Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik comes to look for Nandini in the class and is worried where she can be. Nandini and Pandit were in a room where Pandit ji was preparing for pooja, he asks her to pray for strength. He looks at her when she closes her eyes and prays, then asks her to try concentrate on music shutting her eyes; as he goes to see Dhruv. Dhruv was practicing alone. Manik looks into each class for Nandini, throughout the college. Pandit ji bolts the door from inside as he returns, Nandini was practicing with her instrument. Pandit ji spreads the smoke of a burning material, Nandini coughs hard. He sits besides Nandini. She says there is a lot of smoke, she can’t sing. Pandit ji says this is her test for today, she will have to sing tomorrow. He says she must focus, this will increase her lung capacity. Nandini

was choking badly and asks how she can sing in such a situation. Pandit ji begins to sing, and says when he doesn’t has a problem why she has, because he has practiced no matter what happens his focus always remains music. He keeps hand on her eyes, tells her to focus. She removes his hand.
Dhruv practised in smoke as well. Manik stops him in corridor as he watches him go. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to talk about her. Manik says he need to talk to him. Dhruv asks him not to waste time as he doesn’t want to talk about yester-night, that what he was doing in his party and why he didn’t come to party. Manik says don’t worry, he won’t ask. He asks has he seen Nandini. Dhruv says offcourse, he is the last in his life, he can never be the last in his life; he tells him she is in class. Manik says he went to the class, Dhruv says she is in basement, today is special class. Manik runs to basement.
Nandini stands up choking of smoke, Pandit ji holds her hand and tells her to focus. Manik comes there, listens to Nandini’s cough and tries to open the door. He looks at the smoke being oozing out from under the door. Pandit ji asks Nandini how will she be a singer if she doesn’t focus. He held Nandini’s face as she was about to fell, Manik just enter the room breaking the door open. He hold Nandini in his arms, shouts at Pandit at what he has done. He carries Nandini out to a bench, she still coughed. Manik runs to get water for her, and asks if she is ok now. She nods. Pandit comes from behind and says nothing happened, it is just smoke. Manik moves back in rage and punches Pandit ji on face. Both wrestle, Manik beats Pandit ji. Nandini holds Manik back but he doesn’t stop. Dhruv comes between Manik and Pandit ji.
Cabir comes in his costume looking for Dhruv, he watches his mom going on the way and calls her. She looks behind but not recognizing him, she moves on. Some boys joke that a grandfather also has a mom. His mom turns and asks why is he following her, doesn’t he care about his age. Cabir coughs, then says he wanted to tell her that children’s mother doesn’t come to college, students feel embarrassed. She asks is he trying to talk to her forcefully, her son studies here and he will just talk to him. Cabir removes his moustache and beard and says he is Cabir. She says she came to meet Navya, brought some nutritional food here. Cabir says this child isn’t his, she knows well. His mom says she knows well, but she is happy he is staying with a girl, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. She leaves saying she came to meet Navya.
Manik asks Dhruv to go away, Manik asks him to get out of the way. Navya and others come there, the principal asks what is happening here. Manik shouts that this Pandit has losted, they must ask his resignation now. Pandit ji says Manik must be expelled from the college. Manik blames the this Pandit wanted to make Nandini faint. Nandini says she was telling him she was uncomfortable with the smoke. Dhruv says smoke was also there in his room, he was unaffected. He tells principal that Manik is blaming sir pointlessly. Pandit ji tells Nandini that Dhruv was also in smoke, in a bolted room; when her concentration isn’t on music how would she practice. He says if it happens again, fusion concert has been cancelled. He says either she stays with Manik or learn music, if she chooses the former the concert cancelled. Navya asks him not to do so, as performing in the concert is really important for Nandini, and a lot of hopes of her are tied to it. Pandit ji says they will break now. Navya says they won’t let Manik and Nandini meet. Manik asks what is she talking about, Navya says she is talking about his welfare. She says until the concert, she will keep Nandini and Manik apart, they won’t see each other in the college. Nandini also stops Manik from saying anything. Principal says they can’t cancel fusion concert, what is wrong in taking Navya’s help. He instructs Navya to stay in class with Nandini and do as she said. Manik asks if she is serious, Nandini calms him down. He leaves.
Navya gets Cabir’s message to meet him in emergency, she leaves.
Principal says to Pandit ji that this training is too much, no one can bear this. Pandit ji says he will leave if they have problem with the ways of his training. He is sure they will manage without him for Fusion concert. Neonika says she has full trust on his expertise and experience. She tells the principal to leave and offers Pandit ji a seat. She says it is only an observation, he is very much interested in Nandini and gets touchy taking her. She clarifies it just seems, because he only wants to take Nandini to a certain potential. He says the potential Manik wants to take her to, she can never focus on music. He teases her a lot, Neonika asks does he really make her worried still. She says to Pandit that his focus from Nandini never moves, how lucky Nandini that a great musician is showing keen interest in her. He must make her feel that how lucky she is. She says she has given Nandini’s future in his hand, he may do anything to her; just make her better. Pandit ji says thank you, and leaves happily.
Navya walks out curtly, what such emergency did Cabir has. What if Nandini goes to meet Manik again, as she is alone. Cabir’s mom spots Navya, she asks how is she. Navya says namastey to her, Cabir’s mom tells her she has been looking for her for so long. Navya is shocked why her. Mom says she brought some dry-fruits for her which are vital in pregnancy, it is good for her. Navya says why she did this. She says she is Cabir’s friend, can’t she do this much for her. Navya is happy and asks if she came here thinking her as Cabir’s friend only, or has she come planning their marriage, like her own mother. She says no, she doesn’t come here with such intention. Cabir’s mother says that she knows well that she isn’t pregnant because of her Cabir. Navya says no one before her cared for her or her child like this. Cabir’s mother asks why is she saying so, doesn’t Cabir takes care of her and if he doesn’t she must make him take care of her. Navya murmurs that he may throw her out if he wants to. His mother says he won’t do any such thing, and if he does, she is here. She tells Navya to be happy now, and don’t take tension. Navya hugs her, Cabir comes there and separated her from his mom. He scolds Navya that if he ever hugs her mom when she irritated her. His mom asks if he is jealous, he himself says his mom is so cool. Cabir asks her to stop irritating him. His mom says she came to meet Navya and she will meet her again, she leaves as Navya nods smiling at her. Navya says his mom is really sweet, Cabir holds his hand to stop her and leaves.
Manik scolds Nandini for asking him to stop it. Nandini asks who else could he say so. Manik asks did she saw what condition she was in, when he came. He says is she taking his side even now. Nandini says he was right, she says she knows that sir is very strict teacher. Manik is enraged at the word ‘teacher’. Nandini says Dhruv was given the same tast. Manik says he wasn’t wiping Dhruv’s tears. Nandini says she knows he crossed his line as a teacher, she was uncomfortable. Manik asks should he wait for the day when he crosses his line, does she think he will wait for that? His eyes red in anger. Nandini says he is a task master. Manik shouts enough Nandini, she shouts back Oh enough Manik, takes her bag and heads to leave. Manik holds her hand, she comes to hug him. He hugs back. She asks him to control his anger please, fusion concert is important for them. Manik says ok, but for just one time. She smiles at him, he smiles back.

