Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini asks Pandit ji if she can go. He says this had to happen because Manik didn’t disturb her today. He asks her to drop her to gate, guard might not open the gate for her.
Fab5 waited for Mukti, Cabir asks Aaliya to look into Dhruv when Manik asks for Mukti. Mukti comes from behind, drunk and with a guy. Manik asks who is she with. Rocky holds her waist and says he is the guy for the night with her. Manik holds his collars, everyone gets him rid of Manik. Dhruv watches this happen. Cabir asks Mukti where is Abhimayu, Mukti says how would she know. Mukti was fully drunk and asks Dhruv to join her as he will like it. Dhruv says he surely will. Manik stops her, saying she isn’t in her senses. Dhruv says if she wants to party, she will and he will do it with her. Manik says they will

party, but later. Dhruv asks why he must listen to his orders always. He asks Manik if he is the king or boss, rockstar Manik Malhotra? Manik asks what has happened to him, he hasn’t even drunk. Dhruv asks if he thinks he only speaks in front of him when he is drunk. Rocky makes fun of them asking this is how they all party. Cabir comes to stop Dhruv, Nandini and Pandit ji also comes to hear this. Dhruv complains that where is he, he accepts that Manik has helped him a lot but this is suffocating him now. He has lost his identity, and it isn’t that he hasn’t done anything for him, he has covered him up. Aaliya asks Dhruv to stop it, he jerks her hand. Mukti asks what the hell is wrong with you guys. Aaliya says she knows what is troubling him, he must not pour his anger on Manik. Aalya stops Dhruv and says she knows he thinks she hasn’t moved on from Manik, and he wanted her to say in front of everyone that I love you. She hugs him and says I love you Dhruv. Dhruv pushes her away and asks if she is finally ready to go public about us. Aaliya says I am sorry Manik, as he had to hear all this because of this. Dhruv says I am sorry Aaliya that to save Manik she had to say this all in front of everyone. He has a good news for her, I don’t love you. He says Manik can have you, he owes a lot on him. Dhruv leaves the college. Manik and Cabir stand in disbelief.
Pandit ji goes to question them, Nandini stops him and says they will leave now. Pandit ji says he won’t disturb them if she says, but she must remember. Rocky takes a leave too. Mukti asks to go with him too, as her friends don’t want to party. They knew that she wanted to party, they went on with their drama so she will party. Cabir says to Aaliya that she must stop him. Aaliya goes there. Cabir tells Manik to take care, it will be fine and goes behind Mukti. Manik gets flashback of all his good times with Dhruv and feels hurt. Nandini watches him there in pain.
Aaliya stops Dhruv on bike, he asks that she came back again. Aaliya says I am done now, it was my mistake that I came behind you again and again. He says he isn’t interested, but Aaliya says I ain’t done.
Mukti was cozy with the boy, imagining Abhimanyu in his place. Cabir knocks the car door.
Aaliya says she feels regret each moment with him, what was she celebrating, the first kiss or else. Dhruv says he regrets each thing.
Cabir asks Mukti what will Abhimanyu think. Mukti asks she don’t care, did Abhimanyu think before leaving her. Cabir holds her out of the car, she resists but Cabir asks Rocky to leave right now. He does.
Aaliya says if it wasn’t today, she could never know what is going on in his mind. Dhruv says that this time also she had to take help from Manik, he is her hero. Aaliya reminds that Manik is his hero as well. He was always there whenever he needed him. Manik made him love music. Whatever he is is because of Manik, and instead of respecting his contribution to life he is denying it. How he can respect her and leaves. Dhruv leaves on his bike.
Manik wals in corridor enraged. Nandini drags him, enraged Manik holds his fist on her, then takes control of himself. He says he must leave. Nandini says she knows he needs her. He says no, but he hushes her not to say a word. He says it wasn’t Cabir, Mukti and Aaliya but Dhruv. Nandini says she has seen what happened. Manik asks what so? She says she isn’t going to say anything, don’t keep anything inside, talk to me. Manik throws a bench to floor, Nandini says if he feels calm this way she will give him ten mores. He tells her to leave him alone and leaves. Downstairs, Dhruv’s words still echo in Manik’s mind.
Nandini hears Manik calling from behind, that you were right. She turns to see him, he says I need you.

