Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik asks Nandhani if she wants to tell him nothing but she says that she doesnot and it was Aryaman who said that there is the next class of Austad Mukes. Manik says that she should think of the positives and all those that love her. Nandhani says that the yoga might be helping him hearing which Manik gets annoyed and leaves.
Naviya says to Aryaman that Nandani is even late today and she should have come early to the classs just then she walks in and Naviya asks her to leave the romance and anik aside and focus on the music Gala.
Austad Mukesh comes and says that they have seen music in a lot of different ways and frequencies. He then says that they have to make a music instrument in the class to play wth in the next thirty minutes hearing which everyone gets shocked and after

he leaves Harshad says that he has completely lost it.
Manik is in his room playing the guitar and trying to think of his past but he not getting anywhere. He gets frustrated and calls the doctor and asks him about his condition but the doctor also asks him to calm down and soon he is going to start the treatment and then Manik will be fine.
Naviya and Aryaman are sitting when Nandhani gets a call for Manik seeing this Naviya takes her phone and texts Manik that Jd is in the class to which Nandhani gets angry but Naviya is not to be moved and gets shocked. Manik seeing the text is amazed.
Mukti is going to her bike when she sees a ex then suddenly a biker comes and tries to hurt her but she gets angry and they both go for a head to head race and after some time Mukti get misbalanced and stops.
Nandhani is playing drums on the table and then she realizes and after this she calls everyone to her table and they ll make a plan. Jd comes and is shocked to see them unprepared but then they all make him see what they have planned and after hearing them he is happy. Jd asks for the benefactor but after they tell him about Nandhani he is not as happy and he says that she has got half marks besides everyone who have got full marks. Nandhani angrily is walking towards Manik’s room but when she goes in the place is trashed and Manik is not there.
The doctor is sitting when Manik suddenly comes and starts to ask him about his condition but the doctor asks him to calm down and says that he might be having Amenisa but Manik says that he is not losing his memory but he is forgetting Nandhani from his memories.

Precap: Manik is reading his diary when the peon comes and says that Nandhani sent this for him but he says that he does not want it. Then Nandhani comes and Manik hides the diary but Nandhani sees it and plans to read it then after she reads it she asks Manik as to why is her name not complete on every page and is not letting Manik explain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’m literally crying seeing the precap. I really don’t want to see Manik forgetting Nandini. MTV walo pls don’t do this to us.?

  2. todays episode kuch hatt ke dikha but achha tha i wish ek achhi ending dekhne ko mile.

  3. OMG!!!! They can not seperate Manan again !!! It’s just not going to happen !!! Missing ky2 season 1 so badly….there chemistry was beautiful…..

  4. shifa(shakira)

    wish u happy brithday fairy.kyy2 rockz

  5. Pradss! Sissyyyy!! Where r u yarrrr???? U called me n I came……..n wen m here ,ur not there! I hope u read mah previous n this comment…………….!
    Kyys2 rockz!??

  6. I voted 10 times or more for parth… God he is awesome

  7. I will miss this show… I love you manan

  8. Fairu!!! Sorry!!! Belated happy birthday fairyy!!! I had relatives at home n there was a pooja at home n that too on my name! So all d chances of comin here ws closed! I was literally feeling guilty each minute of d day!! I swear! I so wanted to wish u yaar! Hope u hav an awesome life ahead fairu!! My first TU frnd 😀 love u so much fairy!! Miss u also.. Gonna miss u a lot!!!

  9. The precap is purely HEART WRENCHING !!! Felt like some1’s stabbing my heart cruelly!!! D guilt n helplessness on manik’s face and d pain on nandu’s face! Oh god! Its painfulllll!!!!
    Guyz there r only 4 EPISODES remaining of KYY!!! But der is so much to b cleared! Manik’s health, fab 5’s wild card entry, soha is alive!! Musicana!! Will der b a leap? This thing is just haunting me frm yest!

  10. No plz don’t do this mtv walo.manik is forgetting his Nandini whom he love most. It is really a thinkable matter. They r separating my MaNan woh bhi at the last moment of serial. I can’t believe this. I want a happy ending which will make me happy whenever I will remember bout this and will stay as a gd memory in my heart. Don’t kno Wht will happen. Hope for d best. Luv MaNan luv kyy. Always a craziest true kyyian and a MaNan holic

  11. I srsly don’t kno wat to say anger is reaching another level…. guys check telly chakkar’s post on parth m not able to paste link but u all pls see it… its so damm cheap n ik ps won’t do anything that sort of infact v all kno….I always hated telly chakkar since they called ps unprofessional once n when ps replied them sarcastically they started making such rumors but wat they wrote is all bullshit!! Just go n check once….

    @anu sweetie i won’t be able to talk with us on tu r u ok with whatsapp..??
    This article on parth made just made me feel disgusted how can media stoop so damm low……
    Ik this is coz they don’t want him to make his Bollywood debut…. surely a blo*dy hater’s work..

  12. @minnie i saw that filthy article on IF! In that abhishek himself had said “it is sad that parth is terming………………….” feel disgusted to even type it! But yeah! True parthians never believe in craps like these! I didnt kno that its that telly chakkar team who posted it! Fools like them can post nonsense! It said even karan n uttu r in d group! What nonsense!
    #vstandbyparth !! Parth has his true fans who will be by his side for a forever!! Just wanted to know whether there was abhishek’s comment or not!?

