Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti is sleeping when Navya takes Abir to her and plans to wake her up. She then makes her get up and after Mukti gets up she takes Abir and says sorry to her about what happened the last night . Mukti says that fab5 broke away and that they have decided that they will not perform together as a band again. Mukt says that it is better this way and that fab5 is not like as it was before ad they are better like this.
The peon places a notice on the board and leaves the students after seeing it say that they felt ass fab5 will take some action after what Jd did to them and he will stand with them but they have not done anything. Harshad comes and says that they do not do anything now a days.
Nandhani goes to Manik with the breakfast and wakes him up. Manik after getting up at once

goes to the poster but Nandhani takes him away and after he comes back and he says that he now how much Nandhani is trying to distract him and he understands that what she is doing.
Nandhani gives him the glass of juice and he starts to drink it and says that he is going to cherish the moments spent with her and he forgets while trying to remember a night they they both spent to which Nandhani gets scared and repeatedly asks him if he is alright and he says that he is.
Aryaman is following Harshad and confronts him and says that why is he tying to break the fab5 but Harshad pushes him against the wall saying that he is not indulged in anything and they have a tussle when Naviya and makes Aryaman calm down and says that the fab5 themselves decided to be away from eachother.
Manik and Nandhani are together when she gets a call but she doesnot pick it to which Manik says that she must go because she will be his motivation as he is not in the music Gala.
Austad Mukesh walks on the ramp and says has none taught them manners as to how to greet an elder. They all get up and greet him after which he says that anyone who is late will be disqualified. Aryaman vouches for Nandhani and says that no one should is his lectures and must be on time.
Nandhani walks and asks for his forgiveness to which he says that she must take her set as she is very late. Nandhani takes her seat when Jd gives a speech and asks that they will rehearse and asks Aryaman to hand out some sheets. Harshad gets up and says that music Gala is about what the students are able to perform and skilled so shouldn’t they be allowed to perform what they like Jd says that he s not lialee to answer his questions and is anyone dis agrees with him then they can get out. All of them remain seated and he says that he should now believe that they are all with him.

Precp: Manik calls Nandhani and says that he is not remembering anything to which she asks him to calm down but he does not. Nandhani asks Jd that she needs to go and leaves after which she is with the doctor who says that this may be a serious problem.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Congrats!!!! Its now official that gd is madddd!!!
    Lyk srsly…..more than selecting hes interested in disqualifying ppl!!

  2. Oh gosh! My heart comes at standstill watchin manik lyk dat!!! GD.. Buddhe!! U kno fr d first tym HARSHAD SAXENA ws right!! This is musicana nt any classical music fest!! U say music yeh music woh.. Rock music is also music na! Toh apke woh values kahan udd gaye huh? Baldy u better learn to respect other musics too.. N come outta ur classical world!! Open ur eyes properly and see beyond classical music!! Baldy u want glasses? I hav..bt no sorry i want it. Poor eyesight u see! Bt bt poor thinking capacity lyk u! Chalo chodo i doubt u’ll undrstnd wt i say! U’ll get to kno in d musicana what fab 5 is!! Ok der r only 3..bt they’ll also show they wont leave their baby on d roads lyk u did wid ur grandson! They aren’t selfish lyk u! But alas! Aap toh samajhne se rahe!
    Harshadddd.. Tu zyada udd mat coz i said u were ryt.. Only one line uttered by u ws ryt! Le ho gaya tu popat!! Lol. I loved ur expressions a lot u kno! In particular wen u were smiling as if u won in ur task n wen aryamann gave u d sheet tera face dekhne layak tha!! Oh damn! I ws laughin lyk a lunatic!! Awesome it was!!
    MaNan… My solace! Love u humesha!! I dont words to describe what u are! Just wanna say will love u always n u’ll b der in evry heartbeat of mine!!
    Love KYY humesha!!
    KYY ROXZ!!

