Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naviya is walking in the room and suddenly is about to fall because of his son. She gets a call from a person who is adamant to adopt Abir. She tries to say to him that the add was a mistake and he does not want to give her son. She goes to pick but her shirt gets dirty by his son Abir.
Mukti comes and is much tensed. Naviya asks her as to what became of the lead singer butshe sasy that nothing happened and they even went to Maddy but he refused. She says that she is amazed that he rejected the fab 5 and that it is becoming more of an ego game and they will win it no matter what.
Madhiam is lying on his bed and says that Nandhani is no one to tell him what to do and he will not listen to him. He further says that he will not replace Manik and is not the one to replace anyone.

is walking and suddenly Aryaman comes and asks if she talked to Maddy. Nandhani also says that she does not want him to replace Manik and she sometimes feel that Manik is there but she stops. Aryaman asks her what she wanted to says but she requests him to leave her alone.
Nandhani goes to the car blast and sasy that she feels that Manik is with her sometimes and is watching her. Aryaman comes and says that he is sorry but he wanted to know what she is doing. She ask if he is following her and he says that he is.
Aryaman sasy that is it not hurtful to come here but she says that she wanted to because this is the place where Manik died there she sees something in the ground and after searching finds that it is the bracelet that she gave to manik and remembers when she gave it to him. Upon being questioned by Aryaman she says that it is very far away from the car blast. She says that something must have happened and tries to point him in the direction that Manik is alive. Aryaman tries to say to her that he is dead but she does want to listen and only agrees when he brings the piece of the number plate. He further says that the blast had a great intensity and so nothing would be able to survive.;
Nandhani says that she does not want to believe anything and some miracle must have happened to him.
Aryaman hugs her and requests to come because he has to practice with the fab5.
Mukti Dhruv and Aaliya are performing and Dhruv is going to off the course. They ask him to relax but he say that all that the producer said is going on his mind and he is not able to concentrate. He say that they do not have a lead singer and if Maddy accepted her proposal then shewould have told them first. They all give comfort to Dhruv.
Nandhani asks him to go and she will join then after some time. She stays bvack and remembers Manik and says that he has to come back.

Precap: Nandhani says that Maddy did not listened to her and refused. Naviya calls saying that she will host the show but Mukti says that they donot have a lead singer on this Aaliya says that they need help.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Manik is shown lying on the bed for 1 second. The promo wala part is shown…combined promo…maddy singing n manik in the car. Some ppl congratulate the new fab 5 n manik’s guitar is heard. Maddy says it ain’t his trick. Manik’s eyes and nandu’s hopeful face is shown at the end of d precap… All this ws d rest of precap… Sona..if it was to keep the suspense toh sorry!

  2. Maine ek cmnt kya kar diya thursday epi k page pe ajka update hi post ho gaya!! Waoo!

  3. 1. Mukti was lookin gorgeous as ever!!
    2. Loosing is not fab 5’s cup of tea.. True!
    3. ArNi…no words…irrevocably in love with it!!
    4. DhruLya…pure bliss! Pure love!
    5. Flashback…in love wid it all over agn!
    6. Sapna jahan music…heard it a 1000 times aftr d epi!
    7. Maddy…completely lookin lyk yuvi in vest n shorts! Cutiepie!
    8. ArNi looked lyk an ideal bro-sis jodi! Not as KarNi as ArNi!!

  4. Hi prads, missing u a lot kyy rocks

    1. Hiii pinky!! ???y to miss me yaar m always with u na…. don’t be sad yaar….. btw u comment on bd written updates??

  5. Thanks plumpyyy for precap, waiting for manik.

  6. Anytime radhika 🙂
    yep desperately waiting fr manik!! I guess he’ll b shown this week only!

  7. Wrong precap plump u said bout the new promo which I said bout… when alya said that after that manik’s eyes and lips were shown and he was in the car…. there was no combined promo but huh after the precap they showed the promo …..

