ???sapna todna hi tha toh dikhaya kyu…!!! For this epi I had to wait lyk hell!!! 48hrs !!???
    I wanted to see that scene…… I hope somewhere they will upload unedited version….. I will try to find….. ?

  8. Half precap is missing sona….it showed that alya. Comes to jam room and shows everyone a video in which kiran(adoption wale) is saying she is single and her real name is raima….

  9. Yep nish! This mere show, kaisi yeh yaariaan, which has turned so special for us, has indeed given all of us so many frnz here!! We all are incomplete without friendship..without our idiotic frnz..who tease us day n night..fight for us.. Care for us.. Trust us.. Love us.. Yaariaan is life!! Love kyy humesha!! Has given me a family which can literally make me smile ear-to-ear!! Nish r u on watsapp?? Sara has added me to her grp.. It feels so nyc to speak wid suhash bhai, megha, ananya di.. Pritam is also der! Are u der in dat grp?? Evergreen amigos??
    Loved the epi unconditionally!!!

  10. Love ya too nish!! :*
    yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
    yeh na ho toh kya phir
    bolo yeh zindagi hai
    koi toh ho raazdaar
    begaraz tera ho yaar
    koi toh ho raazdaar…
    Love u mele pyaale dosto!!!

  11. Yaar now hav to wait till monday!!! Precap is super awesome!! Hasi aftr such a longgg tym!!! But hey its not d full precap!
    Alya comes to jam room with her lappy and shows kiran’s video and fab 3 freaks out. Mukti says kiran’s married.

  12. hi.i m new here.may i join u guys

  13. Hi guys, how r u all? ☺ nutz ur ri8…I lost my trust on frndship but kyy made me believe in frndship, I thought same age is important but I realised age difference doesn’t matters, I learnt to fi8 back bcz of my t u frnds, luv u all, I gained my lost strength n trust coz of u guys ?

  14. hii Punchkin…… anu se baat hui…??? She didn’t came only…..

  15. Hi Nutz , i am always following KYY and ur comments are always nice and good..Plump and Nina ,i too read ur comments..they are gud and ur view about episodes are enthusiastic…All d best for u people…just felt to say for long ,so typed it..Don’t take wrong 🙂

    Saraji, ur comment about friendship also touched heart..Nice to read..dont think i interrupted u ji

    U people make healthy comments and feels nice to read ur comments rather than some who always pokes and scolds and use abusive word in name of fans and comments..Thanks for ur healthy ,jovial comments…

    1. No y will I think u interrupted me? U have the ri8 to comment here just like v do ?

    2. Nashita(nina)

      Oooo that’s so sweet of u prena. Thnx???

  16. Hey minnie what happend actually my sis is using my id she is biggest fan of matsh.. What u want to say. You said u need my help. Tell me what happend.

    1. Thank u so much u came here dear….. u remember that day someone bad mouthed bout nandini here… in different language….and then u n gopika said that she used abuse….. remember???

  17. wow!!! precap is just awsomee manan singing hasi after a long time!!!! hope this time MTV wale won’t edit this part as they did in that noodle scene.. they showed that scene in promo. then why didn’t they show that in yesterday’s episode..

  18. Ya minnie i remember but what happend now..

  19. Hiiii allll!!!! Sorryyyyyy pradssss!!! M really very busy wid sports activities n annual day preparations sissy!…….btw……achaanak meri yaad kaise????? Kuch hua hain???
    Kyys2 rockzz

  20. @prena. Thnx dear. Its just our love fr kyy that makes us feel enthusiastic n xpress it the same way! 🙂

  21. Yaar i dont like hasi male version.. Mtlb lyrics r somethin outta d world.. Evn MaNan r outta d world.. But that singer’s voice is yuck!! Srry if any1 got hurt or feels bad. Its just wt i feel. One side its lyk a crow singing n another side its lyk a koyal singing! Bt lyrics k lie jo pyaar hai uske lie woh crow ka voice sunna padta hai 🙁
    shreya’s voice is magical n d most suitable fr nandu too!! I love shreya ghoshal a little more aftr hasi though i love her samjhawan d most! 😛 kya kare samjhawan lover hai hum.. PreeManholic hai hum.. MaNanholic hai hum.. Samjhawan my alltym fav… Tenu chadke kitthe jawan tu mera parchawan.. Tere mukhde vich hi main ta rab nu apni pawan..
    Songs r loved by us wen they r played on MaNan.. Or if the singers r our favs or d actors r our favs! Just hav a wish to watch “Dil roye ya ilahi” of d movie “raaz-the mystery continues” on MaNan… Wud b happy to d othr galaxy n back!

  22. Nashita(nina)

    Crow and koyal singing??? oh I can’t stop laughing plump. U r so funny yr.