  3. Hey plumpy. I saw your message in last updates yaar. Really I miss u all a lot. This site will remain in my hearts for ever. I conveyed ur wishes to queen. With little fights and lots of love our relation is still growing. How are you?? I am glad u saw my message. What happened to KYY site? Where are the chats? Thinking of tat sweet memories I get a smile on my lips. So much and so sweet memories. KYY season 2 is also going to end. SO DEPRESSING….! Im confused!!! Should I feel sad for KYY going off air or Should I feel sad for missing my soul buddies?
    Any ways I wish all soul friends a very good luck.
    Our Friendship bond rox…

  4. @plumpy Reading ur message queen is blushing yaar. The way u stated khullam romance her face is turning red. ha ha ha. tatz so sweet of u.

  5. @max bro.. So apne padha na.. Good.. So i dont hav to come to b’lore..hehe.. I too miss all a lot bro.. I’ve not spoke to mny frm months!! Auho ka toh ata pata nahi!! Same here bro! We all owe a huge thank you to this site for giving us soo mny frnz and bros n sissies n a bhabhi too! Aww bro.. U n queen bhabhi r soo cute!! Love u both kyy tu k lovebirds!! Im great bro! A bit more after seeing ur cmnt! It feels so good when any oldie of this site comes! I feel alone u kno wdout u all!! I hav frnz abhi bhi bt all r vanished frm some days! So im left all alone here! N wen any oldie comes na i become happy by dat 1 person bt presently wid so mny ppl im not happy near to it! As in present 10 ppl = 1 oldie !! So much of happiness n bubbliness was around!! Now its so much of fights n sick ppl! And tu has restricted commenting other than d topic as in our chats too! And bro im on d watsapp group of our family! Bt only 3-4 r der.. N even im not active on watsapp.. And donno y my mail is also nt working.. And i’m glad that u saw my msg :p yeah bro.. Those chats just bring a smile on our faces n sometimes wen v think abt those silly things v used to do i just laugh out loud at them n wish that v cud get those days back! I wish i could get a time machine! Don’t worry bro.. We’ll somehow manage to stay in touch after the show ends. Do u hav sara’s mail id? If u hav u cn just ask my mail id or watsapp number. That’s evergreen bro. Our KYY ROXZ FAMILY IS THE BEST OF ALL!! Bye bro. But its not d final bye at all!
    And bro.. Agar khullam khulla romance karoge toh main kya karu?? Cabira ke side effects u know 😉 aww bhabhiiiiiii….. U look red than d tomato i guess!!! My sweetesttttttt bhabhi!!! And my coolest bro!!!!!!! U both rock lovebirds!!! Be happy and be together forever max bro and queen bhabhi!!! Loads n loads n loads n loads n loads n loads of love to both of you!!!!!!!!!! All the best for ur future 😀 keep shining.

  6. Hi to all.
    Cm to know about kyy coming to an end by end of december.
    end of last month,end of year,end of kyy,end of our happines,end of our kyy frndshp.
    is it?
    no i just can’t forgt those moments spend wid kyy frnds,the little fights,the laughters,our chats.ahhhhh
    Am gng to miss all these.
    Our magical manan,our jolly cabira,strong mukti,best buddy dhruv best sissy aliya.gonna miss them.
    haha ll miss harshad,nyonika,soha too.
    nd yes ll miss madhubala too(navya-ideal frnd)
    will miss my kyy frnds nd this beautiful family.
    can’t imagine my life widout my kyy frnds,widout manan.
    gonna miss them soo much.
    nowdays there is no fun on dis syt no one is cmng/regular.
    jst remember our days when we used to cm here daily nd stayng for several hours.
    my frnds sana,sara,fairy,nutz,laura,ammy,sam,max,lachu,adhaya,plump,
    nd many more.
    i knw sm of them i hvnt tlk too much but i thnk if i tlk wid them for a single minute then i cnsdr them as my frnds even if they say a Hi to me.
    ll miss all of them alot.
    (tears in eyes)
    jst wanna say thankyou to all. thanks for mkng my lyf beautiful,joyful,enjoyable.feelng lyk was in paradise.
    thanks for every moment u spent wid me.
    thanks TU for gvng me such sweet nd unfrgtable moments plus frnds.
    Thankyou soo much guys.
    God keep my frnds safe nd alwys keep them smiling.
    Gud luck to your future(s),(all).
    Bye take care frnds.
    ll miss you always.
    kyy is ending but our love for kyy nd manan ll never end,ll luv them till our last breath.

