Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

No new episode today.

Story Till Now telecasted instead.

You can read previous updates here.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. diti

    It means that 2day new episode ws nt there. They just told what happened in this week as a summary

  2. sana

    Sharat naina karte h
    Tadapna dil ko padta
    oh dheere dhere haule haule
    silsila aage badta h
    teri yadon ki garmi si
    mera lamha pighalta h
    dard ko teti baho me
    bada aaram milta h

    Katilana adaao se ek din Is dil ko
    Hasayenge 🙂 rulayenge 🙁 maar hi dalenge
    tere naina bade katil maar hi dalenge

    Gud night
    sweet dreamz
    bye 🙂 🙂

  3. LaChu

    hi All
    really tired after an osom party
    really enjoyed it thoroughly and seems to be no one here to talk with me

  4. aish

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii frrndzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Im fn ananya… hw r u??? Hws ur holidays going on??
      Ana aishu no punctuality here.. enaku nandu konjam pidikum.. bt ava manik ku correct pair kidaiyadhu… so small ava…

  5. ananya

    I m fine didi
    I don’t hav holidays now
    my new session started long back
    now I m in class 8

  6. Hahhah clge ananya dr… and all bst for 8th grade..
    aishu enaku nandhu konjam pidikum.. ava manik ku corect pr kidaiyadhu..

  7. Yeah guysss no one is willing to come i guess… bt thnk u so much for u both guyss… u atleast respectd some1 feeling.. hats off for u guyss

  8. aish

    akka feel pannadheenga ka sound akkavala vara mudiyadhu bcoz avanga thambiku motta adichu kadhu kutharangalam so avanga innnaikum naallaikum vara mattanga

  9. fairy

    Hey ..l hv an interview of alia aka krissane….shld l gv it here or in the mail???✉✉

  10. fairy

    Haaaa…why no1 is here? Feeling like l m in a desert…..as far as my eyes go….l cnt able to see any1…????

  11. fairy

    Krissann Barretto Exclusive Interview
    Unlucky in love is what one can say about Krissann Barretto’s character Alya Saxena of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Her boyfriend of 7 years dumped her and she fell for his best friend Dhruv who treated her worse! Despite of her flaws, the viewers can’t help sympathizing with this character. I am pleased to bring you an Exclusive Interview of the gorgeous Krissann Barretto who was previously seen in episodic shows like Heroes – The Fight back Files on Channel V and Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui.

    Q: Tell me something about you! What is your background and what made you choose acting as a Career?
    A: Well, I have been born and brought up in Bombay. I did my schooling at the Apostolic Carmel High School in Bandra. I graduated from St Xavier’s Mumbai. And after that I did a year of law at the Government Law College. Then I got the offer for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan and since I’ve always been a performer I chose acting over law.

    Q: How do you feel about being part of a number one Youth Show?
    A: I feel awesome! People recognize your work… so many people love you! And getting that with just one show, I think is a really big deal! Best feeling ever!

    Q: How different or similar are you from your screen character Alya of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan?
    A: Hmm Alya and I are quite similar. We both would do anything for our relationships… be it friends or a boyfriend. We are different also! Alya is very patient and calm in life but I am like a hyper puppy haha.

    Q: If you were not an Actress, what would you have been?
    A: If I wasn’t an actress, I’d probably be a dancer or a lawyer or a wedding planner.

    Q: So… do you believe in love at first sight?
    A: I am a hopeless romantic. I think I’m born in the wrong century and I think Disney never lied. Fairy Tales exist!

    Q: Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage… which one would you prefer?
    A: Love marriage hands down

    Q: So… Do you have a boyfriend?
    A: Haha no!

    Q: Are you a fitness freak? What do you do to stay in shape?
    A: I dance! I love dancing not really because of the fitness or anything. Although I haven’t been able to train in over a year, I somehow have stayed in shape.

    Q: Many TV stars are migrating to Bollywood. What are your future dreams?
    A: I want be part of the Bollywood too! I would love to get a chance to work with Hrithik Roshan.

    Q: One of the characters in Warrior High is named after you. What do you have to say about it?
    A: I love Vikas for doing that! It feels so special!

    Q: Your character was featured in the maximum number of filler sponsorship ads (face wash, contact lenses, refreshment mints, sun screen etc) as part of script. Viewers find these ads really annoying. What is your reaction to it?
    A: Aaaahhhh integration scenes! I know that the viewers find it annoying… and you are not the first one telling me that! As you said, it is part of the script and as an actress I got to do what I got to do.

    Q: When you are not shooting, what would you like to do?
    A: Chill with my friends!!! Party!!! Chill with my dogs!!! Take my parents out!!! Get out of the city on a road trip!!! So the thing is I think random on the spot… the spot spontaneous plans are killer! And yeah, I love driving so we just randomly take off and explore new places.

