Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik asks Nandini if she is looking for something, lost something? He looks at her quizzically. She says actually she has lost him, but he himself has lost him for what he did to that girl today. He hushes her to be quiet and takes her ear pin out and asks if she wants it or not. He runs up the stairs, and says he doesn’t have to do this to himself. He says he is asking for the last time, if she wants this or not. She comes to him and says he wants it. He brings it near her ear, vigorously throws it away. She asks Manik. He says please do this; he knows he has hurt her but whatever. He leaves.
Manik comes into the studio, where Cabir was asking how to calm him down. Manik asks who. They all say it is him. Cabir says he was pouring so much of frustration on the broken guitar. Manik

says that was fun, lately he has been so nice; he thought about bringing that old Manik back. He enjoys beating the boy. Mukti interferes, Manik says he has changed but tells Aaliya that she was right how can he put that Nandini…. (Stops)… anyone before Fab5. He asks for a group hug, they all smile and give each other hug.
Nandini finally picks her ear pin, peon tells her that principal is calling her here. She asks the permission from principal, Neonika was there inside and says actually he has called her here but she wanted to do the honours and hands Nandini a letter. It was a sub expulsion letter from the college. Nandini asks why this is so but Neonika says she has performed more than what she came for. Nandini says she can’t expel her like that, without reasons. Neonika says she can do what she wants. Nandini leaves. The principal says the college and Manik’s name is already in press, if she goes to media there will be a problem. Neonika asks him to arrange a few concerts in the college with fusion of some groups but Nandini has to go, from the college and Manik’s life.
Dhruv stops Manik and asks him to talk. The sit together on a bench.
Dhruv says he wants to talk about morning incident. Manik says he was angry. Dhruv says he was tensed, I came to calm you but didn’t know what to say. We must not deny that we have changed. Manik agrees, and says he can share anything anytime with him. Dhruv asks Nandini? Manik says not her, no more discussion about Nandini Murti.
Navya asks Nandini what has happened. Nandini says Neonika has expelled her from college, and shows her expulsion letter. She was crying that it is her last day in college. They stood near where Manik and Dhruv where sitting. Navya shouts how can she expel her from college. Dhruv comes and asks her, Navya tells him Neonika has expelled her from college. Dhruv says she can’t do this. Navya brings Nandini to the bench and sit with Manik, Manik leaves. Navya feels the tension, she points at Dhruv but he doesn’t understand. She whispers at him to leave these Romeo and Juliet alone, they will solve their problem by themselves. Nandini was crying, Manik looks back at her. She looks at him but he steals his look.
Dhruv tells them all that Manik says it is over between him and Nandini, he doesn’t want to talk about her. Mukti says they must let him alone, he will be alright in a while.
Manik comes to Nanndini, holds her hand and asks her to come with him.
Aaliya says we have been in trouble since Nandini has come in their lives, so it is good she is leaving. She has been the root cause of all their problems. Everything will be back in place, if she leaves. They will be normal Fab5 now.
Manik drags Nandini, she says she knew he would never let her go. She was being hurt, as his grip was tight. He takes her into announcement room.
Mukti says the question is that if Manik needs their help, and how should they help him. She asks Cabir if he is listening, Cabir says it is very complicated.
Manik asks Nandini to go and sentence Nandini, go and tell the whole college that Neonika has expelled her. He asks if she has forgotten that she always do the right thing if she has the proof, she doesn’t think about anything. Nandini says sorry to him, he says she won’t be able to do this and goes to microphone himself.
Cabir says one way they should help Manik, but what if Nandini is the girl for Manik. He will be broken then.
Manik announces that for the first time Neonika has done something good, she has expelled Nandini from the college. He asks everyone to be in canteen for a treat, as it is from him. Nandini cries, but Manik held her hand. He asks her to come to canteen, and eat something before leaving. Nandini jerks his hand and makes an effort to open the door but it was locked. Manik goes struggling with it but the handle goes off. He breaks the glass of the door with his fist, it goes down in crystal. Blood drips his hand, Nandini holds his hand and picks glass crystals from his bruise.

