Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Nandini comes crying and says Manik where are you, please talk to me once, I can explain everything. She takes the valentine’s day dress and weeps with it. She says he will come tonight, I will wait for you. Manik comes to the mirror, engraged. He takes his shirt off, his eyes red in anger. Nandini comes to mirror dressed in Manik’s gift. Manik takes bath. Nandini wears the shoes that Manik gifted her. Manik is still under the shower.
Nandini waits in the venue, the waiter gives her a gift and tells her not to open it as sir said he will open it himself. Nandini waits for Manik.
Abhimanyu comes to his room in hospital, decorated in red ballons. Mukti comes to him, and gifts him a smiley ball. Abhimanyu goes to the bed, and says he wants rest. She says what can

be a better place than her lap, he was irritated and asks her to go. She says she will leave, but atleast he must compliment her. He says it is good, but she must leave as he wants to be alone. She says she has to spend time with him. He asks her to try and understand, his body is weakening, he is dying second by second; why is she doing so much to him. She wipes her tears, and asks her for once, to look into her eyes. She asks is he watching the depth in her eyes, he removes hands and says he doesn’t has time to love. She says the little time left can be shared atleast, please don’t take it from her. She hugs him, crying. He hugs back.
Nandini waits for Manik, and says he will not come. Manik comes from behind and asks how couldn’t he come. She comes to hug him, but he keeps her away and says he wants to look at her first. He says she is looking beautiful. She smiles, he says he took so much effort to make this evening. She says it is beautiful, but she has spoiled… He asks her to dance. They dance together.

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While dancing, Nandini says he has full right to be angry with her. He asks why, she says she should have said the other way round to magistrate. He smiles and asks why she didn’t say this, did she think he can kill Soha. She says Neonika showed her the footage of Soha, where he pushed Soha. He asks did she think he killed her. He asks even when he left her hand in front of magistrate, she thought he was the culprit. She says she was very confused, everyone said he could do anything in anger and that in his love for her… He asks who said he loves her, he holds her and says Nandini! I hate you.
Dhruv calls Aaliya, she takes it. He asks her to open the door, he is out. She says no, she is sleepy, he must leave. He says he has called so that no one else knows about it, else he will have to ring the bell. She says she dares him, he rings the bell and knocks the door. She opens the door, and brings him inside. He says he is pissed off, she says he isn’t but she is. She complains that he punched the guy dancing with her, he complains that she slapped him. She clarifies that everything between her and Manik has ended but they still need to end what is between her and him. He says it has ended as well. She asks why he came here then. He was quiet, she says if he has nothing to say he must go. He says he will leave, but who is coming, the guy from college of Manik. She attacks on him, he holds her arms behind. She attacks on him through mouth, both kiss. He leaves her, she says how to make this all ok, holds him and kiss him.
Manik leaves Nandini, she stops him and says she thought about telling the truth. She was unconscious and she didn’t know what happened. She didn’t know truth can be a problem as well. He asks if she thinks he dislikes her truth, but he wants to know a truth too. Did she ever think that he can kill Soha. She explains, he shouts that did she for a moment think that he can kill Soha, yes or no? She says she was very confused, he throws a tree down on floor. She says she was so confused, Neonika showed her the tape. He asks her to shut up, its not about Neonika and video, it is about us? Was she confused, has someone showed him a video he must have overlooked it, because it is about trust. He says she should have faith in him but she was confused. She cries, he smiles disbelieving.

PRECAP: Manik says he isn’t going to believe in light again, dark is good and that is him. Nandini cries that Manik will never forgive her. Manik throws his guitar and says I will never forgive you Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona


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