    Q: How active are you on social networking sites? Do you interact with fans and respond to their messages?
    A: I am very active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I reply to whomever I can whenever I get the time. I also like the cute edits the fans make of me.

    Q: What is one quality that you love most about you?
    A: I love the fact that I am a happy person no matter what and I think my friends have a lot to do with that.

    Q: What is one thing you would like to change about you?
    A: Can I be a complete diva and say I don’t want to change anything about me?

    Q: Recently Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan promoted a campaign on Eve teasing and Woman’s harassment, what is your opinion about these social issues?
    A: Social issues like Eve teasing make my blood boil! Like it’s so annoying! I was so happy that MTV had that campaign. When I was giving my dialogues in those episodes, my real emotions were coming out.

    Q: What is your equation with your co-actors in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan?
    A: I love all of them!!! Veebha and Charlie are my babies!!! They always take care of me when I’m not well and pamper me when I’m having a bad day! Niti is like a little baby… she’s really cute! Utkarsh makes me laugh so much… I just look at his face and laugh! Abhishek is actually like a brother!!! Parth!!!! He’s so sweet! He is that guy who doesn’t talk a lot but he is always there when you need him or need someone to talk to! And Ayaz!!! You can ask him anything and he will know! He just knows so much stuff! I love all of them! They all planned a surprise for me on my birthday and it was so adorable!

    Q: Do you have a message for your fans?
    A: Fans!!! I love you guys! You are what made me Me! You guys accepted Alya and loved her! You guys love our show so much and do whatever it takes to contact us or meet us! You make me feel so special!!! Love you all so much!!!

  12. fairy

    Nutz…l m soooooo srrrrrrryyyyyy…l hv to study nw….l ll try to cm after sometm…..u tooo cn go nd cm aftr smtm…l hp thn some1 ll cm…

  13. Nutz

    Yar m really tired nw, my eyes r burng n r watery, i thnk i’ll study tmrw mrng, i bettr take rest nw.
    Gud n8, m really sry i wnt b able 2 accmpny u 2n8

  14. fairy

    It’s ok nutz…no ssrrrryyy…tk rest….c u tmrw..
    I thnk no1 is here….
    Okkk bye guyz…gud night….

  15. ammy

    Goood night guyz ….. Subha hone na de….saas khone na de …. Eek dusre ko…hum khone na de…..
    Fairy nutz u r hvng exams na?? Best of luck to you two…..m a ? lil bit BG fr two days ??? dnt say alveeda to me I vil cm on monday……

  16. shenaz

    OK ammy bye gn dr n sweet dreams
    All d best nuts n fairy n do ur best guys luv u both ummmmah dr tc

  17. LaChu

    gudnght frnds want to wake up @3 only some time more any way bye c u all soon miss u sweet drms

  18. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    lachu my cnctn is slwso I dnt think I can b hr I jst wantd to tel u dat ricky bhai vl cmon 4th may sm 7pm or8 pm ok c ya sweety

  19. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    lachu I m hr nw my cnctn wrkng bt if I dissappear den u plz undrstnd dat my cnctn nt wrkng

  20. LaChu

    I will come tomorrow
    I miss him too
    my school starts tomorrow so it will be my last day in tu
    after tat I will come in my vacation
    miss u all

  21. LaChu

    Sara I need to go now will c u later bcoz I am travelling I hav a marriage party @ernamkulam so I need to go now
    Bye for now will c u all at night today
    Bye Da take care
    convey my regards to all kyy family

  22. LaChu

    okke sara but It wll be too late when I come here @free time
    I am sad abt it
    anyway bye da tc

  23. fairy

    Its a double century for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
    Celebration time for the team of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan for successfully completing 200 episode.
    It’s time to celebrate and rejoice for the entire team of MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan as this very popular show has completed 200 episodes.
    The actors of the show have garnered quite a fan following as Maneik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini (Niti Taylor) have become one of the most well known couples of tinsel town.
    Veebha (Vibha) Anand who essays the role of Navya says,” We are really happy and excited because the charm of the show is still the same as it was at the beginning. In fact the energy and the enthusiasm is increasing day by day. We wanted to celebrate our success but I don’t think we will be able to celebrate due to our hectic shooting schedules. We are shooting for extra hours to create a bank because of the strike which is said to happen from May 6.”
    We also got in touch with Niti Taylor who says, “For me its a great feeling of joy especially when you see the faces in your team whom you have worked with and share the feeling that we did this together. I have watched way too many shows on television that started out wonderfully and then seemed to continue on a downward spiral once they reached their peak. I am thrilled to be a part of this show and 200 episodes is a proud moment for me. In one word if I sum up what I feel would simply say, WOW!”
    Here’s wishing the entire team of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan a hearty congratulations.

