Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Fab5 deletes their conversation with Manik. Mukti says things have changed overnight, they were going the sign a deal yesterday and today. Nandini comes there, Aaliya murmurs that here comes a new problem. Nandini asks them to inform them about the proceedings of the case, Neonika isn’t actually enlightening the press with the truth. Mukti and Aaliya aren’t ready to hear, but Navya comes there to explain to Mukti Manik will be less tensed if well informed. Cabir says they don’t know where he is, Nandini takes the gift out and says he sent it in the morning, if anyone can have an idea where he could have sent it from. Mukti says curtly that he is telling them of being underground and then sending her gifts. The police come there asking which gift they are talking about. Nandini lies

that she asked Mukti to get her a gift and now she is denying taking money. The inspector asks them all to submit their phones, they all give their phones away. The inspector asks them to check everything, the logs and messages. An inspector tells them to say Happy Valentines to him from them and leaves. Nandini and Navya heads to leave.
Manik sings with his guitar.
Navya asks Nandini why were they talking to her so rude, why was Mukti behaving to her like this as she is very nice. Nandini says Fab5 are protective about each other, and she is an outsider there. Cabir comes to Nandini, he asks Navya to go and apologizes Nandini about everyone’s behavior. He says she must understand that Manik and they are together, he never gives gifts even to Aaliya when they dated. He says he really loves her, she blushes. He says I am sorry, she is wrong. He smiles and complains they confessed each other their loves and didn’t even tell him. Nandini says it is nothing like that. She says she met Neonika, she said Manik killed Soha in her love. Cabir was disturbed, he says Manik will never do so. He tells Nandini that Manik has never been in love with anyone like this, if he is in the murder case of Soha it means… He stops, and takes a leave from Nandini.
Manik still sings.

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In the valentines party, Dhruv and Aaliya have an argument taking Manik. A boy on stage says he always wanted to say this but today he wants to take a chance and asks Aaliya if she will be his valentine. Dhruv turns to wait for her reply. Aaliya says yes. The announces cheers that the famous Aaliya of Fab5 has said yes to be a valentine. The boy forwards a hand and Aaliya takes it, recalling all her times with Dhruv. Dhruv turns back, slaps the guy pushing him to floor and leaves.
Nandini comes to Khurana and says she is really hurt, but Manik will never be killing Soha. Khurana tells her to shut this drama up, she must be very happy. Nandini says she is really hurt, and knows how disturbed he must be. Khurana throws his pen for her to go, she bends to pick it up when Neonika enters. She asks Nandini what she is doing. Nandini says she wants him to withdraw the case againt Manik. Neonika says she doesn’t want her help to prove her son innocent. Khurana also asks her to go, but Nandini says if that the case she has her blood report as proof that Soha gave her sedatives first and then tried to burn her. Neonika also says that if she wants to save Manik she must leave. Nandini goes away. Neonika tells Khurana that he is a good actor, his hard disk is at his home and now Manik can’t prove Soha is mentally ill.
In the hospital, Mukti waits impatiently, the nurse helps Abhimanyu come out. He was weak, Mukti goes and take him by arm. He fells nauseatic at once, she says it’s ok and asks the nurse to get it all clean and she will take him. She asks him to go to the washroom, he feels pain again. She asks if he is ok, and asks him to sit on the bench. She says she is here, he looks at her then removes her hand off his shoulder. He tells her to please don’t pity him, he doesn’t need any sympathies. Mukti reserves she doesn’t mean that, nor is she being sympathetic with him, she wanted to be with him. He stands up and asks really, just like that? He came away of his home because of that look that she is having on her face. He saw this look on her mom’s face, the look of pity and he couldn’t see the fear of his death on her face daily. He is watching that fear in her eyes today. He asks her to go away, please. He feels the pain again, nurse takes him away.
Nandini looks at the reports and says these have to prove something and she will show them to Neonika and lawyers. She watches a gift and a letter from Manik, it was a red dress.
Manik smiles that two hours are left after which he will be meeting Nandini.
Nandini smiles with the dress.

PRECAP: Neonika shows Nandini the CCTV footage of old store, what Manik had done for her. Neonika says this footage will not go to magistrate and she will have to tell there Manik isn’t involved in Soha’s death. Nandini asks her to show the CCTV, but Neonika says she must do what I am telling you to.

Update Credit to: Sona


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