Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryaman knocks on the door but the guy does not come out. After trying Aryaman breaks the door and when they go in they find that he is running away. Aryaman chases him for quite some time and eventually succeeds in catching him but then Nandhani twists her ankle and he lets him go. They go after him but are unable to find him then Aryaman and Nandhani both go to drink coconut water. They write o it and drink t. Nandhani says that the way that the driver ran proves that there it was not an accident and there is something behind it. Aryaman says that they will get to the bottom of this.
Mukti and Naviya are being questioned by the police who are still not believing that Abir is Naviya’s son. Both of them try a lot to persuade hi then he asks for the birth certificate and after getting

it asks about his father and when they request him not to talk about the deceased father of the baby he gets angry. Suddenly he receive a call and asks them to bring the chairman of the society.
Nyonika is shouting at the driver saying that she gave him a lot of money to shut his mouth and go somewhere else but he came back. The driver says that he went to his village but had to return to earn money and now he has no job and money. Nyonika ays that she will go him more money but he will have to do a work for her fist.
The secretary of the society is explaining to the police how these girls are of a respected family and may have posted the add unconditionally. The police man says that he does not want anymore add and tdo it is a crime. Naviya says that she will never do anything like this ever again and that she would never sell her own child which is absurd.
Naviya thanks the secretary but she says that she did not do anything for them but to protect the image of the society and they have to leave the flat.
Mukti and Aaliya come in and say that they hate the police. Nandhani asks them as to what the matter is and Naviya says that the add which they accidentally posted resulted in the police coming in their house but thanks to Pumi aunti who made them believe that they were not the one’s behind it. Dhruv and Mukti make fun of Naviya and she says that if this keeps going on she will take him back to her village but Mukti says that she was joking and she will not go anywhere. Dhruv receives a call and says that they want him to dance and launch their product but he wants to sing and does not feel happy after dancing. Nandhani says that o2 did not ban them it was Nyonika who made it seem like a ban all because of Harshad who was the mastermind of the plan. Nandhani and Dhruv both make a plan to bring back the fab 5.
Rishab is making a drawing and asks Nandhani as to how is the picture Nandhani appreciates it. She gets a call from Madhim who is asking about how the investigation went with the driver suddenly her uncle says that Aryaman wants to meet her at an ally and she then tells Madhiam never to call her.
Nandhani is waiting anxiously for Aryaman then the driver comes at first he drives slowly but then suddenly picks up the speed coming towards Nandhani.

Precap: The driver is coming at Nandhani and she jumps out of the way hurting herself.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    The other half of d precap-
    dhruv says to MukLya that nandini gave up her career her evrythin for ManBir and what we are doin? Nothin..! Mukti says stop it dhruv!

  2. Plumpyyy

    I donno if this is gonna happen or not…bt its predicted by my mom…heheh she likes predicting d nxt scene of serials(some) which most of d times becomes true! Okay she said k maddy will save nandu..as in aftr she falls…or is got pushed by him as wt they show in d precap is not always d same they show in d epi! Aryamann hadn’t reached d place n maddy ws like…*im comin* smirk! Did i say that i love his smirk?!! I love his smirk!! That’s too s*xy!! Actors whose smirk i love-has to be these 2…yuvi n parth! No1 cn be better than them!! No1 means no1!! Coz i’ve seen mny actors’ smirk i find it yuck..like that’z weird..nt evn a perfect smirk! Guyz remember that pandit uncle used to smirk??!!! Heheh…i n fairy always used to call that creepy pandit “pandit uncle”….!!

    • pari

      yup parth smirk is best hiss full personality is lyk omgggg killing
      ohhhh plumpzzzzz u hv paki frnd as well waooowww thatsss cool

      • Plumpyyy

        Yep…full on attitude!!
        Umm pakistani frnd as in i hav 2 frnz frm pakistan here on this page excluding u! One is my ricky bro n other one alya n now uuuu
        kyy has given me an awesome grp of frnz,bhais,behens n my 2nd family!! Ek toh she’s my best sissy…i consider her d best…mire than my cousin sisters!! She’s d best!! Okay enough of my sissy’s tarif…now its our journey of good frnz na mahe…?? Aftrall its yaariaan! Our show says so!

