Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nandini says to Manik in the corridor she has a better temperament than him while handling things. Mukti calls Manik and tells him that all the messages have been delivered to that girl, soon there will be a reply. She asks where he is, he says he is on the fifth floor and she promises to come inside. Nandini asks why he looks so happy, what is the great news. He says it is just nothing and asks her what she is doing as time counts. Usually she always asks him to go to rehearsal, tomorrow is a big day she must go and rehearse. Nandini says she isn’t going to perform alone, he is also doing it with her; why doesn’t he rehearse. Manik takes her hands and says Manik Malhotra doesn’t need to rehearse, it is she who needs rehearse so go. Nandini says this is the first time he wants her to go,

she asks what is cooking. Manik asks what has happened to her, he doesn’t get it. Nandini says she isn’t going anywhere until he tells her, and tries to find something in her bag when the pendant Pandit ji gave her fell off the ground. Manik asks what is it, Nandini says it isn’t anything. Nandini leaves for rehearsals. Downstairs, Nandini says thanks God Manik didn’t ask for this pendant, when she comes across Dhruv. Dhruv says he wants to talk to her, she says it is good else no problems will ever be solved. Dhruv claps his hands for her and says she is such a drama creator. He says the problems between him and Manik can never sort out until she is there between them. Manik was coming from stairs and hears this.
Dhruv says her game is really dangerous. Nandini says she doesn’t understand him. He says he is agreeing her point now, isn’t he.
The car pulls up and Amb’s arrive at the college. Pandit ji comes to take her blessings, she says he is still the same after years. She asks about Nandini, Pandit ji asks to give her surprise.
Dhruv says to Nandini that problems between him and Manik started since she came; she ended their friendship since she came. Manik shouts enough Dhruv! He comes downstairs and asks how much he will say, there is no point in blaming Nandini. Dhruv says this is what she has done, else he should never have asked Dhruv to shut up. She proved herself innocent and fooled them all, he says everything she has said till today was a lie. Manik says to him, enough; this is rubbish. Dhruv says this is the truth and he must see this by breaking Nandini’s magic spell. The fab5 had also gathered.
Amb’s came inside, saying she is happy Nandini is studying in such a good college.
Dhruv says to Nandini that first he made friends with Dhruv, but then Manik was rich and lead singer. Manik shouts that he is crossing the limits. Dhruv says that on one side she was dating him and on the other hand Manik. Manik punches him and Dhruv fell off the floor. Fab5 come to calm Manik, Manik says he told him that it was enough. Dhruv says congratulations Nandini, once he hit Manik because is her and today Manik hit him because of her. Ambs and Pandit ji had also arrived till the door of corridor and watched this all. Dhruv says nothing is left to be proved now, the friendship that could be broken by none has been broken.
Everyone is helplessly sad. Manik gets Dhruv through collar, and asks him to stop it, not say any further. He was obviously hurt. Nandini leaves crying. Manik goes behind her. Aaliya says he can’t keep getting away with this shit. Some men were saying Manik crossed all the limits today and hit his own best buddy. Pandit ji apologizes Ambs saying he didn’t know this all is happening in the college.
Nandini was cying hard when Manik comes to the hall. He keeps hand on her shoulder, she says how could she she do this, she is sorry that she came between their friendhip. Manik tells her to shut up, she isn’t to be blamed. She asks didn’t he hear what Dhruv says. Manik says the problems he has existed before she came in, he was just finding an option. Nandini says somewhere, if Dhruv thinks, she has come between their friendship. Manik asks what she is saying. Nandini says she ruined everything, it was her. Manik tells her there isn’t any such thing, she hasn’t ruined any thing. She says she has, it is all her fault. Manik asks her to listen to him, she doesn’t. He holds her in arms to a table, and says she can’t by anything wrong to him. When she is around him everything seems to be perfect. He wipes her tears asking her to stop crying. He hugs her hard.
Nandini hugs him back.
Pandit ji tells Ambs not to worry, that Manik is a bit ruined guy as his mother is a trustee in the college. He says Nandini has been caught between such guys, and asks to go to see Nandini. Ambs says she will also come along.
Manik kisses Nandini on forehead, and asks so now does she feel better. Nandini nods. Manik gets into thinking something, Nandini asks if he is alright. He smiles curtly, at the verge of crying. Nandini holds his face and kisses him on forehead. Pandit ji enters the hall with Ambs then. Nandini is happy to see Ambs.

PRECAP: Nandini introduces Ambs to Manik, Ambs says she saw him fighting with his friend, he is the owner of college. Pandit ji leaves smiling at Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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