Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The principal asks Nandini she is hear and he has been looking for her in the whole college. He tells her he has a good news for her, he says a lot of students are eager to learn Veena, he promised that Nandini will teach them and help them practice. Nandini asks when to start, the principal says right now. Navya sends her with him. He tries to talk to her about Pandit, Nandini says she doesn’t want to talk. Principal goes to get her students in the hall.
Manik comes to Navya asking about Nandini. Navya says a lot has happened to him, she will help him anytime he would need. She says he was going to need her help one day. Manik gets her, he says she is right, he could have done nothing without her, only she can show him the right path. Navya is worried and asks if he is alright. Manic

nods and says, he says yes. He says thanks for being… black and white madhubala. He says Cabir made his afraid that she has changed, she is the same. Navya finds the way and runs from there. She stops and shouts Nandini is in music room.
Aaliya asks Aryaman if he liked Space. Aryaman says he liked only one thing. Dhruv takes him ahead, they stop hearing about a guy’s guitar. Aryaman says this guitar playing is a big black spot in SPACE’s reputation. He and Aaiya leave, while Mukti goes to tune the guitar of that student. Harshid comes and says it is good to see new, calm Mukti. Mukti says since his return he is saying that he has changed, but actually she has changed. Harshid says the Mukti he knew doesn’t exist anymore. He comes closer to her and says whatever was between them doesn’t exist anymore, if she thinks it can all end so soon. He notices her as standing there without reacting, he says he is impressed. Mukti says there was never and there isn’t anything between them, she is free from him. Harshid thinks it isn’t that easy being free from him, because he loves challenges.
Nandini comes to music room where she used to practice. She thinks about Pandit and his actions, all that he had done to her in that music room. She recalls the vision from last night’s kidnapping, shuts her eyes and pants.
Aaliya brings Aryaman to music library. She says this is the most interesting part of SPACE. Aryaman says this couldn’t be the most interesting part here. Aaliya says she has also seen NYU’s music academy. SPACE isn’t that bad. Dhruv comes to him, when Aryaman tries to flirt Aaliya. Dhruv straightens him up and asks Aryaman that he must get his card made if he has come there. He stops the librarian, Aaliya introduces Aryaman and asks him to make her card. She takes Aryaman ahead. Aryaman asks Aaliya what she plays, Aaliya goes to play the keyboard, Aryaman hugs him from behind and says they must play together. Dhruv seperates Aaliya from him and says Aaliya only plays with Fab5. Aaliya asks Dhruv what he is doing. Dhruv says he is protecting their territory only as a Fab5.
Manik goes looking for Nandini, she was panting and sweating sitting in a corner afraid. Manik asks what she is doing here, he asks her to breathe out and breathe in. The principal comes with students, he asks what happened to her. He asks students to call doctor and heads to call her family. Manik tries to hold Nandini, she watches Padit there in place of him. Manik slaps her, she slaps him back then watches her hand realizing what she has done and where she is. Manik says that is the spirit, she has to fight back. He tells her to calm down and relax. She wipes her tears and sweat. He says I am there and smiles at her. Nandini is hurt.
Aaliya sits in the café lost thinking about Dhruv. Harshid comes there and asks she… here? Alone? He sits with her and congrats her for rescuing Nandini and sending Pandit to jail. Harshid says she must trust him that he wasn’t to be blamed for Nandini’s kidnapping last night. Aaliya says she can’t trust him anymore, he wouldn’t have trusted her had he been her place. She isn’t an idiot, she won’t forget what he has done ever because this time she doesn’t want to get hurt. She leaves the table. Harshid goes behind her as she had forgotten her cell phone there. Aaliya comes from washroom, Harshid was there outside and asks if she is fine. She asks if he is following her? Harshid says he came to return her phone. He asks how she is. She leaves saying she couldn’t be any better.
The principal asks chacha to take Nandini home. Chacha asks Nandini to go home and rest, he had asked her for this even at police station but she was being stubborn. Her chachi is so worried, she even sent Rishab with him. The principal says that her chacha is absolutely right, she must take it easy. He goes away. Manik comes to chacha ji who thanks him for always helping Nandini whenever she wanted him. Manik says it isn’t needed, Nandini is his… Chacha completes Friend? Manik says no… she is special. He says whatever wrong is there, she always find a positive way. Chacha ji encourages that. Manik asks if he has seen her smile. Chacha ji asks what is the relationship of this all with their friendship. Manik says after so many reasons, she has to be someone more than a friend. Nandini smiles.