      • pari

        yeah actually this show has give us so many frnds na and tell us the value of frndship thankuu kyy 🙂

  3. Plumpyyy

    Yeah pari…me too waiting fr parth! MaNan…im all d curing myself wid their playlist…now mann mera…remember that soha fiasco? Woh epi…dil se ho dil tak jo bayaan…aashiq dil tera purana hai yeh…

    • pari

      ohhh u rememb plumpzzzz wen manik was singing man mera at time his epressions to nandu eeeeeee so luving naa

      • Plumpyyy

        Yeah pari…that ws so intense!! He ws singing fr her…but later he felt uneasy n just rushed to roshan khuranna n asked soha kahan hai? N d later scenes just speechless!

  4. Plumpyyy

    Arrghhh…yeh duplicate comment kyu dikha raha hai??!!!
    Btw…d epi ws nice… Nandu ws lookin sooo beautiful!!! Dhruv ws soo cute!!

  5. Plumpyyy

    Nxt MaNan song! Judaai!! Guyz!! That epi!! Heartbreaking!! Heartwrenching!! Heart ripped off!! Valentines day!! Coz of that psycho soha n b*t*h nyonika!! N that space terrace wala scene!! B4 nandu ws planning to go bact to m’lore!!

  6. Plumpyyy

    Jaane kaise koi sehta judaaiyan…
    Chadariya jeeni re jeeni x2
    aankhein beeni yeh beeni yeh beeni
    yaadein jeeni re jeeni re jeeni…

  7. Plumpyyy

    Awww…now its jeena jeena…i dont remember d epi much! But nandu ws havin a headache n MaNan were in their fav spot i.e. Staircase…manik ws massaging nandu’s head..manik had wore blue blazer n nandu had wore pink top! That scene ws sooo cute!!! That ws d first time i heard d song!

  8. Plumpyyy

    Off to IF as no1’s here n somebody’s waitin fr me there…my pudding is waiting! No questions plz!!

    • My favourite MaNan scene: when the jar of fireflies was about to fell from nandini’s hand and fortunetly Manik save that jar from falling and when they both touch the jar the fireflies light up. There are also many beautiful manan scences in ky2 but this is special for me. It will always be a memorable manan scene for me.

    • pari

      manan rockzzzzzzzzz awwwww dear sure frndz 🙂 frm now yup me paki :)u can call me pari or mahe as u lyk 🙂

  9. Plumpyyy

    Fav scene…i donno…but i love these lines of d show infact of all d shows…” I’LL ALWAYS SHINE FOR YOU. TUM HUMESHA MERE PRAYERS MEIN RAHOGE.MAIN TUMPE HUMESHA TRUST KARUNGI.HUMESHA ” these are d best lines ever of tv or bollywood or hollywood or anythin n evrythin according to me! Nothin cn b better than this!! That’s d best grp of words!!

  10. Plumpyyy

    Good mornin…happy gandhi jayanti guyzzz…my class teacher’s 2day n m d first one to wish her…wohoooo
    fav kyy epi…donno…drunk nandu,opening of musicana,confession,”ik u wont let me fall” near soha’s farmhouse aftr khuranna warned nandu,nandu bday,consummation,the first meet,mud fight,jungle,last epi,fab 5 moments,storeroom,a task b4 musicana in d jungle wen nandu falls frm d cliff n manik saves her,women empowerment,valentines night,”I LOVE NANDINI! SUNA TUMNE.I LOVE NANDINI”,”I LOVE MANIK.I LOVE MANIK”, in short d whole show!!

      • Plumpyyy

        Toh ur adorable…heheh…im still in manan world…tu jo hai…navya promised pandit uncle dat nandu wont see manik…manik touchin n feelin her closing his eyes..nandu also closing her eyes…in a empty dark classroom..their shadow ws shown on d wall n it ws enchanting!!