  24. fairy

    Sry ibu fr d late reply….l hv to go nw…l m nt feelng well..mrevr l hv to stdy nw….l m really sry…bye..cm soon…???

  25. sana

    Jane safar me
    esa kya hua h
    mere h kadam
    or tera rasta h
    dard judai ka
    iss dil me bharke
    Dhondenge tujhko
    raho me phirse
    tere bin suna suna lage
    jag mujhe suna suna lage
    tujhko dhundengi ye aakhein
    na ja zindagi me aake

    gud morning 🙂

  26. Nutz

    Ibu !!!!!!! Shit!U hd cum in da mrng n i missd it! 🙁
    ibu my request plz cum again yar, i wana talk wd u iban

  27. wat d hell is gng on no1 hr frm whole day no1 bothrd to complt a whole pg wats wrng guys hamare pyare pg ko kis chudail ki nazar lag gayi….. ???????????

  28. LaChu

    hi suhasini I thought u went so I didn’t check the comments nyc to meet u suhasini

  29. Nutzu,suhu kha ho tum sab.abhi mujhe suhu tujse ladna he nutzu ,fairu tumsab se bat karni he.
    Itne din bad bat karne ki icha he or tum sab?
    Kk i kw u all are busy person.

  30. ammy

    Ohh thnk u went away Suhasini….ohk actually TU now not in its best form….bt u gnna enjoy ur stay a loot when othrs vil cm…..

  31. ammy

    Evn bcoz of u ppl my monkey language training centre will close down..lck of students…..lol

  32. aish

    Where is dan akka sound akka fairy nutz Sara suhash Sam niks anans liya carron sanaya lachu shenaz Ricky auho sana

  33. n ammy i think dat u r as same as my lil sis ….she also talks like u n behaves like u……….n she used to call me suhu dii n nw all my frendz n family call me suhu bt my real name is suhasini….

  34. fairy

    Srry ammy fr couldnt able to join wd u…bt l m hvng high fever wd cold nd l hv two class tests tmrw………l m nt gng to sleep nw….so bye bye….

  35. ammy

    Fairy thn take care if ur fever and dnt stress urself too mchh…take a loooooong rest ?

  36. ammy

    Yes I saw the mail was sent ti ur old id…. She said she missed us..nd was asking fr a common date actually so fat we can meet here

  37. ammy

    Oh noo really I don’t want to sleep bt mom ? frcng me to sleep wat to do wat to do wat to do wat to do…

  38. gio

    Nutz its saad so ur mail which u sent at kyyyellyupdates….r u cmng to visit before it? Its a long tym actually….bt best if luck fr exam….

  39. gio

    Ohk bye gio was me ammy….nutz mail me when u vil be free …best of luckkk….difficult to imagine kyy widout nutz ??
    Good night dan

  40. Nutz

    Wenevr i’ll need a break, i’ll cum to my frnds 🙂 n aftrwrds 18 june i’ll b free

  41. AchuZzz(LaChu)

    every tym it s happening nutz its okke no sorry plz and it may be our fate tat we will talk later

  42. AchuZzz(LaChu)

    c u all later tomorrow my 10th class starts and will not be there in tu for a long tym and I will miss all kyy frnds sisters brothers and wonderful moments in tu and thanx for the spectacular moments given to me

  43. AchuZzz(LaChu)

    Sara plz convey my regards to veer brother (ricky) and miss u all
    am my
    Ricky ( veer )
    and all others
    sorry if I missed anyone
    and I don’t had even talked to some of u but had just typed as hav seen their names … miss u all take care
    bye ☺??

  44. sree$

    Sree reply u must not b knowing k real sree mere lyf me kya thi it really hurting me very bad plz reply back

  45. shenaz

    Sree reply u must not b knowing k real sree mere lyf me kya thi its really hurting me very bad plz reply back

  46. haha achu u miss gio r u serious if u evr tlk to him den u vl nvr tke his name… hmmm who is dis sree??…. us dis carru real??….. I m nt getng sleep wat to do??… hw did shenaz ‘s cmnt frst came in sree’s name??…. wat d hell is gng on hr??…. jst dis mch cmnts…. I knw who is suhasini hehe ?…. I m getng bord nothng to do…?…. I wish der were nyt brds… ?

  47. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  48. ? ? ?

    Sooraj hua madham chaand jalne laga
    Asmaan yeh h kyu phigalne laga
    yeh mera khuboorati h

  49. -??☝

    Kabardaar kheeda das tu rose haath lagaya. tume pata h naa khanoon ka haath bahut lamba h

  50. ☀️☀️☀️

    Arey chaand ka baccha ab tumara natak subah bi shuru hogaya kya? mere roshni bhiksha jeene wala harami. ab mujse shaktishaali banne ka shauk h?

