Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Nandini comes crying and says Manik where are you, please talk to me once, I can explain everything. She takes the valentine’s day dress and weeps with it. She says he will come tonight, I will wait for you. Manik comes to the mirror, engraged. He takes his shirt off, his eyes red in anger. Nandini comes to mirror dressed in Manik’s gift. Manik takes bath. Nandini wears the shoes that Manik gifted her. Manik is still under the shower.
Nandini waits in the venue, the waiter gives her a gift and tells her not to open it as sir said he will open it himself. Nandini waits for Manik.
Abhimanyu comes to his room in hospital, decorated in red ballons. Mukti comes to him, and gifts him a smiley ball. Abhimanyu goes to the bed, and says he wants rest. She says what can

be a better place than her lap, he was irritated and asks her to go. She says she will leave, but atleast he must compliment her. He says it is good, but she must leave as he wants to be alone. She says she has to spend time with him. He asks her to try and understand, his body is weakening, he is dying second by second; why is she doing so much to him. She wipes her tears, and asks her for once, to look into her eyes. She asks is he watching the depth in her eyes, he removes hands and says he doesn’t has time to love. She says the little time left can be shared atleast, please don’t take it from her. She hugs him, crying. He hugs back.
Nandini waits for Manik, and says he will not come. Manik comes from behind and asks how couldn’t he come. She comes to hug him, but he keeps her away and says he wants to look at her first. He says she is looking beautiful. She smiles, he says he took so much effort to make this evening. She says it is beautiful, but she has spoiled… He asks her to dance. They dance together.

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While dancing, Nandini says he has full right to be angry with her. He asks why, she says she should have said the other way round to magistrate. He smiles and asks why she didn’t say this, did she think he can kill Soha. She says Neonika showed her the footage of Soha, where he pushed Soha. He asks did she think he killed her. He asks even when he left her hand in front of magistrate, she thought he was the culprit. She says she was very confused, everyone said he could do anything in anger and that in his love for her… He asks who said he loves her, he holds her and says Nandini! I hate you.
Dhruv calls Aaliya, she takes it. He asks her to open the door, he is out. She says no, she is sleepy, he must leave. He says he has called so that no one else knows about it, else he will have to ring the bell. She says she dares him, he rings the bell and knocks the door. She opens the door, and brings him inside. He says he is pissed off, she says he isn’t but she is. She complains that he punched the guy dancing with her, he complains that she slapped him. She clarifies that everything between her and Manik has ended but they still need to end what is between her and him. He says it has ended as well. She asks why he came here then. He was quiet, she says if he has nothing to say he must go. He says he will leave, but who is coming, the guy from college of Manik. She attacks on him, he holds her arms behind. She attacks on him through mouth, both kiss. He leaves her, she says how to make this all ok, holds him and kiss him.
Manik leaves Nandini, she stops him and says she thought about telling the truth. She was unconscious and she didn’t know what happened. She didn’t know truth can be a problem as well. He asks if she thinks he dislikes her truth, but he wants to know a truth too. Did she ever think that he can kill Soha. She explains, he shouts that did she for a moment think that he can kill Soha, yes or no? She says she was very confused, he throws a tree down on floor. She says she was so confused, Neonika showed her the tape. He asks her to shut up, its not about Neonika and video, it is about us? Was she confused, has someone showed him a video he must have overlooked it, because it is about trust. He says she should have faith in him but she was confused. She cries, he smiles disbelieving.

PRECAP: Manik says he isn’t going to believe in light again, dark is good and that is him. Nandini cries that Manik will never forgive her. Manik throws his guitar and says I will never forgive you Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. aradhyaa

    a witch in disguise of mother that drama queen nyonika n how can be nandu so atupid that she is suspecting on manic…SuCKssS yrrrrrr

  2. well wisher

    gio ,For the god sake don’t torture that innocent girl,come back to where you belongs.live at peace with everyone,leave srilanka ASAP!