PRECAP: The principal asks the Pandit ji to conduct a fusion concert in collge, Pandit says if his student Nandini isn’t taken back into the college, he won’t let this concert take place.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Auhona;-)

    The epi was jst unacceptable!! Monstu manik is crossing limits now!! And pandit did good job in precap! Evrything is going awsm jst exept MANAN!!! Jst wishing the best to happen!!

  2. Auhona;-)

    Hi samyuktaa! Hw r u frnd?? And nia, yar he is behaving so badly wid nandini…now crosing limitations na….

  3. Auhona;-)

    Questy, u answerd some questios, rite?? And nia and sammy, precap is dat pandit says to nyonica ,he’l do the concert only when nandini vil be bak!!

  4. Aisha

    Soo sorry guys !!! Sorry sorry very sorry i couldn’ t come for the quiz !!! Soo sorry auho di ! U know na my h.w. I was busy in that ! Sorry sorry very sorry every1 !

  5. gio

    he who drinks….sleeps
    for he who sleeps…does not sin
    he who does not sin…is holy
    therefore he who drinks..is holy !!!

  6. Auhona;-)

    Oh really sammy? Thats why these brekup of manan is hapning!! Uff god, iss new director ko acha maja dekhana…hehe

  7. gio

    arnav not knowing hindi or any other secondary language,doesn’t mean that one is not intelligent ,
    shame on u man

  8. Nutz

    I missd da first epis,wen i strtd watchng manan was on track, u knw manik savng rishab n al dat, manik n nandu pair up since den. Mayb i’ll b able to see monster manik dis tym,nt dat i’m enjoyng dis, just hope da shw starts gettng interestng soon

  9. Samyukta

    If anyone thinks that knowing physics is smartly

    It means I am the biggest donkey in the worlad

  10. Samyukta

    Oh no Arnav
    I dint mean to offend u

    I was just commenting on my personal IQ

    Sorry if u got offended!!!!

  11. Samyukta

    Oh no gio
    I really felt that Arnav and u were having some kind of Cold War

    So,being u guys friend I tried to diffuse it off

    Really,I dint mean to offend anyone

  12. Nutz

    Auho was ur quiz? I missd it, just saw da startng. Auho, durng dier mud fi8 it was ishq bulava n dier 1st hug nazaar laye was playd as far as i remembr coz i had dwnlodd nazar laya aftr watchng dat epi. Tell me wat were da rest of da ques. N who won?our drama queen?

  13. fairy

    guyz..plz hlp me..hv retrned frm tutn at 7.30….head was achng ..n my childhood frnd hd cm..l hv seen hr aftr 4 yrs….hv waste tm…nw hv 2 hw…ufff

  14. Samyukta

    Which subject is it fairy???
    If it’s physics,I am extremely sorry fairy I won’t be able to help u
    Or else u will get ur answers wrong
    Btw I can help u in maths

  15. Nutz

    Fairy calm down yar, calm ur mind,take a bit rest,try to refresh ur head n den start studyng wd concentration, lyk our frnd says study smart nt hard

  16. Auhona;-)

    Aswini, manik is more awsm, cool and cute than wh wala parth yar….bt that parth is not so bad either…he is gud, bt nt as much as manik! Hehehe!

