Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik asks Nandhani as to what the matter is to which Nandhani says that normal people get emotional in these kinds of situation. Manik then rubs her face and kisses her. She turns away and he holds her and starts to caress her and they have a romantic time. They both are about to kiss each other when they remember themselves in the same place some time ago where Manik is proposing to Nandhani. Manik and Nandhani both laugh while remembering what Manik did and how he said that she is the most precious thing which he has.
They then see them together but from a different time and are happy to see from where they have come and all that they have accomplished.
Manik then asks Nandhani for her hand and then both head on after which Manik begins to kiss her
Mukti is drinking when it suddenly falls where Harshad comes and removes and requests her to wish him Diwali for the old times but she gets up after which he holds her hand and says that he is the new president but Mukti is not moved. Harshad pulls her gain and says that what will happen to her now that everyone in her group is established but she makes him go away.
All of them start to dance and have fun which starts to make them happy. Aryaman is sitting when Naviya comes and takes him to dance. When he is leaving Harshad taunts him but Aryaman doesnot listen to him and leaves.
Manik and Nandhani are sitting where Manik says that they were enemies when they met but after some time they became lovers. Manik says that the blast changed everything where Nandhani says that she wished that there was a time machine from which she could go and change everything that happened. Nandhani makes Manik see a shooting star to which Manik says that they star has to protect their love.
Aryaman is sitting where Harshad comes and starts to say that he is a snake to which Aryaman gets angry and says that he doesnot advice from him but Harshad is not touched and then Aryaman says that he is in love with Nandhani. Harshad says that he is excited and wants to know how Manik or nandhani will feel when they learn that Aryaman is like this.

Precap: Harshad is convincing Manik to let Aryaman become the drummer but Manik is not touched. Manik turns to find Aryaman and Nandhani coming together.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. What a timing…… mera epi dekh k abhi just finish hogaya and even wu is here………

    it was nice but it could have been more instead of re shooting it and showing they should have showed us that manan are talking bout their journey together…… ?tabhi aur awsum hota………. par anyone realized suddenly dance karte vakt MaNan vanished ???And it was pathetic dance…….. sachi mein jisne kaha hai sach hai jate jate karishma yeh epi ki band baja k chali gaye……… no offense but itz fact……
    MaNan ?????pure bliss!!!

  2. Maria

    To me it seems as if 2day’s episode is an indication that this serial will end soon ’cause usually before a serial ends they hv such an episode where the lovers get flashes of their good times they had spend together
    No matter what KY2 definitely rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nashita(nina)

    Awwww so beautiful MaNan scene luv it. It’s just adorable, nice, mind blowing, fantastic all this praise r not enough for MANAN scene. Gd epi also. Finally their love fully bosoom today. Really nice.

  4. Found a amazing meme
    But dekhne mein maza voh isme nahi hai but fhir bhi
    Harshad harshad harshad
    Aur yeh kiya bowler ⚾#harshad ne 3batsmen ko out!!!!!?
    Mukti ko manipulate…
    Aryamann se love confession
    Aur manik se arymann k evil intention
    ?????Only u can do it harshad…!!
    U rocked today
    And one more
    Dekh harshad tu mukti maddy alya aryamann ko provoke kar sakta hai agar manik ko kiya toh u will get only this thing
    My fav one
    Harshad harshad harshad …tch tch tch.. ?
    But srsly provoke karna ho to pls learn from harahad he’s pro in that…!! ??
    Now I realized I missed my fav duo karNi chat session..!! Damm!!!??

    • Nashita(nina)

      Fine. Btw how r u??? When will ur vacation start??? Mine in December cuz my annual exam is starting from tomorrow. So I’ll come here rare. Pray for my success. Love u shifa.

  5. ADELE

    Awwee!!! MaNan was awesomeeeeee as alwaysss!!!!!???????
    MaNan MaNan MaNan!!!! N harshad!!!
    Lyk srsly!!!! U left me wid nothing to say!!! Jabhi bhi kuch achcha hota hain…… U always cum there to destroy it!!
    Anyways……I don’t understand y has harshad now been chosen as da new candidate???? I mean there shud be sum elections na!! Aisehi??

  6. ADELE

    Guyz! I read that chat wid KarNi!! I hope u all must have also read it……
    In that ,one question was asked,
    “Is kyy going to end by DEC?”
    Niti replied–“who said? Wrong information!”