  51. ☀️☀️☀️

    chaand tune bahut galat harkat kiya? Main madham tu jalne laga. kitna chalak nikla re

  52. ? ? ?

    Inspector sir i ws just singing song of some movie but this sun took it in wrong way

  53. ☁ ☺ ☹ ✊ ✋ ☝ ✌ ⚡ ✨ ⭕ ❌ ⭐ ❕ ❔ ❗ ❓ ❄ ☀ ⛅ ☔ ⛄ ☎ ➿ ✂ ⚽ ⚾ ⛳ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦ ☕ ♤ ♡


  54. ⛵ ? ? ⚓ ? ✈ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ⚠ ? ? ⛽ ? ?


  55. sana

    Ishq ki dhuni roz jalaye
    uthta dhua to kaise chupaye

    akhiya karji hazuri
    mange h teri manzuri
    kajra si aahein din rang jaye
    teri kasturi rain jagaye
    man mastmagn man mastmagn
    bas tera naam dohraye
    man mastmgn man mastmagn
    Chahe bhi to bhul na paye
    Man mastmagn man mastmagn….

    gud morning 🙂

  56. sana

    Ye kya ho rha h?? I knw yaha koi aa nhi rha n cmmnts rate bht low hogaya bt ye kch bhi likh ke rate increase mat karo sorry if m wrng.

  57. ?♪susi♪?

    ;-),:-(,:-),:-D,:-P,:-! Ithaiyum try pannu dr…but in between commas edutudu dr..

  58. ?

    You can call me fairy god mother of this site. ? I am from heaven. The almighty send me here .

  59. Aish

    No I am not inner soul ? but I am your darker side. Every person has got two faces just like two sides of a coin. I am the side which is lying underneath your inner consciousness ☺ don’t be afraid open out

  60. Aish

    This soul is as clear as water ☀ nothing to say about her. She loves this site that’s why keeps on coming all the time ✨ Almighty bless her

  61. Ammy

    See this soul very very interesting. Everyone knows this soul always happy . Doesn’t care about the world. Does watever she feels like .Acts before thinking ?

  62. Ammy

    This soul cares a lot about everyone and everything. Never ever lets one to feel lonely ☺☺ inner soul is well aware of her efforts to bring everyone together. Everyone’s happiness is her happiness ?? that is good ?

  63. Ammy

    But ? inner soul is insecure of her. Much because her darker side has to admit she is a rebel at heart. And that too sometimes blindfolded by trust only..her inner soul is worried why she never opens her eyes and accepts the truth ?? All understand what I mean. Move on don’t stay back clinching on what you have lost once because it will never come back. Even your faith and trust cant bring it back. Once lost lost forever. Accept it or I can see you drifting towards some other path ??? and it worries inner soul most . Accept reality ? ?

  64. Fairy

    This is the soul whom I like most. Calm cool . She is trustworthy with a strong sense of reality

  65. Fairy

    Fairy is sweet . The most sweet with intelligence. She is soft at heart. She is like the pole star ? shinning always. Sometimes you miss out the star in sunlight.. Sunlight is strong. But look carefully the star is shinning with a radiant beauty . With a constant ray of hope . But still you miss the star. The star never misses you . That is the greatness ?? ? ?

  66. Fairy

    This soul has lo g accepted the truth. She knows there is no point in lamenting. She understands the fundamentals of life. Everything you can’t expect to happen on your way. She knows it ?

  67. Fairy

    But this soul got a darker side too. She gives up easily. A bit too emotional . she dsnt fight back. She is good to everyone. She has to be more strong . The world is tough and rough. Fairy has strong nerve no doubt. But express it . Inner soul prays for you ??

  68. SUHASH

    I better go mum on this soul. Fingers crossed. Fairy god mother dsnt want positive or negative effect here. ?

  69. ?

    Heaven studying others soul now. Don’t say bid your fairy god mother farewell. I have to enter the other hearts too. Remember I m your darker side. You all need improvement. No one is perfect .

  70. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    fairy god mothr I m vry sad u dint say abt me anythng u said abt d ppl who is nower to b seen in dis syt bt me? leave it…

  71. ? ? ? ??

    main tandoori murgi hu yaar
    gatkale saiyaan alcohol se
    mera photo ko seene se yaar
    chipkale saiyaan fevicol se

  72. Suhu,nutzu,fairu,auho,ammu,carru,sammu thanks for ur frndship.ikw u all had stopped talking to me but its ok.
    A warm good bye to u all.

  73. ? ? ?

    ye to trailer h poori film dhikane aayi
    husn ki teeli se bedi chillam jalane aayi
    chikni chameli chupke akeli
    pawwa chadake aayi

  74. my lil cute sis ammy n nutz wher r u both i know u both here only noone else sooo m missing u both cm naaa plzzz ur sis is waiting

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