  17. Samyukta

    U really think I am formal gio
    U don’t want to see the informal me

    It will be the most irritating person u have ever met
    Ps I’ll try

  18. Samyukta

    It’s fine
    But I can bet it’s not Oxford
    It’s hard to get admission there
    Unless u are some smarty pants

  19. hi fairy!!
    todays episode reminded me of the early episodes of kyy

  20. GIO is in a secret mission so he wont tell u his college name
    my bro is in the 1st year of university nd his 1st year is going to end soon

  21. Samyukta

    Ok ananya
    Thanks for breaking the ice for me

    I get the point
    Btw gio
    Can’t anyone track u right now
    And find ur location

  22. Samyukta

    Not exactly drink
    But just a bit sometimes

    We have proms here
    So we just drink a bit there

    Otherwise, I am a very innocent baccha

  23. Samyukta

    Hahahaha suhash
    I am not driving the bus
    But I don’t drink that much that I pass out

    1 peg does not hurt much

  24. singing girl

    Drinking iin9th grade is soo pity….I mean its not gud..it won’t b much prob after joining college..but 9th grade..??

  25. Samyukta

    Singing girl
    I am extremely sorry to say this but I doubt whether u will able to ever survive in my school

  26. Samyukta

    U know
    Just a few months ago my grade friends went to jail for consuming illegal drugs

    They are from another school
    But they are my distant friends

  27. singing girl

    Dats singapore and dis is India……utter difference…2 tell u d truth v don’t have proms much and in TN and all no proms….I have heared in school life…

  28. Samyukta

    Yup singing girl
    U have a point too
    Valid one

    But I had no one to care for me .
    U must have had ur mother right!!!!
    Mine was busy all my life

  29. singing girl

    Samyu and gio….this is how I was bought up. …no 2 liquor ,smoking and drugs….characteristics of a gud girl in our society. …..

  30. gio

    tomorrow onwards i can’t chat whole day
    ill come here to wish my vaishu
    if any hot topics discussions, then ill stay for awhile

  31. Samyukta

    It’s no crime drinking
    Pls don’t be such an orthodox

    Ps we r not real drinkers
    Nothing is wrong with 1 peg

    U know cristians have to drink wine every week

  32. Auhona;-)

    Hi questy and ana! And ya, i also dont drinking yar….and sorry suhash bhai that i came, i am going…u pls carry on …

  33. Samyukta

    Bahut debate hua

    Final point : lucky guys who have had caring parents
    I was not that lucky

    Goodnight guys

  34. I don’t are u drink or not because its not my health its ur health so none of my business
    auhona pls don’t go I will be alone here and gio I m ananya not aparna

  35. Auhona;-)

    Questy, bhai said that i came, so he is going thats why i am leaving yar , and no ana, my practicals r not here still now…

  36. singing girl

    Its a personal aspect gio….
    After hell a lot learning abt a thing and falling a pray 2 is not what I accept of….its my personal view …

  37. Samyukta

    Oh no “???” And all
    I never felt bad

    It’s just that my father died when I was small
    So my mom works
    I have been living alone for some 12 years
    So yes I am a bit talli type
    But I am not a bad person at heart

  38. gio

    all i’m saying is listen to samyukta,she told her own experience .she told us how she brought up.don’t jump in to any conclusions people,just listen.

  39. singing girl

    Ya…I agree 2 DAT also gio….I don’t deny it…
    This is how my parents,my school and also my friends…thought us..and also bought up us…

  40. aswini achu

    Guyzz a chill message for u all
    believe god
    cos he gives gives and forgives
    but see us
    we get get and forget
    so be optimistic about yourself
    GUD NITE 🙂

  41. Auhona;-)

    Ha ha ha my 100% diamond bhai, i was jst kidding and i know that worlds best brother like you ,can never say anything of that sort!!! Lots of love to you my swt swt bhai!!

  42. aswini achu

    Guyzz a chill message for u all
    believe god
    cos he gives gives and forgives
    but see us
    we get get and forget
    so be optimistic and have faith in god
    GUD NITE 🙂

  43. singing girl

    I really feel sorry 4 her…since I know how it would b 4 her because on of my friend’s dad passed away and her mom has 2 work vvhard 2 bring her up..

