Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik touches and feels Nandini and says she is she actually there, what is she doing here so late. She was angry that she came to meet him so late, hiding from Ambs and turns to leave. Manik holds her hand and drags her back. He asks her to sit with him, she was angry. He tries to ask when has she become so impulsive. She was at the verge of crying, he asks her to stop it before her tears come out. He asks her to smile in actual, she does. He holds her with her shoulder, she asks what will happen tomorrow. He leaves her, then takes her with her face and says he doesn’t know. Does she trust him and trust us, she nods. He says what matters is that we both are together, sing together, no matter they perform together or not. He says if she is with him, he can go through any thing. She holds his

hand back and smiles.
Navya was cutting onion. Cabir’s mother says when she saw her and Sunny in the college and whatever they were talking… Navya’s mother brings tea. She tells Cabir’s mother to give her some senses as well, as she now herself says her son is a gay. Navya’s mother asks about Cabir, Navya tells them that today there must be a big drama in college. Fab5 is breaking, Manik punched Dhruv as he has been very stubborn. Cabir’s mother was shocked too. The door bell rings then, Navya opens the door and Cabir was here.
Manik comes to Nandini watching a falling stars, Manik says the only thing you can do is to make a wish. He says to her that when there is no way out, block everything. He opens his arms and says then, let it go. He falls into the pool, and asks her to let it go. She turns back, and fells into the pool at her back. She struggles with the water, Manik holds her in his arms. He says Nandini, and holds her in his arms, submerged in water. He was about to leave her, she holds him back. He takes her to an edge where they both lay inside the pool.
Cabir comes to his mom and asks how could she. Navya stops him and says this tears is because of onion chopping. Cabir hugs his mom, she hugs him back. Cabir says thankyou to her.
Nandini says to Manik that she must leave, he asks how will she go drenched. She says she can’t change, he goes inside and brings a blow-dryer. He points it at her as she watches him drying her hair up. He was staring at her, she calls his name. He says he knows she has to go home, he will drop her.
Pandit ji was playing sitar, saying it seems God’s with him. Manik made it easier for her, he messed it up all himself in front of Ambs. Now he doesn’t need to worry about tomorrow. He takes two tickets, and says this will be Nandini’s gift for tomorrow. If she will go with him.
Nandini comes into her room, Ambs was awake. Nandini tries to explain, Ambs asks where was she. Nandini stammers she was at Manik’s home. Ambs asks she really thinks her wrong. Nandini explains that today everything went wrong, Manik’s introduction to her. Manik is very good. Ambs says still she had to go meet him, hidden from everyone. What you have to do secretively is always wrong. Ambs says the one who can’t be a good friend can never be a good person. Nandini says no one can be a better friend than Manik. Ambs says they both don’t understand each other and lie down to sleep.
In the morning, chachi wakes Nandini up. Nandini sits up and says she put an alarm of 4 o clock as she had to practice with Ambs. Chachi says she had to go back to Manglore as a neighbour called that Ambs house was filled in water because of water leakage. Chachi leaves, Nandini finds a letter under Ambs pillow. It was Ambs letter, she said she switched the alarm off because coming back at 1 o’clock and waking up again at 4 o’clock can’t make her a good student. She says that Nandini has disappointed her as a grand daughter, but she just wants her not to disappoint Pandit ji as he has worked hard after her.

PRECAP: At concert, Pandit ji tells the media that no one must have seen the talent he is going to show in this concert. He challenges that Manik can’t even come to the concert.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. sana

    Jab chot kabhi mere lag jati thi
    to aakh teri bhi to bhar aatii thi
    Jab chot kabhi mere lag jati thi
    to aakh teri bhi to bhar aati thi
    ek choti si phuk se teri
    sabhi dard mere hote the gum

    aaj bhi koi chot lage to
    Yaad aati ho yaad aati ho tum
    aaj bhi meri aakh bhare to
    yaad aati ho yaad aati ho tum
    maa maaa meri maa

    gud evening 🙂

  2. Tmrw’s concert! Wen wil dat girl cum n expose pandit?!! Bt ams wil miss it as she left fr manglore, she wnt get 2 c pandit’s true evil side…..nt fair:-(

  3. Abba Jabba Dabba


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  5. BollyWood News

    HEADLINE: Ranbir-Deepika 🙂 Get Married ♥♡Secretly In Mumbai, Katrina Kaif Heartbroken 🙁

  6. BollyWood News

    Yes its true.
    I too don’t like katrina.
    Beautiful couple- ranbir deepika 🙂
    But sad for katrina,,,she got ditched 🙁

  7. fairy

    Nt bad epsd…tnx sona…
    Bt why ambs went back wd misundrstndng…..she shld knw clearly abt manik…..bt l hp she ll undrstnd 1 day…..
    Manan were awsm….

  8. Ranbir Kapoor

    Do you people think I am crazy to reveal my marriage news if yes then you people have gone crazy I think

  9. Katrina

    Tune Ranbir pe line mari?? Use shadi kiya? Me nahin chodunga…haaye mein mar gaye ab mein kya karungi!!

