Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad and his group perform on the stage a rock song. They began hard and remain like that all the way which is liked by most of the students and Nandhani seems worried that his friends are not there.
Aaliya asks Dhruv to sing him a song but Dhruv makes excuses about his health being bad and so he will not be able to perform. Aaliya goes to pick up her mobile and finds that Nandhani has called her alot of times. Both of them get confused and then Dhruv says that how could he forget that today was Nandhani’s performance. Naviya’s son is not well. The doctor comes and asks that when did she gave him br*ast milk at this Mukti says that she is not his mother and she will be here. The doctor says that they have to give the mother boiled water at this Mukti makes an excuse to leave

the house. On her way out Naviya calls her and Mukti tells her that everything is fine. All of them reach the Academy.
Nandhani greets them and says that she wants them to perform with her but they refuse and says that she should perform without her because they can no longer perform without Manik and Cabir.
Nandhani goes on the stage and Aryaman and Naviya also go with her. They together perform an amazing song which is enjoyed by everyone in a classical manner. At their finishing the song they get a huge applause from the audience.
After the Performance Nandhani says thanks to the remaining members to the fab5 and leaves.
Nandhani is sitting and Aryaman comes and tries to cheer her up but she says that she needs some time alone so he leaves. Nandhani thinks of what Manik said about the fab5 being together and vows to join them again. She receives massage and eaves.
Maddy comes on the stage and places on Guitar on the ground on this Harshad mocks him and he says that he is a one man band and plays an amazing song.
The person Nandhani was calling comes and texts that he is at the Space academy and so nandhani goes to receive him meanwhile Maddy is working the stage .
Nandhani welcomes the guest and leads him to the stage. Maddy gets shocked after seeing him and stops playing the song.

Precap: Madhiam drags Nandhani in the room and says that why did she drag his family in this. He says that she has gone personal on him and so he will also go personal on her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Who was that old man?! His grandpa? He is his family! I guess that buddha didnt want maddy to b a singer…coz maddy just stopped his performance seeing him!! Really worried for my maddy! Bt nandu..hw does she kno abt that old man?! Felt really bad fr nandu…she ws saddened coz her another attempt of uniting fab3 failed…cant take any1’s side…coz it hurts both ways!! Now maddy is angry on nandu fr dragging his family in this matter! Me too thoda sa angry on nandu…not much! Only 0.0000001%…coz it hurts seeing him like that! N this too hurts…seeing nandu so scared! Yaar yeh CVs kahan phasa diye humein!!?? Kuch soojh nai raha kiski side le??!!! Fab3/maddy/navni aryamann kon??

  2. Plumpyyy

    1 more doubt! Why did maddy wink at nandu?? He ws vry honest…!! Aftr her performance also he ws smiling a genuine smile!! What’s goin on!!????
    Confused soul!!

  3. Jessie

    I think the Maddy guy is gonna be interesting.in this way may be manik and cabir could return..I think so the old man is gonna be Mr malhothrla

  4. hope

    ARIELLE, Special to India-West | 0 comments
    The entertainment industry is very professional, and no one hero can dictate terms. Parth Samthaan may have had his every word adhered to in BBC World Wide’s “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan,” but he definitely doesn’t seem to be getting the same treatment everywhere. Why we say so? Well, read on to find out.
    Samthaan, aka Manik of “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan,” had quit the show, because his demands for other time commitments and work were not met. The actor decided to move on to other projects, as he seems to have received several offers. Anyway, the actor had signed on for &TV’s new show by 4 Lions films’ new project, where he was to play the lead opposite Mahima Makwana (last seen in “Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane”).
    Recently, Samthaan was called for the photo shoot of the show, but instead he ditched the makers and went to a party in Bangalore. Sources claim that the actor did not inform the makers nor did he have the courtesy to call later. This really pissed off the makers, and they went ahead and fired the actor for his nonchalant behavior and casual attitude. We tried to get in touch with Samthaan to get a confirmation on this, but the actor’s phone was unavailable.
    The latest update is that Samthaan is no longer part of the Four Lions Film show; instead he is now trying to get back on MTV’s “KY2.” Frankly, we believe every actor should be professional, and such irresponsible behavior should not be pardoned. While fans would want the actor back on the show, we really hope the makers will not consider it. Since Samthaan doesn’t have any other show in his kitty at the moment, there is a strong possibility that he may be back on the MTV youth show. However, without hearing his side of the story, we don’t want to tag the actor as unprofessional just yet. So we are waiting to hear from Samthaan.
    Since he loves giving news on social networking sites, we hope he will answer our questions too, right?

