Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes and says to Nandini that I want to talk and it’s about Soha.s Nandini slips and he catches her and then mocks her on falling. Nandini tells him to put her down and then realizes that her hand is stuck, she asks of how this will get off. Manik starts to take his jacket off and Nandini says that stop showing off. Manik says that I am only trying to help and Nandini says that don’t help me now as you are not there when are needed.
Manik stands still when Nandini says that let’s go as we have to get this washed. Manik says that you are so starange as you just said that you didn’t want any help. Nandini tells him to come with her when Manik says that you could atleast say please before asking. She asks please and Manik goes with her.
Muktii and Aliya are distributing

the pamphlets when they run out of them. Aliya calls Abhymanu who is walking by who gives Aliya the pamphlets but not Muktii. He then leaves and Muktii says to Aliya to carry on and she will join her soon.
Muktii goes after Abhymanu and says that I am talking to you and bashes out at him. Abhymanu wants to explain while Muktii keeps on scolding him for leaving her like this. Muktii says that I have seen a lot like you and I am not a random girl so show this style to another girl. She tells him to not show his face and tells him to get lost. Without saying anything Abhymanu starts to walk away when Muktii squeezes his arm.
Nandini and Manik are deciding on which washroom to enter when Nandini reminds him that he has entered the girls washroom before. Nandini asks him for help and they two of them start throwing water at each other. He hand gets free in the way and Manik holds Nandini in the fight. He holds her face and is about to kiss her when some girls knock on the door asking to open the door.
Aliya comes where Dhruv is working and he says that it can’t be easy working for Aliya knowing that Harshad is the one who caused it. Aliya says that it isn’t and this is right and you are always right. She kisses him on the cheek and Cabir is near but doesn’t sees it. Nandini wipes Manik’s face before he could open the door and so does Manik.
Cabbir comes to the place where Manik and Nandini have just come out of the bathroom. Cabir mocks the two of them again saying that I knew the two of you would be doing preparations. Soha comes and says that what is this when Cabir starts to sneeze again. Cabir says that he just came here to say goodbye to Nandini . Soha says that you are lying when Manik backs Cabir up and says that we are all working and you should leave. After discussing Soha leaves and so does Nandini. Cabir mocks Manik again and the two of them leave.
The preparation for the campaign is going on when two students come and insult Navya. When Nadnini backs her up they insult her as well. Manik comes and the fight starts though Nandini asks him to stop. Cabir then stops Manik and tells all the students to leave. Navya says that we should cancel this poll and this would create only problems. Nandini says that you can’t give up and should come back with you head held high. Navya leaves with Muktii after her and Manik scolds Nandini.
Cabir tries to clam Manik down and then tells him to go after her. Manik says that I am not going when Cabir says that stop wasting time as you will go eventually. Cabir says that then let’s go to the canteen if you don’t want to when Manik leaves for Nandini. Muktii comes and says to Navya that you are making a mistake by leaving and tries to cheer her up. Navya says that she has already made a lot of mistakes. Muktii tells her to face all of this and come with her, Navya starts to follow Mutkii back in the college. She is about to step in when Navya leaves and runs from the college.
Nandini is crying while sitting at the stairs when Manik comes and says that I am not going to apologize as it was clearly his fault. He sees Nandini crying and stops and sits with her. He comes close and holds her hand and says that you can take my shoulder if you want. Nandini holds his arm and cries on his shoulder and Manik says that I said it to you earlier don’t get into this drama. Nandini says that Navya has left and no one will vote now. She starts to cry again when Manik says that this world is not as what you think. He says that they there to harm and hurt you and that’s why I was protecting you and stopping you. Nandini says that you were right, can we leave now.

Precap: Nandini says to the crowd that it is a secret pole while someone from the audience insults her and gets punched by Manik. Manik then says that we have all done it and it’s a matter f whether we accept it or not.

Update Credit to: Sona


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