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Manik says to Nandini that he remember she said that she wanted to remove that monster in him, she said there is no monster in him and now she is confused, she thinks he can kill Soha. He says Nandini Murti I can die for you but I can’t kill anyone, but you have killed that feeling now, forever. He breaks a nearby lying vase, throws her gift on floor in rage. He says Nandini Murti, happy valentines day curtly, and shows her the way to leave. She cries and leaves, then looks back at him but her frock was caught in a plant stem. She leaves.
Navya was in the apartment with Cabir, she says one can love anyone at anytime. She will be her valentine. Cabir says it is not a bad idea. She and he drinks and sitting with the bed, she says she was lying. At home, she thought in Mumbai she will

do a lot of fun with her boy friend. Cabir says life is unpredictable, he lost in a jerk his home, friend, girlfriend; and what could life do worse than he is spending his valentine with her. She holds a remote on him. He says when life gives punch to life, one must say come baby, give it a punch. The listen an ad about becoming an RJ. He smiles saying what stupid things they say. She asks he is also ask stupid, Cabir smiles and says there is a chance and a form. He says she is talking to the new RJ, she asks what is this rubbish. He asks her to ask a question, she asks what does two boys do with each others, he clears his throat and begins with much energy.

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He says he want to tell Navya that anyone can love anyone. He calls the question stupid again. He introduces himself as RJ Bia. Navya claps.
Manik sits distressed thinking how could you Nandini, how can she do this to her.
She cries holding the jar of firefly, and says she feels bad as he did what she never did to anyone, she asks how could you Nandini.
Manik says dark is good, that is me. Yes.
Nandini says with much difficulty had they travelled such a distance, and now he will never forgive her for what she has done.
Manik says I will never forgive you Nandini, and throws his guitar off in his room.
Nandini lie on the bed crying.
In the morning, Manik was still sitting, while Nandini comes out looking for someone. A buttler tells her he is in garden and has called her there. Manik comes out and looks at her, she explains that she isn’t here to talk to him. He calls the buttler for his juice, she says she came to meet Neonika. He ignores her, the buttler gets her juice. He goes inside.
Abhimanyu wakes up and finds Mukti sleeping on the sofa. He comes to her and sits besides her, she wakes up and he says sorry. She smiles, and holds his hand hugging her. He hugs back. She says this is the best night I have spent, she had strain in her neck. He massages her, but someone knocks at the door. She hides down abruptly, the sister asks was there a party. He says it was his birthday only. The sister says it was valentine’s day yesterday and scolds her. Mukti punches him on foot and ask him to go out, he throws the sphignometer on floor. The nurse bends to pick it up, and Mukti runs out.
Dhruv gets up and comes out of the room. The maid asks how he came inside, he says the door was open. She says Aaliya must have gone with the door opened. He asks did Aaliya leave, and goes away. Aaliya comes looking for Dhruv, the maid says he has just left without giving a message.
Nandini comes to Neonika in the garden. Neonika says it seems her night hasn’t ended. Nandini asks how did she manage to get Manik out, if it was so easy why she showed her the clipping, she wanted to confuse her. Neonika says she isn’t her teacher to sit and explain her everything. She lost it and couldn’t save Manik, and if she thinks as a mother I shouldn’t have done my job. Nandini says she has created so much trouble between her and Manik. Neonika says she may leave. Manik comes there dressed up.

PRECAP: Nandini gets suspension letter from Space. She asks Neonika but she says she has done more that what she came for, so pack your bags and leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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