Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes towards Nandini, shattered. He asks how he can say that, it is friendship; he says I suffocate him while I have always… He wipes his tears and says this is my mistake, I have no idea what he was saying and I know nothing he is thinking. I should have figured it out, I have lost him. I have lost beautiful thing, the most important thing. I am alone now. He kneels down and cries. Nandini sits beside him and says she is with him, she is his friend. She hugs him, he cries badly and hugs her back as they stand up. She tries to console him, wiping his tears and kisses him on forehead. He hugs her tight again.
Cabir drives Mukti and pulls up the car. He opens her side of door, she resists and jerks his hand. He asks if she is sure. She says yeah and moves a few steps ahead, gets

instable and turns back. She asks him to go, he asks her to go ahead he is going. He goes the other way from his car taking his mobile. Mukti calls Rocky and asks him to come there.
Manik lay her head on Nandini’s lap, she tries to cheer him up. Manik says he showed anger on her, he is sorry. She smiles that there is hope, he said sorry for his anger for the first time and that means there is hope. He looks away.
Laughing hard, Mukti and Rocky come to the room. She exclaims that this room is so dirty. Rocky switches the normal light with a red bulb and tries to take advantage of Mukti.
Manik’s phone rings, Manik was asleep. Nandini answers it. It was Cabir who thanks her being with Manik. Cabir asks her to tell Manik that Mukti behaved that way because Abhimanyu is again missing. Manik opens his eyes at Nandini’s disbelief. He asks Nandini to take care of Manik. Cabir thinks now he must ask Aaliya. Manik sits up and says Oh God, Mukti is in love with that Abhimanyu and he keeps on hiding again and again, and what she called the true love, where has that love gone now? Nandini says love is that you want the least pain to be given to you lover, Abhimanyu might not want Mukti to see his death. Mukti will be angry, but she won’t cry and try to move on. Manik says she finds positivity in even every negative thing. Nandini says that there is positivity in every negative thing, we have to find it only. Manik tests about her positivity, he asks what was positive about his and Dhruv’s fight. Nandini was hopeful that may be their friendship gets stronger, he must call him and talk to him. Manik says he doesn’t want to talk to him even. Nandini asks to try. Manik agrees but he says he will call from her phone. Cabir watches his phone ring as he sat on his bed, but does pick it up. Nandini asks Manik to keep trying, and not give up. He dials again. Nandini asks him to try once more, Cabir asks what is it Nandini. Manik was speechless, then he says this is me buddy. Dhruv says he should have understand he will try to talk to him like this. Manik says he must atleast talk to him. Dhruv shouts why he should speak. Manik says he should pour everything, whatever he is angry about should come out. Manik asks him to meet for once. Dhruv says he will sleep really well tonight, what was in his heart came to everyone. Manik asks what about me. Dhruv says he is still being selfish, Manik hangs on. Nandini asks Manik to give Dhruv sometime, he will call him back. Manik hopes so.
The next morning, Mukti wakes up and is shocked to find herself in Rocky’s room. Cabir’s words echo in her mind. The boys outside his room in hostel called upon Mukti what was in Rocky that she didn’t find in them and follow her, teasing. Mukti was irritated badly, and runs inside a room.
In the college, Manik looks for Dhruv thinking where he is. He gets a call, he says he knew that he will call. Dhruv asks him to meet in audi in ten minutes. Manik says sure he will. Nandini comes and asks if Dhruv met him. Manik smiles, takes her to a side. She asks what happened, he was happy and asks does her hope always win, generally. She asks what does it mean. He smiles and takes her along. In the audi, Dhruv was there. Manik takes Nandini to him, he was happy and hugs Dhruv. Dhruv doesn’t hug back. Manik looks discouraged at his face.

PRECAP: Pandit ji introduces Manik to Dhruv as their new partner to Fusion concert, he has replaced Manik Malhotra for the concert.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ystrday.. i dunno wht happened with this site.. i was nt able to udate or upload.. anyways here it is.. sorry nutz for making u wait 1 whole day.. i know tht u all got the news.. bt read the whole he had instagramed.. Thank god!! he is not quitting..

  2. Nutz

    WOW !!! Dat’s great!
    Anjana u just made my day!! Thnx yaar…..thnx a lot, just love u n ur surprise..thnx
    Yipee!!! PARTH’S NOT LEAVNG!! Guys dnt u think dis calls fr a celebratn?ha?!!

