Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani asks Manik about what Dhruv was saying Manik asks her to check if he has a fever but Nandhani asks her not to change the subject . Nandhani tells Manik to come and sit and asks Manik to tell her if he is okay because if he is not she will call the ambulance. Manik is watching Nandhani searching her back to find the mobile and Manik pulls her and tells her that he is okay Nandhani gets angry and requests Manik to never do that again. Nandhani picks up a rock when Manik stop she and tells her that this was exactly what he was saying to Dhruv. Manik tells Nandhani that Dhruv wants the same kind of love that they both have
Mukti says that Dhruv should say sorry to Aaliya but Cabir says that they should keep their personal lives amongst themselves and make it public because if they

do the fab 5will never be the same as they would have to choose either her or Dhruv.
Naviya comes and asks as to where Nandhani is Cabir asks her didn’t she have a rehearsal and shouldn’t she be there Nanviya says that she didn’t knew that she would have to rehearse with Aryaman.
Nandhani is sitting on Maniks laap and Nandhani tells him that he seems fine to her and that they should go because his friends are waiting for him but Manik tells her that his friends will not disturb him then they hear Naviya shouting Nandhani and Manik says that her friends will always disturb him.
Nandhani reaches Maniks room and asks Naviya that she came to check on Manik but Naviya says that she came to talk about Aryaman as to why did she chose him .Cabir says that Aryaman is playing her then Aaliya says that he came to her house with Harshad Nandhani says that Aryaman told her because he had to say something to Harshad. Manik says to Nandhani that she should give it a thought as to why her friends are all disagreeing with her then Manik picks up a glass and after taking a sip throws the rest on Nandhani and she angrily leaves then Manik tells everyone that they should start going because they need to practice and so Cabir tells Mukti to take her car and they take off.
Harshad texts Mukti then she texts him back and says that he does not her to well and she has a plan to put into action to stop Harshad.
Cabir gives Naviya a souvenir and says that he used it whenever he got nervous and that she should have it . Cabir says that after she gets the job she would make him a treat and they would eat it togrther.
Aaliya watches them together from behind and suddenly Aryaman comes and asks what the matter is and she that she does not want to talk to him then Dhruv also comes from behind and moves towards but she leaves.
Nandhani is in the kitchen making something for Manik and Manik comes from behind and they both grt into a fight then Nandhani drops Honey on the floor and when she is about to leave she cannot move and Mank lifts her up and then puts her back on the ground. Nandhani tries to walk and does not listen to Manik and goes away

Precap: Nandhani is asking Manik to come with her but he is not moving and also pulls Nandhani to make her sit with him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Angelina?(anu)

    Oovee d scene wen nandu was sitting on manik’s lap……..n then at d end the scene was amazingggg!! No words to say!!! ?????

  2. ?pradishma?

    Manik some day u will kill me with ur looks yaar….. fabulous job and my doll u r toh marvelous “!

    • Angelina?(anu)

      Yes prads!!! U know I get goose bumps while watching them!!?? n u know it doesn’t look as if they r acting!!! The expressions n d feelings r juz wowwww!!!!!????

  3. Angelina?(anu)

    Prads, u doubted me two b4 na………….so I was juz asking that do u still doubt me??

  4. Angelina?(anu)

    Pradssss yarrr I juz asked coz I felt it to be cleared yarrr!! Pleaseee u r getting me wrong!!! If I wud still be angry wid u then y wud I send u pics of sisters……?
    I sent those pics for u to realise that nothing is over n we r still sisters…..

  5. Angelina?(anu)

    I juz want d trust back which u have on me…. That’s it! Can’t i have this much ryt on u?

    • ?pradishma?

      U always have right on me…. but when I said I don’t trust u anymore so u r asking trust once again

    • ?pradishma?

      When did I said I don’t trust u damet!!!! Have I ever said I don’t trust u…… so y are u asking questions like….. ‘I jus want the trust back and all’ …..

    • ?pradishma?

      But anu want that only….. dying everyday by her these questions is better to die once and leave tu… so that she would be peaceful

    • ?pradishma?

