Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini tries to calm Manik over Pandit ji. He was angry that Pandit ji wants to send him out of the class, Nandini says they were wrong that he saw them like this in class. She asks Manik to apologize Pandit ji, Manik pushes her and asks has she losted. He says Pandit doesn’t want him to be a part of this concert. He says he should be happy about it, that if he isn’t the part of concert we won’t have to perform together. He says my hatred returns, and leaves the class. Nandini says he can’t hate her.
Pandit comes to Neonika’s office. She asks what is the problem now, as they don’t meet without crisis. He says there were crisis, I have resolved them and I want an official letter that Manik has been thrown out of the concert. She asks the reason. Pandit ji says he won’t let

Manik disturb Nandini during classes. Neonika says he has all the permissions as a teacher to throw Manik out of the class.
Cabir was practicing his script for the show, but scolds himself for thinking about Navya. He wonders what she must be going through. Navya’s mother ran behind her, beat her and complain why she didn’t die. She thinks she will suicide, Navya calls her from behind. She comes back complaining neither there is kerosene oil nor anything to die. She feels dizzy and sits, Navya gives her water but she denies taking it from her hand. Navya keeps her head on her mother’s lap and asks her to forgive her. Her mother asks is she really expecting, whose child it is. Navya says he won’t take responsibility. Her mother says she will talk to him. Navya says he won’t marry her. Both hug and cry.
Neonika meets Manik just out her office. She says she was looking for him. He senses it isn’t a good news. She says she is just fulfilling the formality, he must have the news already. She hands him a letter in which he was thrown out of concert. He says she would say she was helpless, but he isn’t and tears the letter apart. Manik says Pandit can’t stop him, she must write a letter to Pandit saying Manik Malhotra will perform in fusion concert. Neonika says Pandit won’t let him perform with Nandini, he himself wants to perform and he is the hindrance. Manik leaves.
Manik finds Nandini sititng on stairs, he comes to her and says he had told her, Pandit went to Neonika and he doesn’t want me to be a part of it. He throws the torn pieces of letter to her feet.
Manik says he can tell her what he doesn’t want, he doesn’t want her to be in trouble. Pandit’s intentions aren’t good. Nandini asks who is saying he is being jealous. Manik was about to take Neonika’s name, but says it isn’t important. Nandini says he is her mentor and teacher, and he is also Amb’s student. Manik says the world doesn’t go by her rule’s books. Nandini gets Pandit ji’s call, and says she will come soon. Manik holds her back by taking her hand. She says she knows it well that he will soon join Pandit ji’s classes because as he says his intentions for her aren’t good.
Dhruv comes to Cabir. Cabir asks does he want to talk to him. Dhruv doesn’t understand. Cabir says he must tell him what he wants to talk about, Aalya comes there. Dhruv takes a leave for library. Cabir asks her what is going on between her and Dhruv. Cabir says he knows what is going on between them as he had seen them kiss in Holi party. He is asking Dhruv a lot, but he isn’t telling me. She must know how this relationship will effect the group as Dhruv has talked to Manik so rudely in Holi party. He says she must let Dhruv understand else two friends can turn to two enemies as well.
Manik was still on the stairs thinking about Pandit ji and Nandini. He wonders if he is treating that Pandit wrong, Nandini is also saying the same. But what about Neonika, he thinks she always say something depressive to him. He gets Mukti’s call, Mukti had all of them on call and says she wants party. She says she will meet them in an hour, Cabir says in half an hour college will be off. Mukti says this will even make it better and give them time to chill. Manik asks about picking her up, but she says she will see them in college. She hangs on, tear eyed. Manik asks if someone is still on call, the four of them were, Manik asks do they think the same as him. They all nod.
Pandit ji claps for Nandini’s performance, and says she performed well without Manik. He says his students do world tours with him, and get platform to start a career. He says he can as well, after all he owes her. What she calls her, Ambs? Nandini smiles. Pandit ji places hand on hers, she looks at him and removes her hand from beneath as he was just taking violen from her. She wonders if Manik is right about Pandit ji.

