Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryaman is walking n the hallway when Harshad walks in and says that he is serious about music Gala and Nandhani has submitted her form so why he is not interested but Aryaman is not moved. Harshad says that why should he not join Harshad’s band but Aryaman says that he does not trust Harshad but he says that he only wants Aryaman to be better.
Naviya and Sahil are sitting and when Naviya says that they should wait for Kiran but Sahil says that they should not wait for anyone but Naviya disagrees and asks if he is cheating Kiran. Suddenly i and the rest of them walk in but Naviya doesnot understand and then she again asks if he is cheating. Nandhani says that he is not cheating because he is not even married then they give Naviya the video and she is amazed and when Sahil tries to

get up Dhruv sits him down. Then they question him and Naviya starts to cry seeing this Manik starts beating him and doesnot regard even his requests and finally steps back.
Aryaman walks in the jamming roomand thinks about what Manik said and how he did not let Aryaman play the drums then he walks near the drums and starts to play them thinking about all that has happened then he throws the sticks away. He goes and sits in front of the Tabbla and starts to perform with them and he feels relaxed then suddenly Austad mukesh is standing there and also makes him feel that he s able to perform in the music gala and then he leaves.
Manik and the rest of them are waiting when someone just walks in ad sits with Sihal and also asks what has happened. Dhruv says that he has taken a beating then the guy says that they had to lie because they thought that they will discriminate between them. Manik lashes out at them and says that they ae the ones that discriminated and they are the liars and they even had friends with different preferences but they lied and that’s what is hurting. Kiran says that they love Abir and will take care of him but Naviya disagrees and says that they will never come near Abir so Manik pushes them out of the room.
All of them are sitting and trying to make Naviya feel better but she is not and says that she was going to give her son just like that when Mukti says it is because of her and she is the one who forced her and she is the one to blame but Naviya says that she is not the one. Manik then confirms her and says that everything happens for a reason suddenly Aaliya’s phone rings and she leaves saying that her boss has an emergency and she leaves even when he tries to stop her but she leaves.
Dhruv is playing the guitar and thinking of all the moments spent with Aaliya and how they are happy when he feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to find Manik standing there.

Precap: Aryaman says that nowadays people only make friends for their benefits but that is not what broke his heart this time. Aaliya is hugging her boss when Dhruv is standing at the back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys anyone pls tell me the timings I am new to watch it

    1. It airs @6:30pm Monday to Thursday and repeat @1:30 and 6:00pm.

  2. Feeling damm bad got dhruv ????how can alya do that…… unintentionally she is hurting him!!! Which I can’t see!!!! And precap mein alya said 143 to varun na……..

  3. ➡Dialogue of the day⬅
    Ab kya yaha cricket khelne k liye ruke ho
    It was surprising for me coz how much ik manik he toh doesn’t lyks such dialogues…..
    only our cabira used too say such lines…… how I miss him……one of my fav lines if cabir are “plaster aur ishq chupay nahi chupta” and manik’s expression that time were priceless???he was the who first said MaNan in the show…..the way he asked manik once “so whats going b/w manan” awwwwe cabirrrrrr u are being missed badly!!!

  4. Aww mere babu ko kisne mara ????rofl!! Srsly it was sooo funny…..!!? itne kuch nahi lagatha sahil ko yaar……..

    Gd ka aryamann k liye pyaar dekhkar I think he wants to adopt him….pakka !!

    My topiwala dhruv oh sry now bina topiwala dhruv and aryamann …they both rock man!!!! Dhruv’s love for alya is true ❤ and arymann is not person to be blamed he’s being played and he’s hurt so this behavior of him is obvious……. aur koi ho na ho I support u ??

  5. Harshad harshad harshad….tch tch tch ?
    U n changed……. this wil two words for harshad can never go together…!! Its lyk lemon in milk………. I still remember u started saying this when u were out it jail…. main badal gaya hu blah blah blah.. then again u showed real harshad face then during Fc time u said main badal gaya hu ….but still the same…….? u will never change..!!! I wonder did he ever saw abeer?? Or even knows bout his existence…???