      What that I Don’t trust anu anymore
      Fine!!! Sara if u also want that then m okay with it…..

  6. Angelina?(anu)

    OK prads. Thanx for ur answer………..
    Sara plz……Yarr u don’t spoil ur mood coz of me!! Chillax! M not hurt….

  7. Nishi

    I was saying u pradi that this anu is not trust worthy….. u saw it na today…..she did what I did…. but in another way….. and pls now toh unblock me

  8. Angelina?(anu)

    Sorry prads! I won’t disturb u wid my silly questions……… Really sorry for that….won’t ask u anything………?

  9. Angelina?(anu)

    Wat do u mean nishi??? Wat have I done????? N y r u all cursing me lyk this yaarrrrrr??????

    U all know y I came to tu? Coz my parents go to job n I don’t have any bros or sis…..so I came to tu to make some frnz who wud be wid me……then I got prads n athu…….they were d best sisters which I got! We became gr8 frnz………v all supported each other n v all trusted each other……..v always used to help each other…….
    But then athu my sweety she went……….n now ………….!!
    I don’t know wat to say!!! All my sisters r going away from me!!
    One by one all will go n I will be left alone…………….but why?????? …..
    No answer!

    N nishi first u said I don’t lyk this anu! But u still trusted me……n now u r saying m not trust worthy?????

  10. Angelina?(anu)

    Prads thanks for giving me ur answer…..n m sorry I asked u that question…I promise I will make sure that no misunderstandings come between us!! Let’s start everything again by forgetting it…….do u agree prads??

    I don’t know wat nishi is saying! N all that wrote above………m sorry……..after I read nishi’s comment……I juz lost my patience….

  11. pinky nd anu
    don’t worry guys everything
    will get fine ok
    plz don’t be sad
    sad face is does’t suit 4 u guys
    if i am wrong see in mirror
    cheel my dr frds
    keep smiling always
    don’t forget to see in mirror
    smile plzzzz
    my chinu vil do everything fine

  12. sana

    Bhula dena mjhe
    h alvida tujhe
    tujhe jeena h
    mere bina
    safr ye h tera
    ye rasta tera
    tujhe jeena h
    mere bina
    teri sari shoratein
    h ye dua
    tjhi pe sari rehmatein
    h ye dua
    bhula dena mjhe…

    Hello any1 here??

  13. sana

    Hello hello anyone to talk wid ths sana??
    Laura sam nutz sara fairy megha pritam auho aadhya ricky carron ananya di neha di bhai anyone????

  14. sana

    Tu jo mila to zindagi h badli
    ke puri nati hogayi
    h beasar duniya ki baatein badi
    ab teri sunu me sadha
    Milne ko tujhse bahane karu
    tu muskuraye wajh me banu
    roz bitana sath me tere
    sara din mera…
    iss dard e dil ki sifrish ab kar de koi yaha
    K mil jaye ise wo brish jo bhiga de puri trh

  15. sana

    Mjhe ishq se rehna tha dur
    gam iske bade jo h mashor
    Par ye dil h ki bilkul maana nhi
    mjhe khich k dekho le aaya wahi
    jaha ishq h bas ishq h ha ishq h

  16. sana

    Ha ye dil farebi h
    or hum sarfire bhi h
    pyar vyar hum nhi jaante
    sidhe sadhe lagte ho
    phir Q ese thagte ho
    lagte h kya naadan se
    ise to maaf kijiye walla
    ye dil h zara se h nithalla
    irade h beimaan se
    dil ye dhoka dadi kar dega
    socha na tha
    ese mushkil khadi kar dega
    sochana tha

  17. sana

    Har dua me shamil tera pyar h
    Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar h
    dhadkano ko thjse hi darkar h
    tujhse h rahtein tujhse h chahtein
    tu jo mili ek din mjhe
    me kahi hogaya lapataaa