PRECAP: Navya comes to separate Nandini and Manik. She says won’t they both get any better, aren’t they afraid of being seen. Manik looks at her astonishment, but Navya says she is taking Nandini and is doing this all for her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Wat da hell is dat pandit upto?!!! :-@ :-@ :-@. Dhruv’s room’s smoke ws so feeble, hardly cud b seen. Wheras in nandini’s room, he lockd da room frm inside nd created such dense smoke, hw dare he evn try to touch her face wen she got feeble n weak due to intense smoke!! he knew very well dat nandini wnt b able to tolerate dat much smoke. dat smoke made her in such a bad condition, she faintd. It seemd lyk as if pandit intentnally did it, as if he wantd nandini to get unconscious:-@ . Hw dare he:-@ ! Gud thng manik got der just in tym to catch nandini frm collapsng into pandit as she faintd. N accordng to me manik, dat pandit hs crossd al his limit. Nd dat stupid nandini stil respect him as teachr! Hw cn he cal himself a teachr! :-@:-@:-@

  2. Nutz

    *accordng to me, i agree wd manik, dat pandit hs crossd al da limits.
    Sry, missd out da part ‘ i agree wd manik’ in my previous cmnt

  3. Nutz

    Ek villain kya kam tha, nw evn neunika is instigatng pandit. Pandit n neunika wat a combintn to create troubles in manik n nandini’s life! Oo…ya, nt to forget dat dumbo dhruv, nwadys his mind always goes in da revise, i mean opposite direction.

