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Aryaman tells in the police station that this earring fall off his car last night, he thought about returning it but Pandit was in a hurry. Then something strange happened, he found the second earring in front of Pandit’s gate. Police inspector asks Pandit who says he bought this for his girlfriend. Manik shows police inspector the photo of Nandini wearing this. Pandit says anyone can photoshop a picture. Cabir says the picture must have date and time as well as location from where Nandini was kidnapped. Pandit ji says it can be changed as well. He asks who can know in the dark that this is Mud fort. The inspector asks Pandit how he knows about the location of Nandini’s arrest as they didn’t tell him about it. He tells Pandit they have to arrest him again, he must cooperate. Nandini and

Manik look at each other victoriously. Aryaman says congratulations to Manik, Manik says he can’t leave like this, he owes him something. Aryaman says they will keep on meeting. They all hug Nandini. Nandini and Manik look at each other in the end. The media telecasts that Nandini Murti proved her truth.
Neonika arrive at SPACE. The media asks about her reaction, Neonika says it is so sad but SPACE won’t tolerate her, Pandit will have to pay. They ask her about Nandini as she didn’t become a victom. Neonika didn’t want to say, but says SPACE is proud of her, she has proved that today girls aren’t any less, we are proud of her courage. Harshid hears this all. The media asks Neonika about Manik involvement in Nandini. Neonika says they are just students, let them be. It is Nandini’s day, spotlight must not be snatched from her. Neonika goes inside, Harshid follows her.
Mr. Murti thanks Manik. Manik says it isn’t needed, truth had to come to front. Chacha asks Nandini to come home, but Nandini says she will attend the college. Everyone tells Nandini to go home, but Nandini says she doesn’t want to rest. They all insist. Manik observes Nandini for a while, then says they must let her come to college, they are there with her. He tells chacha ji that they will drop her home after college.
Navya gets her mother’s call who wants her to come home, there is a tailor at home to take measurments. Navya comes to Cabir and says they have to go home, Cabir resists then observes Navya and goes with her. Manik says ok, puzzled.
Harshid joins Neonika in the corridor and asks such appreciation for Nandini. He tells her to stop pretend atleast in front of him, she won’t ever like Nandini because she has got her own mind. Aaliya was Neonika’s type. Neonika says he must ask Aaliya how she could leave Manik. She tells him to stay away from her if he is in SPACE that is the deal and leaves.
Manik holds Nandini’s arm stopping her. Nandini gets rid of him, he says they need to talk. Nandini says she left her phone with Mukti and will bring it in a while. Manik says she must get it, he is waiting. She nods and goes back upstairs.
The principal tells Aryaman that he can feel the music in its environment. Aryaman was observing the campus. The principal tells him that his recommendation was strong but his easy ways won’t work in SPACE. Aryaman comes across Manik, Principal introduces Aryaman to Fab5, the best in music and worst in discipline. Aryaman says he knows them. Principal says he has a warning for him, not to mess up with Fab5, they are a bit naughty; he must stay in their good books. Manik says he is already in their good books. Principal points Nandini and says he had to tell her something about today, Mukti and Aaliya promises to show Aryaman the whole campus. Nandini takes a leave from them as she has to go to library. Manik stops her, Mukti asks her to give her some space but Manik says no, and goes behind her. Dhruv watches Aaliya going with Aryaman.
Aaliya stood at the roof corner thinking about what Pandit had done to her. Manik comes to library looking for Nandini but the librarian tells him she never came. Manik spots Nandini on the roof corner and is shocked. He was about to shout her name, then doesn’t. He runs upstairs and comes to Nandini. He was panting badly, then comes to hold Nandin from her back. Nandin reacts by yelling Don’t. Manik says it is me, it’s ok. He says she built it all inside her for so long, he understands but she must pour it all out. They can talk, whatever she wants to. He is trying to ask her, she didn’t share anything, say it out now. He comes to her but she goes back again. Manik says whatever she said that she is normal, he knows that she isn’t normal. She doesn’t need to be strong, share with him as he is there. He tries to come closer, she backs up and cries. She says how could she let it happen, she didn’t understand Pandit ji, how could she be so careless. She sits on the floor crying. She says he always wanted her, she couldn’t understand. She trusted him to be her teacher and Amb’s student. Manik tells her not to blame herself, it isn’t her mistake. He tries to hold her face, she resists. He gives up, gets angry and says why she doesn’t understand it was that Pandit’s mistake. He should have killed him for doing this to her. Nandini cries harder, Manik was irritated. He comes to sit with her and says whatever happened, it is done. She said once, they will survive to this, together and they will fight through this, together. Nandini thinks how she can be with him when she is lost herself. She is wrong. He tries to comfort her but she leaves crying.

PRECAP: Manik says he can’t let her lose, if she still thinks they must not be together they won’t be.

Update Credit to: Sona


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