    • pari

      one and only o yaara 🙂
      and zahnaseeb scence also good nandu hug manik front of everyone best hug 🙂

    • ?minnie?

      Same pinch plump each MaNan song…. but most one is saibo n nazar laayna and ishq bulava and and shayad yahe hai pyar…. actually all but older ones are mostttt fav

    • gopika

      my fv8 manan song is jeena jeena. Remember manik sang it for nandini after pandit kidnapped her. That moment was soooooo cute!!!

  11. My fav manan song are joganiya when manik called nandini’s name in the hospital, hasi when nandini came to manik’s home and hug him after she mistakenly knowing that manik is sick. Later manik hug her too, jaise mera tu when manik sang this song in their first date.

    • ADELE( Anu)

      That moment wen soha had planned a surprize for manik…….but nandu wid abhimanyu’s help brought him to another place n then the thing happened!!!!! It juz made me freeze!!!!!!! Can’t forget that…….never!!!!
      Their hug,their feelings,their love for each other………………lyk…..wowwwwwww!!!!!??????????????

  12. Plumpyyy

    There r mny…bt this came first in my mind…drunk nandu!! She ws gonna open her kurti’s knot!! She kept her hair on 1 shoulder..n manik’s eyes had popped outta their sockets!! I loved it!!! Nandu’s xpressions were awesome!! No1 cn b so adorable!!!

  13. ?minnie?

    Guys new promoooo!!!
    It showes that nandu says
    “ik u are alive manik”
    MaNan are shown dancing
    It was shown as if she’s dreaming
    But it was new scene…!!
    ??????Yipppeeee it means PS has shooted that scene…. and his entry will b soon….. yeyyyyy nacho ji fhad ke!!!

    • ?minnie?

      Yakeen nahi hota?? Bharosa nahi hai toh see my dp these are new promo pics.. still don’t wanna believe then go to hell ??

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH PRADSSSSSSS! I believe u blindly dear……u know that!!!!! Thanksssssss n love u loadssss!!!????????

  14. Plumpyyy

    2 comments are to b unressed on IF…i gotta go…will come aftrwards! Till then…whoever comes..enjoy our page!!

    • Minnie,,, I was in angry mood so I didn’t realise that what am I saying? Not always cuz I am very busy this year but sometimes and check clearly there are many comment of mine in kyy page and I stopped watching ky2 s2 after parth had left but when I heard the news of his coming back I again started watching ky2 s2. And plz forget that war or quarrel plz cuz we all are here only friends.?????

    • ?minnie?

      I saw it b/w ads….n got pics from insta check my dp its of that promo only and it seems like new one

    • I am going to see the promo. Manik is back, time for celebration yeah hurrrrah. I am very happy. No one can imagine my state!!!????????????✌️✌️?????????? love you parth.♥️♥️♥️

  15. pari

    Maine haara, main tera saara main
    Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main
    Tera saara main, saara main (x2) Sindoori rang suhagan saccha
    Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh
    Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai
    Maine maahi paaya hai
    Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa Dil ne shagun manaaya hai
    Ishq parauhna aaya hai
    Nazar laaye na, koi nazar laaye na
    Nazar laaye jo tumko jal jaaye woh
    Chaand le jug begana ho
    Nazar laaye na.. Nazar laaye na.. Maine haara, main tera saara main
    Meetha meetha tu, khaara khaara main
    Tera saara main, saara main (x2) Kaajal, teeka peeche kaanon ke
    Nazaron ko roke re
    Duniya deti laakhon hi dhokhe
    Meethi si hoke re
    Tamki main mirche varoon
    Saari sharam utaarun Maahi naa jug ko haarun
    Kehta hai dil…
    Kehta hai dil… Maine haara, main tera saara main
    Meetha meetha tu, khaara khaara main
    Tera saara main, saara main…

    Now i,m singing this song toooo happy that manik cmng backkkkkkkkkkkkk

  16. ?minnie?