  8. SP?LIER ALERT!!!!! ????

    Fab 3 along with arya n navni are tensed as only two hours are left for Fab 5’s performance

    Manik is trying to reach ASAP to Mumbai

    Fab 4 goes on stage without leadsinger

    Maddy makes surprise entry and sings the song

    Producers like their performance & manik enters on that time

    Manik feels bad thinking his bff has given someone else his place

    Fab 3 (I didn’t wrote Fab 5 give coz for me it is Fab 5 when manbir will be there) are celebrating when the heard a song tune and they blame Maddy for that

    Maddy tells them that he didn’t do this

    Manik cries while playing guitar and blames them for forgetting him

    1. Did they I mean fab3 and others saw manik crying? Or manik was alone crying??? Plz tell me.

      1. I didn’t saw it someone infromed me bout this spoiler I just typed it here its a spoiler not promo hope they will shown his entry soon yaar

  9. Plump! Plump! Plump yaar
    From yesterday m dying keeping this thing in my mind…. I want to tell u something regarding parth yaar if u see this then reply i hate her…

    1. What?

  10. Good night lovelies ???in ur fav land…. I’ll awake till 2:30 ???but alas my wifi will be off and m na very kanjus so I won’t use my net pack… it will reserved hehe ??i have a lot to say but I’ll say tmrw
    Sighing off

  11. Waiting for a good MaNan and fab5 episode. Bt don’t know that how long we have wait!!!

  12. Prads m not posting ff but I promised my followers DAT I will continue it after November, my exams will be over I will be totally free, n I don’t comment on bd updates, I only comment on kyy, as I have frnds here, y is ur life going hell? Musibat mein bhi hassa kro musibat khud bhagegi, my life is also boring n kyy is my life saviour, I want frnds like fab5, but srsly these t u frnds r a great support for me, if u r around me, I feel gud, wattpad pe kia nam h tumhara? V can chat there @prads kyy rocks

    1. Ohk when ur exams will be over??? Hell means book submissions yaar ik I don’t give damm to it I toh just live life happily as kyy n music is there with me… anu, u and now toh even athu is back na.. u tell ur wattpad id na punku

  13. Pradi u didnt wake up still?? Jaldi batao what’s it bout parth?? N u hate whom?? KarishmA??

  14. main phir se ky2 dekhna start kiya becoz of u parth please manan i miss u

  15. But inhe(CVs) toh humhe wait karane mein bohot maza aa raha hai…huh.
    Yuvi’s entry in d performance ws heroic!!! Aww love u so so so much yuvuuu!!! Cutiepie!! 1 thing similar in me n yuvi… Both hate pineapple cake! Yuckk…chee it tastes horrible!!

  16. Yaar ajkal yeh page kitna soona soona rehta hai!! Sab so rahe hai?? Ya MaNan world mein rehke sab kuch bhool gaye ho?? Main inne sare world mein rehti hu bt phir bhi i come here lekin u guyz…nai! Ek world hi bohot zyada hota hai!!! Ek scene toh hoga na of manik n maddy?? Atleast yeh toh dikhaye…

  17. Loved the ice cream scene…… I rember all the Manan scenes…….that staff room one when nandhini had to put bandage on Manik’s finger………this all flavours of ice cream scene………that scene when they were in dhaba and Nandini said I am hot………fusion concert night………Nandini birthday night………talent hunt night………..musicana opening night……..all these scenes just make me Manan more n more………?? love manan??
    Love Manik❤️Love parth❤️Love kyy❤️

  18. Oh sry plump…. I have my school in morning so I couldn’t tell u this and now it hit me that i have to say u something…

    Areey niti posted a pic na toh someone she knows commented on it and all panishippers gone mad(excluding me) and starting bashing and one girl name ‘parth ki dewanni’ involved niti’s family in it so she was damm angry and she replied to her nasty comments saying not to involve her family and then everyone started blamimg parth for it ….one blo*dy b*t*h toh said that “
    “parth is damm selfish he uses fan power if he looks like 25-27 yrs old if he wouldn’t been as manik then Niti would have surely tied him rakhi!he used his fans to get back On show he charges money to click pics with fans he is a symptoms of selfishness” Like this a b*t*h commented…. so many ppl bashed her including me I gave her example of sonam and salman’s chemistry in prdp giving a long strong comment….

    Like srysly how come ppl can stoop so low
    If they want to prove the are biggest Parthian then they will bash niti and if they want to prove theu are biggest nitian then they will bash parth…. I said u this so that all butterflies in my stomach will stop troubling me plump…

