Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini cheers seeing Ambs and goes to hug her, she tells her this is Manik. Ambs says she knows about him, she saw him fighting with a guy, is he the son of college’s owner. Nandini tries to explain but Ambs asks her to go home. Pandit ji asks them to drop home, Manik nods at Nandini who leaves. Pandit ji gives a smile to Manik.
Aaliya asks Dhruv where he is going after saying so much. Dhruv says truth is always bitter, she knows it is true. Cabir and Mukti come there. Cabir says he has crossed all his limits of friendship. Mukti says Nandini has helped them always. Dhruv says Nandini made Aaliya and Manik’s breakup, Aaliya says no, she wasn’t the reason. Dhruv says they don’t agree at all, Aaliya says she wasn’t hurt because she has moved on but Dhruv is stuck.

plays guitar thinking about Dhruv’s words. Their fight goes around in their mind. Cabir and girls come inside the hall, Cabir calls his name. Manik says he is playing guitar after days, Mukti says they all understand as Dhruv isn’t a friend but brother; he must not tell them atleast that he is fine. Manik says he isn’t hurt today, he was hurt when he lashed out at me. Right now, I am shocked. He says he never thought Dhruv can lose his calm, but I will pour my anger on Dhruv? And I did today. Cabir says he did alright, Dhruv might get his senses back after his punch. Manik asks how he is, they were all hurt. Manik laughs that I understand, atleast they people must have tried to make him understand. Aaliya holds Manik’s hand and says may be Dhruv will realize his mistake and will come back. Manik says he wished so, but it is not happening; this time it is over. It’s over with him, I have lost; Manik Malhotra has lost for the first time. He leaves the hall. Mukti says situation is getting out of control, Cabir says we can’t see Manik like this.
Navya’s mother tells Navya that Cabir’s mother told her everything what she is cooking. Navya asks did she come home. Her mother says she recognized in first look, it isn’t Sunny Sharma. Cabir really has a charm in it. Navya says she only wants her to marry before having child, be it Sunny of Cabir doesn’t matter. The door bell rings, Cabir’s mother come home, Navya’s mother says that she has been telling Navya for a long time that her son is a gaye (gay). Cabir’s mother is moved, Navya whispers that Cabir told this himself.
Ambs was having dinner, Nandini tries to explain her but she asks Nandini not to speak while eating. Chachi brings food, Ambs appreciates her cooking. Chachi is happy that she can now cook it for Manik as well. Ambs is shocked that he has even come home, Chachi says he is a good guy and goes to kitchen. Ambs is angry and tells Nandini she is tired and needs to rest.
Manik was lying outdoor near pool and says this Pandit ji is cooking something for sure, that is why he called Ambs without telling Nandini.
Mukti tells Cabir and Aaliya that this girl Rithima is reading all her messages but isn’t replying. There is something behind Pandit ji and that girl, Cabir asks her to download callers idea to find her address. Mukti gets the address. Cabir says after Manik’s punch if Dhruv hasn’t got his senses back, they must do something else. Mukti says she would have kidnapped Dhruv, Cabir gets the idea and he kisses Mukti’s forehead. He says this time Manik would get beaten.
Manik records a video message for the girl, but was so disturbed he couldn’t. He records about himself and Nandini that Nandini is like a star for his life, she has changed his life. He is just trying to tell her that if she could help her, we can show the real side of Pandit to the world. The girl watches the video, takes a blanket on and goes to sleep.
Manik gets Nandini’s call, he says had he wished something else it should have fulfilled. Nandini says she needs to talk to him right now, Ambs is not talking to her. Manik says did she see Ambs reaction meeting him, it will worsen the situation even more. He says if he comes there, situation will get worse and this time he is trying to act mature. Chachi comes to announce Ambs will sleep with her today. Nandini disconnects. Manik says this is first time he is being stubborn, what a wrong timing. His phone rings, it was Mukti’s message telling him that girl lives in Ranchi. Nandini lay down awake, thinking about Manik’s words. Ambs was asleep.
Manik thinks that if he goes to her home there is a problem, if he doesn’t go to her home there definitely is a problem. He watches Nandini’s as he lay on the pool bed. He is shocked to see her there.

PRECAP: Manik tells Nandini he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow. Nandini comes to her room, Ambs was awake.

Update Credit to: Sona


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  12. fairy

    The much awaited love confession of Manik and Nandini is going to happen in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    The current track shows that Pandit ji has turned a complete evil and want to separate Nandini from Manik at any cost.
    Pandit has also called Amms so that he would make her realize that Manik is not good for Nandini.
    Nandini is worried on seeing Amms’s thought over Manik’s character but Manik makes her consoles that no one can separate them.
    It will now be seen that Nandini feels touched on seeing Manik’s selfless love for her and thinks to tell Manik about her feelings for him.
    Nandini finally says I Love You to Manik and confess to him that she cannot think to live without her.
    Manik gets confused to accept Nandini’s love

    However, Manik gets happy and surprised over Nandini’s love confession but he does not reply her back.
    It is yet to clear the reason behind Manik’s silence but Dhruv might be reason behind his silence.
    Manik is hurt when Dhruv put all the blame on Nandini for spilt between them (Dhruv and Manik).
    Let’s see if love confession of Nandini to Manik goes happy way or bring one more storm in their love life.

  13. fairy

    MTV India’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, it seems is attracting a lot of Bollywood celebs on the show. Earlier Sunny Leone made an appearance on the show and now its actor Emraan Hashmi, who will make an appearance for the Fusion concert.

    Our source informs us, “Emraan Hashmi along with his co-star Amyra Dastur, will be seen coming on the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. They will be seen judging the fusion concert and promoting their upcoming film Mr. X.”

    Viewers will enjoy their much needed moment as their favorite Nandini (Niti Taylor) and Manik (parth Samthaan) will perform together for the concert.

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    Ayaz Ahmed and Parth Samthaan onscreen friendship as been praised by the audience. Their equation has been given ManBir and fans love how both share things on equal footing. They were partner in crime when targeting victims in SPACE and ended up becoming eachother’s confidant when their lives started to get messed up. As well as this, it was a joy to watch Cabir play cupid to MaNan as he was the first to find out about them, and collectively, Manik, Nandini (Niti Taylor) and Cabir are known as MaNanBir. Viewers always appreciate MaNanbir in the same screen, as these fabulous actors breathe life into their characters. Ayaz Ahmed and Niti Taylor share an amazing screen presence together and the audience get the brother-sisterly vibe from them.

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