    Same pinch!!! And now I will go n cherish MaNan again… as always… but like before when he was there…… I guess his entry will be two weeks after or after this week…cuz they have shooted lot but hope he’ll come back soon…im toh smiling like fool…. OMG he’s cmg …yeyyyy

  17. ?minnie?

    M singning this song right now….omg still cant believe what i saw
    O bade ok soke chada hai fitoor
    Leke do-pe sho-pe hoja mash’hoor
    Mujhe masti chadhi hai from head-to-toe
    Jinhe nachna hai nache
    Jo na nache

    Ve-ve-velle mat betho gand paao in the club
    Ch-ch-chill to machao ruk jaaye beat jab (x2)

    Chal le le stance
    Ready to dance
    Aane wala hai gaane ka
    Hook.. hook.. hook.. hook…
    hook hook hook hook…
    Ho nacho saare G phaad ke

    Hil ke nacho-nacho
    Hil dul ke nacho-nacho
    Hil ke nacho-nacho
    Nacho saare G phaad ke (x2)

    Aa ha.. aa ha.. aa ha..
    Ho nacho saare G phaad ke
    Aa ha..


  18. ?minnie?

    GUYS!!!!!!! PS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED THAT HE IS PART OF S2!!!! ????????????YES HE ANNOUNCED IT… …JUST BE CALM IK AFTER LISTENING THIS V .WON’T BE CALM BUT V HAVE TO STAY CUZ ‘PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST’ ????? ik m sounding damm mad but yes I am after seeing it…!!!! I literally shouted when I saw that…. yippeeee guys party ???????…..I wanna say more but afterwards….. abhi k liye itna he….!!????..my heart toh just skip a beat when I saw that ….u all also must me happy or I can say out of world right…. hehehe same with me ????mixed emotions


    • ADELE( Anu)

      Whaaaatttttttttttttt!!!!!!! Prads I wanna hug u tightly nowww!!!!!! M too smiling lyk I have fallen in love wid sum1!!!!!! Lyk srslyyyyyyy_!!!!! Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can’t say how happy I am!!!!!!! Pradssssssss!!!!! Prads pradsssssss!!!! Yaarrrrr comeee naaaaaa!!!!

      • ?minnie?

        Anuuuuu Anuuuu Anuuuuu even I want to hug u tightly and share this happinessssss!!!!like seriously yaar its sooooo damm happy news…..!!! ????????alas v can’t meet but a virtual hug to my shwewwt sisy… who’s always there for me back and forth my soul sis!! ?????
        Sisy forever.. love u loads

  19. Plumpyyy

    Arre im on d way to mall…shopping!!! Hw cn i jump der??? Yep pradi…out of world feeling$!!!!! Anu u mean ananya pradi?? Yep she’s on IF..dp is yuvni

  20. pari

    ohhh my god what i do i,m flying in sky actually we all r…….
    Now i,m just quite dono what to say what to doooooooo
    dont hv words that explain our happiness

  21. Good evening friends. If anyone knows any news of ps then please update plz. My eyes are waiting to see parth as manik. Hope manik come soon. Waiting for you parth and missing manan a lot.

  22. I am in dream world and seeing wonderful things I can’t tell you in word pari that how happy I am!! Everything is beautiful and sweet for me.??? Oh parth no one can give me this much happiness which you have given me. And I know that I am talking like a stupid but what can I do? Dancing and singing is not enough for me. If I once see parth in kyy2 then we will keep a party. ????????????????

  23. ?minnie?