  10. Kareena Kapoor

    Ranbir u didn’t inforn me about mairrage?? Deka jaldi jaldi me mera foto bhi ache nehi aaya

  11. Anushka

    U brkup with me…deepika left u! Hw sad haha!! Virat lets go hamara couples party ha na vaha jte ha!

  12. Ammy


  13. Virat

    anushka you cheater go to hell better than couples party you winked at ranbir in pepsi ad how dare you… ranbir dude good job dont put grass to anushka stay happy with your married life

  14. soundarya

    Hai ammy … sry yaar i hv to go nw, i just came to look who were all here..gng 4 sleep,, c u tomorrow,,,, bye bye dr…

  15. Virat

    I am going to break up with you anushka I hate you… you know what I had been out in ind aus match because you were present there unlucky woman

  16. Priyanka Chopra

    Shahid……phir se galati maat karo….ye Kareena tmhare liye unlucky hai…..mein hi hun perfect match

  17. Shahrukh khan

    seriously priyanka you know what because you wanted me as your perfect match my beautiful marriage with my beautiful wifey gauri was going to break

  18. SHAHID Kapoor

    Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
    Hone lagi hai dosti
    khoya khoya in raahon mein
    Ab mera kuch bhi nahi
    Har pal her lamha, main kaise sehta hoon
    Har pal her lamha main khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon

  19. Priyanka Chopra

    Hu….jhuth bole kawwa kate…..aab Gauri kategi…..sharam nehi aati ki ghar pe patni rehte hue ve mjhe line mar rahe the

  20. fairy

    Gud night guyz…
    Laura, u r late tday too….no pb…c u tmrw…
    Sandy ..missed u…
    Ok bye . Sweet dreamzz….

  21. fairy

    The much awaited fusion concert is going to finally happen in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

    The fusion concert brought many twists and turns in Fab 5, Nandini and Navya’s lives.

    Dhruv and Manik get separated while Panditji turns obsessive for Nandini.

    Pandit ji is the main villain who makes Manik, Dhruv and Nandini’s lives miserable for his own profit.

    However, Pandit’s every cheap plan brought Manik and Nandini more closer.

    This fusion concert is very important for Nandini because she and Manik reunite forever after this concert.

    Manik and Nandini to have couple dance along with Mr.X

    It will now be seen that Bollywood starts Emraan Hasami and Amyra Dastur become guest of the fusion concert.
    Both Emraan and Amya promote their upcoming film Mr X and have a very nice time with Fab 5.
    Manik and Nandini’s plan get successful of singing together in the fusion concert.
    Emraan puts ice on the cake in Nandini’s happiness by asking Manik to dance with Nandini.
    Manik- Nandini, Cabir- Navya, Aaliya-Mukti dance along with Emraan and Amyra Dastur.

  22. fairy

    Laura……l dint gt any news abt dhruv till yt…whn l ll gt any news of kyy…l ll infrm u guyz…dw…

  23. Max

    Every day, I miss you,
    Every hour, I need you,
    Every minute, I feel you,
    Every second, I want you,
    Forever I love you!

    GM guyz.
    Hve a nice day.

  24. fairy

    Panditji (Dishank Arora) plans to take Nandini (Niti Tylor) abroad & stop Manik (Parth Samthaan) entering in the concert in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

    The fusion music concert is going to bring high voltage drama for Manik, Nandini, Dhruv, Cabir, Aliya, Mukti and Pandit ji.

    It is being seen that Panditji planned to take Nandini aboard along with him after this concert.

    Panditji thinks that Nandini will never go against her Amms’s wish and leave Manik.

    However, Pandit ji’s cheap plans are not going to complete because Manik and Nandini’s true love will spoil his all plans.

    Pandit ji has now played a big game to stop Manik entering this fusion concert.

    Mr.X to save Manik from goons

    It will now be seen that some goons beat Manik badly before this concert and Mr X (Emraan Hashmi) saves him on time.
    Furthermore, Dhruv does no help Manik on seeing Manik is beaten by goons.
    Dhruv soon will realize his mistake of not trusting at Manik.
    Manik will complete Nandini’s wish of singing with her in the concert and Nandini will finally say I Love You to Manik.

  25. bubbles

    Fairy mein toh wohi hun na…aap pani aur sabun se banate ho…bulbule……bubles…in english

  26. bubbles ka papa

    Beta tum mein bohot hunar hai…shaadi ka bandobast kar toh liya…..par shaadi hai kiski?

  27. bubbles ka papa

    Dekho navya ki maat hai na shaadi mein..kuch garbari ho gayi toh mein raaste pe …….

  28. bubbles

    Papa jake raaste mein nimbu pani bechna….yaha pe pehle navya didi ki shaadi toh ho jaye…
    Areeh lux soap kaise ho?

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    Soap aapna geography ka gyan baad mein samjhana….dkh nahi sakti navya didi ki shaadi hai Harshad bhai ke saath

  30. bubbles

    Cabir bhai se shaadi hone wala tha……par yehi hua ki…kaal news suna Ranbir Kapoor ne Deepika se shaadi kar le Katrina ko chor ke…..phir ye toh normal….