    I knw,I had given u all dat link in which there was written that ky2 is gonna end by DEC………but……then this!!!!
    So…….I guess there’s some hope for us that kyy will not end……………?
    Kyys2 rockz

    • Not hope itz not ending only…. ??who said that??? Even someone amomg BBC confirmed it…….. and that chat happened yesterday only so v all know now…….. chill it ain’t ending don’t panic

      • ADELE

        Did u read the link?? That totally made me believe that it is going to end by mid-dec…….!!
        N yap! I know the chat happened yesterday only……..
        Yes! I was panicking…….but now itz all ok!

        N say meri sherni??? Is everything OK???? I mean…..u shared sumthing that day….remember???
        All fyn na??????
        Kyys2 rockz

    • Nahh I didn’t read neither I will……… y should I stress my brain on something which is ain’t confirmed only……… y should I torture myself for it……..I will only believe once itz confirmed by cv or Any one among kyy………. I don’t trust any sites…….what else work they have rather than spreading shitty rumors……. chuck it what something or u taking bout…… I don’t remember something that sort of

  7. $hÌfÅ(ShÅKíRà)

    m fine. my vaction dec 12 se strt. abi exam chal raha hai 1 week 1 exam .aisa exam end ho mai 1 month lage ga.u in IF

  8. Plumpyyy

    MaNan… Name kafi hai inke bare mein kuch kehna zaroori nai hai… But they shud’ve added new year epi!!!!!!! Tujhko jo paaya!! “jan na chahti ho kyu?” “kyu manik?” coz i want to protect them…like…YOU PROTECT ME… YOU ARE MY SHINING STAR NANDINI” the hug!!! They had shown d repeat telecast 4 times on tv n i had watched all of them n pta nai kitne bar watched it online! The saawali si raat sequence.. Awww… MaNan is the best!!!
    Loved sapna jahan more… More aftr yest’s epi… Sapna jahan has intoxicated me! No no manan!
    All the best nash!!! Srry fr nt commenting fr so mny days dearie.. Ws busy in studies n reading MaNan ff:P love u my cutie frnd…stay blessed.
    Harshaddd!!!!!!!! My wish will b a wish 4eva!! I want to hit u black n blue!! Ho sake toh i’ll kill u!! U blo*dy jerk!!!!!
    Aryamann…iska kya kahun… No thoughts!
    Varun!!!!!!!! He’s such a creep man!!! Yuckk!! His creepy smile…eww!! Alyaaa…thoda careful raho iss creep se… But no.. Its nt alya’s fault.. That creep is getting attracted to her n she’s totally unaware… Dhruv… Latest news is dhruv’s gonna leave evry1 to set his future..his career n all dat… Kill na kare yeh kafi hai! Alya’s gonna b heartbroken aur uske saath rahega woh creep!!! Ughhh…i cant stand them 2gthr!!!
    Kyy roxz..humesha!!
    P.s- i still feel d emptiness in d show. N that can b filled only by cabir which now, is impossible!
    Cabiraaa misss u tonzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oooohh u plump will live thousand years. I was thinking bout u that y u r not coming here and look u came. That’s gd. Bt tomorrow is my annual exam. Woh bhi math, d sub which I hate most. Happy to see u here but I gotta go bye. Will come tomorrow.

      • Plumpyyy

        Haan ok ok nash!! BTW.. If there ain’t any sorries in friendship toh thank you kyu hai??? Bolo bolo!! Anyway welks! Dont dream bout d exams ok dearie!! Mere dreams toh mein daily kyy hi hota!! Atleast aaj yuvi ka ho!! Nash its yuvi’s bday 2mrrw… All the best again dearie…study well n rock d exam!!!

      • Yeah my cutie, I kno I wanna surprise u by wishing him here in tomorrow bt I also knew that u’ll remember that. Btw sweet yuvi dreams for tonight and only for u. And that is reserved. And my xams will be good cuz all ur guys wishes r wid me. Specially urs. Ok bye. And in advance happy bday my plump’s yuvi.???

  9. ADELE

    @ nashita, I knw we never talked much! But still, u too had wished me for my exams……..so, I too wish ALL DA BEST FOR UR XAMS! MAY YA SCORE GOOD MARKS!!! ???

