Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandhani are in the jam room where Manik is practicing when Mukti and Aaliya walk in. Manik sees them and says that he knows that they miss Dhruv and also knows that they are handicapped without Cabir. Manik says that they cannot lose hope like this and have to win because if they lose he will come back and will feel that it is his fault.
Manik says that when he was not there Dhruv performed with the band and kept it together and when he is not here Manik will keep the band intact. Manik says that they will make him proud and he will not be embarrassed and they will make this event the biggest that they and can do. Manik also says that before fab5 he had the band of brothers and they were three of them and they did it and so they can also do it, he further says that they

will top Jd’s qualifying round.
They all get their hands in when Nandhani also comes and they all hug.
Mukti says that she feels that Nandhani has to leave because they have to practice and so does she and that they cannot do it in front of her, Nandhani also agrees to this.
Manik and the rest of them start practicing and they feel happy.
Jd gets on the stage and says that some of them have made a lot of name in this industry but says that now things will change. He says that the first performance will be of Harshad.
Harshad gets up but sits with Mukti pretending to tie his shoes and sys that he knew where se went on the night of Diwalie and what will happen f Manik came to know of this.
He heads on and performs and after him on by one everyone performs. When Nandhani comes she sings an amazing song but when she looks at Jd he is very angry.
Then the fab 5 members perform solo and after it is complete they come together as a band. Manik seems stressed and then they sit where Jd is looking and waiting for them.

Precap: Muki asks as to why they are they calling it fab5 there are only three of them to which Manik gets angry and Aaliya says that she needs time and leaves followed by Mukti. Manik gets amazed to see them leave.
Jd says that those who think that they are better are actually not. He says that they will have the results after one hour and after the time everyone starts to get the massege that they have qualified but when the members of fab5 get the message they are shocked to which Nandhani asks as to what happened.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Their hug!!!!???hayyyy pure bliss…..??can’t have enough of them !!

      PS: m burning in jealousy!!!ky2 cast are going delhi tmrw!!!??pura cast matlab parthu bhi!!??

  1. How do i wish to punch to that ustad mukesh!!!??? Who is some1 great to d world but did not even care for his grandson! Uska muh sachii mein todne ka mann karta hai!! IDC if he’s old wen it comes to my lovelies!! I just hope that fab 5 r qualified… Yaar fab 3 bolu k fab 5??? I so miss DhruBir!!!!!!! Cabira aur topiwala dhruv!!! Nandu is so gud bt GD toh egoistic hai!! Baki students k liye uska appreciation mila bt y nt nandu?? I guess GD needs to consult an ENT specialist.. Bechare buddhe hote ja rhe hai… Lmao.

  2. MaNan were pure bliss!!! Love them more than yest…

  3. Oh my god… is FAB 5 not qualified for the musicana???…..I’ll hate musicana without them…….Let it never happen..I hate this GD.he will like only mridangam and nothing else………How can he be a mentor of a programme were not only indian music but also other western musical students are there?….If Manik is not selected how could be harshad selected then???NO THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE……

  4. It ws really painful watchin fab 5(fab 3 bolu?) helpless.. But that MaNan scene ws d medicine to this paining heart of ours.. They heal us.. It ws soo soothing… Love MaNan to d power of infinity n beyond dat if it exists!!!

  5. Awwww!!!! ❤️Manan❤️……..when Manik said ‘and now we r hugging’……..I was like kiss? toh poori Kari Nahi……..hug hi karlo……❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????????