  6. The mystery of 7th December is killing me!!!! Aiyyappa knows whats the surprise for ps…… only OK is PaNi first sbs I’ve happened on that day…….

  7. shifa(shakira)

    nice episode.hlo prads

  8. Ok ik u dont wanna talk to me bt its regarding d precap! Are u sure that alya said 143 to dat flirt varun????? Like really! That song judai just rips out heart off n dhrulya bhi!! Varun didnt say d prob na toh y she had to go? Upar se dat flirt might b into some prank who knows! Like r u sure minnie dat u heard her sayin i love you??

    1. Nooo!!I heard wrong she said “m so happy” I heard as 143 …..but itz sure dhruv was damm hurt after seeing that .

      1. Oh ok! *sigh* its not 143 na.. Yeah dhruv ws hurt n it ws seen his face in dat judai sequence.. Yaar dhruv jaa rha hai atleast happy toh rhe!! Aise sad kyu??

  9. “Babes! Kya hua kisne mara??” aur ab uska guys guys shuru.. Guys nai mujhe toh “gais” sunai de rha tha!! My reaction wen he said guys fr d 2nd tym.. ” arey kya gais gais krta hai bhains kahika!!” i wanna see raima’s reaction yaar! But srsly.. Ab kya cricket khelne ke liye ruke ho?? LMAO!! Like seriously! Cricket nai mujhe lgta hai unhe soccer khelna tha! ROFL!
    Mukti-navya part ws so sweet… Love them sho much!!

  10. Alya…?????? Plz don do this..

    Yeah Minnie that dilougue was superb..

    And I always love ur comments so much..!!!!

  11. shifa(shakira)

    hlo plumpyy

  12. Aloya hugging his boss?!?!!? What’s that??? Arey I’m shocked. And woh bhi dhruv saw that??? No no no. Dhruliya?!?!! Don’t do that. ????

  13. Hi guys, plumpy r v enemies? U didn’t answered me

  14. Hey gudie mrng guyz!!
    Sara i had replied yest on 2day’s epi bt not posted.. Okay yeah v r nt enemies.. Neither i wanted to b ever! Actually i ws busy in replying some weird ppl on nov 30’s pg.. And at dat tym yest’s epi ws updated so thot to reply here.. But evn dat wasnt possible as i ws chattin wid my oldie tu frnz.. Pagal banake chodenge mujhe! Hehe.. So yep v cn hav a freshie start!

  15. Guyz remember this song? Ik Tara of wake up sid?! What was d role of this song or on whom ws it played?? Ik d answer btw.. Miss him so much!

  16. Nash i’ve replied to ur cmnt on dec 1’s pg!

    1. Oh year I have seen that recently. U r ri8. Luv u lotttttttttttttt. And yup v’ll make it stronger. Btw sad news is my exam is talking time so l have change my flight and now it is on 10 Dec at 3pm. So uk I won’t able to come here that day. Anyways good luck for ur vacation. Luv u dearie????

      1. *gritting my teeth outta love* love u too nash!!! A lot dearieeeee!!!! No wrries nash.. U wont undrstnd wen n hw tym will pass! Go wid d flow bacha! N thnx fr d luck nash! Frnz k sath jaa rhi hu..schl trip ns.. Super fun!!

      2. Yup gd advice. Tym will pass away wid flow. Happy for u dearie.????????????

  17. Hope they won’t end dhruv’s character in bad note??at least jate jate let him be in peace…….

  18. thnku plumpy 🙂

    1. Arey! Sara i shud b d one to say thank u not u! Ik i ws at fault! So i shud b d one sayin sorry and thank you! Not any1 else! Btw u watched 2day’s epi??? Yaar its so painful!!! So is der any mehbeer performance on indian telly awards??
      Kyy roxz.. ManRuv roxz humesha!!

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