Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshid’s messages Cabir, Aryaman says he won’t reply but Harshid says he would.
Harshid as going from the garden when the message tone rings. Mukti comes out hearing Manik’s ring tone. Harshid hides Manik’s phone and brings about his own, Mukti says he is so obsessed with Manik that he set his ring tone as well. She wish he had got this obsessed for something good.
Nandini thinks about Amms, and Manik’s efforts for her to sing. She says she will do it, to bring Manik back on her eighteenth birthday. She says she can do it, grips on Vina.
Amms comes to Raama (the servant) in the kitchen. She asks him to pour some for Manik. Amms turns to receive Raghv’s phone who apologizes for missing the class. Harshid comes in and asks Raama for lemon. When he goes to bring it,

he pours medicine into Manik’s plate. Amms turns to ask what Harshid is doing, Harshid says he was smelling the aroma of food which is really diferent from food in Mumbai. Amms says here we use fresh herbs. Harshid says he is blessed to be able to attend her workshop. Amms comes to see Nandini.
Nandini was singing finally with her Vina. Amms stands on the door and gets sentimental listening to her. Nandini smiles after finishing her song.
Raama leaves the food plate to Manik’s room. Harshid smiles back.
Cabir was in a room when Raghv comes there, he asks Cabir if he now believes in him. They hug. The girls come there and switch the lights on. They are shocked to see Raghv sir there, Navya asks Cabir who has lost mind now, was there Raghv sir in the office. Raghv asks Cabir if it was his plan to get him with his friends. Aaliya says Manik sent them here for Nandini’s birthday, Cabir says how can Manik send them there, he had told him that this is the safest place to call Raghv. Raghv gets even angrier that Cabir was trying on him. Raghv was leaving when Harshid comes there, he calls Raghv loser boyfriend of Cabir. Cabir was angry and attacks Harshid, Rahgv stops Cabir from hitting Harshid, but Harshid doesn’t shut up. Cabir loses his control and throws things. Aryaman heard this from out.
Nandini watches Amms standing there and asks why she didn’t sleep. Amms says her Nandini has been struggling so much for music, how could she sleep. Amms says her efforts have brought colours, she would now show Nandini the surprise. Aryaman comes there to tell Amms something wrong is going on there.
They come to the room, Cabir had taken Harshid’s collar. Nandini is shocked to see Raghv. Amms is shocked to see her equipments torn, Harshid tells Amms that the Fab5 have spoiled all the rules here, this is temple but they are celebrating party over here. Raghv tries to explain, Amms asks Raghv wasn’t he out of town, Nandini and Cabir tries to explain but Amms doesn’t listen to anyone and instead shouts that discipline doesn’t mean anything to them and it was her mistake to call them here, still she won’t make them leave right now. But early in the morning, they must all leave this place. She leaves. Raghv thanks Cabir for this wonderful night, he says when his friends specially Manik is here, they can’t get over anything. He leave. Cabir asks Nandini where is Manik. Nandini says he must be in a flight. Navya says he isn’t, he told them to plan party in the room. Cabir says Manik told him to come here. Mukti says it can’t be Manik, there is something wrong. Nandini goes to find Manik.
Nandini comes to Amms, she says she is sorry she has been hurt because of her friends. Nandini asks Amms to clear the confusion, everyone is saying that Manik is here. Amms says she wanted to tell her where Manik it, but before that there was so much insult of her school. They come to the room looking for Manik.

Precap: Amms and Nandini come to the room but Manik was not there. Nandini panics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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