PRECAP: Manik kneels and cry that I lost the most important friend of my life. Nandini says I am with you and hugs him. He cries.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. fairy

    gud evening guyz…
    manik hs gt a shck frm his bst frnd…..
    mukti hs gt a shock fr abhi…
    dhruv n alia …bth also facng pb ….

    manik hs gt a shock frm dhruv..
    mukti hs gt a shock fr abhi..
    dhruv n alia….bth life is nw messed….

  2. drama queen

    Goddd aadhyaaaa u saved me……..dat means it was a hoax!!!!wat a stupid rumour……..my heart bumping out!!!!!

  3. kyra

    hey guys kyra this side….actually i m also a gr8 fan of ky2…..i just want to make it clear that it was being rumoured that parth samthaan was quiting the show but all of u get relieved that there is no such incident to happen….i just checked my twitter accnt nd it is being clearedby parth that he is not leaving the show…..so manan fans just cheer up…..he is not gonna go anywhere….:)

  4. sry 2 all d fans of dhruv…but after watching 2day’s epi feel like killing him…becoz of him Manik was crying so badly….I really feel very bad for Manik his best frnd did this 2 him…I hate you dhruv

  5. kyra

    my pleasure laura…..actually when i read the article i felt like that i was just going to get heart attack so ya m relieved too……i tweeted to parth about the same ……

  6. fairy

    yes, glisha dear..missed u tooo…
    sakshi..welcm 2 kyy family..
    sry fr d late welcm…
    bye guyz….

  7. sakshi

    real love is when someone cares us someone looks after us and ofcorse someone who has a whole heart

  8. Anjanaa

    Hey every1!! Ammy real love means the love u shw to ur mom dad grandma grandpa nd 1 special prson which will b coming soon in ur life or which is now in ur life.. if u hav find true love

  9. soundarya

    Good epi .. MANAN ‘s time to come back…. but manik ‘s cry…. it will be horrible…………………………………………………………………………………… 🙁

  10. aadhya

    for favor 1st point true love always find its way n gets turth fi8 agnt reality to care abt love

  11. kyra

    hey great honour for me to join u guys….can any1 of u do me a fav…actually i m in delhi uiv…so m in hostel….is any1 on gmail or g+……in a need of friends….

  12. aadhya

    agnst 1st point sm love r not true just show off but when fakeness n pretending vanishes
    its hurts the 1 who truly loves
    love se hamesha hurt hi hota hai love is not evry1s cup of tea

  13. sree

    true love ……………. interesting………….true love is a feeling which u hav when u feel love to something or something………..

  14. aadhya

    last eng hai 19 ko hv to study only for 70 mrks usme bhi 20 hi literature 10 novel baki unknown

  15. yeah dq.. woh badlav sirf ek do second ke liye hi tha.. Suchi i am frm america.. bt now i am in india.. nd for a couple of days i wil be here nly

  16. aadhya

    according to me love is always tragedy heer ranjha romeo juliet leele majnu
    love is tragedy nothing else full of pain n sadness sm time happiness
    i dont want any sadness
    love is not my cup of tea

  17. sakshi.. mmmmmmm… Love is patience, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not not boast., love is not proud. it is not rude it is notself seeking it is not easily angerd it keeps no records of wrongs. it always protects always trusts always hopes always preserves. LOVE never fails.. sry for d late reply sakshi..

  18. kyra

    listen dq…..i m kyra ……tht was my sister kriya….she is frm du…..i study just i class 9….but i can direct u as per my sister…she told that if u have a degree of any co curricular act…then u can use it….as my sis is a kathak dancer….n me too frm nsd…..which is a govt. based intitute…..so u can give auditions for that…..actually i cant tell u all this on net….as my mob is workig too slow…u can call me tom…if u want….then i will pass o the o.

  19. guys this is actualy a bible qoute.. in my bible this is the defination of love.. And the greatest example of this is my beloved JESUS CHRIST.. no1 cn love as much he loved his people.. love u jesus.. sry guyss if i am going religious

  20. hey fairyyyy… missed u.. I think.. now srsly i have to find out a song suiting ur name.. can any1 suggest me.. suiting with fairy??

  21. aadhya

    dont wanna do phd just read in novel door hi sahi hai
    apne liye jeke apni life bano thats better than dieing 4 sm 1

  22. aadhya

    poison pe ke mar jana chahat nhi hai apni jindagi jene ko hai mere ko nhi
    kabhi na ho mujhe love yehi chaht hai meri

  23. kyra

    or else we can have a chat tomorrow on g+ cause m ot on facebook…..nd kriya has her college…..but i cn tell u everything…..as kriya is doing eco hnrs….

