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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani comes in front of Aryamaan ‘s car and sys that he is not going to walk away like this and convinces him to come back with her because he is the drummer for the performance with the o2. Mukti leads the way and after entering says that he is going to take Cabir’s place and has a big responsibility on his hand.
Nandhani says that they should take a picture but it is not uploading,she goes out and bumps into Madhiam who taunts her. He leads her into the room and and says that he is not going to let some people take benefit of all the instruments. He says that they have to book the jam room if they have to practice. He says that they have to vacate it at the spot and does not listen to anything Nandhani sasy but tells them to get out from here.
Mukti says that she does

not have to waste her energy ad they will find another spot in space. Madhiam tries to make fun of them but Mukti gets angry and holds his shirt by the collor. Dhruv comes and says to Mukti to leave him because dogs have to twist their tails. Madhiam thanks him but says that he is not even a dog.
Harshad is thinking if Nyonika left and put all the blame on him. He stands up in surprise and sees Aryaman standing with drums. Soon everyone comes with musical gear in their hands. Hrshad asks as to what this is and Aaliya says that they are here to practice at first he says that there will be o practice as it is his house but Aaliya says that they did not ask for his permission and they will practice because it is also her house. They start to clean a room and Dhruv jumps on Aryaman saying that there is a cockroach Aryaman also gets scared but Aaliya goes and kills it. They start to practice and suddenly Nandhani sees Manik coming and asking everyone to turn up the music, they all start to play and seem very happy Nandhani goes up to Manik only to realize that she was Day dreaming. Mukti and everyone else try to calm her and sys that they know what she is going through everyone starts to crack jokes to make her happy and leave the performance.

Precap: Aaliya is requesting the O2 manger to give them a chance because Dhruv’s voice will sound great after the Voice effects but he does not agree and asks for Manik. Aryaman says that there is a replacement for Manik and even though they all hate him he s their last choice so they approach Madhiam.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plzz plzz!….brng bck MANIK soon..

  2. That manik part was so cute …. Nandu just said suddenly … I luv u manik …. aaw it was seriously cute man …

  3. It hurts!! Yaar idk to see nandu so hurt!! Ayyiappa y is it so complicated?? In d precap wen she said “manik ka replacement”…gosh! It hurts!! It hurt my heart..me so much!! That 3 words just made my heart tear apart!! N i love dhruv,muku,alya,aryamann sooo much!! They just didnt let nandu sob!! But alas! She felt miserable! Just wished dat evn navya wud join them…she isnt shown much nowadays… N i laughed at harshad so much wen he ws gettin restless while msging that b*t*h!! N i ws ROFLing hard wen fab 3 and ArNi arrived at ALYA’S house…not harshad’s!! Alya…go on girl!! Loved her dialogue so much!! Harshad ka muh dekhne layak tha…wah dil ko acha laga uss jerk ko tadapte dekhte… But aur zyada acha lagega jab our MaNan our Fab 5 wud b back!! N will be d best wen dat day comes… That’s a secret! N d precap wen fab 3 & ArNi were standing behind maddy n he turned…phirse i laughed…he ws lyk iss duniya mein “inn logon ko” “main” hi mila!!!??? Eager to kno hw will he react to d offer… Evn his GD will kno it somehw i guess… Btw…maddy had put on black shirt in dat promo na…man! He looked Hawwttt!! s*xy!! Sizzling!! Ravishing!! Calling!! Wid dat innocent too!! Weird combination na…? Its him! Okay shut up tosh! Nandu was lookin gorgeous in dat outfit n her hair just made her look more beautiful!!

    1. Hawww plump now u too started saying aiyyappa?? ??? I copied nandu’s then came anu n punku and now u too??

      1. Eeks! Hehe…sorry pradi…but that’s vry famous line na…aise hi aa jate hai muh se! N d line i wrote is d same of the MaNan ff its complicated… U read it na…in almost evry chappy that line is der so that just came in my mind! Ayyiappa sabko “ayyiappa” bolne ka shauk chada hai!!

  4. Forgot 1 thing…i love maddy too! :p
    love yuvi…always…YuvNa… That’s a secret!

  5. Bye guyzzz…gotta go! Love kyy…
    Kyy roxz kyy2 roxz

  6. Our Lost boy manik ! Come on yaar ab manik ko dreams mein nahi real mein dikhaao … Just waitin for ur real entry parthu

  7. Achaa guys tell me ye TU pe fanfic ka kya chakkar hai ??? Itne fanfic !!! Kyu kab aur kaise ??? One was of ky2 too !

    1. Areey many ppl were missing the shows which gone off air na ie: nauc so ppl were sad and commented a lot bout it so tu came up with this concept…..

  8. shifa(shakira)

    when manik back?

    1. That only na di….. fans trended for his real come back not in dream sequence

  9. Aah…im such a dumbo!! I didnt even see my dearie aisha’s cmnt n ran away!! Stupid me!! Aisha…donno yaar jahan bhi dekho fanfics dikh rahe hai!! There is wattpad nd IF fr FFs n there are loads of them!! The FFs’ stories are excellent here but its better to post on IF or wattpad! No offence! Writers who write their FFs here continue ur stories… Pradi u too!! Wen will u update d nxt one??

