Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti and everyone else are sitting and Aaliya says that weather Cabir is going to bite. Mukti says that why is she asking this he is a baby and not from some other planet. Naviya comes and Mukti gets angry and says that they agreed when Naviya moved in that she would not do these things anymore. Naviya gets angry and says that she is tired of doing all those things. She is not used to sleeping in the air conditioner but still tried but she will not doit anymore as she says this everyone else laughs.
Aaliya gets a massage and is shocked to see Dhruv dance so well. Everyone else also come and congrulate him but he says that he wants to be viewed by his music not some idiotic dance.
Aaliya says that Mukti and herself have moved on and he should also move on. Dhruv says that he

was doing it for fab5 but now they got banned and he did not tell them this because Nandhani always said that everything will be alright but he knew that nothing will happen.
Aryaman says that he is going to call Nandhani but Dhruv says that he should stop because he will not understand and so just stop. Aryaman leaves followed by everyone and after they leave Mukti and Naviya feel confused.
Nandhani is crying and suddenly aryaman comes and asks her about what has happened and she says that Mady said that Manik will never return. Aryaman calms her down and says that the reason why they do not talk about Cabir and Manik is because it hurts and they do not want to feel that. Nandhani sys that she is happy that they care for her and the reason because she wants to be the Cr is to find out what happened that night with Cabir and Manik because they know that both of them were not drunk and not reckless drivers so what happened and who was responsible.
Mukti is standing in front of the elevator and the secretary of the society comes and says that she dress properly and to be in her limits because this sends a wrong invitation to the boys but Mukti gets angry and gets in the elevator.
Naviya has a sprain in the neck because of her son Cabir and practices her starting for the show. Mukti comes from the shower with a towel round her body. Navia asks her to not come in front of her son like this. Mukti says that he cannot even tell the diference between a boy and Girl so just chill. She sees a boy staring and tries to taunt him but as Naviya sees her she closes the curtains.
Nandhani is walking in the hall and Madhiam comes and taunts her but she leaves. As she leaves Aryaman pushes him against the wall and is full of anger but Madhiam calms him down and says that he has feelings for Nandhani and not just this also tells him to not touch him again.
Harshad is talking with his group and then Madhiam comes and asks him to back down because he is going to win and is here to stay and says some things after which two boys of Harshad’s group leave him and go with Madhiam.
Mukti comes in the room and sees three boys waiting anxiously for her and tries to make them see what they want but then the secretary of the society comes and says that she wil complain about her. Naviya gets scared but Mukti says that they can do anything in their own house.
Madhiam is beating the drums and Nandhni comes and they both get into a heated argument in which Madhiam says that Nandhani has broken dreams about the guitar strings and now of being the cr.

Precaop: The candidates list comes and Madhiam’s name is not on the list and Aryaman taunts him at which he says that if he found them involved in this they are going to pay.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Feeling proud to be ur fan @ThakurYuvi

    Wtf!!?? Now who did this??!!! I dont think its nandu’s team..nt aryamann nt muku nt alya nt navya nt dhruv…….so kaun bacha? Humare harshad baba!! I guess its jerkshad only!! U idiot! Agar tujhe pata tha tu harne wala hai maddy se toh election pe khada kyu?? Saaley darpok…do kheech ke maaru na tujhe tab jaakar iss atma ko shanti milegi…huhh…bohot daant liya tujhe abb mere pyare log ki bhi taareef karuu…
    It hurts!! It hurts seeing nandu so broken!! Cant say much…lehrein…hurts!
    Yuvuuu…tumhara music!! BFF ka hai!! Mere varun ka..tumhara first character jisse mujhe pyaar hua coz main HHL nai dekhti thi…so varun is my first fav…woh mere casanova varun ka music hai! Abb tumhare upar hi play kiya gaya hai! But u as maddy not varun…but jo bhi ho…yuvi hi hai na…that music pe..sirf tum best act kar sakte ho..koi aur k upar woh music play kare toh achha nhi lagega…sirf tumhare lie hai woh music..only urs copyright! Gosh! Bohot taareef karli maine! But but but…..feeling so proud to be a yuvian..to be The Yuvraj Thakur’s fan…!! U kno hw happy i ws wen i ws reading d tweets!! That ws really a proud feeling!! Aisa parth k case mein nai hua hai..aaj tak nai hua…ek tweet tha…that person wanted ur character to get ur gal ur love on d show…she/he love HHL n BFF n dont u to lose ur love as like BFF…that’s exactly my feeling! I want u to win ur gal ur love on d show!!
    Feeling proud…

    1. Plump pls y u always gave to compare yuvi with parth when u already kno who is more superior than other…….. so dragging parth in all ur comparing comments its soo damm annoying yaar…….. being a parthiani can’t tolerate this at all…..!!!

