Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The doctor comes to Manik, Chacha asks to pay the bill but the doctor says her bills have been paid. Navya also comes there, Nandini looks for her phone around, chacha says it has been death. The doctor tells them to be thankful that their daughter is safe, the other girl from the same college is no more, Nandini and Navya ask who. The doctor says Soha Khurana. Nandini calls Manik and tells him Soha is dead. Manik says it is quite sad. She asks where he is. He tells her Khurana has filed a complaint againt him. Neonika takes phone from him and says for next 24 hours he is totally underground. He takes the message to make last two texts. Nandini gets a message from him telling her to stop worrying. Neonika takes Manik’s mobile while Nandini cries.
Mukti comes to Abimanyu who was hiding.

She smiles and taps on his shoulder. He turns around, she says hi but he doesn’t speak. She asks is he surprised, shocked or speechless, as he used to speak a lot. Abhimanyu says he had to do a lot of stuff left, she tells him to stop it as she knows the truth, she talked to his parents. She hugs him, he hugs her back.
Aaliya calls Cabir to ask if he got the message, Cabir gets others on the line too. They are all on call, Mukti tells Aaliya not to panic as Neonika is around. Aaliya says they must know, but Dhruv says if he is going underground he must not be contacted. Aaliya asks he gets really mad when angry, can he do this but the others refuse. Abhimanyu asks Mukti what happened, she says Soha is dead. Abhimanyu says yes, its kind of depressing. He gets a text message and says he has go to chemo. She drags him back, and says no byes now. He begins to speak, but she hushes him to be quiet and says just smile.
Nandini thinks about the last few events, Manik thinks about logging into facebook then thinks about Neonka’s warning. It was valentines day, Nandini was smiling in front of firefly jar wishing valentines to him. He watches the date change, and wonders is it valentines day.
Navya and Nandini come to college. Navya says today will be better than yesterday. Nandini says she can’t forget yesterday, as fab5 lost their album. Navya says the best thing about yesterday is that they are confirmed Manik loves her madly. Navya says had he been here he would have done this, she kneels down to show her. Navya gets dizzy and says she is hungry and have to go to canteen. Nandini says she will join her after meeting the principal. On the stairs, she watches the media questioning Neonika who on every question says No Comments.
Nandini comes behind them. Neonika asks the media not to sensationalize the case. The reporter says Mrs. Malhotra isn’t denying any accusations. The peon comes to Nandini getting her a courier. Nandini opens it, it was a box with earrings and a note from Manik saying Tonight when we meet, they will twinkle in her ears like stars, twelve hours to it.
Navya comes to canteen, Cabir was sitting there. He says to himself, Manik is underground and they have lost album, what can be worse. Navya sits on his table, he smiles and says this is what he asked for. He says he wants to kill her, she says these days this killing is taking place truly. He asks Navya that his phone isn’t working, he needs hers. He opens it, when Dhruv calls him. He picks the phone, Dhruv was asking about Manik, Cabir asks him to come to canteen.
Neonika comes across Nandini, she says she wants to talk to her but Neonika says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Nandini says that the way she is portaying the case in press, it is taking it to a wrong side. Neonika says she has already made her son a murderer, he is really in love with her and she must leave him now. Nandini says he didn’t do the murder. Neonika asks is she sure, her son is really aggressive and she has driven him to this point. She leaves, but her words echo in Nandini’s mind.

PRECAP: Nandini shows fab5 the gift Manik sent her. Mukti is curt and says he is telling them he is underground and sending her gifts there.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Auhona;-)

    Hey guys! Nyc to meet all of u! Gud evning! And gud epi… Jst want this undrground track tn end soon….

  2. sana

    Heyy auhona
    Wo isliye Qki yha prsnl info dema safe nhi h
    n gio is after vaishu so.usse related info bhi mat reveal krna
    nd ye log mail mail karte h i dnt knw abt tht u ask dem. Nd yha bhi i think bengali me baat krte h wo bhi nhi pata

    If anyone kmw marathi den mujhe bhi.batao tum log kya kar rhe ho plzzzz

  3. Auhona;-)

    Hi sana! And who is dat gio ? And i beg of u can u pls shortly tell me wat hpnd?? Pls dear..its a reqst!

