Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad and Nyonika are talking and Harshad makes fun of Nyonika saying that she was not successfull in splitting Manik and Nandhani and made this plan without even talking to him. Nyonka says that she does not have to make Harshad remember his flop plans but Harshad says that he will not do anything for her unless she speaks to him with affection and love and when he gets closer to her she pushes him away and sees him with an angry face. Harshad and Nyonika are making out in the room and when they start talking Harshad says that did she invite Aryamanto the same place but Nyonika slaps her and says that he is crossing his limits but Haershad says that he crossed his limits sometime ago. They both are talking and suddenly Manik comes and when he sees them he gets angry Nyonika at first tries

to order Manik but he doesnot leave and tells that she is the only one who will leave because he is not going anywhere. Harshad tries to go but he stops him and says that he will stay put. Nandhani requests him come with her but he says thatshe now knows why he doesnot call Nyonika mother because he wtnessed the sme scene two years ago with the same guy and they are not even embarrassed. Manik pulls the keys of the cupboard and is trying to open it when Harshad leaves and Nyonika tries to stop Manik but he says that he will go his father and she will no longer be his gurdain and leaves without even listening to Nyonika.
Naviya nd cabir are in the room and Naviya that does he know that she was not feeling well for the past couple of days and her hair have also lost their nourishment so Nandhani gave her this shampoo and so after using it her hair will be alright . She says that how good would it have been if her mother was here she would place oil on her hair and they would be alright she goes to Cabir and asks him what happened then Cabir says that does she know that when he could not sleep her mother would pluck her hands in his hairs and he would sleep quickly and it used to work all the time but then Naciy that he hs the fab5 but he says that they are no longer together because Aaliya and Dhruv left the fab 5 Naviya on this is shocked and asks him to make them join the fab5 because tomorrow is the talent hunt and the Fb5 will not be able to perform . Cabir says that they will not and Naviya seeing him cry hugs him.
Cabir is in the practice room and Mukti comes who asks if he called Manik but he said that how can he when there is no fab 5 because Dhruv is going to Dubai on the contract of ace club then Mukti is shocked and says that she heard Harshad talking to the manger about Dhruv some days before but Cabir does not believe her. He says that dhruv was performing like a professional nd was even dancing he says that they did not knew that he could perform like this. Cabir tells Mukti that he got this contract because of his talent and then Mukti tells him that they can call the person who did this contract.
Manik says that make sure Nyonika doesnot come he says that Soha died and Aryaman came to destroy his life. Maanik tells Nandhani that she was making out with a guy of his age and he feels embrassed that he is her son and then they hug eachother and Aryaman comes says that he called him to see this lovestory and Manik asks him to see this clip and says that according to Aryaman he knows Soha very well. Aryaman sees ha talking to an imaginary Manik and then he says that no one can bring her back not him nor Nandhani and further says that he is sorry .

Precap: Cabir and Mukti try to stop Dhruv but he doesnot listen. Manik tells Nandhani that nothing is the same as before.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Finally the nyoshad dirty secret is out!!!! Thank God no more secrets…and its totally confirmed that talent hunt performance will b last performance of fab5 and dhrulya will also be there…… but do happy to see old wala MaNan back n thank God aryamann came to kno that soha was pysyco…… hoping for good fingers crossed

  2. kaise yeh yaariyan

    This is going to end on 27th August and there will be no season 2 as fans are losing interest as manik will be leaving and there will be no MaNan.

    Going to miss this show and MaNan and cabir’s funny jokes and Navya and her jokes as well as Druv and Aliya

    1. Pls for gods sake don’t spread such idiotic rumors…!!!!!!v all kno its ending and there will b season 2 karishma the head of bcc production tweeted it OK? So pls don’t spread useless rumors… so think hundred times before saying there will b no manan!!!!!

  3. I wish manik and nandini’s love story continue for ever.

  4. Will miss Manan,,,,

  5. @ kaisi yeh yaariyan?!???? Pleaseee don’t say lyk this!! By much difficulty v got the news that ky2 will not end n manan will be there…….pleaseeeeeee don’t say lyk this! Ky2 fans feel hurt???????????

    1. Prads…….wen r u gonna mail me sis?????

      1. i hate this serial so much ooo aunty dont do personal chat here got it

  6. thnk god to end this serial

    Comment edited.