  3. aradhya

    hey guyzz gd newss fr u cabir will try to solve misunderstanding btw manic n nandini…hope so blo*dy nyonika game should be exposed…. if yess yippeeee <3

  4. Auhona;-)

    How much will i cry more? The memries of the epi not going from my mind nor my tears from eyes….it was such a big misunderstanding and that also in valentines…..manan’s feelings got stuck jst at the last moment…how to say that manan brokeup for 2nd tym……how to stop my tears…..

  5. Nutz

    Awful epi,manan hv partd their ways, manik’s gna go bck to darkness,bcum monster manik again;-(.
    Bt seriously dhruliya! Wat da hell was dat al abt! It didn’t make any sense at al, it was kinda weird n yucky(accordng to me)

  6. Auhona;-)

    Hi nutz….and same here yar….god knows wat dhrulya was doing….last tym wen manan brokeup for dhruv, i cried lyk this….and now the past is running up on me again…

  7. Nutz

    Mukbhi or abti was nyc. Seriously mukti is bcumng 2nd abhimanyu day by day; maybe aftr abhi’s death,mukti wil continue his legacy to distribute smileys n smiles among others(maybe), bt it’s gona bring a beautiful n positive change to mukti’s thinkng way n point of view on life,dat’s fr sure. Wat do u think guys?

  8. Nutz

    Wat’s wrong wd da directrs,they wud hv posed in a different way. Why was dhruv holdng aliya lyk dat?dhruv was copyng manik’s style! So nt done! I’m angry wd da directrs,he cud gvn dem a differnt pose coz it’s manan’s style n it shud remain to manan(accrdng to me), no copyng allowd:-@

  9. carron

    Heart beats fast colors and promises , how to b brave how can I luv when I am afraid to fall but watching u stand alone , all of my doubts suddenly goes away somehowww

  10. Nutz

    auho, i think da directors r out of stock fr new ideas, dat’s why they only dng dis unitng manan,den separatng dem, re-unitng dem n again separatng dem. . . . .continues (mayb directrs think in dis way de can keep da audience stickd to dis shw),mayb dis why directr is usng da same old same tactis bt it’s only makng manan fans upset,sum1 plz put dis sense in dirctr’s mind.

  11. fairy

    tnx god l didnt c dumbo’s prt..l was watchng kyy…whn dumbo n alya’s irritatng kissing prt strted ..suddenly mom cm n l chnged d chnl…tnx mom..uhv saved me frm watchng these scene…..

  12. Auhona;-)

    Fully agree nutz…..hi fairy, carron and evry 1…..sry guys i’m very sad ….so nt taking properly….pls guys,dont mind…..sorry…

  13. Auhona;-)

    Yea fairu….thnx to unty….i was jst shoked seeing, and was dat really alya’s ‘ i know wat to do’

  14. carron

    The day we met frozen I held my breath right from the start I knew that I found the home for my heart ….

  15. MTS

    Manan breakup day guys…monster manik back….ab sab log warrior high dekho…usme kuch naya dekhno ko milega…ab koi story nahi baccha hai ky2 ke pas….time pass…

  16. carron

    Its going down , I am yelling timber u better move u better dance ..
    let’s make a n8 u won’t remember I will be the one u won’t forget…
    woah woahhhhh

  17. Nutz

    It seems lyk…..u knw as it said like ‘history is repeatng itself’ is provng true in kyy case coz da directrs r tryng old strategies again n again.
    1st, Bcoz of dhruv manik broke nandu’s trust,felt guilty,tried resolvng bt nandu was shattrd, nd too upset to listen. Then cam soha’s jealousy track n aftr a lot of effrts,de got 2gethr.
    This tym nandu broke manik’s trust,manik is gng bck to darkness,he’s too angry to resolv thngs. Nd cumng up nxt, we hv pandit’s jealousy track. . . .wat da directrs think de r dng!