  3. Nutz

    Oh! Sorry fr da late reply, first i ws readng 2dy’s update coz i missd da epi, den ws readng ur wonderful surprise, soo it took a bit tym. Anyways m soo hppy nw 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Ammy

    Maybe Niti stopped him at the last moment
    Niiti:Parth…..what r u dng……u leaving the shw…..r u out of ur mind…..
    Parth:Niti….u wanted it…….u wanted me to leave the show
    Niti:parth……i had no intention to hurt…..u r misunderstanding me……
    Parth:Niti……i care abt u soo much…..aur tm ho ki mjhse baat tak nhi karti …….kyu aise dil toda……

  5. Ammy

    Parth:tmhare saath jo pal bete…….kabhie bhi nhi bhul paonga…….tmne kabhie sochne ke kausis ki…..me kya chahta hun…….bas sirf tmhara pyaar hi toh manga tha………

  6. Nutz

    Hii pritam!! Long tym yar, so sry fr da late response i ws busy wd parth leavng news n mails, sry yar.
    N pritam which mail r u talkng abt yar?

  7. Ammy

    Parth:pyaar nhi karti ho….ye toh bol be sakti thi….thoda dard hota ……par akhir me dil samajh hi jata na…….
    Niti:parth…….parth…..baat toh suno…..
    Parth:Niti…….aab bohot ho gaya…….aghar eek minute ve tmhare paas raha…..toh phir se pyaar ho jayega……phirse…..

  8. Olive

    I hoped that dhriv negative reaction will turn positive for manan and it did.. Now pandit has to be eliminated.. He started to show his ttrue colors… Way to go dhruv.. Become sweet again :*

  9. Nutz

    Actually 2dy i had cum to bid farewell fr a few days bt al dis parth leavng n mails matter occupied my mind. U see my model tests in schl strts frm nxt week, so currently m under lot of pressure, i’ll remain inactv n off fr a few days

  10. Druliya!! And Mukbhi!! And Cabir single!!! Feeling too sad.. 🙁 How can we party in this situation?? I am nt gonna join the part.. Sorry

  11. Ammy

    Niti:I LOVE YOU PARTH SAMTHAAN……bas I was reluctant to say it atfirst….insecure of my feeling…..bt nw……PARTH YOU ARE MY DEFINITION OF TRUE LOVE…….
    Parth:Niti ……me kahi nhi ja raha…….LOVE YOU……LYK ANYTHING……LOVE KYY…..LOVE MANAN………
    (background sng…..jeena jeena frm Badlapur)
    Bas guys…..toh partyy toh banti hain

  12. Nutz

    Olive dhruv ws da reason behind manan’s first teaming up, again dhruv ws da reason behind manan’s first break up, nw lets c wat hppns dis tym bcoz of dhruv. Evn m hopeful dat bcoz of dhruv manan may get closer 🙂 n b able to remove deir differences, lets wait n c wat hppns

  13. Ammy

    Twinnnyyy ur mail box crashed in the most important tym……yaa u were right……..al the wayy……

  14. chameli

    Sar job tera charay ya dil duba jaye aaja pyare paaaas humare kahw ghabraye kahe ghabraye
    heya ppl me here fr head massage!
    any one intrestef in headmassage?

  15. Nutz

    Pritam bisal kahini, pore bolboni, akhon kar jonno bidai nicchi, bye yar, i’ll talk wd u later, n check mail i hv sent u anothr mail pritam.
    Bye guys

  16. MTS

    Gud epi but bad concept by scriptwriter….dhruv hates manik..story so irratating..plzzz change the story line of ky2 otherwise trp will be automatically down…

  17. Nutz

    Guys wen is kyy repeat telecast shwn? Missd 2dy’s epi. No chance of seeing it nw, electricity gone. Tmrw at 1:26pm i’ll b at schl. Any othr tym? De dnt shw da repeat 3:30pm-4:30pm, Hit it is playd on MTV den. Guys wen can i see epi, any idea?

  18. angel

    Rlyyy bad episode…..butt at last manik understood nandhni …..thats gud…
    what’s this pandiji thinking…y he replaced dhurv instead of manik…he is jealous….