  4. ♥♔sara♔♥

    I cant blv dis stpd dhruv yaar is he ok I mean did any negatuvebess insect bite him or sumthng stpd lyk dat

  5. Nutz

    1 gud thing dt hppnd in al dese mess up n f8ng is dat nw navya will company nandini in her classes. So hope, nw pandit wnt b able to do smthng weird wd nandini alone in her so calld reheas

  6. ♥♔sara♔♥

    I cant blv dis stpd dhruv yaar is he ok I mean did any negativeness insect bite him or sumthng stpd lyk dat

  7. Nutz

    Sara u c we hd namd kyy charactrs’ accrdng to deir attitude n action. For example, neonika=lomri, dhruv=sheep (as al he did ws lyk maah mah), abhi=monkey(in da early dys wen he cam at first, he ws always lyk jumpng as scratchng his head, we disqualifd dis name fr wat he did on new yr’s eve, brought manan bck), soha= chipkali (as she ws always tryng to chipak wd manik) n so on n on

  8. Nutz

    Hi der £@\/€ ! Yar plz its a request, leave dos signs n cum wd a name. Plzzzzzz. . . . .

  9. No bt m busy with her work only n anyways I told u Na she won’t b coming here coz I don’t want her to get upset without her fault

  10. Nutz

    Sara wat were u al talkng abt in mails in da aftrnoon?can u mail da sumary in short? Yar i hd gn to gv my phys test,just fr few hrs. N in a matter of 3 hrs, nw i enterd my mail box, n found 75 mails pendng to b read. Yar nw i got hv da energy to go through dat much mails, plz tell me in short

  11. ♥♔sara♔♥

    dat much??? I dnt knw abt it I tlkd wid sam bro & he replied dat much yaar & I dunno abt othrs

  12. qwert

    I simply love d panditji……….n i dont think he has any bad or wrong intention towards nandu…but i think neonika might make panditji fall fr nandu

  13. fairy

    Tnx sona fr d updt…
    Ths pandit is jst unbearable….tnx manik fr d f8ng wd uncle…u shld punch him more….
    Cabir nd navya were gud…

  14. Laura

    Sana dear if u go to previous day episode 31st march u will c that i said it
    Our dream is our identification i call u jackfruit And sandalwood

  15. Sana u r fooled by me.. Finally.. O god yes i made u a fool!! Sana april fool.. I m nt suhash i am ranvir.. Laura it was my prank to make sara and shenaz a fool was it nyc laura.. Sara i fooled her b4 u!! Cooll..

  16. Laura

    I was sad the whole day sana i will be in a boarding school in Plus one There mobile phones r not allowed nor any other electronics

  17. Laura

    I cant come on mail or kyy site if i dont stop coming here i will feel sad
    I m already missing all my friends in school we learnt together as a family for 10 years And now i will miss them also

  18. Laura

    Even i was crying till now

    I thought whether to chat with u guys till i can or leave early so that i wont feel too sad when i will not be able to come here

  19. Laura i was sent to boarding school in 11th.. And now i am in cllg first year.. I njoyed my best!! Tht two years wer jst my memorable yrs nd it was lyk a pleasant dream.. Ok guyzz gtg bye.. Sana april fool agn.. Bye guyzz.. Sara bst of luck try ur best.. Bye

  20. Laura

    Sana not april fool first my intention was to fool u in 31st march episode but now i think i must leave i m confused

  21. $

    Wt d hell rv mai Kaha thi Jo tum mujhe fool bana rahe the anyways I need ur mail id plz give I won’t be commenting on tu any more
    Sara n sana agar max kal tu pe aaya tho usko bol dena apna mail chk kare I have mail him 3 hrs ago n he didn’t rrplyed yet. N sana how is or legs now.

