Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini cries reading Ambs letter and recalling her disappointment. She gets Manik’s call, Manik says he thought she must be busy with Ambs, is everything ok. Nandini cries and says he was right that she shouldn’t have come to him, Ambs left because she was angry with her and left a letter for her. Manik asks her to wipe her tears for him. He says why should we cry at something that isn’t in out control, when it is at its worst it must get better. Nandini says Ambs need the Nandini she sent to city six months ago, she wants him away from her as she thinks he isn’t a good friend. Manik asks her, that if she was a six months ago Nandini, would she make Manik her friend. All he past flashback Nandini’s eyes, she says yes. Manik says if he could impress her, he can also impress Ambs. He

says after the concert they will go to Banglore. Nandini hears chachi’s call that breakfast is ready, they hangs up.
Manik is frustrated that the reply of Rithima isn’t coming. Cabir comes home thinking about his hug to his mom. He watches his mom dusting his orchestra. He cries watching his mom make breakfast for him. She notices someone’s presence. Cabir thinks how she asked him to go away from her, and had asked him to go away and never return. Cabir returns, his mother opens the main door sensing his presence but he had left. Her phone bell rings, it was Navya’s mother. She says she has decided she will Navya with Sunny, when he is the father of Navya’s child and is here, what is the question about marrying Navya to someone. She hangs up. Cabir’s mother thinks what will happen of her Cabir if Navya is married to Sunny Sharma.
At the venue, Pandit ji tells the media that they must expect the best because identifying a new talent is also an art and he is going to introduce a novel talent today at the fusion concert. Nandini comes to the venue where preparations of concert were taking place, Manik comes to her and says it’s The Day. Nandini says we must perform together, Manik says hey will always be together but if they can’t perform today, she must, for her Ambs. Nandini says he is perfect, like Chachi and Rishab Ambs will also love him. He asks love?, what about her? She asks what she… what she may say? The fans blow at once and a curtain drops over both of them and then fly over. Both look at each other, Manik comes to hold her and says so? She says so, nothing. He says alright, I would say; I Love … she holds her hand over his mouth. He says she was talking big that she isn’t effected, what now. She says let’s wait sometime else, today isn’t over; smiles and leaves. Manik says it is so difficult to understand her and today he must be nervous why her?
Neonika comes to Pandit ji and asks is buzz enough for the concert. Pandit ji says there had to be buzz because of him but she also has a big contribution. Neonika says Space’s reputation is the most important for her, and his dream about getting Nandini will be fulfilled today too. Pandit ji says he wants to show Nandini’s talent to the world and the world to Nandini. Pandit ji gets Ambs call, he was excited and says she will love Nandini’s performance as he has trained her well. Ambs says she has returned to Banglore, but Nandini won’t let her and him down. She would pray for the performance. Pandit ji think if Ambs won’t be here, Nandini will be free.
Principal comes thinking what is he forgetting. Cabir was waiting when Mukti and Aaliya come to him, Cabir says this is their last chance. Principal gets the three and says that they have to do the opening, Aaliya says no one informed them about opening performance. Principal says no concert of Space ever starts without Fab5’s performance. Cabir says it is an Indian concert, principal calls Navya and says she will perform the Indian act. Dhruv comes and says he can’t perform today because he is already giving a performance. Principal says this is a real act for them.
Cabir pays the goons for beating Manik, it must just seem that Manik is being beaten and Dhruv must think that Manik is being beaten badly. There Pandit ji says he will see how Manik comes to concert, it isn’t possible for him. Mukti was unsure but Cabir says there won’t be any problem.

PRECAP: Neonika complains to Nandini that her son is crazy after a small town girl. Nandini says she deserves what she has got. In the concert, Neonika announces about a performance.

Update Credit to: Sona


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    Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu
    Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu..

    Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
    Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
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    Aisi waisi baat soch kar

    Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
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    Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
    Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
    Jaise Mera Tu..
    Aye.. oo.. ee..
    Na na.. yea..

    (Mehar.. mehar.. meherbani ho)

    Fariyad karti phir yaad karti
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    Kuch bhi nahi hai
    Kuch phir bhi hai
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    Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
    Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
    Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
    Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
    Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
    Hoo hoo.. (jaise mera tu)
    Meher.. meher.. meherbaniyan
    Jaise mera tu..
    Jaise mera tu!