  19. Ammy

    India vs Bangladesh…..guyzzz watch out fr the match!!!
    Lets see whether India takes the sweet revenge of 2007 world cup…..r Bangladesh repeats their 2007 win………..
    Match at MCG……9 AM……

  20. kyyrox

    gud mrng guys…..ind vs ban match..fearless bang look to upset again…ind won the toss elected to bat first…guys..

  21. Ammy

    National song playing on…!!!!!
    Bth songs in Bengali…….
    Proud being a Bengali!!!!***********%%%%******

  22. Ammy

    Taskin Ahmed……nxt over……
    And stop this talking wid Ranbir………use kyu laya gaya commentary box me?????

  23. Ammy

    Spinner se bowl kar wa rhe hai……par shakib al hasaan ko khilao
    ……….rubl Hussain ko istamal karo

  24. Nutz

    Hv caught a bad cold, sore in throat, feelng feverish, nt feelng well, m nt gng to schl 2dy.
    Bye, i’l cum later

  25. Ammy

    Murtaza kya kar rha hai mjhe aur commentators…..kisi KO samajh nhi aaraha………
    Ooo atlast robl Hussain came……..Bangladesh needs wickets now

  26. Nutz

    Ammy plz tell wats hppng on da field, electricity gone, m dyng out here. Tell me abt each n evry ball, plz update me min 2 min…plz yar

  27. Ammy

    And hw did Ikshan get nathasangamam pass…..????I mean,passes were limited…..only 3 passes per family…..

  28. Ammy

    I saw the match…..bt ahh sangakkara shld hv got a better farewell…..he a wonderful player…….fan of him

  29. Ammy

    Wid vaishu…..she had to leave SL…..very very tough for her……away frm her mom….frnds….family……

  30. Ammy

    Hmm…..but the black magic thing….uff….u knw vaishu fell ill!!!!!!
    U shldnt hv dn it……..nd black magic…u blv in those stuffs??/??
    Ohh noo….match stpd….raining

  31. Ammy

    Y ……she hasn’t done anything wrong to you…..she deserves to be happyyy…..such a sweet gal…..wid a golden heart!

  32. Ammy

    Cool down sithul……she says nthng against you……not a single thng…….and you hv no right to disrespect her!!

  33. Ammy

    Yes you knw her bttr…no doubt…..she the school prefect……misses her juniors…..do u knw abt anyone???

  34. Ammy

    Well tell us plzz…..who gv Ikshan photo grid…..u can understand….we need to knw…..is it vaishus frnd???

  35. Nutz

    Hey dat ws nt no ball !!! Nope! Nt frm any angle! It was an out no doubt!! Darm dat stupid umpire :-@ :-@ :-@, its so nt fair

  36. Ammy

    Well I hear dat u were very friendly in the beginning….bt completely changed afterwards……………….@sithul

  37. ray

    that person has no bad intentions,shan has a power to attract any girls,they will do anything for him

  38. Ammy

    Hmm…..but gals here……darn enemy of gio…..lol…lost power …..
    So vaishus frnd…..bt Shan living in India na???

  39. Nutz

    Ray if u wantd to trouble vaishu, u cud hv done it by urself, u cud hv cm here wd da username gio, bt no u didnt, instead ikshan came. Hw cum?

  40. Ammy

    See u knw….vaishu too far now……thngs shldnt hv gone dat way…..if only you understood her feelings!!……hv u evr thgt……wat went over vaishu…..

  41. Ammy

    Bt ahh u need to answer questions……lol……..
    See u must congratulate me……we found out ur identity!!

  42. Ammy

    It shld hv been 3 wickets…..if only dhoni appealed in the first over!!
    Jo ve ho…….great great over by yadav

  43. Nutz

    No fair, dhawan’s leg touchd da boundary wd bal in hand n den he leaves da bal n catches it again, it ws nt out

  44. Nutz

    Ammy plz b honest n tell me dat tym wen Rubel ws bowlng it Rohit Sharma ws out, bt da umpire didnt gv out. N nw dis tym it ws clearly seen wen dhawan’s leg touch da boundary he let go of da ball n den catch again, dis tym it ws nt out, bt dis english umpire again gv wrong decision. Dis is so not fair :-@

  45. Nutz

    Okk chalo man liya dis tym its nt clear, bt wat abt da previous tym, Rohit sharma ws clearly out dat tym by Rubel bt dat umpire gv decision it ws no ball , while rubel’s leg ws within line, it ws nt no ball, it ws an out ! Just think hw dis match wud hv been if dat stupid umpire had gvn r8 judgement !