  44. I don’t think so gio bhai u know
    So guys important announcement this test shows that gio bhai don’t know the president of the country in which he lives

  45. gio

    aanaya, what are you implying,don’t be so childish, i just saw your message.
    not only srilankan’s president you can get all the answers in google.
    anyway congrats .bravo bravo ananya 😉

  46. no gio bhai actualyy we get these knowledge from our school nd based on this we have a exam too so I learn a lot of current affairs not all but ya some some

  47. OK GUYS bye to all my sweet bhaiyyas and loving didis
    I need to have a sleep
    tomorrow is my maths practical nd viva
    gud night sweet drmz sleep ti8
    nd gio bhai u r the most interesting bhai I ever had in my whole life s

  48. gio

    ananya, you are really smart
    how huh,people told me i’m weak.
    i should spend more time with you to gain some knowledge

  49. Auhona;-)

    Gud n8 to all my swt frnds who hav went to sleep! Hav lovly manan drmz cutees!! ana, aswini ,sammy and all !

  50. Auhona;-)

    Hahaha fairu! Bt guys, fb pe aya hai ki the new guy on whom manik got angry in the epi of yest, is a new entry and he’l fall for nands! Bt i think its compltly wrng! Rite guys??

  51. ???

    Sorry gio bt this time u r wrng
    n i m a grl yaar
    socho gio thoda sirf 3-4 log hi the jo tmse fight krte the.i m one of dem

  52. Auhona;-)

    Aadhyy my swt frnd, now i’l start crying! Be happy sweetheart! How can i be angry wid such a cute girl?? Cm on frnd!

  53. aadhya

    thnk god atleat koi toh mujhse gussa nahi hai
    mein quiz jaldi karne bol rahe bestie se milne ko aur uski galti pe khud mujhse naraz hai
    my worst day ever

  54. singing girl

    Enna en maatividarae?
    Eppadinalum nee poi paakanum nu nenacha povae..naanga vaendanu son alum povae….
    Its ur wish bro…

  55. aadhya

    aaj sammy nahi aaya so usne mail chk nahi kiya hoga after pre board wo jab mail open karega itne unread dekh kar pagal ho jae ga

  56. singing girl

    In tu….though everyone has diff usernames…v also tell our names 2 our friends…that’s y all r asking or name…

  57. Nutz

    Which cupid sana? Since valentine dy, here lot of cupid username was seen, wonder if they were different ppl or da same person

  58. aadhya

    ok guys koi raat ko jaag rahe hai
    n i mean it was sammy laura n sana also last time i wrote m instead of mean

  59. ???

    Tht cupid ws asking agn n agn wht is ur wht is ur name… i ll find it out… as i hv to report it to my boss… do u knw my boss…

    aadhya bhi th waha ask her
    n frnkly speaking i find sch ppl irritating

  60. aadhya

    aaj mood karab hai lapy mein battery bhi kam hai so i ll go after sm time but agar sry msg aa gaya toh aaungi

  61. ???

    Sorry yaar nutz
    u all asked me many times bt i din answered sorry
    Sorry spl sorry to u nutz uss din kuch hua tha i don remember bt mene kuch wrng smjh liya tha…. sorry

  62. gio

    ??? is mother T
    may be your friends are very sportive.but i don’t see the point of playing this dirty trick here.
    don’t takes your friend for granted.
    bye bye

  63. ???

    Shut up gio
    mene to aise hi name rakh liya tha
    koi reason nhi tha samjhe
    dirty tricks to tum khelte ho
    Aur mene name change kar ke kisi ko pareshan nhi kiya h

  64. Nutz

    Sana plz don’t say sry, no need to say sry yar, it’s completely okay , don’t worry my frnd. Bt let me remind u 1 thing dat u r my frnd n wil always remain so nd dis da truth,never forget dis sana

  65. ???

    Thank u gio
    bt can u plz explain isme mene kya cunning wala kaam kiya
    yaha sab name change karte each n everyone bt koi samne aake nhi bolta instead i said
    bt ye tmhe nhi smjhega gio
    n u better stp taalking abt me n sam

  66. ???

    Gio common answer me mene koi galat kaam kiya h agr aisa h to laura sam carron shayad in log ne bhi name change kiye h

  67. ???

