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Dhruv says that he should not have done it and have taken up this responsibility. Nandhani rushes to him and says that they will do anything and she will help him. She asks him that how much time they have and he says three weeks Nandhan on this gets shocked and sys that it is not sufficient to make a song but says that they will do anything but first he has to help her. Nandhani says that no one has come for the party and so she wants that he should go and make Aaliya come and she will go and talk to Mukti Dhruv gets confused but she makes him give in.
Aryaman comes and says to Dhruv that they will get through it and says that he can play the drums Dhruv says that he will keep in mind and says that they have to go and pick up Aaliya and does he want him to accompany him to Aaliya’s

Naviya’s baby starts to cry seeing this she tries to get up. Nandhani comes and picks him up . when he goes into her arms he quickly goes off to sleep and Nandhani sits with Naviya and tells her that she has the responsibility to bring Mukti to the party and then she leaves.
Harshad goes to Nyonika and threathens her. She understands what he wants and gives him some money but he torches it and then says that he wants to see her full of misery.
Mukti comes in the room and is pissed to see the dirty clothes on her bed and asks Naviya to take them away, Naviya picks them up but scars Mukti and says that she hs two choices either to wash the clothes of her son or to come to the party Mukti agrees to come to the party .
Nandhan sees Aryaman in the hall way and asks that did Aaliya come and he says that she is coming with Dhruv and asks Nandhani that was she able to convince Mukti and she says that they are also coming. She asks Aryaman that she has a prank planned for them and that he is to take them to the first floor classroom Aryaman gets confused but agrees and when they all come he takes them to the first floor and they all suddenly slip and are not able to get up meanwhile someone makes a video of them and uploads it on YouTube using Cabir’s account. They all get angry and call him to show his face and when they find that it is Nandhani they ask him that it is not funny. They all call her for help and when she comes ryaman pulls her in and they all have a lot of fun and when they get up she asks Mukti that why is she not having fun on this she replies that they do not understand what she is feeling and that they should leave Cabir’s things alone to which Aaliya also agrees.
Dhruv gets a massage and leaves saying to Nandhani that he is happy for what she has done for Manik. They hear someone playing at first they do not understand where the sound is coming from the they realize that it is from the music room.

Precap: Nandhani remembers that it is the same song which Manik used to play for her and that she loves it a lot and feels that it is Manik and he has come back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Manik is back…parth has gone…who’s d new lead?? I still hav 1% hope…
    Mar jayian…i love this song!! I LIKED d song wen it ws released..i LOVED d song wen it ws played on manan!! MaNan made us love songs which ws played on them which we didnt love/like them b4!! Nazar laaye na,mar jayian,ishq bulaava,zehnaseeb,sapna jahan,lehrein,kuch kum,joganiyan,humnava,hamari adhuri kahani,judaai,hasi,kaise bataaoon are d songs which i loved aftr they were played on manan!!
    Will miss PaNi…we cant live widout them!!

    1. Agree wid u plump…!! Even I have some hope……

    2. Uma Maheswari

      Exactly. Actually I don’t know Hindi that much and only start see Hindi serial after Geet. Then addicted to KY2. Now I have many Hindi songs in my mobile because of Manan. When ever these songs you mentioned played I remember the scenes of manan not the original songs in Bollywood 🙂

  2. It doesnt even give the happiness of being d first one to cmnt on d WUs now…pehle kitna competetion hua krta tha!! Am 1st me 2nd 3rd 4th 5th…goes on…miss those days badly…

  3. Who has replaced parth in kyy??
    I still have 1% hope…will it go in drains completely???

  4. i also hope someone should replace parth ,aryaman was perfect but he already entered in the show as another character

  5. who will be the next manik?

  6. I guess he’s harshad who was playing that song in precap………
    I guess maybe cabir is nt dead… if he is then I guess ranveer will come…….. but if my cupid cabira would have been here he wouldn’t have let nandu be lyk this…… I badly miss MaNan……… I miss Manbir very badly…… m crying since parth’s post… and after watching the episode……. that song…..it every time reminds me of MaNan….. I want nandu to be happy that’s it…. it would been better that is they would have ended season 1 with happy ending rather than playing manan flash backs……. I feel like killing that new production head…….. it hurts a lot seeing my nandu broken from inside….it hurst when they play old flashbacks of manan…… it hurts a lot…… but guys its a request of mine wholeheartedly that pls don’t quit watching kyys2 this is the time to show that v not only love manik but also other characters…… for us they are going this day night hard work n v should appreciate that……. NOT to lose hope… and hate kyys2….. pls dont quit watching it….

  7. Guys I found this thing on insta dunno if this is true or not…… but trust me if this is true na then…. parth made a right decision…….

    For a long time aditya has been creating corners for parth and trying to get rid of him…. friday after niti signed her contract.. aditya insulted parth so badly that he walked away….. and on sunday aditya begged parth to be back and today when parth came back to sign contracts for season 2 aditya totally horribaly insulted parth that he need fame & money. A lot of disguisting things has been said… aditya is the blo*dy CEO of MTV. Unfortunately in the whole mess parth is the fall guy. parth when today came to sign contract he insulted him…… he blo*dy thinks that ky2 is success only cuz of MTV……

    And me trust guys…. if it’s true parth made 1000% correct decision…… and I think its true

    1. i dnt thnk this news is true no ceo of any company can be so stupid to do anythng lyk tht parth had said in many of his interviews tht he wud hv quit kyy in march itself bt cudnt take d emotnl outburst of his fans i guess its his personal decisn to quit d show moreover he is actually a gd actor nd has d potential to achieve much better in his life

  8. But I think cabir is no more in show and aryaman will replace cabir in fab5 may be manik in guilt to come forward thinking him to be responsible for cabirs death may be???????

