Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Cabir and everyone watch Manik’s news coming on a channel, Fab5 is disgusted. Dhruv also says things are going out of control. Mukti says we must have listened to him. Cabir says we must leave the regrets and should take things in control, and must find Manik first. Cabir asks to go to Neonika, Dhruv says she isn’t picking up the call. Cabir says we will do it in our ways. They ask for Aaliya, Dhruv says she might not come but Aaliya was there and says one must not assume about others. They head to leave, Dhruv says he will go with Mukti and Aaliya and Cabir must go together.
Neonika was in her cabin thinking about Manik and Nandini’s intimacy. She reminds Manik’s care for her, she thinks Nandini is making Manik a good boy but she won’t let him be. Nandini comes to the door,

and asks if she called her. Neonika makes Nandini sit, and says she has lawyer. Nandini says she also thinks the same. Neonika asks if she really thinks Manik isn’t involved in Soha’s death, she shows her the cctv footage of the store. She asks if she now know what Manik has done. She tells Nandini that this video won’t go to magistrate, she would say Manik isn’t involved in Soha’s death at all, she knows it because she was conscious. Nandini says this would be a lie, what Manik has done is self defence. Neonika says that self defence can as well take Manik jail and she can’t afford it. She tells Nandini to go with her to the lawyer.
Cabir and Aaliya get to lift, he asks her is there a fight among her and Dhruv. She denies, but he says he isn’t stupid and dumb. Aaliya says she shouted at him, in hospital and that is it. Cabir says he isn’t convinced. Aaliya says they are all worried because of Manik these days. He tells her that he will get the receptionist busy while she must look for Manik. He goes to the reception, the receptionist recognizes him as Fab5 group member. She asks him for autograph. He holds her hand, the lady loses her senses as Cabir gives her an autograph. Aaliya runs inside, Cabir asks the girl if she has got engaged. The girl says the ring has been gifted by her papa.

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He asks the receptionist if she came to their musical concert. She denies. Aaliya comes out Cabir says no, alright. He introduces Aaliya to her and tells Aaliya to give her an autograph. He asks about Neonika, as they have to discuss about their album’s marketing. The receptionist tell them they have a meeting at 3.30 with the magistrate.
In the magistrate’s office, Neonika tells Nandini not to lie. Nandini was worried when she receives a gift from Manik and turns to see Manik coming with the lawyer. Manik asks her what has happened, the lawyer asks them to come inside. Manik says he has always time for her and asks the lawyer that he can leave inside. Nandini takes Manik to a side, she asks Manik to hold her with him, he is shocked then hugs her. She feels relaxed, so does he.
He asks what has happened, she says she wants to ask him something. Neonika comes out and watches them. She calls Manik and asks what is he doing, magistrate can get him arrested right now. She asks Manik to go inside, he smiles and goes with her. Neonika asks Nandini to do what she knows she has to, no stupidity. The lawyer asks her to wait here and come when she is asked to.
Dhruv asks the maid about Manik at his home. The maid says she doesn’t know where he is. He and Mukti leaves, Mukti says they must take help from his girl friend. Mukti asks isn’t he feeling weird about them, Dhruv says in all this Aaliya has changed, and he feels dumb now. They listen to the maid asking driver on phone to reach the hotel and then reach magistrate by 3.30. Dhruv calls Cabir and tells him the driver is picking someone from the hotel. Cabir says this is Manik and asks him to reach the magistrate office.
The magistrate asks Manik did he run. Manik says if he had to, he must not have come here. Neonika says he was out of town. The magistrate asks Manik to sit and calls Nandini inside. Manik watches Nandni was worried. The guard stops Fab5, Mukti says Manik is inside, the guard asks how do they know. Cabir makes a drama and asks him to tell he is inside. The guard says yes.
The magistrate asks Nandini her name, and asks Nandini if she is sure Manik isn’t involved in Soha’s death. He tells Nandini to take time, as her witness will be the basis of case. Nandini have a few flashbacks, and looks at Manik who holds her hand and tells her to say the truth and speak what her heart says. She holds his hand back. The magistrate asks again, Nandini says I am not sure. She says she doesn’t know, Manik leaves her hand and gets worried. Nandini says that he hasn’t done anything, she says he hasn’t done anything. Magistrate says she can’t change her verdict again and again.
She says it was an accident. The magistrate asks did she see it. Nandini says no, but she can assure her. The magistrate rejects Manik’s bail. Nandini says Manik hasn’t done anything, Nandini pleads but his arrest orders are issued. Nandini asks him to say something, he asked her to say the truth. He looks at her and goes with the inspector. Neonika says she couldn’t do this much to him, he ruined his life for her and what she did. The magistrate has given the final verdict.
Fab5 stops Manik and asks where he is going. They were all worried, while Manik goes with them. Neonika tells them to ask their friend Nandini, who said she isn’t sure Manik is involved in Soha’s death or not. Nandini comes out, Aaliya and Mukti were rude. Nandini says she needs to meet Manik, Cabir asks did she say she isn’t sure Manik killed Soha or not. Nandini cries and says yes, she did. They all regretted, she runs behind Manik while everyone run behind her. Manik was sitting in the mobile. Mukti and Aaliya were angry at her, Cabir asks why would Nandini do this. Dhruv calms Mukti down and says they must think what they must do now.
Neonika asks Khurana to withdraw the case. He asks did she want to stake Manik’s repute. She asks him to sign the papers, as he doesn’t know what exactly is at stake. He signs it.
Nandini comes back crying, Navya asks what has happened. Nandini cries that she ruined Manik’s life, she told the magistrate that she isn’t sure Manik is responsible for Soha’s life or not. She says she can’t lie, and her truth got Manik arrested. Navya hugs the crying Nandini, she says truth is never wrong. Manik will understand, she just have to say. Nandini prays to get Manik back.
Outside the jail, Neonika says to Manik that he must have learned from his mistake. He says she is the last one he shares his feelings. She says she had to go through much pain to get Khurana withdraw the case, he says she never do something without interst.
Nandini was lying on Navya’s lap, Navya says he was sending her gifts all the times. This shows he loves her so much. She asks why she didn’t open it, Nandini says she didn’t get time. Nandini opens the box, these were shoes. The letter said, she must meet him at a venue at 8 pm. Navya says their love is strong enough, it will not let them separate. She must believe in her love, and talk to him for once. She is sure he will listen to her. Nandini says she is right, she will meet Manik and tell him what she did and why. He will understand.
Manik comes and hugs everyone. Cabir says he didn’t expect but Neonika did something for her. Mukti and Aaliya curse Nandini, Manik says lets forget it. Aaliya says she got him handcuffs, and he still can’t think against her. Cabir asks to celebrate, Manik says he has something important to do. Dhruv says they won’t let him alone, Cabir asks if he is fine. Manik says perfect, today is valentines day and they all must celebrate. Mukti was upset, Aaliya says it is unbelievable, he still wants to be with Nandini. Dhruv says he loves her and isn’t afraid to show it. Cabir asks them to go and celebrate together, Mukti says she has something important to do. Dhruv asks them to cancel the plans, Aaliya also has a candle light dinner. Aaliya says Dhruv is wrong, and leaves. Cabir says he can smell something sweet.
Manik gets in the car, Nandini comes to the court. Manik asks the driver to go home, he will drive. Nandini counts the money to pay to cab, Manik gets in the car from behind. She turns to see Manik leaving, and runs behind. She calls him but he doesn’t pick the call.

PRECAP: Navya says she hates valentines, Cabir also says the same. Navya says one can love anyone and anything, they will be their own valentine.

Update Credit to: Sona


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