    1. Konsa pic?? On insta or twitter?? Agar twitter ho toh somewhr i saw this name “parth ki dewani”… Gosh! She actually is a b*t*h!! U said it right pradi…if u love niti n wanna prove it u bash parth n if u love parth n wanna prove it u bash niti! Not fr u…its fr dat b*t*h… Its highly foolish of ppl to think this! How they stoop so low man?!! Disgusting ppl!! I guess do they even hav somethin called heart??!! Like srsly out of the blue she brought niti’s family in it??!!! That’s d probs here in india…widout any reason one brings the other’s family into a fight n it grows more!! Man its so disgusting!! She really is a b*t*h!! Just gimme d link!! That’s one of d reasons i stay far frm social networking sites! In d beginning of s2 i saw some yuvi fans…YuvIta more precisely bashing niti sayin she’s a kid..she ain’t evn a chick..blah blah… They were chattin wid each other…uske baad se they didnt watch s2 only coz they cant watch niti but they say they are yuvians! There are ppl who speak ill bout others so carefree that they dont think what others may feel by their words! What effects are their words on them! Evry1 has a goddamn heart n they will feel bad n frustrated reading those nasty comments!! That b*t*h srsly if i wud hav been der toh idk hw much wud i hav bashed her!!

      1. On insta there is one parth ki dewani but she’s not like this, this one was with 1-2 followers m sure she was a pani shipper…. and that only i left shipping its wrong yaar to interfere in there personal life coz ik how it feels and even I don’t like it I don’t have link but see niti’s last pic on insta but now no use coz it will be hard to find…. but on a serious note yaar plump she’s damm sad ek toh recently she was getting nasty msgs on her no bout what she should do or not in fact she said many times not to do this her whole day goes bad….. yeah exactly yaar they don’t kno how the person will feel……. even I saw some ppl bashing niti before coz of same reason and same with yuvi also ppl were bashing him on YouTube saying he doesn’t suits niti blah blah blah (how stupid of them) uk after gave her two long comments of hatred she gone on my family and then blocked me….. lyk srysly… sick ppl …did niti or parth or yuvi did any personal harm to them that they are showing so much hatred……. sich ppl yaar

  19. ?????????????

    Guys guys guys ek news mile hai for now i don’t have time to type I’ll give @6:30 but there’s a news that manik will have memory loss…. yeah u saw right ….there’s a bada twist also for which u have to wait…. I’ll inform u ppl

    Idk when I’ll get time to say bout this episode yaar I have so much to say ??but gtg tuition na….

    1. dear frm whr do u get these news nd spoilers?? ok ths1 ws wrng bt still it looks u keep urslf 110% updated abt kyy so i jst wantd to knw abt d source 🙂

      never take it wrng!

      1. Thats a secret dear…. but bout the memory loss it was the first line of the news which i will post on today’s update but yeah that twist is reagarding band of brothers(which was once upon a time harshad, manik and dhruv’s band ) if u have time check once when today’s update will be posted… ☺

  20. What the???!!!! Memory loss?????!!!!!!!!! No man!! Not this! Manik naraz rahe thats okay bt memory loss nai chalega!! I srsly cant handle it!! Ek toh manik ko nandu k baad jo best samajhta hai woh nai hai n that’z our cabir…n manik will hav a memory loss…noo!!! Karishma!!!!!!! Teri toh main aisi ki taisi kardungi agar manik ka memory loss track diya toh!!!!! 😡 😡 😡

  21. Btw guyz……koi toh aake batao epi mein kya hua?? Performance tha k kal hai?? What happened?? Manik ws shown?? In reality ya still dreaming mode pe hai?? Maddy ka entry?? New promo ka last part dikhaya??

  22. Kal manil ki entry hoge …..
    Episode starts with gd forcing Maddy to go to Canada with him to perform classical music

    Maddy calls gd selfish musician but gd doesn’t change his mind

    O2 producer touches navya’s feet in wrong way (iski toh main) and tells her that she will have to do his work

    Navya gets scared but he asks her to host Fab 5’s event

    Navya happily informs mukti bout it but gets shocked when mukti said they did not got lead singer

    Fab 4 practices when Maddy comes there asking bout booking the jam room nandu tries to talk to him but he walks out

    They all reach the venue and navya introduces them to audience

    Nandu informs navya that they did not get lead singer and tells dhruv’s plan(let it be suspense u all read in update of sona)
    Navya says she will be ok even if she lost her job she will help them

    Navya tells bout the the accident of manbir to audience while they all miss manbir and says they all miss them a lot

    Manik gets into car to reach Mumbai and hears listens radio
    He gets when he hears that aryamann replaced cabir

    Nandu gets emotional while saying few words(I can’t say in detail u watch the epi to feel it) and manik gets emotional hearing her voice after so long

    Precap: producer gets angry seeing them without lead singer and tells them to meet them tmrw in court

    Nandu tells them to sing by heart and not to worry bout what can be happened

    Phewww hogaya

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