    1. Soon plump! Btw u are right best place to write ff is wattpad and IF only…. #nooffense

  10. Kyy?? Konsa FF aisha?? Tell me…i wanna read it!

  11. hey guys did u saw the new trailer of kyy some one sits in a car n says i hv to reach mumbai in 1hour n its manij but when he arrives fab 3 aryamann n madhyam performs together he feels n turns to go

    1. Dear everyone knows it few saw it on tv and even I updated bout the new promo….. don’t worry v kno bout it

  12. sry manik

  13. Why manik is taking so long. Plz come back as soon as possible. Eagerly waiting for watch a real MaNan moment. Can’t see Nandu sad. Plz come back soon manik.

  14. Yeah guyz…we want d real manik’s presence!! Not in d dream sequence! Yaar i cant wait more than thiz weak!

  15. Shifa..neenu monneya yavagla kelidde ala k nanu allige hogiddeya ilva antha…i didnt get yava place?? Allige ellige??
    Kyy roxz…

  16. Lets kiss you pooh in the car

  17. The song “gulabo” has driven me crazy!! I heard it wen it ws released bt my reaction ws okay okay hai…then one of my IF frnz used it her FF…n gosh! From that tym im maddd fr this song!! That chappy ws hilarious!! MaNan hav made me love songs!

  18. I had a homework in english…i had to write infact all my classmates had to write an invitation..music concert/wedding invitation…being a kyyian who wud lyk to write a wedding invitation…my mind n heart ws jumping in joy n ws doin all dance styles wen immediately d idea of fab 5 came into my mind! Srsly…me n my frnd..we read each other’s invitation n we both were lyk “u too wrote this?” n my other frnd wrote fab 5’s real names…i toh totally enjoyed writing it!! Famous band-Fab 5
    vocal-manik malhotra(guitarist)
    drums-cabir dhawan
    keyboard-alya saxena
    acoustic guitar-dhruv vedant
    ekectric guitar-mukti vardhan
    venue-pune auditorium…
    Lol…i so loved writing it k i ws smiling lyk a lovesick person!! That too in class!
    Gunnyt my lovelies…sleep well…any dreams except yuvi…that’s fr me
    Okay thnx bye 🙂

    1. Plump mere saath bhi same hua tha but in computer period teacher asked us to make mark sheet of 10students with total, average, proper etc bakki ka yaad nahi aa raha hai do even I wrote kyy characters name and when my frnds saw that they were looking like “iska toh kuch nahi ho sakta” hehehe

  19. & again dream sequence ???
    Episode was literally making me cry
    When nandu confessed her love for him(in dream sequence) the way she said ???I was literally abusing that karishma but as ever whenever MaNan comes in front of my eyes toh kuchhh nahii dikhta mujhe awwww my babies the way he looks at her .that was magical yet so intense, hot his smile ?smirks ?intense eyes aww?(MY KING OF EXPRESSIONS) and her happy face when he is front of her ???and again her dream breaks in her crying face ??that girl always makes me cry such a phenomenal actress that scene awwww ???

    1. Dear, I was juz jokinn!! I will not copy ur dialog………chillaxx!! WO toh bass mazaak tha…….
      Kyys2 rockkz

  20. are bring manik back aap manik ko sirf dreams me dikate hi please bring manik ko nandini ki life may

  21. Nyc epi.
    Plumps dear i hv a vry sad news fr u. . . . . . .i heard dat yuvraj’s leavng da shw ;-(

    1. Yeah she got to know and she’s damm upset I shared it day before yesterday what yuvi posted…..sad news na

  22. shifa(shakira)

    nange sa nenapila plumpyy.kyy2 rockx

  23. new promo dekha kisine kya…..

    1. Yep
      Manik is in his car asking driver to drive fast and turns on the fm and hears that Fab 5’s performance is going on
      When he reaches there he sees everyone enjoying and taking selfies and goes from there
      There’s bg voice saying will this small gap will create a big distance in their yaariaan something

  24. Yep…. I saw it Maybe Manik is goin to be back in the show…Plz every1 check it out.
    It shows that Manik is coming in a taxi and asking driver to drive fast and then when he reaches the venue he sees Fab5 performing with Dhruv as lead singer and Dhruv taking selfie with a girl and then he leaves from there… Check it out.

    1. U gave wrong promo lead was Maddy not dhruv and dhruv was not taking selfie with a random girl she was navya, aryaman and maddy and v came to kno bout this promo when it was released…. so thanks for ur wrong info

  25. Yeah nish:(… Yuvi has chosen to move out of d show… But its d best decision if v see in his POV…! So yeah m happy fr him… But i think that maddy will b der on d show..yuvi left not maddy! That character is a mystery n that karishma cant spoil it! Waise bhi she has spoilt d biggest mystery i.e dhruv-rishab attacks. N if she tries to kill d character maddy…toh i guess she has face a lot of hatred frm d fans!! N if i wud b on any social networking site na i wud hav threatened her too badly!! I’ve had enough of watchin yuvi’s characters die…!! I want his character to b continued to b some good actor…hope some1 of bff comes…heheh this is bff fan speakin now! Spoke much again!
    N nish coz of that one news i did not do my homework n i cud nt even get a proper sleep! N d nxt subah subah in schl marchpast practice! Yaar i ws mad n one of my classmates said dat kyy is 3rd class show n bass that ws d limit n i lost my cool i just blurted some gaalis on her which thankfully went unnoticed by evry1!
    Btw hw’re u doin??

