Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

As soon as Nyonika is about to leave the stage the reporters and their crew approach her and ask her that is Manik hospitalized and if that is true then how his health is but Nyonika does not reply and leaves. Nandhani and Mukti are walking and Mukti is saying that this was the chance they were waiting for and they will show everyone what they can do and that their songs will be heard all over India. Then they shake their hands and start walking again then Mukti says that to sand against the fab 5 Nandhani then Nandhani says thank you to which Mukti asks what is it a yes or no then Nandhani says that it is a yes and they will have to work very hard to fight against fab 5. Then Nandhani tells Mukti to go a check a room and she will come back after a moment then she goes around the faculty asking

and searching for Harshad when a cleaner that he went into the music room and she goes to hear someone playing a table and when she looks inside it is Aryaman and then Harshad starts a conversation and Aryaman says that he did not come only to break the fab 5 but to get Manik and he tells Harshad that he has no issues with any other but only Manik he then revels that he came to india to take revenge for his sister sohas as she loved Manik and she died and now Manik has to pay the price. Then Nandhani knowing the truth gets scared and goes away. Then Cabir and Aaliya and Naviya are walking and they see Dhruv and Cabir greets him but Dhruv is ho;;ding a gun and tells them not to move Cabir tells him to stop him and then Dhruv points the gun at the ceiling and fires it and I is just a decoy then he tells hat he missed them . after meeting everyone he asks where Manik and they tell he is in the hospital and when he says to go to the hospital and why are they not there they say that Nyonika would not let them otherwise they would not be here and when he says why did they no inform him Cabir says they did not know he was back but he says he texted Aaliya but Aaliya says that she did not got it. Then Nyonika comes and says that nothing regarding Manik should ever go to the media but Cabir says that they cannot romise that and then Nyonika says that their career is in her hands then Cabir says that they will not post anything if she lets them visit Manik then after Cabir and Dhruv blackmail her she agrees but only in visiting hours and one by one then Naviya hugs Cabir and Dhruv in excitement that they will meet Manik. then Nandhani is walking feeling confused as to what to do and how to save Manik he is in danger because Aryaman wants to take revenge and might hurt him then she turns and bumps into Aryaman and he says that how Manik is and that he wants to check on him then Nandhani says what he wants to check and they have an aggressive dialogue then Nandhani leaves and meanwhile the fab 5 are in the room and Cabir tells them on come so they can begin but they say that they cannot without Manik then Dhruv encourages them but Aaliya while placing the switch in the socket feels a current and then she leaves. Nandhani is in the hospital in the disguise trying to persuade the guards to let her in and she succeeds .then Nandhani gets in and talks to Manik and then she tells him that he will not be able to do it alone and he has to help her to do the things as she will not be able to manage everything then as she is about to leave her finger gets stuck in Maniks finger and she turns and sits with him and tells him to wake up and after when she again is about to leave she drops something and when she picks it up it is a list of rules to follow and she finds her answer .
Precap: Dhruv is in the library and while turning hits Aaliya who falls and hits her head and when Dhruv bends to help her Harshad calls Dhruv is an angry voice ready to fight./strong>

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  1. fairy

    The upcoming episode of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan will show that Harshad is confused on thinking about who is responsible of Manik’s condition.
    Maink is in hospitalized and doctor is trying to know about the reason behind his illness.
    Apart from this, Aryaman who is trying to become good in front Fab 5 reveals to Harshad that he (Aryaman) put Manik’s life in trouble.
    Nandini doubts on Aryaman and follows him.
    Aryaman wants to kill Manik (Parth Samthaan)

    Nandini overhears their conversation where Harshad question Aryaman about why he did wrong with Manik.
    Aryaman tells Harshad that he just wants to take revenge from Manik of Soha’s death.
    Aryaman reveals Harshad that Soha was his sister and she loved Manik but Manik killed her.
    Nandini (NIti Tylor) is shocked to know about Aryaman’s reality and his plan of killing Manik.
    Will Nanidni get successful to reveal Aryaman’s reality to everyone?

  2. fairy

    MTV’s popular show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (BBC) is one rocking youth show that has been keeping viewers hooked. With the roaring love story of Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini (Niti Taylor) on a high, we take a look at five sequences that we want to see on the show. Take a look…

    MaNan back on stage
    Even though we saw them sing together on the stage a while back, we want them to make it a regular feature. What say, fans? Manik and Nandini, apart from being beautiful singers, are also great at matching steps and we would love to see a full-fledged song-dance routine.

    Cabir finding acceptance in society
    The social issue of homos*xuality is definitely the high point in the show. We think it would be a great track if the society accepts Cabir with open arms and gives him the respect and dignity he deserves.

    Navya, Mukti and Alya finding true love
    We think it would be really fun if the three beauties, Navya (Veebha Anand), Mukti (Charlie Chauhan) and Alya (Krissann Barretto), also end up falling in love. The trio has faced many failed relationships and it would be great to see them having a go at the most important emotion in life.

    Dhruv’s secret connection
    This is the one track that has been giving us sleepless nights for a long time. How are Dhruv (Utkarsh Gupta) and Rishabh related? Why do they face similar concussions? So many unanswered questions, so many mysterious elements that we are going bonkers! High time we knew the truth behind this connection.

    A fun getaway
    Who doesn’t love a happy trip with their friends? It would be splendid if the gang took a quick vacay (road trip, may be?), no? It would definitely add the zing factor to the show. After all, it’s a youth show and we love traveling!

  3. fairy

    TellyTadka recently reported about popular actor and heartthrob of millions all over the globe Parth Samthaan who essays the role of Manik Malhotra in India’s number one youth show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan being admitted at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai after being diagnosed with viral fever.

    Parth’s character – Manik Malhotra is one of the most favorite and loved characters on the show and though the actor and the character is thoroughly missed it’s remarkable how Niti Taylor who essays the role of Nandini Moorthy and the rest of the ensemble cast especially Ayaz Ahmed, Kishwer Merchant and Abhishek Malik have carried the show on their shoulders.

    While KY2’s success is the hard-work and dedication of the entire cast, the missing of even one member in this case Parth Samthaan can take a toll on the show especially because here the missing character is the male lead protagonist of the show and we all are aware that Indian Viewers love to see the leads of the show at all times.

    However while Parth is recuperating, the makers of KY2 has put the burden of the show majorly on Niti’s shoulders and the young girl has carried off the responsibility with gusto. While it is not an easy task Niti has done a superb job and carried of the show immensely well, and the past 2 episodes are testimony of the same.

    While we wish Parth a speedy recovery, we also wish the entire cast all the best and Kudos for doing such an amazing job.

  4. ?pradishma?

    If u would have be there na on insta then u could have believed in pani feels there is a fc pani fandom name they give such proffs that ppl believe in pani…. and I too saw that there is something btn parth and niti…. but they hadn’t confessed to each other….

  5. sana

    any1 here??? To chat??

  6. Nutz

    Frutika i’m here to chat yar bt da pb is wen u cam i wsnt here n nw dat m here u r nowhr to b seen, as u knw we hv gt such great timing! LOL

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