    U fool sach bolna bhi tumhe galat lagta h
    n mene to name chng kar ke bhi kisiko hurt nhi kiya bt tum khudko dekho

  68. gio

    now you are comparing yourself with them
    even i hate sam to the core, but he stood up for his friend
    carron sis too. honestly they own my respect
    unlike u…..U ………..B

  69. ???

    Gio iska matlab to yaha sab hi cunning h me ammy laura sam carron r bhi jo h
    par koi tumhare jaise cheap n bura nhi h

  70. aadhya

    gud ni8 swt dream
    n gio hum sab ache hote hai but hum jab kuch apna sochte hai selfish way mein toh dusre ko hurt kar dete hai
    aur aap sana ko kuch mat kaho pls n sana u too
    inti muskil se se mood thik hua hai aftr fi8 fir spoil mat karo pls

  71. gio

    aadhya you seems very straight forward.keep our diff aside………………
    don’t enable this kinda creatures ………..

  72. ARNAV

    koi bat nahi me hu apne planet ki rakhwali karne ke liye.
    Sooo bacho aram se sooo.not to take tension when bhai is here.

  73. Samyukta

    Sorry my bad
    10:00 here
    So yeah
    Finished all exercising and starting studies

    Buye bye guys
    See u all at 11:30 India time

  74. Plums

    Waqt hai kya tumko pata hai na so gayi raat jaake din hai abb jaag utha aankhein masalata hai saara yeh sama aawaazein bhi leti hai angdaaiyan wake up guyz saare pal kahe,wake up guyz chal kahi chale,wake up guyz sab dishaao se aa rahi hai sada sun sako agar suno
    WAKE UP!!

  75. Plums

    Ofcourse! My name is toshna..sanskrit meaning of happiness. Plums is my fav fruit so i kpt it my usrnm here..am nt havin my own id..

  76. Plums

    Any1 plzz cum n wish me luck 4 2day’s science exm! Am gonna read photoelectric effect and laser chappy nw..:-( d worst chappy evr in physics till nw!! Any1 of u ppl knw who is YUVRAJ THAKUR?? Varun mittal of bff..parth’s previous show in channel v

  77. ARNAV

    mail id hote to chalunga na me to kudh aniket bhai ki use karta hu.
    Koi bat nahi beta jaldhi me bhi mail id banaunga par tab tak intazar karo bacho.

  78. Plums

    Main har 5 min me yawn karti thi chappy xplain karte tym..strting was ok types bt den so jao dat too physics class aftr lunch..

  79. Plums

    Thnx yukta n arnav!! Abb toh no doubt of getting gud marks..i want 1 mark more dan last tym..exm is of 20 mrks i got 19 in lst test i wnt 20! Yuvraj thakur?

  80. Plums

    Photo electric nonsense,gravitation,opticl instrumnts,circulr motion,electromagnetic radiation n much more..i lyk gravity n electromagnetic radiation(only coz der r UV rays :-p) wat do u hav

  81. Samyukta

    Same here Arnav
    U know
    I had a strange dream that I had topped in physics
    And there were aliens around me
    Audi was at Saturn

  82. Plums

    Sory cnctn ws lost..so yukta u live in singapore…hi break’s over? Arnav sachhi kaho aashi’s fav is yuvi or parth?

  83. ARNAV

    gio bada miss kar raha he kabhi apni bhano ko bhi miss kar liya kar varna jute padenge.
    gio nahi guu.

  84. Plums

    Am al smiling arnav!:-):-) has she seen yuvi’s short film?-FILLING IN THE BLANKS search in youtube u’ll get it..yukta forgot to reply..state board

  85. gio

    sometimes the thing and desire for something is much more appealing than getting the thing that you think you want.The deception with seeing things that you think will make you happy is the fact that you only see the good side of those things.