  46. Ammy

    Arre first over me ve it was out by umesh Yadav……bt the umpire dint gv it….chalo hisab bara bar ho gaya……lol

  47. Ammy

    Bt Aleem Dar one of the best umpire in the world….bt aah….it shld hv been a out I agree….bth the cases…..

  48. Nutz

    M already ill, dis match is makng me feel more sick, its better fr me to take a sleep n calm myself, my fever hs increasd, cudnt eat anything in lunch, stil lyng in bed n watchng da match bt i think its only makng my temperature rise!….lol

  49. silent reader from UDAAN

    Hello frns!
    Today i was reading comments of udaan old episodes. Nd there i found that u guys facing a problem. Nd some %%% gave u all a idea tht the fb link he ws talking abt is not of ur frnd vaishu nd u ll give this link on kyy by saying it as of vaishu.
    Are u guys out of ur senses…for saving one girl u risked othr girls image. I understand she is ur frnd bt this way u cant do. U all knw tht nowadays pics r edited n made dirty n uplded
    have u evr thght abt tht grl?? She can also face prblms bcz of u
    Well wisher
    udaan S.R

  50. ammy m a gal n m 14 my bady is on 15 karch n m in 8 n after smtime m in 9th n nice to talk wid u toooo nw tell me smthng abut u naa n m frm Rajasthan

  51. fairy

    cngrts lndian team fr d semifinal…
    bd team, cm back to our cntry…u guyz hv played dangrs wrst…:(

  52. Bt I m here always silent reader…..no links posted…..u can be sure of it…..ohh myy god…..who r those ppl
    ……no idea…..strange names…..

  53. Heyy fairy ready at airport to receive BD cricket team!!Lol…….
    Silent reader……god…..wat is udaan…..i hv no idea…..they cnt be kyy ppl

  54. Ohh dnt wrry …..i said na I remain here 24 hrs…..no links posted
    Really I v no idea…..they r not frm dis pg…..u might be mistaken…..m not sure…..hv u chckd othr pages???

  55. Ohh really sorry I had no idea abt it…..not my friends too silent reader……..my frnds too hv no idea about it….

  56. noooo silent reader des ppl%%% ppppp n bollywood types ppl had cm here also n dey use others name n day here always talk rubbish dont believe on dem guys my frend niks told me abut des ppl…..

  57. Heyy there came a fake vaishu sm days ago…..god heaven u talking abt them????they r fakes turning our site to hell…..

    • No fake vaishu came there. How can u say she ws fake. Many ppl share same name tht doant mean the othr one ia fake. Nd this site ws cnvrtd into hell thts y u guys went there i will chk evry update of udaan.

  58. Heyy silent reader…..dnno blv anyone…..sm jerks against our chatting here nd use fake names
    …….silent reader you can also cmnt here…..wlcm to kyy rockzz family

  59. Yes yes sm fake vaishu came here silent reader…….nd uses abusive languages…..i thnk usi nhi woh kya hoga udaan pe
    Srry yaar mjhe toh malum hi nhi kuch baat…..mere frnds ko ve kuch bhi nhi pata
    God knws who r they

  60. No i jst came to do smthing fr tht grl. I donnt knw who she is. Bt i jst felt yo help her. Some horrible names they are using. But one name was carron. Do u knw who is carron?? Is she frm this site??

  61. Yes Carron used to cmnt here many days ago….abt 3 mnths ago…..bt she said she wnt cm here cause she shifting to Saudi Arabia

  62. Okie guys i’m leaving.
    but think abt othrs too. I guess here ppl frgt abt othrs while saving their frnds. I dont hv any prblm with vaishu. I can feel she is having grt heart thts y u ppl are doing so much to save her. But u ask vaishu will she allow to so such stupid things.

  63. Impossible smone using her name……Carron mst be in Saudi Arabia….she cnt cmnt……
    Wow….so manik ur bro [email protected]

  64. Srry srry m frm India……ask ur sister niku…..actually dint wanna gv the right info here…….cause strange thngs happng…….