  7. kaise yeh yaariyan

    its not ending friends dont worry,manan will be there forever

    1. It’s ending buy season will b soon n manan will be there in season two

  8. kaise yeh yaariyan

    It is ending hhtp://m.ibtimes.co.in/kaise-yeh-yaariyan-parth-samathan-aka-maniks-exit-show-forced-makers-cancel-season-2-642716

    So I’m sorry but I like kaise Yeh yaariyan 2 but Karishma is wrong. And even if there was season 2 MaNan wouldn’t be there as Parth Samathan decided to quit for his health and Abhimanyu would be the male lead with Nadini and everyone would have moved up in life

  9. kaise yeh yaariyan

    Or if u go on tellychakkar you can see

    1. ????????? I knew it ….
      Manik himself had told that he is leaving………. N its his own wish…..?????????

    2. That telly chakkar always spreads fake news…. OK fake u can trust these faltu sites but u can’t trust their production head….. really u need some brain and anu when parth told he’s leaving…. yes the show is going off air n everyone is leaving but he will b there on season two one fan met him n she asked him about season two n said yes he is there even raj baddan tweeted many times that parth is every much part of season two pls don’t trust such sites and rumors

  10. Look guys don’t trust such sites especially telly chakkar n all they just show fake jus check twitter n insta u ….kyy will go off air but next season will b there soon n manan will be there pani will be there on and abhi will not be lead u fool there was a rumor that aryamann will be lead but its a rumor nothing else…. u have brains na then think that how cum abhi will be back and IT he will begin back then what about mukti use some common sense….. and for ur info zain aka abhimanyu is already doing another lead role in zee tv serial…. got that so he can’t cum back n pls check karishma’s twitter account n get ur doubt clear n there was a rumor that in yhm when ishra’s consummation scene will be shooting that time kp’s wife will witnesses the scene but it was all fake news by telly chakkar n all… divyanka mam herself posted on insta the screen shots of links about that rumors but she clearly wrote that they shooted for consummation scene buy kp’s wife was not there such dirty rumors were there by telly chakkar….. now say….. n there were rumors like parth n niti abused each other loudly but it was also fake n the news about parth’s health is true but not that he is leaving and will not there in season two he will be there not abhi….. get ur idiotic rumors clear

    1. Now m 100% sure kyy is there n manan will always be there for its fans!! Thanku prads……?????
      As usual u took my side n closed that stupid jhamkudi’s mouth!!?????

  11. shifa(shakira)

    i am happy this news manik in kyy season2.tanks prads for giveing this news

  12. shifa(shakira)

    prads, u meet kyy cast?

    1. Nope di …..but I want to…. maybe in season 2i will visit their set….

  13. shifa(shakira)

    u r chance u get to meet manik

    1. Itz OK @ kaisi yeah yaariyan….. Not only Minnie…..it was a shock for all of us……thatz y wen u suddenly said that manan is no more…….we got very .much upset………plz try to understand!

  14. What kyy nding?Oh no.
    Prads and anu?remember me?

    1. U watch it??? Are u real athu….. the one whom I kno??

      1. Kais yeh yariyan
        Yes dear i am ur athu.U told me to come here (in if)

        Please allow me to post this comment

      2. Thank u sooooo much athu m so damm happy that u came back!!!!!

    2. Wen will ky2 season2 start????
      N wat all changes wud be there??

      Prads, n athu……can v talk in dtb…..athu….I replied u in dtb….

  15. thanku minnie for such a great news

  16. happy independence day all,love u my india

  17. kaise yeh yaariyan

    Minnie for god sake calm down ok I wrote what I read not just on tellychakkar but also on other websites. And tellychakkar is not always false they said harshard to abandon pregnant Navya and that’s that’s what happened . They also said cabir will turn out to be gay that happened to.U are not right all the time. And if u think you know everything why don’t you start your own website minnie knows everything.com.

    I love kaise Yeh yaariyan too as well as MaNan aka manik and nadini or parth samathan and Niti Taylor.so why would I want to spread false rumors

    1. Pls u keep spreading idiotic rumors and if u love that doesn’t mean that u will trust any rumors on sites got

  18. If manan r nt onscreen…dont ever forget that they r in our hearts!! Guys!! MaNan r inseparable frm us!!! V love our manan till eternity n to infinity!! Right guyzz!!!??
    Niti herself has confirmed dat der wil b season 2..!! Then y r d rumours believed?? Believe d one whom u hav faith on!!
    Chill ppl..kyy wil b back wid a bang wid another season..! Yeah its gonna end..yeah m sad…bt hope fr the gud..fr kyy2..
    KYY ROXZ!!