  18. Ik tere năăl răwa mainTenu dil dă haăl kawăăn măinBas tere naal rawă main soniyeWoh ho o..Khwaab hai tu hai merahar păl hai tu mere rubaruKaash tham jaaye tujh mein ye samaaKeh rahi hai yeh meri arzooWoh ho o…Ik tere naal răwa mainTenu dil da haal kawa mainBas tere naal rawa măin soniyeWoh haayeTenu pal pal pyar karaă măinAaja iqraar karaan măinTenu pal pal pyaar kară main soniyeSoniyeOh yehi gungunati hai, gungunati haimeri hi arzooWoh ho ho…This is what I doThis is what I doWhen I think of youThis is what I doWhen I think of youI’m falling in loveHo… tujhe seene mein yun băsa loonHo… tujhe rakh loon dil ko nikalu wohDhadkan ke raston pe ćhup ke seTujhe le ke ćhalunFaaslon se ćhupa ke phir mainRooh se jod loonWoh ho ho..Soniye…Ho zulfon mein raatein chupa doonHo teri raah mein taare bićha doon wohDil khush hai, sab kućh haiYehi saćh hai, tu jo kahe tohKadmon ki ore tere aasmaan mod doonWoh ho ho…Khwab hai tu hai mera khwaab tuHar pal tu hai mere rubaruKaash tham jaaye tujh mein yeh samaKeh rahi hai yeh meri arzooWoh ho ho……

  19. Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Aankhein Barasti Rahi Aksar Judaai Mein..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Tanhaai..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Veeraniyaan, Parchhaiyaan,Tadpa Gayi Ruswaaiyaan..Saanson Mein Ghulti, Saansein Wo Teri..Lauta De MujhkoRaatein Wo MeriMahssos Karta Hoon, Tu Her Kaheen Hai..Per Tu Nahi Hai…Jeena Lage Saza Ruswaayi Mein..Jeena Lage Saza Ruswaayi Mein..Tanhaai..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Aisi Adaa, Sabse Juda, Dekhi Nahi O Bewafa..Mere Jism-O-Jaan Mein, Tera Hi Junoon Hai..Chhena Kyoon Toone Mera Yeh Sukoon Hai..Hasrat Mein Teri Main Jal Raha Hoon..Main Jal Raha Hoon..Roya Hoon Teri Iss Bewafaayi Mein..Roya Hoon Teri Iss Bewafaayi Mein..Aankhein Barasti Rahi Aksar, Judaai Mein..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..Aayi Jo Teri Yaad Tanhaai Mein..

  20. Kyun mujhse khafa, tu hai mere khudaDeewane se tere, kya ho gayi khataJo ho gaya judaJo ho gaya juda…Ho jaaunga tabahHo jaaunga tabahHo jaaunga tabahKyun mujhse khafa, tu hai mere khudaDeewane se tere, kya ho gayi khataKyun tere bin rehta hai dinMujhse yun rootha huaaKyun saari raat, mujhko ye chaandLagta hai toota huaaNa meri ye zameen, Na mera aasmaanDeewane se tere, kya ho gayi khataSulgi huyi saanse meriMaange jo tujhse hawaaDeedar de ya waar deDede na dil ko dawaNa tujhse mila, na tujhse mitaDeewane se tere, kya ho gayi khataJo ho gaya judaJo ho gaya juda…Ho jaunga tabahHo jaunga tabahHo jaunga tabah

  21. Aa ha.. aa.. ha..Aa ha.. aa…Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa niklaPata chala ke ghalat leke main pata niklaPata chala ke ghalat leke main pata niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla..Aa.. Aa.. ha.. aa.. ha..Aa.. ha.. aa…Jiske aane se muqammal ho gayi thi zindagiDastakein khushiyon ne di thi,Mit gayi thi har kamiKyun bewajah di yeh sazaKyun khwaab de ke woh le gayaaJiyein jo hum lage sitamAzaab aise woh de gayaa(Azaab: pain)Main dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda niklaMain dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda niklaPataa chala ke ghalat leke main pata niklaPataa chala ke galat leke main pata niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla aa…Aa ha.. aa.. aaha..Aaha.. aa…Dhoondta tha ek pal me dil jise ye sau dafaaHai subah naraz us bin roothi shaame din khafaWoh aayein na, le jaayein naHaan uski yaadein jo yahaanNa raasta, na kuchh pataaMain usko dhoondhunga ab kahaanMain dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah niklaMain dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah niklaPata chala ke ghalat leke main pata niklaPata chala ke ghalat leke main pata niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa niklaMain dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla aa..aa… o… aa….Woah….. hey aye ayee ye…

