Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes to Amms, Amms was angry and shouts she knows what she told about Manik, she expected Manik to listen to her and will come out when she would tell him but he has no patience. Nandini tries to explain, but Amms says she doesn’t want any other drama in Gurukul. She tells Nandini tomorrow is her birthday and she wants it to be good, it would be better the SPACE students leave in the morning. Amms leaves.
Cabir was angry at Manik, Mukti and Aaliya say that Raghv has gone away from his life, he must not get angry at Manik. Aryaman stood there and tries to interfere, Cabir shouts at him that he isn’t a part of Fab5.
Nandini was looking for Manik and tries to call him, she watches Manik asleep on a bed. She is happy to see him and tries to wake him up. He doesn’t. She

spills a bucket full of water on him, he sits up and feels dizzy for a while. He looks at her and says Happy Birthday. She smiles and says there is still time, he didn’t sleep that much. She asks where he was, she missed him so much. She asks if he knows how much I love you. Manik is shocked and asks what she just said. She steals her looks and says his ears must be ringing. Manik asks then how she knows what he just heard. Nandini hugs him, Manik hugs her back.
Nandini asks Manik how he came out of the room when Amms told him not to come out. Manik says he doesn’t remember anything, he feels so dizzy. He remembers coming to her room. Nandini asks where his phone is. Manik says it must be in Amm’s room, she had locked him there. Nandini says this means he didn’t have his mobile today, Aaliya, Mukti and Navya got messages for her birthday party today and Cabir got message from him to meet Raghv. Manik asks how that is possible.
Navya clarifies Cabir’s position to Aryaman. Navya gets nauseatic at once, and runs into washroom. Harshid comes there and boasts about his victory in front of Aryaman, Navya had heard it all. She comes out, and says this is why she felt nauseatic. Harshid says sorry he is eating fish fingers in front of her, Navya says she dislikes him more that fish fingers. Navya leaves, Harshid asks Aryaman to get to know how much she heard.
Manik comes to Fab5, Cabir tries to leave. Manik stops him, he tells Cabir he didn’t have his phone. Cabir thanks Nandini for telling him all the story. Manik asks the girls to let them talk alone, he tells Cabir that people don’t change from inside. He would always leave when there is no other way.
Aryaman comes to explain to Navya, the girls join them. Navya calls him Harshid’s friend, Nandini asks Aryaman why he called Amms. Aryaman says it was going out of hands. Mukti asks Aryaman why he was with Harshid all day long. Aryaman says he won’t give an explanation, but they must think about why they are so much against Harshid.
Raghv tells Cabir he had again left him to defend himself again in front of his friend, then he came back. He would never leave him now. Raghv asks Manik to leave them alone for a while. Cabir also tells Manik to go. Manik asks if he is trusting him again, Cabir asks him to go for a while. Manik turns to leave, then says he will always be there with him whenever needed. He will never leave his side. Cabir nods.
Manik taps the ball on wall thinking about Cabir’s words. He watches Nandini come in. Nandini looks at the time, it was about to struck 12. She asks Manik if Cabir didn’t listen to him, she asks Manik where is Cabir, she would talk to him. Manik says Cabir is with Raghv, he has asked Manik to leave them alone, will she now talk to him. Nandini tries to cheer Manik, he was in a bad mood, then smiles at her nonsense. He was still not happy. Nandini says she was thinking… Manik says if she wants to do something, she must return his ball; isn’t it better than breaking a guitar or something like that. Nandini returns the ball, and looks at the clock. It was 12, but Manik was lost.

PRECAP: Manik lay besides Nandini and wishes her birthday, he holds his ear saying sorry.

Update Credit to: Sona


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