    Kyy rocks,Manan rocks,cabira rockss,dhruliya rocks,mukhbi rockss.
    Tu rockss too.

    1. Mutual thoughts saddy.. This page has given us life long frnz.. Our love fr kyy is unlimited n nvr ending.. But only 1 question is lingering in my mind… WHO ARE YOU??? Plz i kno ur an oldie.. Plz say who u r.. Shar di?? R u our remix queen?? But u wud take sanaya di, dan, anu di’s names too.. Esp sanaya di’s… And auho’s too! Plz tell na who r u.. I guess im in dat ‘some of us whom u didnt talk much but talked”.. Coz as much as i remember i’ve not spoke wid d starters of this pg.. R u niks? Euphie? Plz for d sake of our family..our friendship say who u r! Plzzzz…. Say who r u!!??? No now i guese im in that “many more” list coz v had uncountable number of frnz! Im seriously gonna miss all so much!! If u r in touch wid auho plz ask her to come here atleast once b4 kyy ends! Plz.. I miss her d most! My sweetestttt frnd awwwhoooooo…… I will never change my username except for dec 23 and dec 25 as its my 2 frnd’s bday.. Ofcourse.. 25 is fairy’s n i guess u too kno it n 23 is my newbie frnd nash’s.. And now after evrythin plz dont tell me ur my sweetest frnd auhona! But i still hope my this line is wrong! I so wish u to be auho! But whoever u r.. I kno i missed u too! Or no! I guess u r be aish! No now i dont coz aish nvr came wid othr usernames xcept in d tym of our kyy drama here! :p
      plz dont b secretive tell who u r!!!!!!!!

      1. This comment is deleted.

  7. Whatever it is.. Im happy that 2 of my family members showed up in these days! Max bro and saddy.. Plz say who u r.. Pleashhhhhhh pleashhhhsshhhssssshhhhhh naaaa say who r u??!!!??

  8. no am not auho nor i knw auho.
    but yes we tlkd many times but only in descisions.
    dont frc me plumpy.
    kyy rocks

    1. Ok baba i wont force u. Atleast m happy dat somebdy of our family showed up! Thats enough. So v’ve talked b4 ryt?
      Kyy roxz

      1. Yes plumpy we hd tlkd many times.if u guessed who am i then its good dnt tld me yar but if nt then not a big pb we r frnds we are kyyians nd we r manan crazy fans.

  9. Heya guyz! I did ignore that comment! I hope you know about which comment im talkin about. We know what we do, according to us we know what is the best, who is the best and we dont need any enlightenment of anything! So just chill and ignore craps and shits. Happy sunday! Enjoy! Kyy roxz..humesha! Parth roxz.. Niti roxz.. But im laughing like a lunatic thinking something.. LMAO.. Something relating the “beggar’s” comment.. It just cracked my mind.. Oh god! I cant lol also! Hahahahhaha
    KYY ROXZ.. MaNan roxz.. PaNi roxz.. Ayaz roxz.. Charlie roxz.. Uttu roxz.. Krissann roxz.. Vibha roxz.. Karan roxz.. Jasmine roxz.. Abhishek roxz.. Dishank roxz.. Yuvi roxz..