  22. Ye dil tanha kyun raheKyun hum tukdon mein jiyeYe dil tanha kyun raheKyun hum tukdon mein jiyeinKyun rooh meri ye saheMain adhoora jee raha hoonHardum ye keh raha hoonMujhe teri zaroorat haiMujhe teri zaroorat hai (x2)Andheron se tha mera rishta badaTune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiyaAb lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phirToh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaanTanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayiBanjaron ne bhi thukra diyaMain adhoora jee raha hoonKhud par hi ik sazaa hoonMujhe teri zaroorat haiMujhe teri zaroorat haiHmm.. tere jism ki woh khushbueinAb bhi inn saanson mein zinda haiMujhe ho rahi inse ghutanMere gale ka ye phanda haiAaa..Ho.. tere choodiyon ki woh khanakYaadon ke kamre mein goonje haiSunkar isey aata hai yaadHaathon mein mere zanjeerin hainTuhi aake inko nikaal zaraaKar mujhe yahaan se rihaaMain adhoora jee raha hoonYe sadaayein de rahaa hoon(sadaayein: awaaz)Mujhe teri zaroorat haiMujhe teri zaroorat hai

  23. o re piya hoin faaslo ka yeh faisla kyun dil ne mere kar liyakhud hi na jane kaise jiyega hoke yehtum se judamain wari jawaa, main wari jawaa, sathho ki ho ya bekasur renadaan is dil ki har khawahish ruthi sapne hue hai sare churpiya o re piya, piya re piya re piyapiya o re piya, piya re piya re piya

  24. Aasmaan tera mera huaKhwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaanAasmaan tera mera huaSaans ki tarah ruaan ruaanHo jaaye jahaan tu jaayePaaye mujhe hi paayeSaaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaayeSaiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaaraSitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]Tu jo mila toh yun huaHo gayi poori adhoori si duaaTu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tereMere jeene ki har wajahHo jaaye jahaan tu jaayePaaye mujhe hi paayeSaaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaayeSaiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaaraSitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]Tumpe miti tumse baniTumse hua hai haan khud pe yaqeenTu jo nahi to naa sahiMain hoon yahaan toh tu hai yahin kahinHo jaaye jahaan tu jaayePaaye mujhe hi paayeSaaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaayeSaiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaaraSitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

  25. sana

    Pyar h ya saza
    a mere dil bata
    tutta Q nhi
    dard ka silsila
    iss pyar me kaise kaise imtehan
    ye pyar likhe kaisi kaisi daastan
    ya rabba dede koi pyar bhi agr
    dilbar pe ho na dil bar pe
    ho na koi asar

    Ya rabba
    Pyar h ya saza
    A mere dil bata ……

    gud evng
    aaj koi nhi aane wala h kya ???
    Uff byee

  26. Plumpyyy

    Hello ricky bro!! Back to ur old username…hmm…baig ko miss kar rahe the kya?? Btw…wt is baig??

  27. Plumpyyy

    Ricky bro u here??
    I had to b reading bt m here to talk wid my dearie frnz bt u ppl r nt here velly bad velly bad*drunk nandu shtyle*…
    10 lessons kaun padega!! Uff..! I hate soc.science…science kya kum tha mera dimag khaane k liye ki yeh bhi aagaya!! Guyzz plzz come na to freshen up my mood!

  28. Angelina?(anu)

    Heyyyyy pradsss!!!!?
    Heyaaa plumpyyy juz came from tuition! Wbu???
    Want some jokes???? I have…

  29. Plumpyyy

    Am great pradi!! Only frm aftrnoon han…i mean aftr my english test…i guess der some laughin gas or somethin lyk dat in my class…teacher ws der n v all r laughin lyk crazy insane ppl!! Agn in home…i ws reading a ff i crossed a funny part n agn started laughin lyk crazy!! M so happy bt i dont want to read this boring crap!!

  30. Plumpyyy

    Ok if ur nt here then i’ll continue my studies…i’ve read a line nothin else than dat!

