Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik kisses Nandhani and tells her that she is capable of a lot more in front of everyone and Nandhani says thank you and leaves. The host introduces them and they start playing their awesome classical song and after they have completed. Manik is happy to see Nandhni perform s well and so is all of the audience.
Manik turns back and sees Aaliya standing with Harshd who says that she is back.
Nandhani and Naviya along with Aryamanare standing and Nandhani pulls the chocolates at which Naviaya and they are celebrating at which Aryaman pulls motor oil and leaves.
MAnik and everyone greets Aaliya but she says that she is not back and it for tonight only. Their performance is about to come but at the last moment Nyonika tells that Harshad will perform before them and when he comes

he starts performing the song of the fab5 and everyone gets mad. Aaliya asks how did he get their song and Mukti says that did Aaliya told him but Aaliya gets angry and starts to make a scene at which Manik shouts and tells them to stop. Then suddenly Manik sees Harshad standing who says that they want to know who gave him that song and he says that it was Mukti but Mukti is shocked and tries to make everyone believe that it was not her and she does not know how he got it and does not know how he got it. Harshad comes closer to her and says that she used his phone to bring Dhuv back into the fab5 and so he used her phone to get back on her and to finally end the fab5. Manik gets up and tells everyone that he believes in their friendship and if it is their last performance then they will make a hell of an ending. He is talking and suddenly stops after seeing Dhruv and says that they should give him a last chance to prove to them the value of this bond that exists between them. Dhruv sys that what will they do because they have not prepared anything but Manik says that they do not need to prepare anything and they will go on the stage and just be themselves.
Nandhani comes in and says to Manik that how are they going to perform after their song was stolen at which Aaliya get angry saying that how did she came to know about the song and she must have told it. Manik gets angry and tells them to put aside their differences and further says that if they donot want to go to the stage then he will go on alone and perform for the fab5.

Precap: Harshad is at the back stage trying to hurt Manik who is performing and Aryaman is trying to stop him but is not able to and the lights of the stage go blank at which Nandhani yells Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Harshad ur so mean yaar

  2. shifa(shakira)

    harsad u r cheep.why r u hurt manik

  3. what that male bimbo harshad is upto. He is such a looser..

    1. Exactly

  4. Precap?????but i kno nandu will not let anything happen to mani……

    But the performance yaar it will b killer and upcoming manan scene alas it will last one….????

    But now I should enjoy time with kyy being on air….. and harshad u creep and nyonika what the heck is ur problem y can’t u let manik b in peace…..!!!!!

    But did anyone noticed that whenever dhruv wears cap his brain starts working and whenever its not there he becomes useless???

    Ok ok I kno bad one

  5. Hahaha. . . .good 1 minnie 😀

  6. Haha yes us ri8 minnie

  7. shifa(shakira)

    who killing manan

  8. My blood starts burning the moment I c nyoshad close to fab5!!! Wat do they think of themselves huh?? ????

    Hope aliya n dhruv clear all the misunderstandings………!!

    N of course; love manan loads!!???????

  9. He he hee!!!! Gud1 prads!!!!??????

  10. shifa(shakira)

    harshad u try to kill manik.idoit harshad

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