Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik lay in his room and calls Nandini. Nandini checks if chachi is sleeping and attends his call. He asks Nandini if she isn’t asleep. Nandini says he knew chachi would sleep with her tonight, why he called. Manik says he knew she won’t sleep this way, now sleep. Nandini says good night and cut the phone. He texts her and smiles.
Navya opens the door of apartment, Harshid stood out. Harshid requests to come inside, Cabir asks who is it. Harshid asks what is Cabir doing here. Navya says it is Cabir’s house, he refuged her. Harshid asks her to trust him, he is back. Cabir says why not trust him, he ruined both Navya and Cabir’s life in a single night. Harshid tells Navya he wants to take care of Harshid as this child is his, he has realized the importance of family and friends. He

brings her shoes and chocolates, Navya doesn’t react. Cabir asks Navya not to fall for him, this is all drama Harshid hands the bag in Navya’s hand and leaves.
In the washroom, Aaliya was concerned and asks Mukti if she is getting fat and is her tummy coming out. Mukti says no, she is fit and fine.
Nandini comes to college, suddenly her head bangs with a board, Manik appears from behind it. He points at a sad smiley, Nandini asks does she look so bad. Manik says this is his face, she doesn’t smile like this. Nandini says he wants to show she looks so bad. Manik asks to change her face then, Nandini asks if he knows why she came to college. Manik says he knows, comes to stand by her and says she came for him. Manik’s phone bell ring, Nandini is afraid at once with the ring. They all had got a message of sir to come to auditorium. Cabir asks Navya to walk slow, it is about her and Harshid ji’s child’s question.
They all come to auditorium, Dhruv was there and says he behaved with them all so stupidly, he is giving them all a chance to pour all their anger on him by throwing the arrows on his picture hanging there. Mukti and Manik asks if he has gone mad, Navya likes the idea as she wanted to punch him the day he argued with her. Dhruv says someone said to him that not everything gets well like this. He meant it for Aaliya, who turns her face away. Manik asks Dhruv to leave it. Cabir does a try and says it feels better, Navya comes for her turn but her arrow doesn’t come in the way. Mukti misses hers with a little margin. Aaliya’s goes to the target, Dhruv says she really wanted to hit the target, may be. Dhruv asks Nandini to have a try, Nandini denies. He asks if she is still angry at him? Nandini says it is nothing like this, Manik asks him to leave it. Dhruv says he hurt Nandini a lot, as a friend. He was there in Pandit’s class but couldn’t see what s happening with her. Manik asks him not to talk about Pandit. Nandini says important thing is that he is back with everyone. Cabir asks Nandini how she can leave such an opportunity, show Dhruv he is an ass. Manik asks Cabir to leave it, Cabir announces everyone must take Manik’s permission to talk to Nandini as well. Mukti smiles. Nandini says there isn’t anything, she doesn’t know how to play this game. Cabir says Manik will teach her, he is a champ. Mukti asks Manik how is he so shy today. Navya also bucks them to play together, Nandini asks Manik to teach her. Navya whispers to Manik he can say thanks later to her. Nandini calls Manik, he goes and holds Nandini from behind. He whispers to Nandini if she is ok, Nandini nods. He observes Nandini keenly, as he holds her bow up. Everyone smiles. Manik asks her to look straight into the eyes, Nandini instead looks into Manik’s eyes and holds his other hand with hers. Cabir begin to yawn, everyone waited. Mukti clears her throat and reminds that the target is on the wall. Manik asks if she is ready and throws the arrow. It fell off of the floor. Cabir appreciates the target. Navya says there wasn’t concentration, they ask them for once more. Manik tells Dhruv it is his turn now, Dhruv says ok. He says he wants to tell them something, he is going out for music workshop. They ask when, where? Dhruv says today. Cabir asks was he going to tell them after leaving. Mukti was angry at him. Dhruv says he applied when he was angry with them, but now he doesn’t want to miss it. Nandini asks can he live without his friends. Dhruv says yes, he will. Manik drags him to a side, he queries how he took the decision alone. Manik holds his punch on Dhruv. Dhruv says he is ready, Manik says they thought he is the older Dhruv. Dhruv says he knows he would have told them, but he was busy for Nandini. Manik asks if he really want to go. Dhruv says yes. Manik says this drama was to even the scores. Dhruv says it is better the anger inside comes out. Manik asks him to tell honestly, did he ever over shadowed him? Dhruv says to be honest, it all started because of Aaliya. He says he thought she has not been able to move on, then he thought there is something lacking in him, then found a lot of reasons and blamed him; he is sorry. Manik says I am sorry, for feeling him over shadowed but this mistake won’t be repeated. Dhruv smiles, exactly. They hug. Manik says if he wants, he can talk to Aaliya. Dhruv says not now, he has his flight in an hour. Manik was shocked and punches Dhruv in stomach, saying he deserves it. He says I will miss you, Dhruv says the same. Both hug again.