  65. Oolaallaaaa
    Bt I prefer talking to fairy in my mthr tongue…..u cnt help it…..evn I cnt help it 🙂
    Bt fairy…..evn it was an out in the very first over……by Yadav……hisaab bara bar…….talking in eng…..sm ppl hv problem…..wid my language

  66. fairy

    u cn chck in fb or intrnt….evn d big crickt payers r talkng abt dt fat umpre….no pb….wn d wrld cup.. wsh tht…

  67. Nutz

    Well wisher i assure u, no pic of any girl ws gvn here n believe me we wnt evr risk a girl’s lyf n future

  68. Nutz

    If u want u can check al of ky2’s cmnts, den atleast try to knw da truth. Dnt just blame us n leave lyk dat, n plz dnt cum to conclusion wdout knwng da whole truth.

  69. MTS

    Chak de india finally bangladesh ko patakani de hi diya….congrats…to all kyy family..ind win thia game..

  70. MTS

    Chak de india finally bangladesh ko patakani de hi diya….congrats…to all kyy family..ind win this game..

  71. I feel lyk crying……on 29th…..god!!!I will be shivering in Kashmir……….no final for me…..sad…..vry saddddddd 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  72. Dint u see Indian batsman struggling against Imraan Tahir in the grp match…..infact his economy was the best dat day…….

  73. carron

    Amazing match na ammy ?? Rohit sharma <3 muahhhh !! Shammiiii wow the 1st leading wicket taker in the tournament !

  74. fairy

    d news was gud fr me..
    btw epsd was nt sooooo nc….allovr it was ok…..pandt uncle z crrsng hs limits nw….

  75. hmm

    Hmm……..no one interested in the pics of the gal……..nd no one gv the link……so chill…we r not dat srt of ppl to use othrs pic….cool dwn……nd we hv no idea abt the prsn who mentioned abt the pics

  76. Ammy

    Dnt say a wrd abt my frnds….they r the best….nd Carron jst chckd whethr they were vaishus pic r not…..no harm in it…..
    We really dnno abt anything else

  77. carron

    Attention everyone !!! Guys pls come using proper names I mean how do u expect us to talk 2 u all , like this – u hmmm I was thinking that hmm y r u like this ?? Hmm I know u r a very gud person . Hmmmm that hmnmm this cum on it is very funny !!
    The name sense is totally lost and the winner is “?” Or wait should it b this ///

  78. Ammy

    And listen it carefully…..we hv dis much good will not to use othr pic fr our own purpose…..ask the prsn who told abt the gals pic…acc to him….he got it frm shq
    We dnnoe anything else……

  79. Ammy

    So silent reader y shld I tell u the truth……i dnno u….y shld I say to u abt Carron r anyone…..

  80. carron

    Ya all that glitters r not gold , learnt that long ago when I brought a glittering barbie and it broke the very next hour , so ya all that glitters r not gold

  81. Ammy

    Ohh yes……shld I gnna pour out all infos abt Carron
    See lots of thng happning in kyy……..i really dnt trust anyone new othr dan my frnds
    Wat I said to u I really dnt regret it….
    U may thnk watebr u lyk……

  82. Ya ammy i cant expect anything more thn ths frm u.
    Nd carron think y i said tht all tht….
    i mean it…i really mean it
    i agree tht i dnt knw u ppl bt sometimes only one meetng is sufficient to knw hw he/she is…,,,,

  83. Ammy

    Haha….wateber I do….all I do fr my frnds……nd fr TU…..i understand wat is gold nd wat is not gold…..nd I m wid gold…..

  84. Ammy

    Yes dats y I knw HW u r…..dnt wrry I hv no grudge towards you…..nd I really dnnoe care wat ppl say…..as long as I knw I m right

  85. Ammy

    M happy dat my frnds understand…..cause they r as intelligent as me…..if not more….
    Hi angel….

