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Manik comes into the garden, Nandini was there with Neonika. He picks his car keys from the table and leave without saying a word. Neonika smiles and taunts that he looks very angry, she says it’s over as she knows her son. Whatever she does now, he isn’t coming back. She tells her that she likes the angry Manik goes inside happily. Nandini gets flashbacks of all these, and walks on the drive way. Manik brings his car from behind and hits Nandini. Nandini fell on the ground, he heads to go out then stops and horns at her to leave way. She stands on a side, he leaves.
Cabir practices for the audition of RJ. Navy brings yougurt. She asks who talks about yougurt. He asks why she has brought this, she was speechless. He says she will now make his auditions fail with this yougurt, she

eats it herself and leaves. Cabir relaxes himself saying Navya will soon leave, once he calls her mother. He watches Navya standing there and asks is he recalling his mother. He tells her that he was a great lover of sugar in childhood, and his mother used to put spoons of sugar in his mouth. She puts a spoon in his mouth, and asks if he will drop her to college. He denies and leaves.
Mukti and Aaliya stood together watching a couple. Dhruv was standing the distance apart. Cabir calls the guy an idiot, Mukti says he is being so cute. They ask about Manik who just enters, a boy hits him on shoulder with a red heart in hand. Manik tears it into pieces, the girl asks why he did this. Manik chockes the torn pieces of heart into the guys mouth, the girl stops him. Nandini comes there and stops his hand. She says enough is enough, why pour someone’s anger on another person. He jerks her away from between and asks why she thinks he is pouring his anger out. Nandini says because he isn’t like this. Manik laughs, gets attention of everyone and announces that Nandini Murti thinks Manik is a sweet and romantic kind of a guy.

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He announce that it isn’t like that, infact he is like that. Dhruv keeps hand on his shoulder, he jerks it. Dhruv asks what has happened to him, Cabir says what always happen to him.
Nandini cries in the corridor, Navya asks what happened yesterday. She asks Nandini to speak something, Navya gets dizzy at once and eats sugar. She says she had fun with Cabir over sugar, Nandini asks what she was doing with Cabir. Navya makes it up, Pandit ji comes there and asks Nandini if she is in a mood to take the class.
Manik was playing guitar, Mukti asks what happened between him and Nandini at night. Cabir says he has a feeling whatever happened must not be good. Aaliya says someone needs to calm him down. Cabir says Dhruv will, Mukti says only he has the connection with him. He goes inside, but gives up and comes out. Dhruv says he doesn’t know what to say to him, he feels disconnected from him as he hasn’t talked to him for a while. Cabir says we should all talk to him together.
Pandit ji comes to Nandini. He says leaving music, the students of the college are so happening. He asks why her friend didn’t come to drop her to class. She says she has heard a lot about him as well, that he doesn’t focus on anything other than music in life, should they begin to practice. Pandit ji watches an earpin missing from her ear and tells her. She feels the missing earpin.
Manik stops the playing of guitar, Cabir says the strings have broken. He heads to leave, Cabir asks where is he going. Manik says he is going to fix the string. Cabir says they need to talk, Manik says there is nothing to talk about. Mukti says he and Nandini have broken up. Dhruv says she must have her reasons, he will talk to her. Manik says there isn’t any need to talk about her in future and leaves.
Nandini looks for her ear pin in the hall, where there was heart drama sometime ago. Manik comes there. Nandini throws a heart in her feet. Manik picks it up, Neonika passes and says wow, she thought he has learnt his lessons but he still has the heart. Manik goes out, Nandini notices them there. Manik ask Neonika what she is doing in college, he knows what games she is playing with him. Neonika says if he thinks Nandini is true, she is her mother. Manik says Nandini is true, he let her win this time that that is the only reason she won.

PRECAP: Neonika asks why, watching her suspension letter. Neonika says she has served more than what she came for in SPACE, so for now pack you bag and leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. qwert ,even vaishu mentioned that she likes pandit’s entry!

  2. nw jst imagine…agar is tym me pandit ll cm close to hr in hr difficlt situation…n make hr realise dat he loves hr…n if she ll accpt him….den manik to uspe blame krne lagega ki she cheatd him…without realising wat he did to hr

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    Nooooooo!!!! Even of panditji starts luvin nandu…i think he wont get a chance to express…befor that nandu will tell abt her n manik….n panditji agar bol bhi de toh nandu wont accept it coz manik n nandu r shown as they truly love each other

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