PRECAP: Nandini says to Manik it must be difficult for him, he is suffering because of her. Manik says she can take her time, Nandini says she has decided to go to Goa and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Yeah…pradishma, i agree.
    Waise guys do u think nandini wil tell ams da truth abt pandit or lie dat she returnd nly bcz she ws missng ams?

  2. Nutz

    Wen nandini asks if dat sad smiley drawng is of her face, does she luk dat bad n da way manik slowly luks at da drawng frm behind raising his neck…it ws too cute to watch manik! Luv u manan:-)

  3. Nutz

    Well, dnt u guys find it lil weird abt alia’s behavior?da beautiful diva n mst hppng girl of SPACE, hw cm she’s so concrnd n gettng worrid if she’s gettng fat or her tummy cmng out, i wondr wat makes her think so :-/

  4. fairy

    Tnx sona…nice epsd…yeah tht drawng of smiley’s scene was cute…

    Greesh ,pradishma nd shasha welcm to kyy family..

  5. naima

    The current track of Kaisi Yeh
    Yaariyan shows that Nandini is in
    deep shock after assaulted by
    Nandini started to maintain
    distance from Manik and she does
    not allow her to touch.
    Manik is hurt by Nandini’s
    behavior but he agrees to give
    times to Nandini until she gets
    recover completely.
    However, Manik using his all
    efforts to make Nandini normal
    but Nandini is not ready come out
    from trauma.
    Nandini wants to stay away from
    Manik so she decides to leave the
    In the upcoming track, Nandini
    thinks that she can get peace only
    in her Amms’s arms.
    Nandini goes to Manglore without
    informing anyone which makes
    Manik angry.
    Manik thinks that Nandini does
    not trust him so that she left him
    Furthermore, Manik recalls his
    words of promising Nandini not to
    leave her at any cost and reach to
    At Manglore, both Amms and
    Nandini are shocked to see Manik
    Amms asks Manik to go from
    there because she does not want
    to see any boy near to Nandini.
    Manik promises to Nandini that he
    will surely will Amms’s heart and
    takes her with him forever.
    Let’s see if Manik proves Amms
    about his love for Nandini.

  6. fairy

    MTV’s popular love based youth drama Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan has been seeing a lot of ups and downs in the recent episodes. And now viewers will see a major dramatic track that will leave their hearts fluttering.
    The BBC Productions show will soon see Manik (Parth Samthaan) trying his best to bring back his lady love Nandini (Niti Taylor) back. And the boy will soon be seen going all the way to her house in Mangalore.
    Being left shattered after been kidnapped by Panditji (Dishank Arora), Nandini would want some peace of mind and thus go back to her Amms house. Knowing that she has decided to quit college and music altogether, Manik would now want to get her back so that she can carry on with her career.
    Shares a source, “In a bid to surprise Nandini and to convince her to return with him, Manik will reach on her doorstep leaving the girl all shocked.”
    Now the institute that Nandini is in, such behaviour is not tolerated by the strict Amms and thus even before she could get happy seeing Manik, the girl will get panicked and work out on a plan to keep him out of Amms’ sight.
    Will Manik manage to bring Nandini back? Will Amms’ find out about Manik in her institute?
    Well we must say there is too much drama happening!
    We tried reaching Parth and Niti but they remained unavailable.