  86. Ammy

    And wat I said was not wrong……i still thnk I shldnt hv gvn u any info abt Carron……god knws who r u……nd I dnnoe want anthr chapter here

  87. U want me to end this chapter?? Ya will end,,,…bt once lyf will open this agn! U really need to think wht actually u r….;;;

    note my words….frnds
    Agn m saying-all tht glitters r nt gold!
    M saying all these by ma experience ammy i hd seen many such cases in my lyf maybe m wrong bt nt cmpletely

  88. carron

    Oh sr from udaan now I am understanding what u r talking about , just read the past cmnts .. I am really sry sooo sry what I did that day was not crct …these ? And gio and all were eating my head and I couldn’t think properly that day and I just wanted to save my friend ando I disn’t think about the consequences and I totally regret that . I am sry , u were fully r8 but pls don’t talk lyk that 2 my friend maybe she doesn’t know anything and she is really gud actually , she was just not giving my information away .
    And I am 100% sure that no link was given here ..
    Really sry thnx 4 opening my eyes and making me realise my mistake .

  89. Ammy

    Silent reader……i doubt u vry much….wat were u dmg reading such an old update…..nd dat too…..bttr u fnd out the prsn who gv the link of photo…….as far as I remember it was gvn in shq…..search it there….u gnna het bttr results

  90. angel

    if u r sure that u didn’t done anything wrong..then u don’t care about others….leave it…

  91. Ammy

    Blah!!!!my maths sir is late today…..dat means cmng after 9:30
    Good gng……angel….thnx maths

  92. Goshh u understood!
    Ammy u doubt me or anyone i dnt care a bit abt it. If i am wrong then y am here?? For ur better info let me make u clear i read those updates daily suddenly if u will see from 0 cmmnts to 200 thn….wht to do human nature…i thght to chk tht

  93. Ammy

    Yes dats right….i said it to u in the bgng…..no links posted……..when u asked abt Carron…..i had to say it….nd I really dnt care wat u thnk nw

  94. Ammy

    Sorry I still blv my frnds lyk anythng…..watebr u say nd wateber u want me to thnk
    …….in the end I blv my frnds……cause trust a thng not born out of a sec…..it takes ages to trust ppl…..nd once its established……take my word….evn god cant break it

  95. Ammy

    And I trust my frnds nd they trust me….not dat easy….kyy family is not a fool…….u hv seen nthng of our solidarity nd mutual trust

  96. Ammy

    And yes I knw my frnds r good…..dats y m 100% committed to Dem……maybe they really ntcd wat m I dats y….

  97. Ammy

    Yes if ppl lyk ? gio after us…..hidding bttr option day dying…..
    U a gal r boy??and smhw I feel u wid those jerks to harass us all the way

  98. Ammy

    We hv had enough of this fr two mnths…..
    Ppl after our pics lives……everything………u atleast dnt gv fresh troubles

  99. Ammy

    I dnt want anymore troubles……it had been too much fr us
    I told u in the bgng….no links posted cause we dnnoe %%%…….
    No one frm us knw him….

  100. Ammy

    Ohh yes…..if ppl fllw u up to ur house….say dat he loves you…..u too dnt thnk it trouble
    Gv me the definition of trouble thn
    Evn unknown ppl hv our photo grid
    So wat else is called trouble??

  101. Ammy

    Wat do u thnk….we in less problem…..chck kyy cmnts thn..
    ………ppl hv our pics…..nd dat too we dnnoe which ppl
    No doubt they hv very dirty mimdset…..which u will knw reading the cmnts

  102. Ammy

    And fr ur info……wateber I do my frnds knw abt it…..nvr hv I ever dn anythng widout my frnds cnsnt……m glad abt this much mutual trust

  103. Ammy

    I thnk u went away……
    If u read the cmnts……thn u knw it…..
    R else I dnt hv the energy to explain thngs to u…..
    I ve sm real bad ppl to face wid

  104. Ammy agar tum bolta qi mein nahi bata sakta carron kaun tha,,,…mein force nahi karte! Tum jhuthi kaha na ghussa aate…tum bura nahi pata bt tum way kiddish
    okay sorry ab samjha yake mnts pada ke b baad main
    tum aisa iske liye kiya
    Am.aorry i told a lott to u na..;;

    bye will nvr come here
    bt i only tried to help her

  105. Ammy

    I too dint wanna hurt you r anyone…..our pleasure if u join us….
    We really facng serious problems…..evn my pic is also in der hnds……
    So naturally…..i dint wanna say anything abt anyone

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.