  18. rhea

    Pritam yes! I’m pyaar ka dushman! Haven’t you watched BOF? In that so-yi Jung and ga-eul try and make them get together that’s why I said that…

  19. Auhona;-)

    I am bak, u knw guys, 1 song roaming in my mind-
    khoi khoi si hun mai,
    kiu ye dil ka haal hai,
    dhundle sare khab hai,
    uljha har khayal hai,..,…missing manan.,

  20. carron

    Nice to meet u where ‘ve u been , I could show u incredibleasy things , magic madness heaven sin saw there and I thought Oh my god !! Lukoil at that face u luk like my next mistake , lovelove’s a game wanna playyy aah eh new money suit and tie I can read u like a magazine …

  21. carron

    Nice to meet u where ‘ve u been , I could show u incredibleasy things , magic madness heaven sin saw there and I thought Oh my god !! Luk at that face u luk like my next mistake , lovelove’s a game wanna playyy aah eh new money suit and tie I can read u like a magazine …

  22. Nutz

    Gio i can’t open my mail-box, can’t understand wat’s da pb wd it bt neither can i enter it nor sent mails, i hv to get it fixd bt it’s gna take tym. N i hvn’t seen vaishu b4

  23. carron

    Ughhhhhh I hate my brother !!! He is sooo damn annoyinggg ….y can’t he mind his own problem !! What the hell his problem ..
    He can chat in Facebook , insta anything whenever he wants and I should not tell , ..hHe is a monkey a stupid person a baffaloo
    ughhh hemail spoiled my gud mood

  24. Nutz

    Don’t worry qwert dat person wil get well soon by da grace of da Almighty, we’ll pray fr da improvement of his/her condition. May he/she get well soon

  25. qwert

    Carron…no one is takin u fr granted frnd…v al r concerned abt u…n wen v talk abt ur bro….dey r irritating.but der is no one lyk him…he cares fr u..u might nt feel it nw.but u will realize one day

  26. sanaya

    मंडप में दुल्हन को सिर झुकाए बैठा देख एक
    बुज़ुर्ग महिला बोलीं,
    “बहू कितनी सुशील और संस्कारी है, जब
    से बैठी है, सिर नीचे किए हु़ये है । एक
    बार भी नज़रें उठा कर नहीं देखा ।”
    पीछे से आवाज़ आई,

    “माँजी….दुल्हन whatsapp पर online है

  27. carron

    I am f9 questy !! Thanx 4 asking …actually I am a bit short tempered person but mY anger goes away in secs so I am f9 now but my brother better Stay away from me 4 some time 🙂 so how r u ??

  28. qwert

    A bride was sitting with her head bowed down since long…an old man told dat she is so well mànnered..den à person said dat she is online on watsapp…dat is y she hasnt raised her head even once

  29. vaish

    no laura i am not vaishu.. i am vaishavi… my nick name is vaishu bt i am not the old member vaishu… i am in 8th.. i came wid the name vaishu bt bcoz of some prob i changed it to vaish.. now doubt clear laura???

  30. vaish

    no prob laura.. now we r frndz.. so forget abt it.. it doesnt matter.. bt i noe that vaishu is very best frnz of ur all.. and i love this unity of all in this family

  31. gio

    laura she can’t stay away from this site forever
    she will read.and vaish, i still hate the way you carrying her 3/4th of her name
    that’s why leaving!bye

  32. vaish

    plz gio lets clear out our misunderstanding plzz.. if vaishu will not hav any prob then why do u have the prob

  33. gio

    b’cos she is innocent,she ll get along with everyone,
    but for me she must own this user name,no one can duplicate her
    hope u got it!

  34. ???

    Dehleez pe mere dil ki rakhe jo tune kadam. Tere naam pe meri zindagi rakhi mere humdum…..ha sikha mene jeena jeena sikha jeena mere humdum….

