Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Cabir and Raghave hold hands and are walking in the garden. Raghave tells him that he is the love his life, Cabir free his hand and tells him that I cannot love you because he does not know that you will not leave him like this .he says that he is not sure for it. Cabir says good bye to Rajhive.
Manik says to Nandini that I don’t know what is happening in his life, while saying this he constantly hits the ball. Nandini looks at the clock and tells Manik he that everything happens in life we have to face it all. Nandini was speaking while Manik took Cabir’s name .Manik go and hugs him and shockingly asks that is he back, Cabir answers him that yes he has left Raghave where Nandini looks at the clock again and leave .Nandini come to the store room and takes the telescope, holding it

in her hand she memorizes the time of her mom and dad’s accident and the wish she made from her father for to by a telescope.
Aliya was sitting outside where Mukti comes and asks her the reason of sitting outside in such a sad mood. Aliya tells her that she worried that if Manik messaged Cabir then where he was .Mukti sees Harshad in the window, she tells Aliya that she would be back in a moment. Mukti wish to have tears for that she memorizes Abhimanyu and the time they spent together, Harshad comes from behind and asks her reason of standing here alone. Mukti opens her eyes with tears and tells him that she misses Abhimanyu. Harshad hugs Mukti and Mukti don’t let go her until she realizes that Harshad is not carrying Manik’s mobile and then she leaves.
Cabir and Manik was sitting in front of each other ,while passing the ball Cabir tells Manik that he has left Rajhive forever because you promised me that you will find me another partner. Cabir also tells him that he is leaving tomorrow. Mani kooks at the time and panics that he forgot to wish Nandini. Manik reaches Nandini’s room and knock’s the door twice and then enters the room, he realizes someone in the bed he gets near to it but there were just some cushions and a letter for Manik from Nandini in she had wrote to find her.
Manik comes holding a gift in his hand he see a stage in the garden and Nandini sleeping there with a cloth on her hand. He goes near her and took that cloth off her face. Manik lies down with her and then kisses her on the cheek. Nandini opens her eyes and Manik apologizes from her for being late. He tells him that sorry he couldn’t do anything for her on her birthday. She stops him and tells him and she does not care for all the arrangement and for being late .She did all this herself because she wanted to.
Manik asks her that why is she not like all the other girlfriends, he tells him I am not your girlfriend, she tells him that you still haven’t told her what she should have told yet. Nandini tells Manik that he has not noticed he telescope yet. Nandini requests her to see her favourite sters through telescope, Manik reaches the lens of the telescope and Nandini comes in front of it. Manik asks that is she trying to scare him .Manik again looks at the lens and Nandini speaks to Manik that she loves him.

PRECAP:Nandini tells Manik that he is the part of her life .Manik holds Nandini in her hand

Update Credit to: Sona

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