Precap: Dhruv says to Manik that everyone praises Manik only, though he has helped and protected him in life but it now suffocates him. Manik was shocked at hearing this. Dhruv says he has tried to covered up what he owes of Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ahaana

    Actually y manik is beingso dumb… wotz d fault of nandini in all these??? What the hell she did..i think manik shud apologise her in a gr8 way wen he found out that he did wrong by hurting nandini…

  2. Nutz

    Thnx sona fr da update.
    Yup….m so hppy dat da old tu look is bck:-).
    I didnt lyk 2dy’s epi dat much, hope we’ll get sm gud epis ahead

    • sanchita

      i think dhruv wants to says that he has returned all that manik did for him in some or the other way……

  3. sanchita

    why dosen’t that pandit just getsoff………..i mean like seriously it’ll be borring if pandit continues the show……….:(

  4. Nutz

    Mayb sanchita, bt we cant deny da kyy’s current track largely depends on pandit nw, coz nw pandit is being shwn lyk a villain, cmng btwn manik n nandu, mrovr using dhruv against manik

  5. Nutz

    Nah, i didnt lyk 2dy’s epi dat much. Bt ya i lykd neonika’s portn, she actd well, she cmpletely justified her charactr, neonika (aka lomri)

  6. Carron

    can’t u just leave us alone ? !!! I am sry guys I don’t want 2 start a f8 but this is really starting 2 get on my friends !!

  7. FBI

    Waise mein ve shq dekhti hu …the terrorist plan was awesm…..bt smtyms I hate the too much twists

  8. FBI

    Yup Carron….actually maine kabhie ne kaha ki me shq dekhti hun….par shq ve kafi achha……i loved the terrorist part…..best thng

  9. Carron

    Its okay sanyu , u reminded me of someone 🙂 and sanyu I guess kyy and shq both goes hand in hand

  10. Carron

    Especially the way randhir snatched sanyu from rana and hugged her <3
    guys I think v r discussing the wrong thing in the wrong page:D

  11. FBI

    Guys I smtyms thnk dat shq story ,plot ……bttr dan kyy……bt bth r different……complete different frm each othr

  12. International court of justice

    ? will be judged under international laws……..nd the only punishment is death

  13. ?

    you must be an idiot ,i was being sarcastic you [email protected]

  14. James Bond 007

    Hv I seen u earlier here Sakshi ?????I dnt usually read cmnts……….its first tym m cmntng myself

  15. Tiya

    Helllloooooo u ppl great….u ppl rockkk
    ……..hip hip hurray!!!three cheers fr kyy rockzz family

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  18. Hiii and m bak, dont wory jst for 5 mins! Hehe! How r u all sweeties?? I mis al u guys so so much! Jst let the xms finish!! Lov u all……<3

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  20. Nutz

    My test on dis strts in an hr, i really shud b studyng nw. . . .bt m bored. . .so just came here

  21. fairy

    19 march..
    bangladesh vs lndia….means..
    me nd nutz vs ammy,auho,suhash,carron,sam ,laura etc….

  22. Nutz

    Arreh fairy plz dnt bring cricket btwn us.

    Shon,tr ki mone hoi na je je din te amdr cricket match ase se sedin amdr chuti deoya ucit sokol shikha protisthan theke? Atleast ai thurs te amdr chuti deoya ucit, ki bolis?

  23. Nutz

    Kintu mortoza r paye pb. Or ek paye onek bar operatn hoyeche, becara, i wonder ai thurs te o khelte parb kina, paye pb er karone o last match ta te khelte pareni

  24. Aatma

    U shld stop doing this “vaishnavi Mata Ki jay”…..already many jerks after her …..plzz don’t gv her any fresh troubles

  25. Aatma

    Bas I wish Ki ppl stop disturbing vaishu……she is a very very good gal…..no point in harassing her this way…….using her name for these stupid thngs…….she had to leave the site fr all these……wasnt it more dan enuf????

  26. Aatma

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  27. Aatma

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  29. Aatma

    Chalo auhona aagayi…..toh mjhe Jana padega……
    Eek aur baat ……dat u ppl hv met here……nd bcm soo good frnds…..it was all your destiny…..nd there mst be sm reasons y God brought u all together……kush raho……humesha…..saab log….shayad bhavisya men tm log eek dusre ke aur kareeb ajao…….

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    She hasn’t told anything about you…..u r humiliating her dat too in a public site …..nd vaishu is too good fr insulting anyone….u knw it very well

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  34. Aatma

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  36. Aatma

    And this proves how generous she is……wat police did was not in her hand…..but she did stop police frm attesting you…..jst thnkng about your family!!!Hv u ever thgt abt it???