    Now m waiting if for Monday to go school and tell my frnds bout this news m sure they will “kyun aaya parth wapis” ???m sure cuz they hate him cuz m maddd over him.. hehehe they used to say me
    “he won’t come back”
    “he’s dead” yeh woh n all in short they used to love teasing me on parth
    But now ?????when they will come to kno bout this return n that to official their face will be worth to watch ?????I always used to say he didn’t died he will return to them and they used to say he won’t come back…. ahahaha now m toh in my lala land … hehehe not lala land but in parth land ????….ok ok too much… but
    “k karu chori mhare ko bohot khushi ho rahe hai” “thare ko k malum” actually no one knows knows now parthians ,mananholics state of mind

  24. Nutz

    Guys remembr da first time ‘saibo’ song ws playd, nandu ws tryng to hide frm manik n manik knew nandu ws there, he ws smilng n gng 2wrds her hidng place n nandu prayng. . .n maan ye saheb ji, jane he saheb ji phr v banaye bahane, naina nawabi ji, dekhe he sab ji, phr v na samjhe eshare. . . . . .

    • Yep nutzy how can v forget it was sooo damm hot scene…..that song is perfect for MaNan…. ????I miss that song badly… hope they will use it again…. its my fav.. BTW u came here after soo long yaar hope u remember me I changed my user name…. acha how are u.??

  25. Plumpyyy

    Yeah pradi..in mall na..i guess all d songs i heard der were wid me…first mann mera then yeh dooriyan..then my like woh lamhe…n i ws smiling like a fool…my bro ws askin wt happdned i said nothin! Haha nothin happened…srsly…we’ve become maaadddd!!!! Completely mad!!! We’re goin insane!!! Its nice to loose our sanity sometimes! Parth!!!! MaNan!!!!!!!! Manik!!!!!! Ohh god im f**kin happyyyyy!!!!!!!!! My happiness..actually our happiness cannot be described in words!! Its beyond that!!! So so so so so happy!!!
    Heheh..pradi enjoy wid ur frnz!! My frnz are crazy parthians…but im d biggest parthian of my class! My frnz bash yuvi to tease me! Heheheee…yuhoooo…yahooo…yipppiieeee…yayyyiieeeee……wohooooo….hurrahhhh….

  26. Plumpyyy

    Nutzzz!!!! My nish!! Ur back agn!!! Me bad timing!! Shit!! Nxt tym pakka i’ll try to come wen u come!! Btw..hw’s 10th goin?? Mine half yeay r ovr. Xcept maths evrythin ws good! Yep…soha had come to manik’s house..she wanted to watch movie n all that!! Aww that ws so awesome!!
    Pradi…plz if u see this cmnt inform anuu that i’ll unres my cmnt 2mrrw…i’ll say her bout my delay…u kno na..she’s on IF..dp yuvni..joined on may 16…my buddy…

  27. Plumpyyy

    I voted pradiii! Guyz c’mon…make nandu win!! Its 8% now…the leading one is geet..hey babaji…i like that too..but fav is ayiappa nxt hey devi mayyia…!! Guyz nandu’s is 8% v’ve got to make her win!! C’mon vote!! If u cn cmnt..i left one cmnt…only cmnt on nandu’s favour…that’s me…love_niti

  28. Plumpyyy

    Guyz!!! 2nd page of cmnts!!! This weekend we’re gonna cross 200 cmnts!! That’s foh sure!! We’re srsly sooo happy!!!!!! But more than me…coz i hav 1 hard reason to b sad…anyway leave it…just b in parth land!!
    Guyz! My yest dream…i cant remember it..bt i remember that……………………………PARTH was MY BF!! Like srsly! Uthte hi i ws smiling like crazy!!!

  29. Plumpyyy

    I need to hurry bubye! IF! Gosh! Its been more than 24 hrs!! I hope she’s nt angry! Nah dhe wont b…pradi…u saw anuu’z profile?

  30. Nutz

    Guys m here aftr so long time, n i cnt descrb jst hw mch hppy m feelng to read al of ur crazy-luv filld cmnts :-)!! sare purane din yaad aagaye. . . .aww. . . .such swt n beautiful memories…..