  22. Laura

    I m wondering where nutz aadhya And all are
    Did sam reply to any of ur mails why is he not coming to tu page

  23. ♥♔sara♔♥

    I vl giv u options choose yourself
    u vl keep ur name april fool fr 1 day
    u vl giv ur mail id on syt &….I vl tel abt it aftrwrds aftr asking u a ques

  24. Laura

    Sana i will sing for u And u sleep hmm song Ok
    Yahin dooba din mere Yahin ho Tera he saweree Yahin marna aur jeena yahi mandir aur madin naha ha tere galliyan galliyan tere galliyan mujko bhaave galliyan tere galliyan tere galliyan galliyan tere galliyan yuhin tadpaave galliyan tere galliyan
    Sry if There r any mistakes

  25. Laura

    Sooraj dooba hai yaaro du goon nashke maaron raste bhula do saare garbhaar ke ask me for anything i can can u everything raste bhula do saare garbhaar ke ask me for anything i can give u everything raste bhula do saare sansaar ke

  26. Laura

    I will be here till may after that i will come on august till then sana just think i was preparing for exam

    • Actually it dsnt mean night chating
      For sm religious prps ppl r dnt sleep dey do bhajan n kirtan n pray god or godesses

  27. Laura

    When i call sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana
    U will say yes i m here

  28. sree

    no more doubts
    I used to comment on ssel
    I am frm Kannada
    stdying.in Tamil nadu
    staying in hostel
    stdying for engineering
    and wat abt.u guys….

  29. N me behind ur partner?? Wht abt tht ammy used to cmmnt abt tht na
    ainbow sunflower she came wid this names to abuse me she used my name

  30. Laura

    Yes ammy came in those names even me tooooooo but dont remember which name but i stopped soon because i realised u were innocent ammy realised it only days later

  31. Laura

    Ammy never said u were behind my partner i m sure of that she was telling u And gio And smiley r one

  32. Hw can u evn think m behind..
    u knw to provee u all i stopped talking wid him. Ur partner also thght m behnd him??

  33. Laura

    No not like that but he had a doubt u And smiley were one i was the who kept on telling that both of u r one

  34. Laura

    Ammy used those names to know whether u And smiley And gio r same

    We never thought u were after my partner but we thought u enjoy playing pranks And u were mad

  35. Now also u all hv doubt tht i m tht stupid smiley??

    I dnt want any misunderstanding thtsy m clearing evrything
    plz dont take me wrong coz tht tym i ws hurt badly

  36. Laura

    No not even slightest doubt my doubt was over that day sam had only a small doubt And that also disappeared that day ammy a few days but now no one doubt u situations had forced us 2 think so And we regret it to this day

  37. Laura

    Yes it was in that site itself sam asked euphie to shut up or he will take her mobile from her

  38. Laura

    Even i feel sad this day for hurting u
    I was hurt when smiley used ur name And spoke rudely to me i thought how u could but sam clarified it was smiley And not u

  39. One day i thght bttr to stp talking wid ur partner so tht gio will sht hi mouth But ur prtnr ws thinkg i m being rude twrds him

  40. Laura

    Yes And he never doubted u And gio as one me tooooooo i doubted only u And smiley but that doubt was short lived

  41. Carton tried to solve we bth said sorry to each othr den ur prtnr asked me to be his ftnd bt i din answrd bcz of same rsn
    Thn one day i decided to say sorry n clear evrything

  42. Laura

    Gio came immediately after smiley which is why they were considered same by others but when Gio kept on telling he was sana i realised that Gio was not u

  43. Laura

    Good we shouldnt let others spoil our valuble friendship remember our dream it should happen

  44. Hmmm

    u knw still v bth fight on silly things i mean nt fight bt ur prtnr makes joke whn i say smthing n den i ask him to be qiite n den agn he will strt