  24. kyra

    heres my no. …..call me then but only between 11….to 12 i the morning…no. Is 22620110……do call as i would lov eto help u….

  25. Nutz

    IMP QUES : plz do reply.
    Can any1 plz tell me wat is being shwn nw on MTV? any1 plz, can u plz check n tell plzzz

  26. Nutz

    Parth leavng ! ! ! No!
    Dats unbearable!
    Den kyy wil lose al its charm! Kyy wnt b da same wdout parth…NO!!! He cant leave. WHY IS PARTH LEAVNG?

  27. they have some fi8s between them ns they are saying tht they cant have face to face look.. so parth decided to quit bcoz of niti!!!

  28. Nutz

    Why?!!! Why r they dng dis to us;-(.
    I got a full voltage shock hearng dis SHOCKNG NEWS !
    Arre, why r my days becumng mr n mr worse dy by dy. Al da drama on syt ye kya kaam tha jo ab evn parth’s leavng! Brilliant! Guys feel lyk its tym to pack our bags n leave frm here:-@, m in such an awful mood

  29. Nutz

    Bhar me jai jhalak dik la jaa ! I swear if he leaves fr dat shw, i’ll try my bst to make sure, he doesnt get votes n is disqualifd n den cum bck to kyy!
    M feelng so helpless n desperate;-( ! Why does he hv to leave?!! He cant do dis to his fans!

  30. Nutz

    Okk. . .gud n8 sree.
    Sry fr my late response parth’s leavng news is still circlng in my head, cnt accept it yet

  31. Nutz

    Anjana sry yar, i wnt b able to do dat. Please do me a lil favour, help me out, plz gv da link here to dat news PLEASE

  32. Nutz

    Diya dat depends on u, we hardly knw u n dat person, u knw him better den any1 of us, so i think its u n u alone who can take dis decision, i undrstnd dat u r confusd r8 nw bt i feel its only u, who hs to figure it out, its ur lyf, make it special fr both of u in ur own way

  33. Anjanaa

    Nutz i m trying to give it but all are going fail.. I tried thru phone laptop.. Sry nutz… When u search parth sam.. U go to news.. The first news headline.. I cant upload the site.. I dont know whats wrong with this.. Sorry

  34. sree

    I know super malayalam theri…..poda mone nee ente kayyil kittyya ….poyi pani nokkADa………to ?

  35. Nutz

    Okk anjana, thnx fr tryng. U cant upload, bt can u copy da news n paste it here? Please
    M sry m askng fr so much, i….i just cnt yet believe hw my dys r bcumng worse n worse

  36. sree

    Laura r u Malayali nice grt…..continue…..u fellow wat do u think u r …..ninte parents oru thettu cheythu

  37. Maria

    Nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz nutz aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya aadhya

  38. kinza

    Come on Dhruv…. I mean….why are u behaving like a jerk??? What the hell I your problem? You are so thankless! Idiot!

  39. aadhya

    kinza dhruv behaviour is nrml he is over jealoused n possesive 4 alia as he thinks alia still love manik

  40. Nutz

    Ya maria, dats totally correct, i nvr had to wrk dis hard lyk dis yr b4 in any of my earlier clases

  41. Nutz

    Arreh kinza, nothing’s wrong wd dhruv, he’s just followng da script. If u wana blame sm1 den blame da writers.

  42. Nutz

    Hehehe maria, hw can any1 survive wdout sleep !
    Arreh, its just dat i love to study at n8, late n8 dats my fav studyng tym, i lyk to remain awake whole n8 bt sadly my tutions strt frm 6am in da mrng. . .so dat leaves me wd vry less tym to sleep

  43. Nutz

    M feelng so sick, i’m feelng a bad sore in my throat, its paining, my eyes r watery n burng, n m feelng vry restless, i think i hv caught a bad cold

  44. sana

    Hi maria
    hw r u??
    Sorry cannot talk wid u todau
    gud night
    sweet dreams
    bye bye
    bye nutz n aafhya

  45. Olive

    This gonna end up with manan’s romance… Then good move dhruv.. negative isn’t bad always;).. Andddd manik you killeddd it today… I literally cried…

  46. gud morning….n a gud news parth is not quitting d show…this news was posted in parth’s official fan page by parth himself 2day @5:00am….so jst relax…OK bye…came 2 give d news…I will come latter