  26. U too did d same!! Hahah mee too!! Even v had to do d same! But in 9th…in 8th i used to type yuvi parth fenil n charlie di’s names…nxt year reel names n real names both…n smiling lyk a fool while typing na?! @pradi…coz sometimes my cmnt wont get replied to ur cmnt…

    1. Yeah exactly even for a sec whenever their thoughts come in mind na then also i smile lyk a fool…. ik u too do the same…..

  27. Hi all …. Thanks minnie n every1 for tellin about the fanfics … Ky2 rocks

  28. Hey well wisher ! We all have watched the new promo dear … Parthu rocks this time … N minnie parth/manik is mine … U take karan or uttu… I can’t give him to u …

  29. Sry aisha I can’t…. parthu is toh mine…. I won’t share him I love him a lot! Aur waise bhi I didn’t ask permission from u na to take him like once plump said every parthian or yuvian considers herself as the biggest fan of them and thinks he is only hers but

  30. But v all kno v can’t take them na……and i don’t even want to behave like despo fan
    (its not a taunt for u) I always want to become a true parthian rather than biggest parthian by having all biodata bout him(though I have it) but I want to become a true parthian not claiming him mine and all ….I never liked parth before…. never as manik i liked him but not in real life I started liking him when I came to kno bout his down to earth nature by knowing more bout him….. I never liked him by his looks I liked him by his nature…..u keep claiming him urs coz I kno how much I adore him, how much I love him so I don’t need to say every time u don’t see his dreams u don’t say he’s mine and all so I consider my self as true parthian rather than claiming him mine ……
    #no offence

  31. shifa(shakira)

    manik’s entry mostly next week

  32. shifa(shakira)

    mostly manik entry next week.plz any1 today episode

  33. shifa(shakira)

    mistake mistake.any1 tell me today episode

    1. Aryaman and nandu have talk when she tells him that she never wanted to become part of Fab 5 her work was only to unite them which is now over
      Next day

      Dhruv stars recording by singing oh yaara but manger tells that he finds something missing in dhruv’s voice

      Producer tells them that he wants manik’s voice mail which makes him angry

      Producer warns then to prepare good song otherwise he’ll file complain against them

      Aryamann tells them that they need replacement for manik for completing that song

      Aryaman suggests it replace Manik by maddy

      Nandu breaks down while Fab 3 gets angry
      Later they come back to him and ask him who can sing like manik and he suggests maddy

      Fab 3 are annoyed and says they cant stand him mukti says if he comes in front of her then she’ll punch him

      Aryman and mukti goes to talk with maddy but are shocked over hearing him that he can’t play with any band

      Precap: nandu requests Maddy to perform with them but he says when he lost his band that only he owed that he won’t do frndship with anyone neither he’ll perform with any band

  34. parth is mine

    love u so much parth…come soon…we all viewers are waiting for ur entry..come on manik..
    plumpy ,ur comments are superb…i like reading them…waiting for our manik

    1. Can u change ur name its damm annoying

  35. Keeping my fingers crssd to see manikz come back, bt sooo worried abt his reaction seeing fab5 perform with maddy ….

  36. @parth is mine…thnx dear…its good to b open than keeping somethin inside urslf so i just speak up my heart! BTW…are u new here? Upar se u got only yeh username kya?? Sorry no offence…dont mind…just kidding…coz there ws a chotu discussion on it!

  37. Pradi…u r so true gal!! Just so true!! N yeah no need to say..but i feel lyk sayin as i cant stop myslf…u r a true parthian!! What u said is just truth!! Before being a celeb parth is a human being lyk us! Its him whom u love not d ONLY d actor in him! Ofcourse u love him as an actor too but first as a person he is! N idk y…m claiming yuvi as mine…n to b frank that’s unlike me! I dont address him as mine…woh toh aise hi mazak k lie kehti hu:P… Whoever it may be as his love of his life i’ll b happy as its his happiness aftr all! N in this thing im similar to u…i was not that impressed by his looks! Only that smile was innocent…i liked his acting…later i became addicted to him..n i ws lyk searchin in google all d info bout him i cud get…i read n watched all d IVs n saw that he is too innocent n honest down to earth so practical n his sincerity…that’s what made me fall for him…not his acting nor his looks! Its him what made me love him lyk this!
    I so love ur comment pradi!! U r a true parthian gal!!

    1. Ik plump And it was not a taunt for u… Its was just that I felt like saying it… so… and I never wanted him u kno imagining that parth will be mine and all few ppl think even like this also… and m toh panishipper so I won’t ever think lyk that…… ik how much u love yuvi in fact for me on whole tu are biggest true yuvian….. and u made my day plump saying me as true parthian…. I luv u!!

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