  45. No we r gud frnds bt i m shrt tmprd so smtyms…. he says he use to trbl evryone n i think hw u all dnt answr him

  46. Laura

    Every1 in tu wants a happy family in this page that is why they try to get rid of anyone they suspect they care for the safety of their friends

  47. Laura

    Really i treasure my friendship with u nutz sam carru qwert vaishu fairy sree auhona ammy aadhya suhash bhai max sara a lot

  48. U knw i wanted to clear all this wid u in mails bt nw i want to hv a peaceful chat coz soon u will leave so i thght to vlear my doubts here

  49. Laura

    Carru dearest sister
    Sana dearest friend
    Nutz best friend in girls
    Sam my partner And my best friend in boys

  50. $

    Tks to both of u
    Laura i will miss u I was reading all comments n fealt u r really sweet I just wished I would have meet u earlier u r going n I meet u on last day n can’t say my name to I really feal bad for it
    G8 sana tc dr

  51. Laura

    Ask someone to take that pic i want to see it
    Dollar i m staying here till may 1st u can chat again

    • I hv one pic wch my cousin clicked in his mairrage in the mnth of jan. I ws sitting on chair wid my eyes closed n my head on tbl. Nd shared tht pic wid evryone. Bt tht pic ws nt bad i luv tht pic

  52. Laura

    Scared that too seeing u i do think so i hv even vampire as a friend i m werewolf i wont be scared seeing Lovely jackfruit And sandalwood

  53. $

    No no u guys sleep I m also going to u guys really need rest when u will cum in august I will definitely tell u my name I hope till den everything will be OK with me. G8 guys tc bye n sweet dreams n yes laura I will sleep well u guys also need sleep plz sleep guys.

  54. Sorry i asked so many questions n wasted ur time n plz dnt misundrstnd me plz dnt tk me wrng i took out this topic jst to clear evrything nthng else. Sorry if u felt bad.

  55. Laura

    Gud night dollar c u soon byeeeeee see great dreams dont miss them u must sleep atleast an hour everyday to see the dreams

  56. Laura

    Gud night sana dear forget ur past leave all ur worries away And welcome the night to enjoy ur dreams

  57. Laura

    Thnx And Sry prohibited sana dear
    Yes gud night sana And dollar hope u hv great dreams And peaceful sleep

  58. ♥♔sara♔♥

    sry fr vanishing no chrg in my phn & sana chill yaar I am nt feelingless I ws jkng

  59. Nutz

    Guys sadly my fun days r over. My schl hs strtd n wd a bang,I hv model tests at schl dis month, so i need to prepare fr it. Bcoz of which, i’ll disappear frm tu pg fr sm tym. Guys dnt forget me , ok? I’ll try to cm wenevr i cn:-). Bye nw

  60. Gud mrng kyy fans!! Today i RJ of kyy is casting the show ‘My Choice’. If any1 interested join the show.. Plz let me know.. And this show will b based on ky2 nly.. Nothing else.. Bye i will cum later

  61. $

    Queen some1 is misusing every1’s name over dere I m worried for sanyu she came yesterday dere she does not now wt is going on dere if any1 has her mail id den mail her not to go on sh tu for some days

  62. {☾♛☽}

    max my life is good and shazu is feeling well She is admitted in hospital feeling very bad 4 hr

  63. {☾♛☽}

    Hi sana hw is ur leg nw
    ya shazu is admitted in a good hospital and she is recovering too

  64. *******

    queen what the f**k u think of yourself? u behave as if your d queen of TU
    get lost & dont u dare come back 😉

  65. Laura

    Nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy max max max max max max max max ranvir ranvir ranvir ranvir ranvir ranvir ranvir sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sg sg sg sg sg sg sg sg sg sg sg sg

  66. Laura

    Ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy ammy sourav sourav sourav sourav sourav sourav dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar

  67. $

    N laura nuts left a mgs in morning dat it will not be able to cum to tu for dis month bcoz of some model making but when nuts will get time nuts will cum to tu

  68. $

    No u now me from yesterday but I now SREE from last 1 months n nuts comment u can chk morning comments

  69. $

    Yes I m here if u won’t my name n other information take my mail id from sana or Sara I can’t use my name here plz try n understand.

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