  2. Feeling proud to be ur fan @ThakurYuvi

    Thnx sona fr d updates

  3. shifa(shakira)

    pulmppy u frm udupi

  4. Feeling proud to be ur fan @ThakurYuvi

    @minnie…m again sayin this!! I love yuvi just 0.000000001% more parth…does that even make a perfect no.?? No na…see…im admitting this actually fr d first time…sometimes i feel that i love parth more than yuvi! How parth acts never to be compared to any1!! I bet no1 cn play manik better than parth!! He’s of no match!! Wen he ws playin manik…no no wen he ws playin prithvi in BFF only i felt that..no actually i loved parth more than yuvi!! I loved him..yeah that’s d truth…but gradually i came to kno more abt yuvi n parth wasnt onscreen fr 2 long years n i only kno hw damn much i had missed him! Gradually i ws hopelessly in love wid yuvi! I swear…i never like chosing/comparing b/w yuvi n parth! I never did!! Both hold a special place in my heart that no1 cn replace…!! I mean it..no1!! N i too feel bad wen most of d ppl compare yuvi wid parth…majority wins…parth ofcourse has more fans n more yuvi bashers who r unfortunately parth fans…they bash yuvi so much n i’ve gone a lot in tolerating all these!! What i wrote is nothin actually!! N as i said…yuvi in his place..parth in his place…both r freaking awesome!!
    Shifa…yep..im frm udupi…like 6 km far frm d town…

  5. Feeling proud to be ur fan @ThakurYuvi

    N i dont want to bash them as they are parth fans…now u say what i can i do in all these?? Atleast being only a yuvian or only yuvian toh samajh mein aata hai…but being both yuvian n parthian it leads one in dilemma…as wt to do? Whom to blame? Who is at fault? Wt if i chose some1? N my respect fr d other becomes less? Atleast now there are ppl who are lovin s2 n accepting yuvi…but there are ppl who still cant accept!! They blo*dy bashed him so much that it really shook me!! But 2day wen i read d tweets i ws proud…cn u say some1 who doesnt feel proud/happy wen his/her favs get appreciated so much?? 1 such person?
    Okay bye all…gunnyt…i’ve got to check my sissy’s reply on IF…
    Plz guyzz…check this manan ff…manan ff-darkness to light…the author is our frnd…n my best sissy…bestest ever!!

  6. shifa(shakira)

    oh.which place name

  7. Nandu aka niti plz don’t cry my doll u made me cry I got teary eyed seeing u cry ? aryaman I loved the way he consoled Nandu n I love parth yr cho cute, n navya aaliya mukti part was very good

    1. Agree sis!!?

    2. I too feel lyk crying if see nandu crying….

  8. shifa(shakira)

    prdas u watch manik show PTKK

    1. Nope di I don’t bas I used to see his attire pics in insta and now unfortunately parth is not the host u used to watch it di??

  9. Sara!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u the old sara??? Who always loved changing her usernames…ek baar sara aur ek baar sana…i ws d most confused…tu b’lore wali sara hai?? Is it u sis?? Sara???
    Shifa…u may nt b knowin d place bt i’ll say..LVT. Schl..milagres

    1. No she’s not ur sis sara she’s my punku sis sara!!!!

    2. No dear plumpy…….Shamayil is a lill busy I guess……..she is Sara amersi…..my sis…

      1. Lyk u!!

  10. Oh okay thnx pradi…
    Guyz…plz check this
    MaNan FF-darkness to light

  11. shifa(shakira)

    sry pumlppy

  12. Guyz its ur wish to check wt i asked to…she doent want to ask any1 to read her story…pudding wants ppl to read her story is they r interested…
    Now dont ask me who’s pudding coz i wont say her name…its her nickname kept by me…manan ff…darkness to light…padhna hai toh padho na padhna hai toh na padho..aapki marziii
    btw…time’s passing so slow!! When will this stupid clock strike 6:30?? I thot its past 6…its nt evn 5:30!!! Kitna wait karuu?? Wanna kno who will win!!

  13. shifa(shakira)

    plumppy m also udupi dist is liye tumra palce pucha

  14. Guys who do u like the most from kyy n kyy2?

  15. shifa(shakira)

    i like kyy. kyy2 get boring

  16. Arey y sry shifa??!! Its okay re…chill…n i remember d name u belong frm…starts frm “k” n ends on “r”…or d place is near starts wid “p” n ends wid “i”…that’s a big traffic jam place na…gosh! Its damn conjusted!!
    Btw guyz…any1 tell me d precap clearly if u hav watched it…what’s there in d eve?? Aftr d election?
    Sara…just giving a chance to kyy2 as all are equally involved in d success of season 1…+yuvii…n abeer…
    Ughh…this maddy!! Huhh…i hated it..d way he behaved wid rishab ws hell irritating!! Seriously! This yuvi na…cn play a role which is opp. to him so well!! This seems more like an appreciation rather than bashing! Actually its an appreciation…honestly…i feel like kicking maddy hard fr his rude behaviour wid my lovelies…!! N i loved it wen aryamann teased maddy…main yeh hu woh hu blah blah blah…i just loved it to d bits!! But but but…maddy smiles…cheater…huh…good that nandu n alya returned maddy’s file…harshad ka muh dekhne layak tha!! Setiously…i loved his irritated n frustrated face!!
    How does maddy kno that manik is nyonika’s son n he’s mannerless n rude person??…ofcourse to d world..nt his frnz n his nanduu

  17. Kyy n kyy2…all…donno to choose!

  18. DhruLya were amazing!! I loved it the most!! For me it was the best scene of the epi!! Totally loved it!! The hug was wonderful!!
    Mukti…this girl…is just out of the world man! That boy…he was scared to nuts!! Lol! His mom has a very sick mentality!! I remembered the first epi…that pandit wala…mukti was flirting with a pandit and he was scared so much!! Their room scene…he was hell scared man! Really…love those days!! Be it the epis or this page!! Miss those days!!

  19. shifa(shakira)

    plumppy u corret.i know u r schl

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