  47. i know it drama queen… but 2day while going through parth’s fb page i found thiz news….i also read thiz news that arjit taneja is going 2 replace him

  48. Nutz

    Thnx glisha 🙂 ab jake me chen se saas le sakti hu ! Parth leavng da shw news had gvn me a heart attack, since last n8, m in such bad conditn n gloomy mood, ask my frnds , de cn tell . Forget gosspng or talkng, i didnt evn respond to deir talks properly 🙁

  49. lele

    Arre aaj ke kokhon ray asbe jani na…..amar relatives o chole asbe………uff……
    Tarpore parther khobor sune toh……

  50. lele

    Parth Samthaan shared a link.
    Yesterday at 4:13pm ·

    Confirmed: Parth Samthaan quits Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan
    See it nutz……parths official fb page…..its written there

  51. lele

    While there was news floating about dashing actor Parth Samthaan quitting the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan airing on MTV India, the actor opens up and clears the air about the news.

    Parth says, “I have been considering few projects as well but right now its K2 for me.I am very much a part of the show.”

    According to the media reports, Parth’s decision of leaving the show was due to the differences with his co-actor, Niti Taylor, who only share a cordial relationship on the set.

    But making all the fans happy, Parth himself puts a rest to the news.

    We hope this piece of news, will make his fans go gaga over him
    I read it now I in fb……bt not sure whether true r not

  52. lele

    Arre nutz sune ja!!!!!Tobe bolte parbo…..there r many parth samthaan pages…..iami eita eek ta te khuje pelam

  53. Kuch kahs hai kuch paas hai
    kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai
    Kuch duriya nazdikya
    kuch has padi tanhayiya
    Kya ye khumar hai
    kya aitabar hai
    shayad ye pyar hai
    ha hai shyad
    kya ye bahar hai
    ya intazar hai shyayad ye pyar hai ha hai shyad….

  54. Tum ho paas mere saath mere ho tum u
    jitna mehsoos karu tumko utna hi pa bhi lu
    tum ho mere liye mere liye ho tum u
    khud ko me har gaya tumko me jeeta hu

  55. Shuru ho gayi kahani meri
    Mere dil me baat na mani meri
    had se bhi aage ye guzar hi gaya
    khud bhi pareshan hua
    or mujhko bhi kar gaya
    dil Q ye mera shor kare
    idhar nhi udhar nhi
    teri or chale……

  56. ?

    how was the slap [email protected]

  57. Aatma

    Gng for lunch
    Ray plzz come …..i need to talk to you
    Another question….r u seeing SL vs SA

  58. Drama queen

    Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
    Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

    Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
    Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
    Koi toh toh na laage
    Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
    Hai rom rom iktaara
    Hai rom rom iktaara
    Jo baadalon mein se guzre

  59. Drama queen

    Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
    Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
    Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
    Zehanaseeb !!!!!!!!

  60. Drama queen

    Mujhse hi aaj mujhko mila de
    Dekhoon aadaton mein, tu hai ki nahi
    Har saans se pooch ke bataa de
    Inke faaslon mein, tu hai ki nahi …….

    Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
    Tu hai ki nahi
    Tu hai ki nahi
    Tu hai ki nahi
    Tu hai ki ………….

  61. Drama queen

    Bhagi bhagi zindagi re…….
    Peechhe peechhe main chali re…..
    Nai raahein naye naye mod
    Anjani gali mein mila…..
    Awaara sa banjara sa
    Tinga tinga nanga punga dost……..
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  62. sanaya

    guys abhi parth aur niti ka interview
    SBS me dikhaya ki parth is not leaving show…they both cnfrmd none of dem is leavng d show

  63. ???

    da pulayadi mone..ninte dialogs ennode vendada shavame……………….nari….
    penkuttykalode maryakku samsarichoda janthu…

  64. fairy

    gud aftrnoon guyz…
    hi sanappiii…tnx fr d news..
    tapsi…welcm to kyy family..
    hi adhs n anju….

  65. Nutz

    Hey if any1 sees 2dy’s epi den plz tell me wat hppns aftr da manan prt whr cabir n mukti cm in da car, plz tell me in short wat hppns aftr dat

  66. Nutz

    Shn, আমাকে ইলেকট্রনিক মেইল পাঠা, আমি ওর কথার কিছুই বুঝিনি, আমাকে বল

  67. carron

    Twinyyyyyyy how r u yaarrrr !!! Mail will b okay by tonight maybe , I will sent u a mail after it gets okay..oh my hazel grace !!!

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