  7. ananya

    really yaar only 21 comments
    the page which used to hav thousands of comments cant have 50 also
    we all are responsible…me too
    we need to cope up and be like we were before

  8. ammy

    Warmest wlcm greesh to kyy rockzz family
    Haha do help we need it
    Once this pg used to do 2000 everyday
    Leave it….hope u enjoy ur stay here greesh

  9. greesh

    hai aish n ammy…thanks 4 ur warm welcomes…i used 2 read all your comments n i knw hw much commnts flowd dese pages….i nvr got an opportunity bfore 2 write lyk dis..bt nw i hav n i’ll go on…..

  10. kajol

    Zara puch k mere dil me subh sham h
    bas teri bas teri dhoom dham h
    bad teri bas teri dhoom
    har jagh bas dikhe tu
    apna bhi dil ka kaam tamam
    bas teri bas teri dhoom dham h
    bas teri bas teri dhoom

    Gud evening 🙂
    Nutz missed u yaar…
    Hw r u????

  11. fairy

    Hey sana…u dint do the r8 thngs ….u shld tell us bfr deletng ur id…nw mk d new id asap…

  12. fairy

    Ohkk…my sweet friends…bye for now…hv to stdy a loooot…l ll try to cm at n8 if l ll gt tm…
    Only 28 cmnts left….atleast do 100….

  13. fairy

    Awwww shenaz….aftr 23 may..l ll b lill bit free ……bt exm ll b strt frm 4th june….bt l ll try my bst to cm here…hp u r fn ….

  14. sana

    Hi fairy missed u sooooooo mch
    i ws getting mad so i deleted my id
    anyways yaar u r leaving soooo soon wait plz plZ

    greesh am frm maharashtra
    in 12th

  15. sana

    Hi shenaz
    greesh abt whm u wanna knw??
    See m taking my family membrs name
    Etc etc etc…
    Nw all r busy including me
    sm wid studies
    Sm wid xams
    sm r hvng personal prblms
    so cmmnts r less
    soon u will find a happy kyy family agn 🙂

  16. greesh

    dats a BIG CUTE FAMILY.n let me tell you somethng………..i lov maharashtra a lot.dats 1 of my mst lovin states of indian n i lov hindi a lot evn tho i’m a keralite.

    • RkbGree

      Haha ya ya… Nice 2 meet u guyzz… Im gree 4m AP… I cmpltd my graduate sry I dono much abt kyy… Sry 4 interruption… Nyc 2 meet u guyz again… C ya

  17. greesh

    i lov maharashtra bcoz my dad ws a naval officr who served in mumbai 4 many yrs.n i’m a fan of harshad chopra whose frm gondia.n my sis is gettin married 2 mumbai.

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    Shenaz bcz of sm ppl prsnt here i hv to do tht
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    Gud… u luv maharashtra… hv u evr visited maharashtra???
    Aadhya will u cm at night agn plz plz plz
    today i will cm at night also pakka
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    Missed u so mch yaar

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    Oh OK gud to know all dis about u greesh now where is our father working say only if u don’t mind

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  24. greesh

    so u r frm banglore….bt u r smallr dan my bro…toh mein tujhe meri chotti behen maanega…meri pyaari chutki

  25. sana

    Me kisi se naraz ngi thi whi is ths idiot to spread rumours
    Mujhe kuch prblm thi isliye me nhi aayi ab jisne prblm create ki h wo jane
    i dnt care abt thm i came here to talk wid my frnds nt to disscuss all ths ok??.
    A/w bye

  26. shenaz

    Sana OK I understood dr now everything is clear i luv u as friend I hope dis will cool u down if u fealt bad about anything

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