  31. No plump I haven’t gone IF cuz if once I go there na then its damm hard for me to come out from there….. so I’ll go afterwards….. BTW plump have u realised one thing in this whole fiasco only TRUE KYYIANS WERE WATCHING KY2S2
    ie: u, me, anu, shifa di, punku. how much I kno on tu…only v used to support s2 on tu cuz ppl used to come here to comment of bring ps back v won’t watch n all ….so it is proved now that everyone who used to watch kyy was not a true kyyian neither a true mananholic……so three cheers for us FOR BEING ONLY TRUE KYYIAN AND MANANHOLIC ON TU ????

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Yessss prads!!!!! #cheersss!!!
      We have always supported kyy n will always support kyy!!! No matter wat!!

      Prads,itz u coz of whom I know kyy…….I know manan……..I know parth…….. I know niti!! Lyk srslyy! If u wud not be there na, then I wud never know that such a wonderful story ever existed……………_!! Thanku prads…..thank so so so soooooooo much!!!!!!

      N yes! CHEEERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!????????✌✌✌✌✌✌

  32. Plumpyyy

    Nish!! Purane din bhool nai jate…i still remember d old gold days…i remember…that new year night!! That ws awesome!! U,sam bro n euphie…gosh! U guyz had nt slept!! N shar had predicted dat manan will b 2gthr on new year epi n it became true!! Aww..i miss my silent reader days!! But love ya all!! Lots!!
    KYY ROXZ!!

  33. Plumpyyy

    Yeah pradi…we were cmnting on d epi..gud or bad…but mny were askin to bring PS back…so in true sense we r true kyyians 😀 😀 😀

  34. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…u kno wt’s anuu’s username on IF na??
    She’s on my buddy list…check if u want to see her profile…dp is yuvni…n ik u’ve visited my profile too…u read manan ffs?? If yes..lemme kno which…

  35. rosmi

    parth really missing u a lot
    yearning to watch u and of course manan. come and rock the floor with niti

  36. Plumpyyy

    Guyz u cn still vote! Keep voting! Im doin d same frm last 1 hour! Its 16% now n nandu on 3rd position…

  37. Plumpyyy

    Idk bhavya…they aren’t showin d repeat telecasts frm this week…bt wen they show promos toh they repeat at 1pm to 2pm bt they dont…huh…

  38. Plumpyyy

    Guyz its 29% now…3rd position…2nd is khusi wid 31% n 1st is geet wid 35%…
    We cn make it right guyz??!!! C’mon vote now!

  39. Guys plz keep voting plz. I am voting nandini from last half hour but khushi and geet fans are continue their voting and we have to make Nandu win and for that we have to continue voting. Guys plz continue voting. It’s a request.

  40. shanaya

    its the 4th time that I am voting nandu…..but it is still in the 3rd position… 30%….and kushi is at 2nd….31%….just 1% difference….. c mon guys we can do it…

  41. Plumpyyy

    Guyz khushi fans r on! Even geet fans!! Keep voting guyz!! Lets show our unconditional love to our doll..niti aka nandu!!

  42. Aisha malya

    Whoa !!! Is this a dream ???? Indeed not …. So m back … Do u guys remember me ??? * i hope u do* n u know what guys i missed u all like hell n my tu n my ky2 !!! I sooo love my ky2 yaar n i can’t stay away from it …. Ps- is parth coming back ?? I really don’t know anything about it , just heard it somewhere … N kyyians please don’t bash me for this question… K so bye all … Luv u n tc…

  43. Plumpyyy

    Aisha!! Welcome back!!! I missed u tooo!!! Love u lots!!! Yep parth is back!! He has confirmed bout it. The promo has been aired..nandu’s dream sequence. MaNan dance…

  44. Plumpyyy

    Hey richa…are u talkin bout sara who is in 8th n ws a regular commentator or d one who’s der now?? That old sara came some days ago…she didnt even eat my head wid changing usernames!! Yep i too miss d craziest pages of kyy wus…srsly old is gold! Love u guyzzz…!!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Heyy plumpyy! Even I followed ur trick!!! I voted nandu 6tyms……..n now more 2 tyms!! Hope she wins!