  31. Plumpyyy

    The line which i read-the historian started to give a philosophical touch to evry event he described. This is termed as history.

  32. Plumpyyy

    As u both r nt hr i continue my studies…actually der is only one lesson left fr me to study..other all lessons toh i’ve learnt them… Bt hindi ka pata nai…class mein i will b lyk wen will this lady get out frm d classroom n sleepy!! Wen she goes out i’ll b lyk yippiee she’s gone!!

  33. Plumpyyy

    Best friends forever n humse hai liife…bff n hhl fullform…most of may b knowin bff full form as it ws parth’s 1st show aftr he did an episodic in gumrah!! Bff is vry vry close to my heart n i love it sho much!!

  34. Plumpyyy

    Shit!! Am WASTING my time here!! No1 is here then wt will do?? Waise bhi test toh mujhe bi likhna hai!! So byeee…

  35. Plumpyyy

    Der 12 cmnts of mine continuosly…n dis is 13th cmnt…jo bhi aaega padke rehna…nai toh my time n energy aise hi waste ho jaayega…oops correction! Waste ho gaya hai!! *disappointed me*… 🙁

  36. ?pradishma?

    Plump I hope it cheers u a bit

    Santa class me haans raha tha,
    Ek ladka bola : Stand UP, kaun ho tum?
    Santa : Tum kaun ho?
    Ladka : Mein monitor hu?
    Santa : Te phir mein CPU hu!!!

  37. Plumpyyy

    July 21st…uss din fanaah bhi start hua tha…bt it ended…missin 2 persons of dat show badly!! Especially d male lead..nt main male lead…parallel lead…love him…guess who

      • Plumpyyy

        Well..yeah am missin old days of this page loads!! Actually i ws a silent reader b4 bt became a part of this lovely family…m missin my awwwhooo adhu fairy nutz laura ammy di suhash bhai sam(still remember wen i commented here fr d 1st tym!) niks sara aish sound akka anju ananya di neha di sana kuhu n evry1…sry if i missed any1..lol..i missed mny of u…sholly agn…
        N happy dat those IDIOTS n PEACE BREAKERS arent here anymore!!

  38. ?pradishma?

    Santa (Ladki ko chedte hue): Hor soniya ki haal he…??
    Ladki (gusse me) boli: Jo teri behn ka hai.
    Santa (hans kar): Woh to pregnant hai!!!

      • Plumpyyy

        Remember anshuman of fanaah?? Sarthak of fanaah season 2??? That one…my lovliest cutest hottest s*xiest most adorable d owner of d world’s best smile…i.e. YuVrAj ThAkUr… <3 <3

  39. ?pradishma?

    Btw plump did u watch pani interviews today they were amazing especially sbs and telly masala segment

    • Plumpyyy

      Nope pradi…no time aajkal…4pm i return frm schl…extra class hai toh it’ll b 5pm…then i’ll b on IF reading d ffs n os n ss or chattin wid my frnz der…if possible i come here…6:30-7:00 kyy…then study time!! Dinner…chill n talk loads wid mom n bro n then off to sleep!

  40. ?pradishma?

    Jo dete hai ladki ko tohfe,
    Wo late hai unki shaadi me sofe,

    Jo jate hai unke piche,
    Wo aate hai caro ke neeche,

    Jo kehte hai JAANU,
    Wahi bante hai baacho ke MAMU!!!!????

  41. Angelina?(anu)

    Sardar’s friend: yaar last year d name plate outside ur house read-Santa Singh B.A!
    N now its written- MA!!
    Wen did u finish ur masters degree??
    Santa: arey u don’t understand only!!
    Last year my wife died so I put BA(bachelor again)
    Then I took a second wife so MA(Married again)!!

    I know not that interesting……..read down…..

    Sardar ki maa ki death ho gayi…
    Ek saal baad saradar ka baap america she waapas aaya autlr ussne puch Teri ma kahan hai?
    Sardar: arey papa ma toh ek saal pehle hi married gayi!!
    Papa: arey paagal bataya kyu nahi_??
    Sardar-_ socha aapko khush khabri dekar surprise karr duu…..

