Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik touches and feels Nandini and says she is she actually there, what is she doing here so late. She was angry that she came to meet him so late, hiding from Ambs and turns to leave. Manik holds her hand and drags her back. He asks her to sit with him, she was angry. He tries to ask when has she become so impulsive. She was at the verge of crying, he asks her to stop it before her tears come out. He asks her to smile in actual, she does. He holds her with her shoulder, she asks what will happen tomorrow. He leaves her, then takes her with her face and says he doesn’t know. Does she trust him and trust us, she nods. He says what matters is that we both are together, sing together, no matter they perform together or not. He says if she is with him, he can go through any thing. She holds his

hand back and smiles.
Navya was cutting onion. Cabir’s mother says when she saw her and Sunny in the college and whatever they were talking… Navya’s mother brings tea. She tells Cabir’s mother to give her some senses as well, as she now herself says her son is a gay. Navya’s mother asks about Cabir, Navya tells them that today there must be a big drama in college. Fab5 is breaking, Manik punched Dhruv as he has been very stubborn. Cabir’s mother was shocked too. The door bell rings then, Navya opens the door and Cabir was here.
Manik comes to Nandini watching a falling stars, Manik says the only thing you can do is to make a wish. He says to her that when there is no way out, block everything. He opens his arms and says then, let it go. He falls into the pool, and asks her to let it go. She turns back, and fells into the pool at her back. She struggles with the water, Manik holds her in his arms. He says Nandini, and holds her in his arms, submerged in water. He was about to leave her, she holds him back. He takes her to an edge where they both lay inside the pool.
Cabir comes to his mom and asks how could she. Navya stops him and says this tears is because of onion chopping. Cabir hugs his mom, she hugs him back. Cabir says thankyou to her.
Nandini says to Manik that she must leave, he asks how will she go drenched. She says she can’t change, he goes inside and brings a blow-dryer. He points it at her as she watches him drying her hair up. He was staring at her, she calls his name. He says he knows she has to go home, he will drop her.
Pandit ji was playing sitar, saying it seems God’s with him. Manik made it easier for her, he messed it up all himself in front of Ambs. Now he doesn’t need to worry about tomorrow. He takes two tickets, and says this will be Nandini’s gift for tomorrow. If she will go with him.
Nandini comes into her room, Ambs was awake. Nandini tries to explain, Ambs asks where was she. Nandini stammers she was at Manik’s home. Ambs asks she really thinks her wrong. Nandini explains that today everything went wrong, Manik’s introduction to her. Manik is very good. Ambs says still she had to go meet him, hidden from everyone. What you have to do secretively is always wrong. Ambs says the one who can’t be a good friend can never be a good person. Nandini says no one can be a better friend than Manik. Ambs says they both don’t understand each other and lie down to sleep.
In the morning, chachi wakes Nandini up. Nandini sits up and says she put an alarm of 4 o clock as she had to practice with Ambs. Chachi says she had to go back to Manglore as a neighbour called that Ambs house was filled in water because of water leakage. Chachi leaves, Nandini finds a letter under Ambs pillow. It was Ambs letter, she said she switched the alarm off because coming back at 1 o’clock and waking up again at 4 o’clock can’t make her a good student. She says that Nandini has disappointed her as a grand daughter, but she just wants her not to disappoint Pandit ji as he has worked hard after her.

PRECAP: At concert, Pandit ji tells the media that no one must have seen the talent he is going to show in this concert. He challenges that Manik can’t even come to the concert.

Update Credit to: Sona

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