Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryaman is coming down the stairs and Nandhani is standing around the corner Aryaman says to not get angry because he is going for practice. Nandhani says that he should stop fooling around and that he cannot get away with everything because she knows that he and Harshad are friends. She tells him that Harshad will never tell him the truth about Manik but she can as she was there that night with Soha. Aryaman agrees to hear Nandhani saying that finally the truth is coming out. Nandhani says that he knows this but Soha was mentally ill and when Soha died she and Manik had already left. Aryaman tells her to watch her words and not spoil the image of his sister then Manik comes and when Nandhani sees Manik she hides Aryaman in a room and when Manik asks Nandhani what she is hiding she refuses to

tell him and then Manik goes to search for Aryaman and Nandhani pretends to fall making Manik come to her and leave Aryaman alone.
Manik asks Nandhani how she fell but she does not tell him then Manik pickes her up and takes her away.
Mukti comes searching for Aryaman in the practice room and then finds him looking in his mobile Mukti taunts him and says that it is not easy to defeat the fab 5 the a peon comes and says thathe principal has called Mukti in his room.
Manik takes Nandhani and puts her on the top of a shelf andsays that it was all her aln and she wanted to distract him from taking Ayaman then he starts kissing her hand saying that it is what she wanted Nandhani pushes him and is about to fall when Manik stops her and pulls her closer and they are then about to kiss each other when the peon comes and tells him that the principal has called him.
The fab 5 are standing at the principal office and when the principal comes out he says that they have two hours to practice and that they should get going.
Nyonika greets the guest and tells that each team will come on the stage one by one and Mr. Gabba will give them advice about fashion.
Aaliya is telling the fab 5 that they need a fashion makeover but Manik comfort her and asks Dhruv what he feels like then Manik tells everyone to come with him to the auditorium .
Aryaman and Nandhani go to the stage where everyone Makes fun of Nandhani then suddenly the fab 5 are standing and Manik comes to the sage and holds Nandhaniโ€™s hand

Precap: Aryaman asks Harshad what is the love story of Nandhani and Manik and says that he has to find the Love story of Soha and Manik in order to know what is happening between Nandhani and Mani.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  61. tu, read dis too….wat tu, ppl r becmng frnd becz f dis site. Wat d prob r u hvng….let us enjy nd u too enjy….leave dis site 4 us dear

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    koi mujhse baat nhi karna chahta bye i knw log mujhse bahut irritate hojate hai dis z nt d frst tym i really dnt care

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    luv u too & miss u too aadhs plz usr dat id.. no nt bcz ur matr… jis ki bhi line ho i really dnt care abt anythng bhai… wat to tel nutz ?

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    kis kis ne daikhi?

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    U mr. Ricky meri hi lyn h dekho i dnt care
    aadhya i dnt xare wo tumhe ignore kare ya kch or i dnt care…

  84. jack

    Sab ese hi bolte h aadhya mjhe
    bt i knw esa kch mhi h tabhi to u r nt mkng id nor usng id wch i md
    sorry m nt talkng wid anyone else really sorry

  85. aadhs

    sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sana

  86. aadhs

    sana ne mere liye id banayi still i m ready to use it
    bahut care karti meri still i m helpless
    okay guys me reason bata rhi hu i think tab sab believe karo m kyu contact nhi kar rhi abhi

  87. aadhs

    study me concentrate karna hai yeh fake reson hai toh nhi deti actually reson tabhi bataya tha sana jab id del ki thi

  88. Ricky

    hmm k ranvir…sb daikhna bht hi achi movie hai..
    main eid pe bht enjoy kar rah hun bd karunga iss bar..
    kal BB daikhi aaj Pak 2 movies release hui..un main aik daikhi nd kal thoda busy hun…

  89. aadhs

    btaya toh ranvir sana angry isliye hai kyuki meri id nhi hai usse contact karne ko aur jo id usne banayi me wo use nhikar sakti thi isliye del karwa di

  90. Nutz

    Ha ha Ranvir. . . .aadhya’s leavng, sayng gd-bye forevr, so we r tryng to convnc her to stay in contac wd us.

  91. aadhs

    sana sachi schi bata do gussa hi hona m nhi chati meri bestie hamere last chatme bhi mujhse naraz rhe

  92. Ricky

    ok guys am going kal bht kaam hain…sona hai abhi….
    bye sana,sara,nutz,rv,lovely nd adhss.

  93. aadhs

    name aadhya
    age 16
    choice listening music
    bf no i think nvr i nver want sm1 to hurt me thats ‘y
    yup i m exicted

  94. Now 2nd round aadhya!!!
    1. On a windy rainy night i was driving in my car
    when i reach the bus stand, i see three people waiting in the bus stand
    1) an old lady who needs an immediate medical attention
    2) my best frnd
    3) a perfect partener u wantd to b with

    My car is a two seatr, so can u tell me, what i have done in this situation??