    • Hey sara remember me?? Nishi??? I Guess no toh m just here to convey a msg from pradi her Wi-Fi is not working so she won’t be able to come here from yesterday this prob started nd that above one is me only so don’t panic thinking it as fakey…… bas I wrote in mail id place n symbol came…. that msg was from her u have my mail id na?? Once v talked in mails so I guess u still have it… so if any msg to convey then mail me…

      • ADELE

        So it was u…….!!
        I dunno wat u think bout me…..
        Coz last tym u told me that u dunn believe me!!
        Anyways…..hope u remember me….m anu…….
        Kyys2 rockz

  10. fairy

    Kyyyy…..i misssed evrythng a looooooot thn anythng..bt finally m back…….i also missed mny epsdes of kyy…bt manan’s scene was jst superb on diwali…

  11. Oh it’s yuvi’s bday today. HAPPY BiRTHDAY YUVRAJ THAKUR. V luv u. May God give u all d happiness on this day. Stay happy and blessed.

    Plump, dearie where r u??? Come and wish ur yuvi. Cmon come fast.

  12. ADELE



    Wah!! Pyar ho toh aisa!!!??????????
    Kyys2 literally rockzzzz

  13. Its been long time. I stopped watching this boring one in season 1 itself.. Im correct that this serial is still boringgggg…… No story only romance… Better to end this shit

    • ADELE

      Oh hello! If u donn lyk it,doesn’t mean that it shud stop! If u don’t lyk it,so juz leave this page na…….y r u commenting here then??? N as u said,u have stopped watching this,so this means u don’t knw wat all is going on…….so better u don’t comment bout it OK????? Coz leaving u,all here r true fans of kyy n they support kyy from da bottom of their hearts………n this page is only for those u love kyy……n not for stupid haters lyk u!!!
      Kyys2 rockz

    • If u think it is boring then u may leave this pg and go from here. ???U don’t like that’s doesn’t mean V also don’t like kyy. And all the beautiful things seems boring to boring pp???l. U bl**dy go to d hell. Don’t dare to come here and If u want to come here then try to maintain ur bullshit mind. U r mentally sick so better go to doctor. ???This time I am leaving u by soft words yeah this is soft word. Next I’ll not spare u if u try to say anything bad bout kyy. First and last warning for u. ???And don’t worry I’ll pray for ur mental growth???

  14. ???????????????????????what a joke u cracked ms deepthi or whatever !one more ?????I couldn’t stop laughing on this thanks for making a fool out of urself………no srsly…… see na u hate kyy but still huh… still u are stalking it….. who could be a bigger fool than u …haina… god u made my day by this joke…… u are saying no drama only romance right…. then what bout their concerts their Fab 3 scenes mukti navya abeer scenes?? maddy and gd’s scenes?? Abeer’s adoption scenes?? Oh I now I got it u are blind tabhi toh u are seeing only romance…… nothing else in ur so called boring kyy…… and ms whatever if itz so boring u are others wasting thier time??? Tell me …y is this boring serial (according to u) is highest in trp chart?? And most importantly y are u wasting ur time in this shit?? Y are u wasting ur precious time here na u should be washing utensils in ur house washing clothes etc etc etc..I realised y am u wasting time to reply a shit’s comment……. damm…. knowing u won’t get in ur pea size Brain…..and yeah thanks for sharing this joke with us…..and a not so friendly advice that don’t u dare utter anything bad on kyy least not on this heavenly pg or else trust me I don’t kno bout others but u will have to bare the consequences from my side!!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the hottest ??yet the coolest yuvraj thakur!!!!! U are my fav since balh! Hope ur day goes amazing as u are !?ur instagram videos ….they are hilarious!! So u are ?seeing u on yaariaan is the best thing happened to me! U Were amazing as maddy! ?u gave total justification to the character even though they cheated u… u are a gem! Love u loads munna ?!

  16. Hi guys….sum1 just said kyy is boring, y u watch it then go to hell who told u to watch it? Deephi treephi whatever name just go to mental hospital if u don’t have money then v all will donate 1 penny to u ? v r not kanjoos ?


    Hello guyz!!! I kno bohot din baad yeh hello hi ho rha hai… Woh thoda extra happy hu… Hehe.. Yuvi yuvi yuvi!!! How can u b soo cute haan??? Yuvu itne saal ho gye plz reveal ur list of nicknames na!! Ik funny hai bt plz batado!! Apne fans k khaatir hi sahi.. Enjoy ur night yuvi.. Day toh khatm ho gya.. U rock rock rock my PC!! U r just d beshtt yuviiii!!!! Jitna bhi tareef karu kum hota hai.. Jitna bhi bolu tumhare bare mein kum hota hai.. U kno y? Coz u r beyong speech Mr. Yuvraj Thakur !!! U are d source of strength in my world.. The reason of my smile is u. The reason im alive today is u. The reason i get good marks is also u. The reason i go insane is ofcourse you. All in all u hold a vry special place in my chotu sa heart!! Love u humesha!!!
    Party bhi ki at frnd’z place.. Pineapple cake nhi khayi.. If u dont like it toh i too dont like it. Awesome day for me!! We were screaming.. Happy birthday yuviiii… YuvNa… Aage nhi bolungi… Bolne lagi toh i guess aaj khatm nhi hoga!


    Fairyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Is it really u???? Wao! I’ll mark this day…!! Yaad toh zaroor rahega:P
    make sure u come on ur birthday haan fairy!! 1 month 3 days to go!!! I remember u wanted MaNan milap on ur bday bt shar had predicted it to b on new year n it became true too!! Iss baar kuch special dikhaye!!!

  19. That psycho should have been eliminated from the serial, not become president of S.P.A.C.E. This show should loose him along with all the other psychos it lost, fortunatelly. What the show lost unfortunatelly, is humour: along with Cabir. Obviously Aryaman cannot supply it in his stead, LOL. Still, his pitiful feelings for Nandini are better than nothing: MaNan is no longer exciting. Also Maddy has left, apparently as with the return of Manik, there is nothing much for him to do, except become someone really annoying. It will definitely be good to put more music and dancing into the show.

  20. fairy

    Hbd yuvraj thakur,shakira,nashita,zara…thnks a looot for rememberng me…i am sorry tht l m confused to recognised all for ur chnged user name……bt hope i ll gt to know soon..:))))
    Hbd…awww u remembered it…yeah u r r8 on my bday smthng special shld shown btwn manan???……nd thnk u soo mch to u all…l m really sorry tht i couldnt cm to kyy fr a long tm…..bt kyy still rocksss….

  21. fairy

    I mean seriously wht is ths….???

    The latest buzz is that Parth Samthaan who returned into Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan season 2 on fans demand is ready to quit the show again.
    Parth Samthaan is leaving Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan due to his upcoming Bollywood film which is directed by Subhas Singh.
    Parth will continue the show mid December because he has to start shooting for his film in December.
    Vibha Anand leaves Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    Apart from Parth Samthaan, Vibha Anand who is playing the role of Navya Naveli has also decided to quit Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan because there is not anymore thing for character in the show.
    Vibha is also getting new projects so she decided to end her journey in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    Vibha Anand will be staying in the show till mid December.
    Yuvraj Thakur and Utakarsh Gupta already had left the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

  22. fairy

    Maddy and Manik’s fight over singing song brings tough time for Fab 5 and Nandini.
    Manik gets angry seeing Maddy singing in the concert while the manager asked that Fab 5 will perform there.
    Maddy hits Manik and Manik get faint on the stage which makes everyone shocked.
    Manik is unaware about as he got head ache problem after coming back from his coma stage.
    Nandini takes care of Manik

    It will now be seen that doctor suggest Nandini about Manik is fine but she needs to protect him because anything can harm him.
    Nandini promises to protect Manik because she does not want to lose Manik again.
    Manik and Nandini’s romance will go on full swing where Nandini tries to protect him while Manik teases her.

  23. Soha Khurrana

    I know I know my brother is stupid…May God forgive him.
    Fairy give me God’s mobile numbr i have to consult with him about Aryamann.. 😛 😛
    Kaise yeh yaariyan rockz

  24. Soha Khurrana

    No doubt kyy s2 is not as good as S1. nd all the lead actors leavn show! Blah!
    Manik is leavn bt I wish him success in bolly…aftr all soha loves manik : P such a big project…manik shld nver let ths film slip out of his hand

  25. Lily

    Hii fairy !! Nice to meet you . Where are you from? Are you a boy or a girl? Warmest welcome to kyy rockz family…

  26. Saw the new promo????
    It showed that manik said I just saw him (something lyk that) and there was a voice over saying jab dil ki baat aate hai zubaan par..and showed nandu side hugging manik and consoling him….
    They showed fb in which aryamann confesses his love for nandini to harshad and then showed him going towards her saying mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai and even she said same thing

    Manik was crying lyk a baby… ???can’t see him lyk that……… missing cabira a lot ??……Fab 5
    …btw he’s in new show ……

    • ADELE

      Juz saw this promo!! Lyk srsly!!!! Can’t see him in pain……..!!! N nandu consoling manik……..aweeeee!!! It wasss shoooo cuteeee!!! ?????
      But y was crying???????
      Kyys2 rockzz

    • He was on drumstand remembering bout cabir…..so he cried remembering bout him hang one saw the promo then how u don’t kno what he said anu…….
      @angu u remember nutz na ….she misses u a lot…..