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    Carron Sam suhash ammy Laura nutz euphoe Ananya auhona Neha soundarya Daniela niku qwert megha ……….ots a rqst fr u all
    …….byeeeee forever!!!!!stay happyyyyyyy

  45. yes

    Bachke tu rehna re bach ke tu rehna
    nhi duja mauka milega sambhalna
    ye h ishq esa tujhe kar dega khalaas a a a khalaas

  46. yes

    Bhula dena mujhe hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
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    bye bye everyone frvr! Will miss only my frnds

  47. ray

    one more thing i fall in love with vaishu because of her good qualities,she helped me in studies,i’m elder than her still she treated me as her friend,my marks got improved because of her,she used to spend time at salvation army with those kids,we teased her mother Teresa, once she brought me there………….i can’t forget!

  48. Aatma

    A women has to perform the duties of a mother a daughter a wife a sister……nd even after all these responsibility she is a doctor an engineer a scientist a police officer an astronaut……..
    ……see her power………..u blind!!

  49. Aatma

    Even behind the success of men there is always a women
    women has no one to support her….bt still she becomes successful….on her own ability…bttr dan der male counterparts

  50. Aatma

    Bye for now……these ppl with such low thnkngs….wouldnt let aatma to rest fr a while……..

  51. ?

    thanks for your long preach @ aatma,if you ‘re a girl ,with all above mentioned you have to obey the guy you marry and his bed

  52. women empowerment

    ? only coz of mentality like u india ll never become a developed nation
    tumhare jaise logo ko toh maar dalna chahiye

  53. women empowerment

    ? u just go n show ur cmnt to ur family upne mummy papa ko they ll killl u themselves

  54. Aatma

    And girls of 21st century……..they hv these much guts to speak against their husbands……nd when they obey husbands……its out of respect for thm…..dat puts a women abv men…
    She knws hw to respect!!!!

  55. aatma

    Tell me one thng…..dint ur mother bring u up…..watever you do …….was her contribution any less……evn if u succed in anythng…..it is bcoz of her teachings her lessons….AND SHE IS A WOMAN

  56. Carron

    Lol ? is wrong again….u all wrong…..lol…..aatma is smone whom u hvnt seen for a while……dis is enuf on my part…..bye

  57. Aatma

    Strange……..wid out our mothers…..we wouldn’t hv any existence at all……she is the one who cares abt us the most……nd its her duty to brng u up……..she performing her duty……dats y women r spcl……they hv so responsibility…..yet they perform all duties wid utmost care

  58. hitc

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  59. Aatma

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    • aadhya

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  63. Aatma

    Jo chahe samajh lo…….ladka ladki…..bhai behen…….kyu ki har tym tm log galat hi hoge…….

  64. Nutz

    Oi fairy, doya kre or surprise ta fas krisna, becari khub excitd tke nije bole surprise karte cai, plz yar my request dnt ruin her surprise, ami toh tke atleast mail e bolechi r tui se akhne ase declare krcis, plz yar oke bolis na

  65. Nutz

    Shn, thurs te khela dekhbi? Ami duita tutn theke chuti peyechi khela dekhar jnno…hehe.
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  66. Aatma

    Lol nutz…….let me sleep….no more questions plzz……jo kaha woh karna tm saab…..kyy familyy atoot rhe ne chahiye
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  67. Drama queen

    Ohh was talking wid the most sought after person.
    ……haha…..no I wouldn’t spell who is aatma

  68. Nutz

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  71. Ammy

    So aghar tm apnaa naam nhi bologe….toh me kya karu…..suna nhi nutz ne bola she wil go if I dnt tell name….haa said it caiuse din want her to go….

  72. yo yo

    Sorry ammy agr bura laga ho to
    bt yaha pehle hi names ko leke itne doubts h ek aour create ho jata ab

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    Srry @yoyo……i dint mean to be rude…..extremely srry
    And I dnnoe evn u a boy r gal!!!naam toh bohot dur ki baat

  74. yo yo

    I nvr hurt anyone
    bt smtimes tm piche pad jati ho
    n i dnt lyk tht
    n tmhre alawa kisiko mrne kucj nhi kaha
    Qki kal se u are only adking agn n agn

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  79. fairy

    yeah suhash vs fairy…lol…
    l ll lose fr sre…lol….aftrall u r playng…

  80. Ammy

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    Extra marks for good handwriting

  81. Ammy

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  82. aadhya

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