  9. Kyy itna success huva bcus Manan,Kabir,mukti,dhru,aliya,navya &
    script se.specially manan & Kabir Ki acting se.naki MTV chanel se agr kisi r chanel per bi kyy ata to bhi itna hi ya isse jyada hi success hota kyuki bhut dino tak muje bhi nahi pta Tha Ki MTV per koi itna acha serial ata hai fir mane you tube pr sare episode dekhe.
    i missss you Manik.

  10. Yes plump mane phle ke comments dekhe hai tab to 2500 se 3000 tak comments hote the lakin ab to 30 bhi nahi ho pate hai ager Manik rkaabir ko serial me nahi dikayege to aur bhi commentator r viewers kam ho jayege.

  11. I really want to know who that person is. I hope it’s not harshad and secretly wishing it’s Cabir! You can tell it’s not parth because whoever it is they are playing the guitar with their right hand I think. Can’t wait for tomorrow and see who it is!. If they’ve replaced parth and kept Manik character alive I’m hoping whoever the actor is will be supported just as much as parth was by all the manan fans otherwise it won’t be fair to him. Just like all the other manan fans even I’m upset that parth won’t be continuing in the show as you can’t imagine no one but him but hopefully if he is replaced, the actor who it is, I hope they do justice to the role just was parth did.

  12. i dnt think it parth tbh but i also hope it parth

  13. Pradi pradi pradi!!! Sunn…his hairstyle ws lyk harshad!!! First thing which i noticed ws his hairstyle…he looked lyk jerkshad…!!!
    N who the f**king man is that aditya??!!!! That blo*dy creep!! Who the heck is he to insult parth??!!!!!! If it is true…then parth has taken the best decision ever!!! Waisi bhi we support him as we all kno he has taken d decision for his brightest future!! We will watch kyy s2…coz we love our nandu,navya,dhruv,alya,mukti,aryamann n evrybody!! We love niti,vibha,uttu,krissanne,charlie,karan not only parth!! So its payback time!!
    Charlie’s bday is on its way guyz…uska bday acha hona chahiye na ki sad…!! We love our cute baby doll na…

    1. Yes plump even I think that its that jerk harshad…..! Aditya is the CEO of MTV….. and I think its true cuz 2-3 days back SBS tweeted that parth is with kyys2 even raj baddan said thrice that he’s there… and agar woh blo*dy aditya uske insult nahi karta toh aata as our manik….. but he insulted him badly twice…. and think if he decided that he will leave this show then y did he didn’t posted his msg to fans before y not on Monday…… y he posted yesterday only…. no that that too he deleted his befores post n later posted another one saying his love to us(fans) and even MTV n BBC I guess he was being sacarstic….. if this news is confirmed na plump trust i will not leave that jerk aditya who blo*dy thinks that kyy is success only cuz of MTV

  14. Sorry for using that word…stars(**) come automatically so i didnt type it…bt it didnt come..
    If what pradi said is true na…we all will make a master plan..murder of that aditya!! Parth had won some hearts frm his first show itself b4 3 years…n kyy as manik made him win all d hearts then one insult of parth will never make us weak!! We’ll be strong for him!! Our shining star!! The Parth Samthaan!!!

  15. if parth is not part of the second season then y are they showing him in the flash back scene

    1. If parth left that doesn’t mean that they will not show manan flash backs right….and if if manik has gone somewhere on screen or has died(hope he’s alive) that doesn’t mean that manan will get over ….

  16. V cn undrstnd y der is so cnfusn abt manik’s charactr in d show bt why d hell dey hv disappeard cabir??? it ws cabir who ws evry1s fav aftr manan if ky2 cv’s r rlly planning nythng lyk dead cabir or no ayaz thn d seasn 2 is gonna flop cmpletely as parth has also left d show.. evn i wish he returns back bt der seems to b no chance of tht

  17. Dnt knw guys if this news by telly chakkar is true or nt bt accrdng to thm: “Yuvraj Thakur will be
    the new entrant for Season 2. His
    character will be shown as a brat, who
    would be here to check out the
    college. Even before he would enter
    college, he would have a preset mind
    of staying in the Space academy for
    only a week.”

  18. Hum bechare confused souls 🙁

  19. Guys there will be a new entry in the precap v saw was yuvraj thakur who was seen in balh he will cum to check out clg n his plan will b to be there for one week but later he’ll change his decision……. mtv tweeted it

  20. Yuvraj k bare mein jaanna hai?? Main hu…always wid him!!
    I myslf donno hw to react!?
    C..i ws gettin vibes abt uv in ky2s2

  21. IF pe bhi news aa gya hai…discussion chal rha hai
    b4 any1 reacts…am warning u guyz…DONT BASH YUVI!! I will leave this site if any of my frnz bash him…!! I cant stand a word against him so better watch ur words b4 judging him!!

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