    It was d end of school’s year n Joe’s mom asked:and were d xams difficult??
    Joe: no it weren’t hard at all……..it were only those stupid answers which gave me trouble….!

    Different roles of man in lyf-
    Shaadi k pehle, superman!
    Shawdi k samay gentleman!
    10 saal baad watchman!?
    20 saal baad Dover man!!!

  42. Angelina?(anu)

    Husband- darling can u be d moon of my life?
    Wife- awww so sweet dear! Yes….
    Husband- then stay 99,5547.87 kms away from me!!

  43. Plumpyyy

    Nope pradi…no time aajkal…4pm i return frm schl…extra class hai toh it’ll b 5pm…then i’ll b on IF reading d ffs n os n ss or chattin wid my frnz der…if possible i come here…6:30-7:00 kyy…then study time!! Dinner…chill n talk loads wid mom n bro n then off to sleep!

  44. Angelina?(anu)

    ” it is really very funny n hilarious wen I wife thinks that she is punishing her husband by not talking wid him for few days”

  45. Angelina?(anu)

    A last one-
    Wife- wat is 10 years wid me?
    Husband- a second!
    Wife-Wat is rupees 1000 for me??
    Husband- a coin!!
    Wife- OK……give me a coin….
    Husband….wait a second!!!

    Hope plumpy n prads u enjoyed it..?

  46. Plumpyyy

    Hell!! Im goin to read this goddamn economics!!! Hate it!! My brain doesnt work at all wen it comes to economics!!

  47. Plumpyyy

    Hahaha…hehehehe…damn funny!!! Anu dat ws great dear!! Thnxx fr cheering me up!! It ws needed!!

  48. Angelina?(anu)

    My pleasure plumpy!! All d best for ur xams plumpy!!!! That’s y I didn’t choose economics

  49. Plumpyyy

    Thnxx a lot anu…btw ur in 9th na…u hav choice grt!! V dont hav choice..its a branch of social science fr me…nai toh mai kisi bhi janam mein economics nai lungi!! Its like a torture fr me!

  50. Plumpyyy

    Any1 tell me to read na!! Scold me!! M nt reading!! Idk y!!! I want to read bt m nt able to!! Book dekhte hi muh mod leti hu!!

  51. Plumpyyy

    Kise poochu?
    Hai aisa kyu
    bezubaan sa yeh jahaan hai
    khushi ke pal
    kahan dhoodu?
    Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahan hai
    jaane kitne labon pe gile hai
    zindagi se kayi faaslein hai
    paseejte hai sapne kyu aankhon mein
    lakeere jab chhooti inn haathon se
    yun bewajah…
    Jo bheji thi duaa
    woh jaake aasman
    Se yun takra gayi ke aa gayi
    hai laut ke sadaa…

  52. Ricky Baig

    what is baig? lol
    yahan nahi bata sakta…hmm agar mail hota apka toh bata [email protected]

  53. Plumpyyy

    N yeah…missin my sweetest n d cutest n nearest n dearest sissy a lottt!!! Love u anu..my sissy…
    Love u..miss me;)
    love y’all:)

  54. Plumpyyy

    Oohhh toh aisa hai ricky bro…hmm no worries…mera mail id k liye toh nxt may end tak wait karna padega…(till d board results come out…n i hope it comes out on my bday…tab toh double party hogi;) )
    ok bye ricky bro…gotta go now

  55. Ricky Baig

    hahaha..vs joking…Ramal baig is my full name nd i use baig wid my nick name(ricky) also….ok bye nd gud luck..

  56. Plumpyyy

    Will b back 2mrrw…gunnyt lovlies…pradi if u come here…then jump to IF fr a lil while to send buddy req. Off to IF

    • Nh I have talked wid u once my previous name was sara(salley), salley145 or sally sue(sara)….its gud if u recognize me m another sara

    • ?pradishma?

      No I said punkin only I jus like that sticker after my punkin’s name so I used that

  57. Ricky

    lol everyone is cllng me bhai,bro….
    am very lucky…lol…
    sry sry guys….
    just can’t stop laughing

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