Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini was ready, she was excited and thinks Manik is ready, how would she say this to him; she prays she doesn’t get numb and practices that Manik, I love… Manik comes behind him and clears his throat. Nandini hides herself with a cloth piece and asks what is he doing here. He says she was stopping him and here practice session is going. She asks why he came here, he asks suggestion about brogue. She asks him to go, he comes nearer and asks her to practice in front of him, he may help her in choosing the best way. She was holding her gown in hands, he drapes it into her neck. Nandini says I love… then pushes him away and says this dress! She says it again, I love this brogue as she had picked one. She runs to come across Neonika while Manik was looking at the brogue. She calls Neonika,

what is she doing here. Manik watches them from behind the cloth stands. Neonika says she must ask Nandini what is she doing here, infact in her college. She says she came to change. Neonika says ofcourse, it is her big day. Today her son will show the right way to her. Nandini says she will get what she deserves, nothing can take it from her. Neonika leaves, Nandini comes to Manik who was enraged at Neonika. Nandini asks him not to be angry today, we are really close… Manik holds her arm and says yes, we are very close. He hugs Nandini, and in turn Nandini hugs Manik.
The opening of the concert has been announced, the fab5 waited for Dhruv, Cabir says Dhruv wasn’t interested he may not come. Cabir asks Manik to go while Manik was lost. Nandini calls him, Cabir asks Manik to take his position, Manik says it is Dhruv’s. Cabir says Dhruv hasn’t come, the countdown begin. Manik looks at Dhruv in his position and is relieved. Dhruv begins the opening performance. Manik and Dhruv perform together, Cabir joins in. The girls happily cheer the performance before joining. Dhruv performs with Aaliya where they stops for a while turning away from each other, Manik and Nandini perform together. At the end of performance, Cabir hugs Mukti. Dhruv comes down the stage, Manik heads towards him but he stops him from his hand on Manik’s chest and leaves. Cabir hugs Manik appreciating their performance. The four of them hug, while Nandini hugs Navya. Navya comes to give a high five to all of them, Cabir says she isn’t Fab5 while she argues that she also performed. Manik comes to give Nandini a high five, she tries jumping up; when the group leaves Manik and Nandini holds hands. Neonika comes there, and asks what’s up Manik. She says it was a nice beginning but she hopes a lot of drama is still left, Manik says yes, but only if she backs off and stops interrupting. He leaves while Neonika spots the brogue and remembers its shadow on her face in the changing room. She says this means Manik is upto something he is hiding.
Neonika comes to stage to make the announcement for concert. She says what makes this night the best, he is Mr. X. She calls Mr. X but he never comes. She says she forgot to call on stage the one accomapying Mr. X. A girl comes on stage in a huge round of applause from crowd. Neonika asks her about Mr. X, the girl says that you can only see him in neon lights Neonika asks for blue Neon lights. Mr. X stood behind them, Neonika thanks him for here in their concert. He says he has appreciated new talents always and is looking forward for the event. Neonika asks about his upcoming movie, Mr. X tells them it is a movie about a man who works in a chemical factory and is burnt while working there. He dances with his heroine for a while.
Cabir, Mukti and Aaliya were waiting. Cabir asks them to keep Nandini, her presence is a must says here. Aaliya says she has plan for her. Cabir says he will fetch Dhruv. Pandit ji tells the goons that they have to beat the man, but beat him truly, beat him so that he can’t get up from bed for a week. Mukti and Aaliya follow Nandini.

PRECAP: Manik and Nandini have a last talk before concert, Pandit ji comes and asks her to go and get ready. When she has left, Manik tells Pandit ji tonight, it is all over. Pandit ji smiles that yes, it is all over tonight.

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