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Aryaman knocks on the door but the guy does not come out. After trying Aryaman breaks the door and when they go in they find that he is running away. Aryaman chases him for quite some time and eventually succeeds in catching him but then Nandhani twists her ankle and he lets him go. They go after him but are unable to find him then Aryaman and Nandhani both go to drink coconut water. They write o it and drink t. Nandhani says that the way that the driver ran proves that there it was not an accident and there is something behind it. Aryaman says that they will get to the bottom of this.
Mukti and Naviya are being questioned by the police who are still not believing that Abir is Naviya’s son. Both of them try a lot to persuade hi then he asks for the birth certificate and after getting

it asks about his father and when they request him not to talk about the deceased father of the baby he gets angry. Suddenly he receive a call and asks them to bring the chairman of the society.
Nyonika is shouting at the driver saying that she gave him a lot of money to shut his mouth and go somewhere else but he came back. The driver says that he went to his village but had to return to earn money and now he has no job and money. Nyonika ays that she will go him more money but he will have to do a work for her fist.
The secretary of the society is explaining to the police how these girls are of a respected family and may have posted the add unconditionally. The police man says that he does not want anymore add and tdo it is a crime. Naviya says that she will never do anything like this ever again and that she would never sell her own child which is absurd.
Naviya thanks the secretary but she says that she did not do anything for them but to protect the image of the society and they have to leave the flat.
Mukti and Aaliya come in and say that they hate the police. Nandhani asks them as to what the matter is and Naviya says that the add which they accidentally posted resulted in the police coming in their house but thanks to Pumi aunti who made them believe that they were not the one’s behind it. Dhruv and Mukti make fun of Naviya and she says that if this keeps going on she will take him back to her village but Mukti says that she was joking and she will not go anywhere. Dhruv receives a call and says that they want him to dance and launch their product but he wants to sing and does not feel happy after dancing. Nandhani says that o2 did not ban them it was Nyonika who made it seem like a ban all because of Harshad who was the mastermind of the plan. Nandhani and Dhruv both make a plan to bring back the fab 5.
Rishab is making a drawing and asks Nandhani as to how is the picture Nandhani appreciates it. She gets a call from Madhim who is asking about how the investigation went with the driver suddenly her uncle says that Aryaman wants to meet her at an ally and she then tells Madhiam never to call her.
Nandhani is waiting anxiously for Aryaman then the driver comes at first he drives slowly but then suddenly picks up the speed coming towards Nandhani.

Precap: The driver is coming at Nandhani and she jumps out of the way hurting herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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