  19. Guyzz..did u watch sbb 2day?? Gosh i watched it!! They showed d epic performance of The Parth Samthaan!!! Of FAB 5!!! The last performance!! Of season 1!!! Of talent hunt!! Parth sang!! Dont hit me..he is besura! Nt cmpletely though..love kyx<3

  20. 30 comments…yakeen nahi hota ki yeh wahi kyy tu page hai jismein 3000 comments hua karte the!! 3000 nhi toh atleast 100-200 hote the…pata nhi kahan kho gaye hai woh din…kahin ghum ho gaya woh page..woh updates..woh log..woh hasi mazaak wale baatein..woh tang kheechne ka maza..woh woh pyaar bhari baatein..woh bhai-behen k cute cute fights..woh peace breakers na aaye tab hi acha hai(lol)..woh remix queen k updates:D..woh new year wali itna lamba chattin session..woh din jan 11 sunday…meri entry comment k roop mein…woh pal..jab mujhe mere pyaare frnz mile..mere behne mile..sare wishes jo mujhe mere exme k waqt mile the..evry moment in this site is so pure..i love my kyy roxz family a lot!! Wud love to meet u guyzz!! Woh din..14 may..sirf sana ko yaad tha k the vry nxt day ws my bday..i ws so so so happy!! Love u sana!!
    Love u all!!! Missin u all badlyyyyy!!! Yeh ananya bhi kahin gayab ho gayi hai!! I guess sirf FB pe rehti hai!! Pradi plzz tell anu to come to IF na!! Uska scrap ka reply ki hu aur mujhe koi reply nhi aaya!! Upar se woh scrap uska bday ka tha!! I pmd her wishing her hbd..woh meri behen hai na..so lazy ho gyi hogi reply karne ko..:p..
    I kno m a chatterbox..sry fr talking so much!! I kno no1 here who has free time…evn m nt a free person..love ya’ll..bbiee…loads of love
    plumpyyy…!!! Cute name na:D..by my sweetest frnd;)

    1. Yes yaar I will tell anu to come to if and reply u…..

  21. Guyzz…if u miss kyy…go to IF n read ffs/ss/os/ts drabbles of kyy/manan…there r mny…cherish d moments of kyy…youtube’s der..go watch kyy epis..feel on top of d moön:)

  22. guys the season 2 will start soon na?

  23. kaise yeh yaariyan

    Minnie I only read what I wrote ok u need to calm down how do I know if it’s not true or not some facts on tellychakkar r right ok not only you r right. Get a grip. U think your boss. Ure right and everyone else is wrong.

    Love kaise Yeh yaariyan I also hope for season 2

    1. Sorry for interfering…..but I don’t think she ever told anything lyk this that u felt that she thinks she is a boss! Plz…..itz a comment section, n if u a posting anything about the serial….itz not compulsory that all will lyk it……
      N u shud have confirmed it first b4 posting……….coz wen u post sumthing….n later we know that it was all a rumour……our hearts break………..

      N exactly this is what Minnie’s trying to tell…………so plz stop!

    2. V r not blaming u……….v r juz telling u that b4 sharing any news, plz confirm whether its true or not……….coz then we start believing on that news n later wen it comes out to be false……..!!!!

      1. Ya exactly anu, kaisi yeh yaariyan should have confirmed it before spreading it and there are many silent update readers of kyy so when they will see ur crap they will believe it and on social sites like insta and twitter they will go to that actors account n will trouble them unnecessaryly OK…… and what do I think it should not matter to u!! Am I boss or not its none of ur business!!!! Get hold on urself!!!!

        N guys there is a good news that it will b a happy ending ….rest I will fell later…

  24. Sorry to kyy fans (also me) i hav heard on wikipedia that next thursday kyy is finishing ???

    1. V all kno it yaar….even my heart is broken but they said it will b happy ending for season 1 nandu will ask manik to perform alone as fab5 will come so he will agree n fab 5 will come they will even win the competition and dhruvlya will solve their misunderstanding s and nandu will assure them that fab5 will be manik’s important priority n she will not interfare something like that…. n then ending of season one….. but soon season 2 will b back……

      And u can see thier performance on YouTube account of sbs(saas bahu aur beetiyan not saazish ) parth sang on his own melodies voice and it’s amazing have a look once…… and chill yaar they will always be thier in our heart ….ok ok i kno I said too much…

  25. shifa(shakira)

    ky2 27th end.my heart is borke ya

    1. Chill di….. it is going to end it didn’t ended now na then y should v be sad now rather v should enjoy the show na…..

    2. Correct prads!?????
      Di…..chillax n njoy it for now …..

  26. shifa(shakira)

    this show my fav forever

  27. shifa(shakira)

    prads u r lucky to meet parth na.

    1. Yes di…… She indeed is really very lucky……….she can meet the entire cast!????

    2. For me too!!??

    3. I wish di I could meet him….u really like him na….

  28. shifa(shakira)

    i real love him.i wish u both of u get chace meet ky2 cast.

  29. shifa(shakira)

    i am unlucky

    1. Don’t say that yaar di…… u are lucky…. for me….. for us…….

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