  10. Watt manik couldn’t able to remember anything!!!!! No no plz no I’m scared. Wht if he forget nandu. At least give kyy a happy ending. Nowadays I try to focus myself in old epis. Old is gold. That fab5 moments, MaNan moments etc scenes makes me so much happy that I forget that kyy is ending for some time. And this Buddha is getting on my nerves. He is so shameless. He likes to interfere in others life. I can’t take his rubbish anymore. Offoooo so irriting. Plz u quit the show. Love kyy hamesha. Always a true kyyian and manan.holic
    Btw hi dearie, missed u so much. Hw r u???
    Hi shifa, Sara. Hw r u all???

    1. Heylo nash!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see! Huh i was so bored u kno! But tu aa gayiii… Arey chill.. They’re giving a happy ending.. As evrybdy’s lookin fr d happy ending 😛 m great nashi!!! WBU? Just 3 days fr ur bday nash!! Missed u tooo dearie!!! And manik forgetting nandu is outta question!

      1. I m fine bt too much busy. V r going out everyday. So too much busy. Love u bye dearie

  11. shifa(shakira)

    hlo nash m fine.how r u?.hlo prads,plumpyy.kyy2 rockz

  12. hi guys, any1 here?
    kyyrocks, dhrulya rocks, mukbhi rocks, manan rocks, cavya rocks HUMESHA

  13. Heya peepz!! Sara!!!!!! After longggg time yaar!!!! Kahan thi??? I ws so bored these days! No1 ws der…
    Humesha is not an ordinary word.. 😉

  14. GOD…..kyy is ending….it has been so long that i’ve been suppotring kyy…but suddenly this ending is giving me a shock..after kyy ends i don’t know how wud i spent 6:30 pm all mon-thurs.i got a whole lot of friends and enemies in this page..I had enjoyed posting all my rubbish comments,but now……….Don’t know…Kyy is an addiction to me…and i’ll never forget all my frnds as well as my enemies in this page….BYE KYY……LOVED U LOVES U &WILL LOVE U…….

  15. Lol.. u are newbie n then also u are behaving as if u kno every one here….nd u used to cmt regularly ???

    1. yes minnie I know most of them here and i have tried to comment regularly..I just told about my opinions and i don’t want ur great feedbacks….Just stop ur negative attitude towards evrything.It’s gonna spoil u…I don’t like fights..but u r provoking me.u know something???in my first post u were the one who gave me the first positive reply…but after that it was over..It was like u were having some personal problems with me…I don’t want any fights,so dear plz stop this….

    2. Coz being a newbie u are saying lyk that so its obvious that I will reply n fyi can u pls tell me how many ppl uk here coz how much ik u kno only 1-2 n yeah tysmmmmm for ur great advice I’ll be careful huh….. otherwise it will spoil me na…. ???n the question bout negative character then u very well known how much u were interested in poking at wat others are talking…n fyi its not written somewhere that if u gave positive reply to ur damm cmt then next times onwards it will be same n I don’t even kno wen the hell I replied u!!


    3. U started m ending it.. and u srsly think I’ll obey u?? If yes then u r highly mistaken

      1. i just posted a comment and it was u who started giving me ur rubbish feedbacks on my cmnt…I ‘am not here for any fights..i’am actually fed up telling u…ok i can understand ur character so if u don’t stop, of course i’ll stop it….i don’t wanna mind mad and tempered ppl like u…so that’s it..

    4. No u can’t understand my character baby u need to have some class n popularity for it…. n u definitely showed ur cheap character by pointing on my…. its I can understand its not ur fault but of ur upbringing…… u need to be taught a lesson so that next time u won’t flaunt something which u don’t have only…. ie frnds on tu n u r saying u have lots of frnds n u cmt a lot of which actually made me LMAO u cracked a awsum joke by saying that…. n u was just showing u ur real place.. coz being a NEWBIE that flaunting doesn’t suit u….. ik very kno how u cheap ppl r…. firstly u will do unnecessary poking n then u cheapsters will try to act innocent n over frndly…

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