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Manik asks Nandini if she is looking for something, lost something? He looks at her quizzically. She says actually she has lost him, but he himself has lost him for what he did to that girl today. He hushes her to be quiet and takes her ear pin out and asks if she wants it or not. He runs up the stairs, and says he doesn’t have to do this to himself. He says he is asking for the last time, if she wants this or not. She comes to him and says he wants it. He brings it near her ear, vigorously throws it away. She asks Manik. He says please do this; he knows he has hurt her but whatever. He leaves.
Manik comes into the studio, where Cabir was asking how to calm him down. Manik asks who. They all say it is him. Cabir says he was pouring so much of frustration on the broken guitar. Manik

says that was fun, lately he has been so nice; he thought about bringing that old Manik back. He enjoys beating the boy. Mukti interferes, Manik says he has changed but tells Aaliya that she was right how can he put that Nandini…. (Stops)… anyone before Fab5. He asks for a group hug, they all smile and give each other hug.
Nandini finally picks her ear pin, peon tells her that principal is calling her here. She asks the permission from principal, Neonika was there inside and says actually he has called her here but she wanted to do the honours and hands Nandini a letter. It was a sub expulsion letter from the college. Nandini asks why this is so but Neonika says she has performed more than what she came for. Nandini says she can’t expel her like that, without reasons. Neonika says she can do what she wants. Nandini leaves. The principal says the college and Manik’s name is already in press, if she goes to media there will be a problem. Neonika asks him to arrange a few concerts in the college with fusion of some groups but Nandini has to go, from the college and Manik’s life.
Dhruv stops Manik and asks him to talk. The sit together on a bench.
Dhruv says he wants to talk about morning incident. Manik says he was angry. Dhruv says he was tensed, I came to calm you but didn’t know what to say. We must not deny that we have changed. Manik agrees, and says he can share anything anytime with him. Dhruv asks Nandini? Manik says not her, no more discussion about Nandini Murti.
Navya asks Nandini what has happened. Nandini says Neonika has expelled her from college, and shows her expulsion letter. She was crying that it is her last day in college. They stood near where Manik and Dhruv where sitting. Navya shouts how can she expel her from college. Dhruv comes and asks her, Navya tells him Neonika has expelled her from college. Dhruv says she can’t do this. Navya brings Nandini to the bench and sit with Manik, Manik leaves. Navya feels the tension, she points at Dhruv but he doesn’t understand. She whispers at him to leave these Romeo and Juliet alone, they will solve their problem by themselves. Nandini was crying, Manik looks back at her. She looks at him but he steals his look.
Dhruv tells them all that Manik says it is over between him and Nandini, he doesn’t want to talk about her. Mukti says they must let him alone, he will be alright in a while.
Manik comes to Nanndini, holds her hand and asks her to come with him.
Aaliya says we have been in trouble since Nandini has come in their lives, so it is good she is leaving. She has been the root cause of all their problems. Everything will be back in place, if she leaves. They will be normal Fab5 now.
Manik drags Nandini, she says she knew he would never let her go. She was being hurt, as his grip was tight. He takes her into announcement room.
Mukti says the question is that if Manik needs their help, and how should they help him. She asks Cabir if he is listening, Cabir says it is very complicated.
Manik asks Nandini to go and sentence Nandini, go and tell the whole college that Neonika has expelled her. He asks if she has forgotten that she always do the right thing if she has the proof, she doesn’t think about anything. Nandini says sorry to him, he says she won’t be able to do this and goes to microphone himself.
Cabir says one way they should help Manik, but what if Nandini is the girl for Manik. He will be broken then.
Manik announces that for the first time Neonika has done something good, she has expelled Nandini from the college. He asks everyone to be in canteen for a treat, as it is from him. Nandini cries, but Manik held her hand. He asks her to come to canteen, and eat something before leaving. Nandini jerks his hand and makes an effort to open the door but it was locked. Manik goes struggling with it but the handle goes off. He breaks the glass of the door with his fist, it goes down in crystal. Blood drips his hand, Nandini holds his hand and picks glass crystals from his bruise.

PRECAP: The principal asks the Pandit ji to conduct a fusion concert in collge, Pandit says if his student Nandini isn’t taken back into the college, he won’t let this concert take place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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