PRECAP: Manik says to Nandini that it isn’t easy to move on, she must fell asleep thinking that tomorrow will be better. He comes to her and says he needs a hug. Nandini keeps her head on his chest.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. fairy

    Tnx sona…..
    Epsd was okayyy…..wht happened wd nand….why does she cry in evry epsd…..dhruv’s jealousy was nc…..manik nd navya’s cnvrstn was funny….

  2. fairy

    Manik hd dn d r8 thngs by slappng nand….tday they slap each othr……aftr smdays if nand ll nt be fine like b4 , thn we ll see tht manik nd nand r plling each othrs hair….wow wht a scene….lol

  3. fairy

    The two story as Manik- Nandini and Cabir-Navya will have big changes in their lives in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    Manik is worried to see Nandini’s condition who is finding difficult to come out from her kidnapping trauma.
    Nandini is in deep shock after assaulted by the person (Panditji) whom she respects.
    Apart from this, Manik being a good lover and friend promises to Nandini that he will wait for her because he loves her truly.
    Nandini is confused whether she moved on with Manik or not.
    Cabir (Ayaz Ahmad) and Navya (Vibha Anand) not to get married

    On the other hand, Cabir and Navya reveal to their mothers they cannot get married as they are unmatched couple.
    Cabir promises to take responsibilities of Navya and her baby.
    Cabir is ready to bring up Navya’s baby like a father.
    Cabir and Navya will tied up some mature relationship just for Navya’s unborn baby.
    Furthmore, Nandini feels that she can only will be fine with Manik and remembers him.
    Nandini is surprised t o see Manik in front of her and hugs him.
    Let’s ee if Manik gets successful to get his keep smiling Nandini back.

  4. Nutz

    Awww. . . . .da way manik make’s his face innocent n helpless infrnt of navya! Dat ws funny 😀

  5. shenaz

    Happy birthday plumpyy may god bless u n enjoy dis day dr as it is ur day 2dy rule it as d way u want no restrictions dr
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    Bye guys

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    Hi joe warmest welcome to kyy rockzz family

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    After all these drama he has returned bck …. Gio…. C’mon bhv lyk a human being now….leave vaishu….. You hv good consciousness r not?

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    But I am sorry traces of humanity are fading away frm your character Ikshan….
    Wat hv u started grwing a tail? Are you transforming into a moonkkeeeyyyy………

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    And Sam has finished his data balance
    Well pray fr him Laura me al hc results nxt week

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  20. fairy

    Manik’s efforts to bring smile of Nandini’s face and back to her in normal state is making their love story interesting day by day in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

    Manik has decided not to force Nandini to accept him soon and waits for her love.

    Nandini knows that Manik will never leave her but she blames herself for making her and Manik’s life miserable.

    Apart from this, Nandini gets an opportunity to teach veena (Music instrument) to the student in SPACE but Panditji’s humiliation once again makes her weak.

    However, Manik makes Nandini calm down and asks her that he is always present whenever she needs of him.

    Nandini’s uncle to know about Manik and Nandini’s love

    Furthermore, Nandini’s uncle is happy to see Manik’s helping gusture towards Nandini and thanks him for being a good friend of her.
    Manik tells uncle that Nandini is special for him and indirectly confesses his love for Nandini.
    Nandini’s uncle doubts on Manik and Nandini’s relationship. Her uncle will soon find out Manik and Nandini true love to each other.

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  67. Laura

    Hmmmm mad people lachu better u tell the truth
    Dont tell more lies accept ur mistake admit that u r sree i wouldnt be half angry if u had not lied. Tell the truth atleast now

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  69. Vinu ?

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    wat r u telling r u mad

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    I knw sreelakshmi
    she is frm shornur and she is now studying in 10 and her father is my professor and she had fb deleted due to studies and I used to talk to her daily Any more doubts??

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    and lolz eri theeyil EnnA ozhikkanda
    in malayalam
    and in English don’t pour oil to the issue ….

  73. 123

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    sree is alive we can be sure of that
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    y r u behin lachu and sree?

  95. you kmw who m i

    When we hv someone lyk gio / / ray/ sithul to worry abt.. .
    Conservation of mass and energy……
    I advice not to waste our valuable tym bhind sree/ vinu etc etc
    If shree is real thn truth wil cm about……anyway ssel nauc pg it’s there headache too ( infact for the first time we r less involved lol)….
    So grab a popcorn enjoy the shw

    • sana

      We r nt the one who enjoys whn othrs r in prblm…. hvng fun in evrtthng is ok bt enjoying seeing othrs in prblm is nt gud.