    1. Karan supported parth but uttu didn’t… n abhishek only gave that ss of that group to them ..abhishek’s cmt on that group???

      1. Abhishek ws nt in d group bt he said there ws a group created by parth n he’s vry sad to bear that parth is terming……………. Huh. It ws der on IF.. Mny cmnts were against parth n der were less cmnts as d article ws posted mins ago. True parthians words – they said this is d same guy who ws der in splitsvilla and ws known as d “bad boy” n a big time flirt !! True that! All this ws said by abhishek !! And yeah. Its gud to hear dat 1 of them supported parth. Karan did nt cmnt.. Bt did uttu really cmnt on it? Its hard to believe anythin dat TC posts! blo*dy fools !!

  13. This cheap article of telly chakkar ???

    t’s a scandalous story, which is bound to send ripples across the TV industry. And it involves one of TV’s popular chocolate boys, Parth Samthaan of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fame.
    Parth is young, dynamic and has legions of fans across the globe. Girls swoon over his pictures, ready to give their all to him.
    Like every other youngster, Parth is active on social media and loves interacting on WhatsApp. And babbling away like any other youngster with his fellow actors – basically having fun.
    But sometimes, given bubbling hormones, fun can get out of hand like is prone to happen with many.
    Earlier in the day, credible sources of Tellychakkar.com spilled the beans on a scandalous WhatsApp group allegedly created by Parth.
    WhatsApp group? Bah we said! We wondered whether our source was getting senile. But the insider insisted we check out a few emails that were coming our way. It was juicy, sizzling, and titillating was the promise. Our news ears immediately pricked up; we were literally salivating.
    We checked our email and bazoonga! in our inbox were exclusive snapshots and voice notes of the supposed conversation in the group.
    As per the proof, Parth created a group called ‘who#@s and more who#@s’.(We’ve replaced the words with symbols, but basically it means women of low repute).
    He later added his friends, also co stars from his show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan.
    The three young studs chose to swap notes on the number of women they had bedded and they even shared details of what they did. Plus they discussed how they could increase their individual scores.
    We are in possession of certain audio notes which we cannot share given the graphic nature of the language used.
    However, the snapshot above testifies the fact the group was indeed created.
    We had heard of these romp parties in tellyland; we’d heard of shoddy old actors counting their conquests. But we did not expect cutey boy Parth to be a part of that brigade. Hence we reached out to him and asked him about the group. He sounded surprised, perplexed and a bit jittery.
    This is how the conversation went:
    Reporter: Hello, am I speaking to Parth?
    Parth: Yes, speaking.
    Reporter: Parth we have received snapshots and voice notes of a scandalous WhatsApp group created by you. What do you have to say about it?
    Parth: What are you talking about? Who told you? Who are your sources? Where did you get the snapshots from?
    Reporter: By mentioning where we got it from you actually agree that you created the group?
    Parth: No, you cannot implicate me. I know who your source is. I know where everything is coming from. Someone hacked my social networking sites and now creating trouble for me via this WhatsApp thing. I did not create any group. I am being framed.
    Reporter: We are not implicating. Just doing our job. You have all the right to share your version. So all the voice notes, snapshots are not yours? Is the WhatsApp account too hacked? And who is trying to frame you?
    Parth: Yes, not mine. I am nothing more to say. It’s not my group. I won’t say who is framing me, in time everyone will come to know.
    He disconnected the call.
    So what did he mean by framing? Is there more to the story? What is going on in Parth’s life? We hope that this is just a canard and there are no skeletons in his cupboard and that no one is out to get him.
    Furthermore, when we texted group member Karan Jotwani, he did not deny that the group had indeed been created but chose not to comment at all.
    Utkarsh Gupta, however, went on to confirm that the group was created: ‘Yes, Parth created the group but now it is shut.”
    Different versions, but one helluva scandalous story.
    What do you all have to say? Is it a case of young frolic or immodest behaviour? We let our lovely readers decide. Do share your comments in the space below.

  14. Yep! Juz read all this!!!! I toh first only hated that abhishek!!!!!! hawala kutta!!! N da worst part is uttu also didn’t support him!!! Again a problem!!
    Bichara yarrrrr! I juz hate that tellychakkar!!!!!!!?????

    1. Saala kutta**

  15. @prads yap dear! M always der on whatsapp!
    Kyys2 rockz

  16. M seriously burning wid rage!! If I get those tellychalkar waale na…..will literally bash them lyk hell!!!!! I mean srsly…..how can one b soooo cheap?!! Instead of spreading all this they shud b supporting parth……….!! ????????????

  17. What d hell!!! I mean I can’t believe that ppl can stoop so low!!! And telly chakkar toh always keep doing that. First they call parth unprofessional and when he gave d ans against them they start doing this. I even can’t imagine that ppl can stoop so low to frame a successful actor. And ppl !!! They will think that it is true cuz they like to make a big issue from little matter. But they r really fool cuz if parth did ( I kno he didn’t do that.) that then why he will open a group woh bhi at whatsapp. And media will now dance as they get a super news bt none of them will thought that he is an actor and he can be frame. Really this whole matter is showing us that how low the present ppl can be. Srsly unbelievable.
    But they don’t kno that parth hv many true fans who will never believe on this crap. This rumours will never effect us I kno.

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