  35. laura

    To anyone who is coming online n8 birds
    You guys left me alone here so sad only ??? was here nutz carru nikku sammy and every1 else disappeared

  36. gio

    VAISHU,HAPPY MAHASHIVRATHRI ,,,! may lord shiva shower blessings,power,love and strength to you and your family.

  37. gio

    VAISHNAVI. you reveal NATARAj through your sonic sophistication
    love how you took this dance performance,iv captured that in my camera.

  38. vaishu

    hi my dear friends now da time has come to leave u,dun noe when ill b back again,,,fairy ,nutz ,sam, euphie,carron, suhash, annuu, ammy, auhona, aparna ,sananya,laura,qwert, niks ,dan, sound, smile ,arisha,aish,kuhu,megha,ummmmmmm frenz so sorry if u missed out,,m reli touched by your kind words n thoughts.its is da unfeigned friendship.ill never take your luv for granted,thank you for giving me a place in ur heart.love you guyzz. m gonna miss every body.plz stay in touch thru mail,plz keep me updated,all da best!

  39. Nutz

    V A I S H U ! ! ! ! !
    My swt frnd u’ll always remain in my heart,always. I’m really gona miss u nd ur talks yar. . . . .love u yar,miss u, take care pal n plz try to try in touch wd us yar

  40. Nutz

    Why is sayng farewell so painful, i really can’t bring myself to say bye to u yar, no i can’t.my eyes hv already gotten teary,vaishu my request plz stay in touch wd us. . . .hope i’ll b able to talk wd u again yar,take care:-)

  41. Nutz

    Aww….hw much i missd ur talks, just seeing ur writing,i can’t describe da feeling,it’s just gvng me such a delight,m so glad dat finally i got lucky to talk wd u

  42. vaishu

    def nutz,even m welling up,it’s not easy to say good bye,for all da joy v shared,,,,,,sure nutz ill stay in touch wif my frenz,n nutz in ny circumstances dun leave diz site,u hv to stay here to welcome more n more new comers.love u nutz! c u soon dear

  43. Nutz

    Vaishu as soon as i get my mail wrkng again, i’ll get ur id frm fairy,sam or othrs n sent u mail asap,i promise. i just wish to stay connectd wd u always, like frnds till da end;-)

  44. Nutz

    Vaishu hv u been watchng kyy?, , , my eyes hv longed to see ur comments, plz yar gv atleast 1 comment on kyy’s current track, i’ve missd u n ur comments so much

  45. Nutz

    Vaishu can u plz plz plz cum at 1pm 2dy? Plz plz yar plz.
    U see my xm starts in 20mins n i hv to reach der, so i gotta leave nw.
    I wana talk wd u yar, plz try to cum 1pm, plz

  46. vaishu

    nutz papa calling, ill join all my frenz wif kyy discussions,i pray they shud drag da show sum more 🙂
    c u nutz!l

  47. vaishu

    gio ,everything you do will b tinged wif anger n bitterness,u noe wat i dun waste my emotions on things dun matter,so dun waste ur time/energy .plz go back whr u belong.ask your heart can u think of ny way u can justify ur actions. leave diz site n my friends.good bye!

  48. Auhona;-)

    Hi VAISHU! My sweet frnd! Hope that u always keep smiling and get all the happiness of the world dearie!!! Bye and take care, its a promise that i’l never ever forget u!! Lots of love yar! May god bless u !

  49. gio

    f**king idiots,tricked me Ys’day.
    vaishu still in lanka,leaving today,
    iv wasted 3hrs to reached her native place for nothing.
    vaishu don’t ever think of leaving me.

  50. well wisher

    hey gio,which part you understand from vaishu’s comment,she has zero percent interest on you,come back man.

  51. Auhona;-)

    Aww gio, bt she did it coz she doesnt hav any intrest in u…listen frnd, if u really love her na, then u shud be happy in her happiness …i am not giving u any lectures or quarelling wid u dear…bt u shud undrstand na frnd…

  52. Nutz

    Accha ??? tell me, wat do u lyk to do? Which things gv u pleasure?
    Wat type of name wud u prefer? Flower, fruit, animal, fairy tale character. . . .blah blah wat? Wat things do u lyk to watch?

