Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani says to Manik that it is PDST. Manik gets amazed and says that in this disease people generally get mad but he is losing his memory and so this cannot be it. Manik says that this cannot be t and so Nandhani makes an excuse and says that his brain will make a defense mechanism but he has to be calm. Manik gets angry and sits down so Nandhanai goes to him and says that he will be happy and be calm and not to get angry and also do Yoga.
Nandhani gets up and he also stands and says that he will do Yoga only when she will be with him. Nandhani says that she will always be there and hugs him and while crying says that she will be there for him no matter how busy she is.
Mukti says that does Naviya really think that she will leave fab5 because of a random band. She has only

placed them asdonot attend because she doesnot want to. Naviya says that she trusts her that she knows what she wants and then goes to change.
Manik is sleeping when Nandhani comes and tries to wake him up but he doesnot when she plays a song but Manik doesnot get up after which Nandhani plays a trick hearing which Manik gets up.
The yoga instructor asks for the permission to come in and says that they will start the lesson in five minutes. After he leaves Mank taunts Nandhani who says that Manik tops he lit of hot guys.
The instructor tells both of them to perform different tasks but Manik is finding it very hard to do it and he even locks his hands and after they are open Manik says that he will not do it anymore but is forced to and when he falls the instructor says that they will meet again tomorrow morning at five.
Manik says to Nandhani that he will not do this anymore hearing this Nandhan places the stick on his neck and so Manik is forced to accept the decision.
Aaliya is sitting in her office when a peon comes and delivers the parcel. Hearing this Aaliya calls Varun without realizing that it will be night in Paris and he also taunts her after which she remember what Dhruv said to her about feelings for her boss.
Nandhani walks in the room when two students say that she is in trouble because she left the class in the middle. Jd walks in the room and starts to judge the students one by one. When it’s Nandhani’s turn he calls her in the front and says that he doesnot want such an uninterested girl and unfocused girl in his class and she may leave the collage if she has other priorities

Precap: Nandhani is talking on the phone with the doctor who says that he is trying hard to find what the problem with Manik is then Nandhnai asks him as to how long it will take to conform if Manik has Amenesia. Nanhdnai turns to find Manik sanding there looking at her with and angry face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohh parth!!!!!!!!!! How do u look so damn cute?????????????? Was going all awe over manikkkkkkkkkk…….. His cuteeee see expressions!!!!! My god!! Kinna cute hai!!!! Can nvr get ovr it n dont want to get ovr it!!! Pure bliss it was!!!!!!!!!! *gritting teeth outta love* love you shooo much parth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those cuteeee childlike expressions… That ultra-cute cum husky voice!!!!!!! Shit! Going all insane!!!! No worries.. Love u to b insane then 😛
    it hurts.. Nandu cryin.. Helpless.. That ws really painful.. Bt they made it up to us 😀 that yoga!!! I hope daily yoga kare yeh.. Daily inne ultra-cute faces milenge!!!! Pehle hi inna cute hai ab toh…. Phhhh!!!!!!
    Alyaaaaa…. I srsly cant stand dat flirt varun!! Okay. Yeah. He makes her happy. But this DhruLyan inside me doesnt want to accept it!! Huh. No. I dont like that flirt varun. *grumpy face*
    muku-navya part… Love this bond so much!!

  2. Manik was cute lyk always. MaNan scene was emotional when Nandini hugs manik. Nic epi lyk always. Love kyy. Love manan

  3. Story itni jaldi kaise khatam karenge.please ab to Manik k dad ko dikha do. Jaldi jaldi m story n khatam Kr de,next weeks k episode 1ghante k dikha do,ekdam se story mat khatam kro happy ending chahiye hum logo ko jisse ye show hamesa yaad rakha jaye season 1 ko to hum log kabhi nhi bhul payenge Maine to season1 3-4 bar repeat Kr k online dekha h mujhe itna pasand hai y serial.I miss u kyy Ki Puri team.

  4. thank god this crap is ending soon…….. honestly it wz one of best serial but now its like typical saas bahu serial no spark nothin…….. hero meets wid an accident police doesnot find body n stil believe he z dead then out of blue he comes back….. hero mom suddenly leaves acdemy students only act like college authorities,,,,,,,. AND so cald band fab5 which doesnot exist,,,,, even actors r getting bored n leaving show first cabir den nyonika den dhruv also manik,,

    1. ????????????????

  5. shifa(shakira)

    wish u many many happy return of the day nash.god bless you.kyy2 rockz

    1. Thank u so much sissy. Luv u a lot. Kyy rockz

  6. happy birthday nashita..celebrate …..

    1. Thanks a lot, kitty.kyy rockz

  7. Hi guys

  8. shifa(shakira)

    party chayee.lv u to

    1. Ok ok sissy bt how??? Btw which country do u live in???

  9. shifa(shakira)

    m form india siso.kyy2 roxz

    1. Oh nice. Majoraty people of tu pg r from India.

  10. what an episode…….manik was so cute in the yoga session…Love u manik..and srsly nandu is playing her part well..i can’t even think of this show ending in one week….will definietely miss u manan,navya,fab 5 memmories and evrything….If cabir,dhruv, nyonika,cahcha,chachi,rishab,amms, and all others were there kyy cud have ended with a bang….but now if manik is srsly having amnesia ………..don’t know…hope 4 the best….

  11. shifa(shakira)

    pradsss,anuuuu,pinkyyy hlo sisoo.where r u all plz come back na.miss u all.kyy2 rockz

  12. Nashi!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST FRIEND NASH!!!!!! HAVE A BLAST TONIGHT DEARIE!! MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS U WID ALL D LOVE!!! MAY U DESERVE EVERYTHING U DESIRE SIS!! HOPE U MEET PARTH 😉 and dont forget to share it with me haan :P. Wish a healthy, prosperous, successful and a love-filled life ahead nash!!! Love you soooooooo much dearie!!!! Gonna miss u also!!
    And im hell sorry for this late wish nash!! Was stuck up in school and some crappy road construction goin on.. Huh chuck it all. U just relax yourself just chill.. Party hard!!! And yeah.. Where’s d treat??? A tight hug for u nash!! And ur on wattpad na.. So cn v chat there as to stay in touch coz der wont be any epi updates once kyy ends.. N idk much bout wattpad bt i’ve joined it as a story i used to read on IF has been shifted to wattpad.. I so donno to use wattpad and m into studies,novels,TU,IF all d while!! So i dont get time for wattpad.. Im giving my wattpad username- Love_ThakurYuvi . Haha i love to put somethin of yuvi.. If possible join IF too 🙂 My gift for u – tons of hugs and zillions of boxes filled love. Love u so damn much nash!!! Sorry again for wishing so late dearie!

    1. Hey listen don’t be sry. I can understand dearie. That was not ur fault. Btw thank uuuu sooooooo much. Yup m also want to give u a tight hug. Love u a lotttttt. Yup when I will meet parth, I will surely tell u. Bt when u will meet ur yuvi, then share that wid me ok??? Correct I was also tensed that how will v chat if kyy ends. Wow that’s a very gd idea. V can chat at wattpad. U wattpad username is awesome. And bout ur gift, I got that. Cuz I can feel it. Yeah I will try my best to make mom give me permission to hv if. My wattpad username is NashitaNusaibah. V can chat there. Thanx again and yup don’t say sry. And God will surely fulfil all ur wishes which u hv made for me. Luv u dearie from core. Bye.

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