  31. bubbles ki mummy

    Beta bubbles mein teri navya didi ke liye 5 star hotel book karungi
    Nandini aur manik beta haath pakad ke ayenge na?

  32. bubbles

    Mausi ji pranam
    Are mummy itna tension toh mein ve result ke pehle nhi karta….han han…haath pakad ke kya…….ekdum eek saath chipak ke ayenge….favicol se

  33. bubbles

    Mom kehe rahi hai mausi ji ki woh aapse aabhie ‘mail’ naam ke factory ke bahar mile…..kuch hisaab kitab bara bar karni hai

  34. Sacchime bulbule? Me abhi abhi yeha par ayi, koi mail par toh nehi gayi thi, sayad tumhari mummy ki yaaddas kamjor ho gayi he

  35. bubbles

    Aaj toh lottery lag gaya…..sare mausi ya mail mein….
    Mom ne kaha jaldi jaldi aane ko….mausi ji …important hai

  36. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I dint see promo dr I ws missing d shw & promos frm sm days nw nandu cms to d plc wer concrt wil b held she sees evrythng den manik cms he says no pb he prfrms or nt she vl b prfrmng dats enough she says wat he says I ws jst kidding shes says everything vl b alryt ambs vl luv u lyk chachi & rishab do he says luv? & wat abt u he says I luv & stops she says dnt b impatient wait fr sm tym a cloth fals on dem & dey remove it scene chng kabir ws standing alya & mukti cms den sm1 cms & says wat r dey doing hr dey shd b practicing dey say fr wat he says fr opening prfrmnc dey says no1 infrmd us dhruv cms d man says wat is he doing he shd practice he says I cant prfrm wid dem d man says he shd prfrm in any way he asks wer is manik den manik cms wid nandu he says he hav to prfrm in fusion concert aftr brk kabir givs money to sm1 dat dey shd beat manik bt he shd nt get hurt it shd look lyk he is dying den mukti says to kabir dat if manik gets hurt wat vl hapen kabir says nothing vl hapn to him mujti says vl he really cm to fusion concert kabir says he vl definitely cm pandit hears dis & thinks dat manik vl nvr think of cmng to fusion concert precap neonika says his son vl shw d plc to a middle cls gal nandu says she is getting wat she deserves den manan hugs & neonika says v hav a spcl guest mr.x den emran hashmi & amyra dastur performs on d song tere hone se hi mera hona

  37. sana

    Sara nw m gng. Do 1thing if laura comes…ask her to wait fr me today i will cm at night anyhw…do teen din se baat nhi hui kisise
    bye sara dan n aish

  38. aish

    akka vandhuchu ka ennaiyum oru manushiya madhichi nan sonnadhukaga Inga vandhurukeenga nan romba happy akka.nan ungaluku reply panni iruken

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    ok akka health a pathukanga nalla thidakathirama irunga enkooda chat panradhukavadhu health ah irunga akka ha ha ha(summa sonnen akka ungalukaga illainalum enakaga unga health a pathuknga

  41. fairy

    Hi candy……..
    1 request…no tamil or telegu or malayalam….cnt evn undrstnd whn d sentnce strts nd whr ends….

  42. fairy

    Hi ammu, welcm to kyy family…
    sara, aishwariya mam..haha…
    Dan nd aish..l hp u dint mind…
    Dan…run..run..othrws they ll nt gv u food as ur hostel wnt gv u food aftr 8….hah

  43. fairy

    Yes , ammu…sidiali momnts were toooo cute nd sweet ..they dint do anythng special bt tht’s too…awsm scene….

  44. Ammu

    Yeah aish i m new. Fairy i love warrior high too much. Bt sad to know that sid nd siali got caught

  45. fairy

    Haha…ammu…dnt mnd…..we bth cn cmnt abt warrior high in thr pg….evryday l cmnt thr…othrws kyy fans ll thrown us frm hr…hahaha…:) 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉
    I m really sry if u hv mnd…

  46. fairy

    Aishwarya mam…l hv mny fav sub…leave it….jst nw returned frm tutn to home….nt in a mood to talk sbt study…lol

  47. fairy

    Candy!! Did they send u back? U dint gt any food..;)
    Ammu, it hs bcm my habit to tell sry nd dnt mnd haha…..nd my real nm is a secret….:D

  48. aish

    enakku andha ponna pidikadhu sutthama bcoz enakku manik ah romba pidikum indha ponnu manik ah love pannudhey.poramaiya na light ah.adhoda idhu eppa parthalum namma tamil serial la vara madhiri aludhukittey iruku

  49. fairy

    Ok you guyz…chat..l ll cm latr….
    Tnx aish fr d cmplmnt……haha..thr r lots of ppl in d same nm in d wrld………

  50. fairy

    Haha..aish..hv only undrstood d wrds frm ur cmnts…they r ….light,bcz,manik,love,serial…..nthng mr…:) 🙂

  51. aish

    hi nutz nothing fairy I said 2 dan akka I don’t lyk niti bcoz I lyk manik very much but manik loves her so jealous ha ha ha

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