  27. Lily

    No no I was just gvn fairy a glimpse of olden days lol
    Manan rockzzzzzzzz
    Nw fairy’s turn to guess who am I lol lol

  28. Plumpyyy

    Fairyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hawww hw cn i evr forget u????? Yep i used to speak a lot bout our family u being my first frnd n sam bro being d 2nd one n auho my yummiest frnd n me being her sweetest frnd!!!!!! Arey i cn nvr evr frget u guyz, my family in my dreams too!! Missed u tooooooo fairyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep i remember evrythin.. Mujhe toh christmas nhi pata sirf tumhara birthday pata hai! Acha listen na fairy.. Remember in dat triloknath chairasiya tym… V used to tag him as “pandit uncle” n v used to laugh crazilyyyy!!!! Gosh! Superb it was!! N now..m watchin zain’s show tashan-e-ishq… Our abhimanyu!!!!!!! Abhi!! MukBhi!!! All used to call him “bandar muh wala”…ROFL!!
    N I’ve changed my mail id too.. HBD YUVRAJ THAKUR toh that ws fr yuvi.. Birthday tha na uska….. Toh hw cn i back off in that?!


    Lily, soha khuranna, shaun the ship!!! Guyz open up!!! Who are you??? Do i know you guyz?? Like are u oldies??? Ammy di?? Sam bro?? Koi aise weird usernames mein ayega toh mere dimag mein sam bro n ammy di come first! 😛
    soha… Psycho soha.. Hehe im sure u aren’t any psycho… Im not auhona.. Im plumpyyy… Idk whr auhona is nowadays!! She didnt come frm a longgg longgg tym!!! BTW..who r u?? U kno na oldies too so u must an oldie ryt?? Plz na say who u r!! But i really wish auho ws here!!
    KYY ROXZ…HUMESHA!! The Base Of Our Friendship!! Kyy nhi hota, hum nhi hote!!

  30. Plumpyyy

    Whatttt???!!!!!! Nooo!!!!!! Y manik crying???!!!!! Arey any1 plz say hw to watch parth crying onscreen widout havin tears or khud cryin in our own eyes????!!!!!!!!! That’s pure heartbreak watchin manik cryin!!! Ek toh my nose iz cryin n m pissed off ab yeh bhi added!! Eyes will get started wid overflow of water!! Arey! Nxt day of yuvi’z bday turned bad for me! Party krne ka nateeja…yayyy!!! Huh… Bye for now… Gunnyt bhi abhi boldungi… Khushi se kyy dekho.. Khushi khushi rho.. Stress free rho.. Ache se so jao.. Kuch aur krna hai woh bhi kro.. Mast rho…
    Ps- nash all d best fr exams. Im not gonna come tonight as coz im sick.
    Pps- running nose sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh okay. Bt wht hav happend to u?????? R u really ill??? Or after hearing manik’s crying news??????? And yeah I’ll surely rock exam hall 2 tmrw cuz ur wishes r wid me.???

  31. Plumpyyy

    Lily.. For u i hav 2 names in my mind.. Ur ammy di/sara..some1 of these. Shaun the ship..2 names fr u too.. My bhais.. Suhash bhai/sam bro. Ab batao kaun ho tum teen??!!!

  32. fairy

    Awwwww plumppppyyyyyyy…really u made me emotional….i can never forget those days … i mean what to say..l hv no words now to explain hw i m feelng nw…u knw hw mch i missed u all…..yest l strted to read from 2014’s cmnt of kyy whn i had strted my journey in ths page…..sm cmnts still make me lsugh…..really i remembered evry single info of evryone..hw we laugj..hw we f8..hw we be friends…..
    Yeah l remembered..abhimanyu was bander to us wjo started to jump to get banana(mukti)…tht tm nands was omly cryng..we called her crocodile for crocofile tears…..our manik was lion..neonika was fox…lol..nd dhruv was sheep…lol….we also used to play kyy wd funny cmnts…i missed those days….

    Lily..hmmm…really my mrmory gt weaken..hahaha….ammy???
    adele..l m fine…..hw r u? Do i know u? Srry dnt mnd…

  33. fairy

    I m really srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry srry fr gvng d long long lecture….if anyone felt bad plz frgv me nd dnt mnd plx..agsin srry….l m tired of wrtng so mny thngs…..?

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