  95. ?"SARA"?

    m sayng u last tym i knw evry truth gio ray sharvi ? kaun hai ye mujhe achi tarah se pata hai unmukt kaun hai ye bhi pata hai chalo choro pata hai to pata hai plz continue

  96. aadhs

    u can give keys to ur best frnd to drop that old lady nd wait in bus stand for the bus wid ur partner

  97. Nutz

    Take care adhi, apna dhayan rakhna, al da bst fr ur studies, always stay hppy n keep smilng ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. aadhs

    as basics se hi sare cell create hue hei
    evolution se
    full explaination required ??
    if i m incorrect give a clarified reason for hen

  99. ?"SARA"?

    miss u too much aadhs.. neither egg nor hen actually acc to sm books fish came frst… ok my ques fr u ws r u anjanaa or not jst ans in yes or no

  100. aadhs

    full expln egg is single celled and cell multiplied nd coz of cell divison aftr few years hen was evolved

  101. jack

    Ok final bye ranveer n aadhya aadhya all d bst yaar take care n really i will miss u ๐Ÿ™ plz kabhi yaad aaye to id bana lena frst tym tmhe kch bola tha tymne wo bhi nhi kiya aadhya vry bad ๐Ÿ™ bt its ok…
    tk care all d best n dnt frgt me sorry agr galti se bhi kbhi hurt kiya ho to bye bye
    bye evryone gn

  102. ?"SARA"?

    oh really so u cmntd wid her name evrytym.. m i ryt mr/miss.ranvir? & how d hell u knw suhash he dint evn cm to tu frm mny months so hw cm u copied his name?

  103. aadhs

    sana remember uss tym tumne KYY shop kholi thi
    jackfruit dairy milk
    tum aur laura mera bhi name rakhne wale the

  104. jack

    Yaad h yaad h
    ek baar fir se



  105. jack

    Ek baar u all entr in my shop i will nvr let u go… yaad h mene tumhe shop me lock kar diya tha

  106. 5.I went out to a popular tourist destination one morning. I spent the entire day asking the same question to everyone i came across. Though i met 100 people around, everybody had a different answer to the question.
    What question did i ask?

  107. jack

    Buttrd sandalwood pasand h???
    Wo to me kisiko nhi deti hu
    cz i dnt care hmmmm
    to buttrng bhi nhi krti

  108. aadhs

    name in the sense full name nazia
    like may can hv same name but rarely haave same name nd surname

    i ll use phone a frnd and borrow sana ‘s ans
    wht is the tym now??

  109. Actually nutz.. At first, I commented with the name of princess… At that time i was not regular.. Then i told lie of my mama’s marriage and that anjanaa is my cousin Then anjanaa named character came!! Then after months i came with a ranvir name and with a show!! Dats it i m never connected with this names I felt unsafe to use my real name… So came with these naMes… I m extremely sorry for this!!! And sara u r asking the same questions which i have already answered and dont b so rude sara… I m sorry for all these fake names

  110. jack

    Sam ka test h kal so busy wid studies
    laura idd k liye aayi to thi bt dekho usse bht kam baat hui yaar pata ngi ghar pe h ya gayi bordng ๐Ÿ™

  111. jack

    Yea yea yea m crrct ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nw m actng lyk kids dnt knw pagal Q ho rhi hu ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  112. ?"SARA"?

    u frgt siddharth d so cald alien & ammu a/w i dnt mind so wats ur real name? ok rude hmm dats wat u r i jst usd ur style today dats it sry

  113. Nutz

    Okk ranvir, jst 1 ques hv u recievd my mails (i send dt to anjana’s mail id) sayng sry as i wsnt able to send da nvr endng luv story parts?

  114. jack

    Uske bday k din he din came online lol bhav kha rha tha bht nxt day came n replied evryone
    hehe aadhya no thnx plz

  115. sidharth khurana

    well ok my intro
    i m sidharth khurana
    live in jodhpur
    bsc biotech studen
    height 5’6 inch
    hobby listen to music read books gardening chatting etc
    philosphy jio aur jine do

  116. Today its our last day to chat sara.. So on this last day dont b so rude and go on to find the answers for ur question we can chat peacefully sara.. I will ans u in mails.. See sara today i think almost every1 is ther can we hav a peaceful chat… Dont make ur mood go down… Its ur eid too.. I already stated the reason sara.. IF u want to ak more i will ans u in mails… But for now we cn chat as we all did b4

  117. Dis is my real Name’s pet name!! Remember nutz from dis name nly i used to come with my grmmmar doubts… Dat was all real Dat day i was having my annual exams of 9th… Now m in 10th