      • Plumpyyy

        Wohooo…great! U guyz followed my trick…! I just tried it n it ws valid…so i voted mny tyms…i guess more than 75 or so…i ws voting frm yest…i took sometym fr IF some fr checkin yuvi’s tweets n posts n rest fr voting!
        Yeah hope so! Nandu is leading na…v fans of nandu!

  45. richa

    ryt plumpyy ireally miss those comments………she u nd nutz were super commentrs u roked the page and u r super fans of the show crazzy fans…

  46. Plumpyyy

    Aww thnx richa…yep v all r crazy fans of kyy…mny more are..bt i guess they r vry lazy to cmnt or busy wid schls n colleges…m always free ^_^

  47. Guys good night in mananland….. m going there only…. no plump I guess u will go in ur yuvi land na ??ok bye guys sweet dreams…… anu punku m not talking with u both?????

  48. Nope there was no such news…. if u are talking bout the old pic of jasmine with girls then it was a prank played by charlie di……..she’s already doing another show boyz

  49. Aisha malya

    U all look sooo cute together while chatting n all …. I missed this yaar … Achaa listen can any1 please tell whats there in the new promo … Nandu’s dream , manan … I didn’t understood it …

    • ?minnie?

      New promo showed that nandu finds the manan band which she gifted to manik n says “ik u are alive manik” then it was showed that manik and nandini are dancing….
      All it meant was manik is Alive and will be shown soon

  50. laara

    Fans, are you ready?
    The beginning of October will surely be a memorable one for the Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fans as Parth Samthaan will be seen making his much awaited comeback! As we all know, the actor had announced his exit from the show and rumours were abuzz that he had been roped for &TV’s upcoming series. But things didn’t pan out and now, Parth is coming back as Manik in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan! The finale of season 1 showed Manik surviving a deadly bomb blast. But after the actor’s exit from the series, fans have been waiting for an explanation for Manik’s disappearance, but haven’t got any answers yet. The case is however out in the open now, where Nandini(Niti Taylor) and Aryaman (Karan Jotwani) are trying to catch hold of the driver who took the car that night.The two are closer to finding out as to what happened to Manik that night and looks like Parth’s much awaited re-entry will finally give us some answers!

    BollywoodLife received exclusive information from a source who revealed that Parth had begun shooting for the series last week and will be seen making his comeback, in the upcoming one. How exciting is that? So gear up to see Manik’s dhamakedaar re-entry in the show this week, you guys! Stay tuned for more exclusive updates as we will reveal to you, everything that you need to know about Parth’s comeback. Watch this space!

  51. Plumpyyy

    Awww…just by gettin d info m awwing at it..i’ll d pic pradi! Thnx fr d news!!! N thnx a ton fr makin me smile aftr hrs…

  52. Plumpyyy

    Am gonna miss all u guyz a lot!!! I’ve got blo*dy marks of half yearly…evrythin is okay xcept maths…fr d first tym in my lyf i’ve got so less in maths..okay m nt dat bad..47 on 80…im really sad…i cant understand wt to do…im just feelin so horrible!! Upar se..mom said u hav to make a habit..habit of nt watchin kyy…nw wt crap is this? I cant leave widout it..that’s my strength…tab i’ll call my home hell…i cant stay…!! But thnx a ton guyz fr soo much of love!! I’ll b comin here…dont worry bout dat…but nt much…coz its 10th…d boring year…which m hating…i’ll try to come less…i’ll try to…which ik i cant! Okay ik m an idiot…heheh…okay i better shut my mouth!! Love ya guyzzzz……evn aftr gettin maths marks which didnt go gud to any1..me n my frnz whr jumping in corridors…coz parth is back! Srsly…parth has given us so much of happiness 🙂

    • Plump I’ll miss you very much. Cuz I use to enjoy your comments and you always keep updating us with your funny beautiful comments. And yeah math is really boring. I also used to get poor marks in math. I also hate math but this is a main subject. V have nothing to do. Anyways I should be happy cuz you said you will came here. For some time but you will come na that is the big thing. ? ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.