  86. Nutz

    My swt ana, i’ll gv board xms nxt yr dear. Ammy, auhona, laura, sam, megha r gvn xm dis yr. Me, fairy, kuhu we’ll gv xms nxt yr

  87. Nutz

    No ana i’m in 10th dear. I startd my new cls 10th dis yr frm 1st january. N my 10th board xm is on 1st week of february 2016.

  88. Nutz

    Ana u see, in my country evry cls starts frm 1st jan n da final xms take place in 1st week dec.. we hv 4 board xms in cls 5,8,10 n 12. In cls 5 it’s Primary schl certificate(PSC), in 8th we hv Junior Secondary schl certificate(JSC), in 10th we hv Secondary School Certificate(SSC) nd in 12th Higher Secondary schl certificate(HSC).
    PSC(cls 5) xms take place in last week of nov, JSC (8th) 1st week nov. SSC (10th) in 1st week of feb n HSC (12th) in 1st wk of may.

  89. Nutz

    I prefer drawng more, specially drawng cartoons.makng funny cartoon n drawng small comics is kinda lyk my hobby.
    N btw singing n dancing i lyk listening to songs. . . .hehe

  90. oh wow
    I m in 7 th
    till now I havnt met here anyone who is in 8 th or 7th
    u live out of india?
    actually everone say I m the youngest member here

  91. carron

    ya u r the youngest member , b4 I , pie and nikku used to be the youngest members c 3 r in 8th , u must not have met them …
    I am so glad that u r here , otherwise I was the youngest here and everyone was in 11th , 10th or in clg

  92. carron

    Yes I live out of India , I live in dubai, and my exams r starting on march 1st preparation is going gud , wht abt u ??

  93. my exams starting frm 2 march
    my practicals have started
    I had my maths practical and viva today
    I m from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India but I m a bengali

  94. carron

    Guys I m going to pray , bye bye
    c u both at n8 , I will try to cum ..
    actually having lots 2 study
    bye bye

  95. sani ??? is questy
    questy meet my school friend sani
    sani abhi zyada log nahi hain yahan par isliye main raat me 10:30 par chat karti hoon

  96. Plums

    Dan u frm tamil nadu ryt? Wich class? Sory i cant rmember dan..my science xam went gud..i’ll tel my mrks wen i get it

  97. wow 12 th boards it needs guts to give 12 th board exams wish u all the luck
    my practicals r going on nd exams r startin 2 nd march
    as u know I m in 7th standard

  98. Nutz

    Dan i always respect u as my elder sister, bt i lyk calling u only ‘dan’ more. Can i call u dan my swt di?


  100. Plums

    Yes anan..d song is vry nyc! I’ll cal u anu k? My bro n cousin is in 7th..i cal u my cousin anu..ur fyn na my sweet sis anu:-) evn my semestr ends in march..semestr begins in may end or june startng?

  101. hi sani if u wanna chat then u need to be her for some time not do come and go
    plums Daniela meet my school frnd sani
    we r a kind of best frnd only


  103. Plums

    Ammy dii hi:-) hws ur studies? Yukta arnav awwwhoo nutz fairy carron laura gio anu di anu sani sam n evry1 whr r u guyzz????!

  104. Plums

    Anu thnx! Nazar laye nyc..kuch kum is plying in my manan playlist.. Any1 wich song ws played in new year epi wen manan were 2gthr?? N i want d link 4 zara si song..plzz..am nt able 2 download it

  105. Nutz

    Hi sani ! A warm welcum to our kyy family dear. Hope u enjoy uself here al of us. Plz feel comfortable n do join us in our chat:-)

  106. ???

    Oknammy tell me one thing mene name chng karkr kiiko pareshaan kiya ya koi galat kaam kiya kya?? Here everyone chngs name right??

  107. SANI tumhe yahan par comfortable rhne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai because all bhaiyyas and didis are the sweet and nice ones here but haan agar tumhe apne hike par zyada mazaa aa raha hai to u can be there I will not feel bad at all