    1. Hehe thnx nash.. Woh actually that ws to make my mood light n happy.. Ws finding ways to smile.. Btw.. Hw r u? Exams over?? Hw ws ur maths exam which ws on 22 nov??? Acha ya Bura? Hey nash cn u plz join IF? Shifa had askd me whether i hav u on watsapp ya no.. V cn exchange our contact numbers on IF if u join it:)
      plus mny MaNan FFs too which undoubtedly are awesome!!

      1. Nashita(nina)

        Exam was super. No my xams didn’t over yet. Will over in 6 th dec. Then I am going out of this for vacation. My flight is in 7th Dec. Then I’ll think bout that. Cuz I am not allowed to open any acc in any app. Fb,insta,Twitter, wht’sapp these all app have no connection during our govt xams time. It is a rule of our country so now I can’t do anything. Anyways I’m gd.

      2. Oh great nash!! All d best fr d rest of d xams too! Sit n read. Oh so aisa hai… Hmmm.. Vaise its gud dat its against d rule to use apps during xams.. M so addicted specially to IF dat if i wanna b inactive toh bhi i’ll b der always! Pata nai mera kya hoga!! Oh nice vacation.. Where r u goin? Oh dec 7.. Im goin to mysore on dec 6 night.. 10th std tour.. Frnz k saath mastiii…

    2. Hey Nash! In which country do ya live????
      Kyys2 rockzz

      1. Nashita(nina)

        In Bangladesh. India’s neighbouring country.

  23. Hahaha,,LOL…. @plump Salute to ur sense of humour…haha….
    crow and Koyal… 😛

    1. Hehe thnx prena.. I srsly feel lyk dat.. Crow n koyal.. Cn v b frnz?

      1. sure sure plump… 🙂
        Wud feel great to be ur friend..

      2. Oh that’s so sweet of you prena 🙂
        like from when did you start reading WUs of kyy??

  24. I want to see mera man kehene laga on manan

    1. superb song n idea 🙂

  25. I want one manan scene on da song “gerua” from dilwale!!! Wat say????
    It wud b soooo awesomeee na??

    1. Yeah, u just speak my heart. I was going to say the same thing. Gerua will be perfect for MaNan.

  26. Okay first of all.. V aren’t enemies.. I do hope v aren’t so m speakin to u.. Gerua!! Wish to see MaNan in d same song n thoda xtra..same costume! Esp manik! White tuxedo!! It’ll b freakin’ awesome!!!
    PS – dont get hyper. Im not here to fight.
    MaNan, Fab 5, NavNi, Abhi, Aryamann, Maddy, CABIR… KYY ROXZ!! I miss cabir d most on d show.. Im nt evn thinking bout maddy.. Haha.. Yuvi’s gonna b in a new show.. Donno if its true

    1. Yeah feria will be perfect for MaNan

      1. Oh sorry big mistake. It is gerua

  27. Nashita(nina)

    Plump, I’m going to my hometown Chittagong from our capital Dhaka. And I’m lucky enough cuz world widest sea beach is situated there in my hometown. So v I mean my cousins r planning to go there. Btw dis u ever hear about Cox’x bazar sea beach??? Anyways GOOD LUCK foe ur vacation.???

  28. shifa(shakira)

    Hlo prads.anu.pinky.nash.plumpyy.sara:)

    1. Nashita(nina)

      Hi shifa. How r u??? Happy to see u here

  29. hi guys 🙂

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    hlo sara

    1. hi di 🙂
      hows u?

  31. shifa(shakira)

    good.how r u?

    1. Fine…wassup

  32. Hi.am a silent reader of this page but today i decided to cm here.
    hi plump i lyk ur sense of humor,also apki baatein.
    can we be frnds.ll be lucky.
    luv Parth nd niti
    kyy rocks
    epi was gud.waitng fr noodle wala scene

  33. Hello everyone! I m also a reader of this page…..i always read ur comments on kyy…..i also love “manan” a lot.
    Awesome episode…..
    Waiting for Monday…..

  34. Hi.anyone?

    kyy rockss
    luv manan

  35. @silent. Hey thnx for dat! Cabira se inspired hu n half frm my frnd! Hmm ofcourse v cn b frnz!! Can undrstnd a feeling of silent reader vry well coz evn i ws one. Glad to kno ppl lyk my cmnts! But u said aap silent reader the bt now u commented toh apka yeh username jo hai “silent” kyu hai?? Hehe srry dont mind.. It just cracked my mind.

  36. Hey guyz! I heard a crow singing!! Sachii!! Haha only for my love for the lyrics and MaNan i kept my ears open..

  37. nice episode specially they wish list is awesome.

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