  53. Auhona;-)

    Hiii to all my besties! Nutzyy, adhyaaa and ques.mark! I’m gud guys! Hw r u all?? And glad to knw ur xms were gud nutzyy!

  54. gio

    nutz,Ys day fake vaishu commented about her departure to fool me
    my vaishu came today,she did chat with you.

  55. gio

    yes she was fake,compare both the comments,i know how vaishu uses English short forms
    and she is leaving tonight,
    fake one had gone ys’day

  56. Nutz

    Aadhya listen to me, never evr use da name ‘aadhsa’ , it’s nt ur name n don’t evr respond to dat name

  57. Nutz

    I watchd warrior high ystrdy bt i didn’t lyk it dat much, i mean da story’s just strtng it may get better wd tym. bt kyy is more dan enuf fr me,no othr shw requird. . . .hehe

  58. Nutz

    Aadhya first i had thought dat name was just da names we frnds gv each othr. Like my frnds call me nutzy,nutzu. We call auhona auho, fairy angel,i call aparna appy etc. Bt da name cupid gav u wasn’t lyk dis, dat name has a differnt meaning n it stands fr sumthng else, i realizd it later., plz don’t ask me abt it, just forget it

  59. Auhona;-)

    Hehe yaa aadhy….nutz and all call me auho and i dont knw why bt i lyk this name so so much! It always brings a smile in my face….thnx to all my frnds!

  60. singing girl

    Hi guys…..my chemistry practicals was damn easy…..I got full marks in it….wanna learn physics…bye guys…

  61. wow that’s pretty nice but u all will be shocked to know that all my classmates watch this serial nd I know many 5th nd 6th standard students who watch this serial

  62. Nutz

    Haha…ana, current generation is too fast.
    Bt i think ppl shudn’t watch such serials in early age,it effects dier thinkng style

  63. m really happy nd relieved dat vaishu left srilanka safely……….yaa ……………..wish u a wonderful lyf out there……………….
    ki bolis nutz………..oi nokol vaishu plan ta kemon chilo…………onek kosto kore g ke boka baniechi…..,,,……or somoy nosto korbar jonno…………..thnx god……….noile hoeto o v ke khuje phelto……….ekhon kono chance nei…..v chole geche………..out of SL…………………………

  64. YES I TOO KNW…………..i ve seen many people in class 6 watching kyy…..bt in class six i hd just no idea wat was all abt…………………really fast yaar nxt generation

  65. hii guys,………………nice to meet u all…….actually m in a vry secret mision…….cant reveal my name…so dnt ask my name………..guess bhi maat karna

  66. my all frnds r very negative ones.
    infact they have bf and gf.
    but I m my parents and teachers fav student as I m gud in studies and I also stay far from these ugle stuffs

  67. uff aff…arrre so secret mission………ekhon g ke dekhe khub anondo hochhe…….amr chinta hochilo ki g v ke khuje na phele
    yes ananya.i dnt hv any bf gf r anyone…….all r afraid of me ….i thnk

  68. Auhona;-)

    Bye nutzyyy! And it means i am also a secret person! Hehehe! Thnx yar cupid!! Achcha, tere pas mere mail id hai? Phir muje ek mail kar, so that mae confirm ho jau ki tu wohi hai, whom i am thinking u to be…

  69. Auhona;-)

    Hahaha! We all are in secret missions! And aadhy, i think i dont hav ur id yar, do smthing, cm to yest. Page of sb and gyv ur id thr.. I’m waiting thr for u!

  70. Nutz

    Guys plz if u watch 2dy’s epi den plz gv da update here, i’ll out gvng my xms,so i won’t b able to see, plz gv da update 2dy

  71. fairy

    cupid….l thnk we dnt knw ???…
    cz here mst of us talk in eng..n q mrk like 2 talk in hindi…..l m nt sre abt it….