  5. CopingWithKyyWithoutManbir

    i wish ayaz was also there bt i knw he has quit the show as of now lets hope the CVs soon introduce as ranvir he didnt want to play cabir bt i wish he happily plays rv!

  6. Plumpyyy

    Yeah atleast hope to watch ayaz as ranvir! But ranvir was in fanaah s2 n he had his lady love in dat show “seher” ws d gal..but she died..actually murdered by the vry own SARTHAK…essayed by my yuvraj thakur…ranvir ws kinda depressed as he loved seher truly…its been 8 months since d show ended…so if they bring ranvir they cn show him moving on or already moved on! But kuch bhi ho..ayaz na!!
    The article is crap…did they kno dat parth ws goin to b’lore coz all parthians knew it! It ws clear! B4 the productions had fired him the news of parth goin to b’lore to enjoy his holiday ws out!! What bullshit are these articles!! Riduculous!!
    We support parth! We r not just to sat we love parth..we mean it! We’ll be by his side evrytime!!

    • ?minnie?

      Y did u drag fanaah in it??? Cuz its nothing related to fannah …….can’t understand y ppl always drag a serial which is no related to another serial even in swaragini fellows drag uttaran which is not related only n in the bases of it they predict the upcoming track which I found quite funny

  7. ADELE( Anu)

    I m totally confusedddd!!! Who is the old man??????? N wat about that baby??? Did mukti leave it him alone wid the doctor???!!!!!!

  8. Plumpyyy

    Yeah anu muku left abeer in home n she flirted wid d doc to stay in d house until she or navya doesnt return…
    Abt d old man…he’s maddy’s family..may b grandpa…bt my question is hw nandu knows dat man!?? Maddy is really angry…volcano has erupted! Nandu is damn scared…maddy has scared d shit outta her!! Worried fr nandu…
    Yuvi’s acting is nt awesome as b4……………bt its more better than last time last epi!! He improves so fast man! Hats off to u yuvuuu!! Bt pata nai kyu saare shows(most of d shows) mein yuvi ko -ve roles ya casanova kinda roles milte hai…uske 1st show HHL mein complete +ve tha…BFF..his role had scared d hell outta me!! Balh..grey character…ptkk2 & 4 +ve roles…fanaah..i hope u guyz kno this…bt i love my vampire lots!
    Okay this is urgent! Shifa…dear..wen is bakrid?? 24 or 25 sep?? Some say its gonna b on 25th which means d exam on 25 will b preponed to 24th…im worried..shifa plz say wen u see this!

  9. ?minnie?

    Karishma aoluchi ruined kyy before she ruined once upon a time my fav show shq now is here to ruin my heart my life my kyy like seriously she’s a big disaster in kyy team I really wish this would be her last project otherwise she’ll ruin more beautiful serials

    • ?minnie?

      She’s new creative head of kyy before it was richa yamini but now that karishma ruined it’s fun the mystery of rishab n dhruv richa mam created but that idiot she ruined it she ruined our manan our FAB 5

    • Plumpyyy

      *sigh* thnx shifa fr d news…i just got d news 2day n d exm on 25th might prepone to 24th…god its social science on dat day n i’ve completed only 2-3 chappys out 24 chappys…i ws hell worried!! Thnx a lot shifa fr informing!
      I guess no manik kyy2…its either maddy or aryamann fr nandu…or it cn b no1!

      • sona

        bakrid is falling on 25 this year. i m 200% sure coz in my skl xams has already been preponed to 24. i ve hindi tht day dunno hw wil i prepare!

  10. Plumpyyy

    Oh pradi!!!!!!!! U just spoke my heart dear!!! I used to watch shq in d starting 10-15 epis of kyy…i used to watch kyy in shq breaks…i really loved shq…bt y d hell did she ruin d show!!?? I guess she likes ruining shows which r really close to our heart!!
    N fanaah…that cmnt ws a reply to d earlier cmnt…ranvir ws mentioned in it..if we see logically than its automatically related to fanaah! Ranvir ws a major part of it! N if m nt wrong they’ve shown cabir speaking to ranvir on fanaah once…so d fanaah topic comes as a kabab mein haddi automatically! But i didnt love that show much! But ayaz really makes me go all aww…!! Kya kare…woh hai hi itna cute aur adorable!!!!!!!!!

    • ?minnie?

      Yeah exactly she likes ruining our favorite and popular shows …don’t kno who the hell gave her that job…. yes right ayaz is damm adorable n cute…… especially his looks on ddej…. OMG killer like I even said before i stated watching kyy for ayaz…..