  6. Kitty u r 110% right dear! If that happens it would be unfair man!! GD sucks! BTW.. Manik was lookin sinfully s*xy!!

  7. shud I wait for 3 more days to know the result…oh,..i can’t let fab 3 seperate…..plz come back druv cabir we need u,kyy need u…kyy ki aduri kahani pura karna hein

  8. BTW guyzzz… The song which nandu sang was Ik Tara of wake up sid na..? Im sure but still ittu sa unsure.. Remember its MukBhi song!! Our MukBhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I instantly went down d flashback ride of mukbhi.. Those heart hacking moments… Miss them soooo much!!! Abhi!!!!!!!! Ex-bandar hehe… We miss u a lot zain!!!!!!!!!!!!! As abhi.. Nai toh ur der na on TEI.. U r our doll’s bro haan. Ur baby doll is tensed for her monster n frnz u kno…

  9. guys did u see manik’s new hairstyle in twitter …waw..he looks reallu handsome…love u loads

  10. Why that Buddha look angrily at Nandini??? Now mukti and aliya r giving up??? No no no plz don’t give up. Very sad. Anyways MaNan scene was amazing. And if that gd don’t qualified fab5 then I will kill him. Hate u gd.

  11. Off i can’t even see kyy. Only written update. Hi prads sis why aren’t u came what up.. Plz.. Come na… I want to talk to u

    1. Hii di!!? How’s ur Heath…..??ur lappy came….????!!! On whatsapp i hardly come uk na di and even on fb….. so where can v talk?? Hangouts?? Btw uk di bae is back on sns!!!!!!! M dammmmm happy!!! After six days!!! ❤Areey ha! I forgot to ask y can’t u watch ky2???

  12. If m not wrong @Kitty parth’s new haircut was done 2 weeks ago only….. and on twitter there’s no such new hairstyle of him…..

  13. What manik have sung in todays episode ????

    1. He didn’t sung he just played guitar…

  14. Wow harshad is progessing..!!??
    After becoming president harshad also joined CID
    That’s y he knew mukti diwali night kaha gayi thi!!
    Well done harshad ???

  15. Cmg to gd ???
    Buddhe ki problem kya hai rock music se!!!!?? Who made him the great ustaad mukesh…?? I srsly want to touch that person’s feet ??? being a musician he should kno how to appreciate other musicians and thier form of music……… appreciate na sahi toh least he should kno how to respect it!!! He’s too much!! Itna hai toh plsss leave S.P.A.C.E u don’t deserve to be there if u don’t know how to respect other forms of music!! Wat was the need of making such faces when others were performing !!
    This time he’s messing with wrong person ??!

  16. Anuuuuu ki bachi where are u huh!!!??? Atleast aaj aajao!!! Sisy!!!!!

  17. after watching todays epi this is 90% sure no that Aryamannn ji aap ko musicana k liye kasht karne ki bilkul bhi zaroorat nahi hai ..?
    GD ne aap ko pehle hi winner mann liya hai
    Tabla leke aajana aur puraskar leke chale jana ??
    Maddy k jage GD ne tujhe god liya hai Mubarak ho!!
    Musicana aaya nahi ki winner ready
    Gd gd gd aap toh bade woh nikle yaar ???
    **no comments**

  18. Carrruuu my swt lil sis mny mny hppy returns of da day, may Allah bless u nd gv u world’s al happiness. . . . . .
    HAPPY B’DAY dear !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Happy birthdayyyy carronnn!!!!!!! May god bless u wid evry tiny bit of happiness on u carruu!!! Sam’s carrot.. May all ur dreams turn into reality.. N hope one day v all..our whold family meet!! Loads of loads of love carruuu!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday again.. Hav a blast!!!

  20. Plump and nutz, who is Caron????

    1. Carron/carruuu is our oldie sweet frnd n sis nash.. It ws her bday yest.. Ur nxt.. 😉 aftr u fairu aftr her my frnd’s bf’s bday aftr him my IF bestieee!!! Uske baad on 5th jan my bohott sweet frnd aadhu.. Gosh! There r mny bday’s on way! N on parth’s bday i hav my preboards..+my bro’s bday.. Kya phooti kismat hai meri!! Mera bday tym is d dreadful of all..results!!! N m missin kyy re.. 2day n 2mrrw no new epi of kyy.. Yest bhi no epi.. Godd its so boring widout kyy!! And der wsnt network also!! All ways to watch kyy was off!! 😡 😡
      only d FFs keep me alive..

      1. Oh. U r lucky ur bro’s bday is on parthu’s bday. U r a vry sweet person. I mean u note bdays of all of ur frndz. a And u remember mine too. Awwwwww luv u always dearie.