    • ammy

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  105. Sireen

    The directors mst consdr a revieu of druv’s charctr …..stupd at tyms,cheeky at othes,wid a cnstntly changn lst of priorties…. He luks pitiful

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    The deeper bonds that are part of feeling really close to another person go beyond simply liking the same music and TV shows, supporting the same sports team, or other superficial things. True closeness is about sharing similar beliefs — for example, following the same religion. It also means having the same principles — like valuing honesty or showing respect.

    oh you are in love?

  107. naima

    Manik’s efforts to bring smile of
    Nandini’s face and back to her in
    normal state is making their love
    story interesting day by day in
    Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    Manik has decided not to force
    Nandini to accept him soon and
    waits for her love.
    Nandini knows that Manik will
    never leave her but she blames
    herself for making her and
    Manik’s life miserable.
    Apart from this, Nandini gets an
    opportunity to teach veena (Music
    instrument) to the student in
    SPACE but Panditji’s humiliation
    once again makes her weak.
    However, Manik makes Nandini
    calm down and asks her that he is
    always present whenever she
    needs of him.
    Furthermore, Nandini’s uncle is
    happy to see Manik’s helping
    gusture towards Nandini and
    thanks him for being a good friend
    of her.
    Manik tells uncle that Nandini is
    special for him and indirectly
    confesses his love for Nandini.
    Nandini’s uncle doubts on Manik
    and Nandini’s relationship. Her
    uncle will soon find out Manik and
    Nandini true love to each other.

  108. carron

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    Hiiiiiiii ammyyyyyy twinnyyy

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    Oreo I m struggling with factors

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  116. shenaz

    I think laura vanished long back when I was solving liya’s dought sry laura I couldn’t cum before really sry dr I missed u a lot dese days trust me I did not lieing Dr

  117. shenaz

    Liya is from sns I think so but she often b on any tu syt lyk nauc ssel sh kyy n lots more I think so

  118. Liya

    My first chatting site is kyy but m frm nauc dr which is my fav then m bc on sns and on other sites as u wrote.hihi.

  119. shenaz

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  121. ??Shamayil??

    Mild earthquake was felt in Nepal and some parts of northeastern parts of India on Saturday evening. The epicenter of the tremors, recorded to be of 5.7 magnitude at Richter scale, is said to be at near Kadari in Nepal.

    Several areas in West Bengal, including capital Kolkata, also experienced tremors of moderate intensity, triggering panic among people.

    The tremors which affected Bengal, triggered fresh panic among residents in Siliguri, Malda and elsewhere in north Bengal besides Kolkata.

    The aftershocks come weeks after the devastating April 25 quake in the Himalayan

  122. Sireen

    we on bhaf of aur schol hav sent financl spprt ..if aur lil hlp may aide Nepl in dis crucial junctre

  123. sara

    oh sry agn fr dissappearng I lyk both names & I lyk to play wid names so I keep on chngng

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    Drashti [email protected]

  125. Liya

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  127. Vinu ☺

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    I dnt know anything and lachu node nja chothichu aval angane onnum illenne paranghu arokkeyo paranjathaavum enne paranju and told that she will never come to tellyupdates again and ingane aano kyy frndsnte vishwasam faith enne chothichu!!!!
    ithu Laura ye kandal para

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    let’me tell you vinu sree dhanya was a girl who used to visit tu all of a sudden she stopped coming & deleted mail id all started asking one another about her then one of .our friend contacted sree dhanya’s cousin miya then miya told sree dhanya is no more she had cancer… then after sometime even miya deleted her mail id & stopped coming here

  131. ??Sara??

    hey vinu bro plz stop it no1 said u to leave tu naa… & lachu let her cm to tu den evrythng vl b solvd

  132. Liya

    Bro,then u tell me each nd everything clearly bcoz i dunno what happened.ur lil sis ll clear all ur doubt.

  133. Vinu ?

    nthaayalum liya Nee laura yode para avalkku maathram alla investigation nadathan pattukka poyi Ellam kandu pidikkan para ….

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    so lolz can’t a person change his or her name ??and u can tell whatever u want as it don’t affect u and making it a prblm and telling stupidity to me!!

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    ‘lok [email protected]

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    lolz can’t a person come in his or her name eventhough as there was person a person existing like that to comment !!

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    y shld I call lachu and I told her everything and she doesn’t want to come here as she hated it because u r blaming her much and she told u guys that u were telling that u will identify the true frnd from fakers but u can identify a person and another person full confusions and 0%faith

  141. Ricky Baig

    vinu prof it that u r not fake by calling laChu here.if she is nt cmng then tell her that her veer is callng her then i am sure that she ll come.