      • Plumpyyy

        Yeah…hope that she doesnt get this job again! Yah true…dhruv rishab mystery ws d best which ws shamelessly ruined!!
        Yeah…i still remember d promo…raghu shooting antara’z name on d glass…oh gosh! He has killer looks!!
        Yeah i remember u’ve said it in one of ur long speeches…yeah lyk v started watchin kyy fr one actor n v watch fr all…that’z d love!!
        Kyy roxz…kyy2 roxz…n m super happy…kyy fans r accepting yuvi as maddy on d show!!
        All d best whoever is writing xms…

  11. Plumpyyy

    Umm…little far…far as in 2km far..near d river…but yeah santekatte..its mount rosary…ughh..i hate dat schl! The nxt schl on d way straight frm santekatte…nt d brahmavar side…navami bekary side…

    • Plumpyyy

      Some of my schl’s old students r in sms schl…one of my classmate..one senior…one completed his 10th std one more in 10th std…which class ur cousin is in
      plz ky2s2 let me post this cmnt…kyy2 roxzzz

    • Plumpyyy

      Oh okay shifa…
      Confirm na? Coz my mom ws sayin dat it has been declared on 25th…news ws given newspaper…bt i seriously hope its on 24th! Varna main toh gyi kaam se 🙁 🙁
      kyy2 roxz…plz lemme post this cmnt!
      Gunnyt peeps! So monday’s gonna come! I want 6:30 pm of 2mrw soon!!

      • deepthi

        Plumpy Adele and Shiva r u crazy its a website not what’s app to chit chat u guys r crazyyyy n stupid to
        N Minnie u r a nice person u give every single info about ky2 season 2 thank u give

    • ?minnie?

      Articles said that he’s there but he rejected that offer di…… n honestly m happy that he rejected that offer

  12. Plumpyyy

    Ohkay thnx shifa…i hope there’s holiday on 24th…varna sachii i’ll turn out mad reading 20 chappys in half day!!
    No i guess…parth has rejected d offer na? I’ve read it somewhr…d news is parth might return to kyy2…bt parth hasnt confirmed himself…v better not conclude anythin…parth will himself make it clear…as evrytym!

    • Plumpyyy

      Nah…i dont like..as in i didnt want parth to accept that offer personally…m happy that he rejected it…its a controversial show n we parthians will surely not want him in the show…in my POV..that show is a PROBLEM or NUISANCE…
      N my hindi exm ws worse than hell…but i managed not to loose more marks…yeah i lost some 2 marks or so…bt yeah i went quite okay fr me! But wen i read d question paper it ws surely confusing!!
      Im gonna skip kyy epi 2day…guyz d repeat is at 1-2 pm 2mrrw na? I’ll watch d repeat as i gotta study science…love ya enjoy d epi!

  13. Plumpyyy

    Hey guyzz…any1 has d wish?…a samjhawan song sequence on maddy and whoever his love would be?(wish his love would b muku)……i badly want a song samjhawan sequence on HIM! Any PreeMan/YuvIta fans…sorry bt i wanna c yuvi agn on dat song…i kno that song is owned by yuvita in ur hearts…i vry well kno u all love d samjhawan sequence on them…i cn understand 100% of wt u’ll feel…coz evn m a hardcore PreeMan/YuvIta fan…soo plzz i personally am a yuvian…i badly wanna c him on this song! I kno yuvita r d most suitable fr tht song according to u guyz as i consider it too…so plz any YuvIta silent readers of this page…dont bash kyy2 fr playin on the show!! Coz i cant stand a word against it dearies…!! But i want samjhawan song sequence!
    Any1 has any wish as i hav? The same? Or sort of? Plz share guyzzz

  14. Plumpyyy

    Shifa! Its me only!! I just changed my username! N the name plumpyyy ws kept by my sweetest frnd here…just fr her i hav kept this as my username…n i love it!!
    If u dont believe me…toh…i ws d 1 acting insane wen i saw ur name here first…i asked so mny questions like mad…im a complete n true yuvian…love my yuvuu a lot!! N see..if u noticed it ws me only who sometimes used to call yuvi “yuvuu”…! N if pradi remembers this…my fav song is samjhawan…

  15. Plumpyyy

    If u still dont believe toh…u kno na i love yuvi crazily…madly..hopelessly…senselessly…i swear on yuvi its me plumpyyy! N im nt some1 who breaks it!
    Hw ws d epi?? Who ws that person? Wt did maddy do??

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