Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Fab 5 members sit down and Manik after sitting at the drums remembers everything that they have gone through together and then the start to play the song. Manik starts to sing and makes and takes up an incredible pace. Harshad and everyone look at them carefully after which Manik suddenly stops and feels tensed.
Jd gets on the stage and says that some people performed very well and some did not do so well. He adds that they will get the results after one hour and leaves. Manik and Nandhani look at each other.
Everyone is feeling tensed where Naviya asks Aryaman that they did not tell as to how will they get the results. Aryaman says that this time they will get individual results. One by one everyone is getting the results and when the fa5 get their results, Nandhni asks

them as to what the matter is and they do not say anything and Manik heads on and does not even listen to Nandhani.
Jd is talking to some people when he suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and when he turns to find Manik. He asks Jd as to what is the matter is with him and why did he disqualify them. They all ask them as to what the matter is. Jd says that they have to be respected as they are very big stars. He says that they have to get out of their minds.
Manik starts bursting at him saying that they have done very well in the previous times and will also win. Jd says that they have nothing to blame him because they have no respect and will not get successful in their lives. He leaves when Nandhani follows him and asks him as to why is he angry with the fab5 and herself hearing this Jd gets angry and says that she should not do this. Nandhani says that he should also not indulge in her life.
Naviya is walking when Sahil and Kiran stop her. She gets angry but they say that they only came to say sorry but Naviya says tht they should leave when the caretaker comes and says that Abir is crying and then suddenly Sahil takes Abir in his hand s and makes him stop seeing this Naviys asks them to come in.
Nandhni and the fab5 are very angry at what Jd did. Manik says that he will make sure that Jd has to pay and will forward it to the trustee. Mukti and Aaliya stop him saying that they are no more a band and it’s only the three of them so how can they perform. Manik and they have lot of argument on this topic when Aaliya says that she has had enough and gets up and Mukti also walks to the door. Manik stops them and says that before fb5 he had three member band and they did very well but despite this they leave.

Precap: Nandhani says that she will back out from the music Gala and they will go on a tri but Manik says that she should perform and who knows that they might also be with her. Manik meets up with Mukti and Aaliya and says that they will use the wild card entry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. GD ???how dare u say whatever Fab 5 is just coz of their parents money!!!!!! U really need to kno that whatever Fab 5 is now… just coz of their talent and their passion and love for music!!!!!!!???

    and to whom u were giving lectures on discipline?? Nandu…. srsly…. god!! Don’t u know she is murthy of discipline… ???pehle na pls tell that anushasan n all to ur so called grand son….. in fact u don’t deserve to call Maddy as ur family!!! ?Agar hota toh u would have supported Maddy!!!!

  2. I hope by now everyone must have got to kno that today was last day of their shoot and last epi will be aired on 31st dec !!!2015 k sath kyy bhi off air jayega ????

  3. Saaaiiiishhhhhaaaaaa!!! srsly u saw them!!!!!I mean least u got to saw them I toh didn’t got that also….!! Did u knew the address where they were going??? Coz I had it…. may be u could have got a opportunity to meet them!!!esp PaNi!!! Wat was ur reaction when u saw them!!?? Ik stupid question….u Delhi wale are so lucky yaar!!! Uk parth visited their twice..!!!!!hope u see this dear!! Btw hiii!!!!

    1. yesss….i saw him!!!!! they were going to mtv office

  4. shifa(shakira)

    kyy2 end hora hai.i cant belive this.hi prads.kyy2 rockz

  5. Which song manik has played???

    1. Kurbaan hua

  6. I was so happy cuz I reached my hometown and came here to enjoy my vacation. But this really sad news. Owwww I am crying now. Ky2 is going to end. I am shattered. Nothing to say. I am speechless. Btw hi dearie!!! I reached Chittagong safely. Study well.

  7. @ Sara I read that today. That is amazing. And I told u na that ur heroines r awesome. The character perfectly match wid them. Btw now choose two heroes which will match wid the characters. And I am waiting for next chapter.

    1. Suggestions for heroes?

  8. shifa(shakira)

    hlo nash .kyy2 rockz

    1. Hi sissy. My full happiness of vacation vanished in 1 mins after hearing this news. Btw hw r u??? Xams over???

      1. It is mins not min. Sry that came misetakely.

  9. Hi guys

  10. shifa(shakira)

    god. Finaly exam over.

  11. shifa(shakira)

    hlo pinky afther long time.how r u nash?.kyy2 rocz

    1. Hi, I love talking with my t u frnds so yahan ek din bhi na aaun to I feel empty ?

    2. Health is ok but not mood. Very sad. I am now unable to enjoy my vacation

  12. What is this GD upto ……… I hate him so much………don’t u dare to play ur silly games against FAB 5..MIND IT…….and i’m sure that fab 5 will perform in the musicana….they wud win musicana…

  13. Atleast last epi mein cabir ka bhoot toh dikhaye! I donno hw fast this journey ended..mtlb gonna end. 10 more episodes to go! N i missed 2day’s epi..ek toh d song yeh dosti makes me cry evrytym i listen to it n mera so called bro..huh.. Hurts me d most. Ek toh i ws cryin manik ko utna hurt dekh ke..he injured his hand.. MukLya also hurt.. And in pain.. Aftr dat my personal probs..emotional gal i am! Huh.. Idk hw will i live frm jan 1! Happy new year nai! Depressing new year!! N ik d show girls on top mein yuvi hai bt i dont care a damn bout it coz my jaan..kyy is ending onscreen! Der wont b new epis! And on dat ppl on IF r thinking to quit d forum n some writers r planning to stop writing ffs..kyy ffs.. Manan ffs.. Yaar only that is d lifeline to live manan to live fab 5 to live kyy for me! Wahi stop ho jayega toh hw on earth shud i live??!!! I never feel that cabira is nt in s2 or dhruv is nt der nw or kyy is gonna end wen i read them! Its like im in diff world! The world of kyy! The magical world! Kuch bhi ho jaye.. Im gonna take out tym frm my studies to watch kyy.. Exam ho kuch bhi.. Be it boards tab bhi i’ll watch kyy!! Warna energy aasman se tapakta hai kya? Kyy is energy booster! Kya yaar nash! If u join IF v cn exchange our contact nums. I joined wattpad bt i find it hell confusing!! I dont wanna lose touch wid my dearieeee u see! 😉

    1. Yr dearie, don’t kno Wht happened my mom is suddenly behaving strange. She is saying that u r too little. And this is not ur age to hv a acc on fb. So m not allowed to hv another sns app. So can’t join if. I was also thinking bout this. Btw dearie did u saw my acc on wattpad??? Luv u dearie.

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