  72. kk i hv to go………………tm bhi jo mission me hon use achhe se karna…mujhe aab report bhi deni hain….chalo tata.see at n8

  73. fairy

    guyz..sry 2 say bt why cupid n q mrk r wastng tm by askng repeated ques 2 each othr???
    l m sry if u feel bad..

  74. Auhona;-)

    Hi hi hi hi hi nikuuuuu! How r u dear?? And ya adhs, it’l take tym for us to be happy agn!! Aww mising manan yar!

  75. Auhona;-)

    Bye adhs! C u søon my swt frnd! And i am also fyn dan, and my lyf has bcm more intresting now as u hav come! Hehe! So u watch kyy now or not?

  76. Auhona;-)

    India’s population-1.27 billion…..itne sare log hai yar.,.koi yaha bhi toh aa jao!! Kab tak ye bechari akeli rahegi???

  77. Auhona;-)

    And adhs, on serious note, muje ‘tu’ bulaya….’tum’ nahi,…varnaaaaaa i’l get angryy! Hehehe! Dont mind yar!

  78. Smile

    Gio I am telling u .. If u seriously love Vaishu from bottom of ur heart then u r going to leave this site forever and will never ever hurt her and if u don’t love her or even like her then u r going to stay on this site..
    If she loved u she would have replied u but she doesn’t then why r u hurting her and disturbing her..

  79. smile sach kahu tum se baat karke mujhe mere bro ki yaad aa gai jo recently mujhse naraz h… 🙁 smile r u a girl or boy plz don’t mind n im a girl

  80. bye Gio bro n i understand ur luv also bro bt agar Vaishu dii aapko pasand nii karti to aap unke piche q pade ho agar aap unse dor jaaoge tabhi une aapke luv ke baare me pata chalega tabhi dii ko samjh aayegaaa soo aap unse kuch time k liye dor raho vkuch bhi kare u didn’t react okkk bye bhai cu soon

  81. vaish

    c gio vaishu di has no prob wid my name then why u hav… if she is not caring abt my name.. then why r u caring.. so stop saying that change the username bcoz this my name.. nd this will b the lAast tym arguing wid u abt my name

  82. bye Gio bhai actually i hav headache 2day is shivaratri soo india me es din sab log fast karte h maine bhi kiya h or bhul ke mare mera head pain kar rahe h

  83. vaish

    again thnxx for the complimment gio.. u r soo good at compiments.. srsly.. u shud work hard on it.. it might help u gio.. take it srsly!!!

  84. Smile

    He can we talk something else like about science or world then discussing about our problems which is creating tension among us..

  85. vaish

    execuse me gio.. she was born to love u???not in ur dreams also she cant lovve u.. she was not born to love u.. ok.. u might be luving or not.. but she will never love u..

  86. Smile

    HI ananya.. Let me introduce u to me..
    my name is smile and nice to meet u my new friend.. Hope that it lasts longer..

  87. Auhona;-)

    Hi cupid, our kind a new member!! And sry sry sry sry smile! I didnt notice yar! Hii! How r u?? And i’m fyn vaish!

  88. so gio waiting fr sam na??? he said hes bringing sm nw treatment 4r u…….anyway i heard dat u were been made a fool yeaterday………

  89. vaish

    gud gio bt why r u telling this to us.. as we all know abt it.. it was nly u not knowing abt it.. huh!! nd yeah smile vaishavi is my real name.. pet name vaish

  90. smile plz don’t ask cupid his real name
    CUPID AND ??? had a big secret mission on their real name this afternoon
    and cupid pls don’t again start ur secret mission

  91. Auhona;-)

    I’m also gud smilee! And thnx u didn’t take serously!hehehe! And hi ana! My another litle sis! I am soo luckyy!