      2. Yep he’s very lucky. But he hates parth from the bottom of his heart!? arey when my friend is so sweet toh even i’ll be sweet na? and yeah.. I love remembering birthdays of my friends family even the people I don’t like! U toh r my very cute si friend na Nash so how can I forget your birthday huh?! Anyway do u read the Panic and MaNan FF’s on TU? They are awesome! ! U gotta read them dearie. I’ve got maths exam on Monday and I’m reading stories! This mad I am for Manan! Hehe good night nashiii

      3. Awwwww. Ow toh ur bro hate parthu. Oh that’s so sad. Yup I read pani ff but in wattpad. But i don’t read MaNan ff cuz I love MaNan the way they r. Yup pani ff is awesome. I toh can’t spend a day without reading that. Ok practise math attentively. Luv u dearie. But now it is good afternoon. Bye dearie

  21. Guys where r u all?????cum on join the discussions……………………………

  22. Can u tell me wat discussion ..

  23. hellooooooo kyyy rockssss may i joinnn thisss yaariyan group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yup. U can. Btw hiiiiii

  24. Praddsssssss!!!!! Lo dear main aagayiiii!!! ??????
    Uk……sirf yahi nahi……Maine 3din se ek bhi epi nhi dekha!!!!!!???????
    Bass I knw this much ki poor I cast Delhi mei hain!!!
    #busy#hectic lyf#hectic sceduleeeee!!!
    Kyys2 rockzz

  25. Guys…..u won’t believe this but I saw the cast of yaariyaan!!!!!! Pradzzz and Anu…..u know Na that I live in Delhi…….they were there!!!!! But we were not allowed to meet them…..but I saw Parth and Niti!!!!!!! I just wanted to go there and hug him…….but that security did not allowed us to go and meet them…..

    1. They were in Delhi outer c.p and was just passing from there in my car….they were heading towards the mtv office

  26. Oh my godddd!!!!!!!! Strawberry, u r soooo lucky to hav seen them in real girl!!!!!!!!! So damn lucky you are!! How did u feel btw? Oh man! U srsly r vry lucky!! Wish dat some day it happens to me too! :p lucky u!

  27. Sad news.
    very very sad after reading the news of kyy 2 going off air.
    last epi will be on 31st December.
    not happy

    luv kyy.ll miss kyy and manan.

  28. Hmm.. 2day was the LAST shoot of kaisi yeh yaariaan.. I ws feeling dead, literally!! I felt like the ground is snatched under my feet! As if life went outta me! Im in a depression now! After kyy.. Girls on top, the new show is gonna b aired at 6:30 pm.. And to my weird fate.. One of d lead male actors is yuvi.. Shud i smile or cry? But from hours m nt smiling at all! Aftr reading d article on IF n reading niti, charlie n krissan’s tweets m feeling so dead!! Like seriously! KAISI YEH YAARIAAN IS GOING TO END?! But no..it’ll only end onscreen.. Its gonna be alive till we breathe our last breath!! Its gonna b in evry single heartbeat of each kyyian!! No matter what KYY owns a very very special place in all our hearts! Fab 5, the best example for friendship! MaNan, the best example for true love! Cabir, the best example of a friend! Dhruv, the best example of a brother! Mukti, the best example of strongest woman! Alya, the best soul sister! Nandini, the names itself is the best with the purest heart! Manik, the heart the most unique of all! Harshad, nyonika, pandit and psycho soha the best examples for villain! Aryamann, best example for friend, brother and son! Rishu, chacha, chachi and ams best family! SPACE! The best college! Last but not the least, we, true kyyians, best examples for the love a fan/person has for his/her favorite show/celeb/couple! In short kaisi yeh yaariaan is the best!!

  29. And see! A 10th std student, who gotta write her exams 2mrrw, that too science, is here! For kyy! Haha.. Kyy has made me crazy!! Book open rakho n yahan raho! Ok bye.. Gotta go. Love love love kyy to infinity n beyond that if it exists.

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