  4. sana

    I dnt knw properly
    gio is reading previous comments n collectin info abt vaishu
    n says he.loves hr n hence vaishu is nt hre
    v all tried to make him understand bt all in vain
    i think bth r in same clg
    bt nutz laura…. r saying she left fr some other place
    n plz ask dem to share wid me wht dey r foing plzxxz

  5. Auhona;-)

    Oh thnx sana! And i dont care for dat gio! I’ve changed my name! And i’l inform u…..bt my best frnds r nt here….i also think i shud leave this site..foreva…

  6. Auhona;-)

    Sana and all, it was really nyc taking wid u all…bt i am leaving this site foreva…i vil cm smtyms..will miss this family more than anything…..lots of love and best wishes to all…..oh god, i am crying……BYE FOREVER MY FRNDS…..

  7. sana

    Byee 100
    auhona dnt u think u all r leaving dis site jst bcz of stupid reason
    its ur descion n i m nt frndly to all of u so i cnt force u guyzz bt still think abt it

  8. Auhona;-)

    Hey sana, its ok dear, nd u r ofcourse our frnd! And i am nt leaving foreva..i’l be here smtym’s wen my bst frnds vil cm….ok bye guys!

  9. megha

    hi guyssssssssss…………………………….
    wht happen here…
    i m nt understanding anything…………..
    this gio is again crearing problem or wht

  10. megha

    hi sana n suhash
    squirrel new house????????which one????????????????
    i m totally confused.plz tell me guysss wht happen here

  11. megha

    gio for u all of my frnd left this site…….
    yesterdy only carron tld u left this site for few days n u hve tld yes……

  12. Ey gio

    Unakku arivu irukka illaya?
    Our ponna ippadi insult pannara?
    Inda sitekku peru matrimony.com na potrukku?
    En ippadi Tamil nathoda maanatha vaangara?nenachalae kevalama irukku..idukka bharathiyar ivvalavu kastapattaru?

  13. sana

    Gio u knw wht tumhare yha rehne se vaishu to kabhi yha nhi aayegi
    pr yha baki log bhi nhi aa rhe h
    Tumhe vaishu ko dhundhna h na to.yh roz ye faltu k comments karke wo tumhe nhi milegi yaha drama mat karo gio
    plzzz its a request!

  14. Auhona;-)

    Hi puffer, give me a clue so dat only i can get who u r! And hi gio! Hw r u frnd? And dot, wait, i’l chk..

  15. puffer fish

    auhona leave this site we can contact thru mail come to ur mail ur friends r waiting we can chat all we want thru our mail id only we will be der no one can disturb us by mailing

  16. Badlapur

    Stop it gio….i kill u ……….chop uuu…….send ur corpses to hellllllll………….if u say the word vaishu

  17. priyansha

    U gio, wat hv u thought me. Dog. U, no1 will luv u rotten fellow. Now u will talk with my bf. He doesn’t want anyone 2 i gnore me.

  18. gio

    reading her previous comments, vaishu u never failed to impress me
    y r u hiding?
    are you from colombo?i can fly anytime for you,jst say um!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. gio

    lefty,with cat eyes
    learning dance and yoga(fairy make fun of that)
    getting closure and closure
    good night & sweet dreams!

  23. gio

    my uncle working in katunayake international air port in colombo,srilanka
    he is a big shot!
    now final byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. puffer fish

    That u r not gio
    sana i m ur friend i really am i saw u like that from the first.
    i was misled first but now i believe u yes i doubted u first

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  26. sana

    Really puffer i saw how u ppl r
    really nvr seen sch grt frnds
    thnx for ur frndshp puffer
    bt i can survive alone

  27. sana

    Tinu ky h???
    Tmhe batana h to batao
    nhi batana h mat batao
    bt orritat mt karo
    n £€ i knw hw much u respect gals
    n i dnt need ur sorry

  28. sana

    £€ tum ja rhe the na
    mene kal decide kiya tha ki tmko sorry bolungi n carron ne jo kha tha wo karungi bt acha hua nhi kiya

  29. £€

    R u my enemy?? Ans. Humble request.
    Y u alwys behv so rude 2 me.
    Dn’t take tension. Say baby say. M chillng. Mera dil bahut bara hai. Door of my heart is always open 4 frndship.

  30. £€

    My heart is vry bigggggggggg. Don’t take tension.
    U know nw also, m ready 2 make gio my frnd. Only thng i want is to stop him 4m talkng rubbish abt vaishu.

  31. £€

    Ok. Sana say anythng. I ll accept it happily. Mere id sabko pata hai. Kisi se bhi leke jo bejhna hai bejho. M ready 2 accept it.

  32. gio

    11 people in that photo grid
    1st one guy with spectacles
    lst – 2girls
    one more guy wearing yellow green between two girls
    girl on his left hand side of the guy wearing yellow green is the prettiest

  33. £€

    Sana, aur kuch bolna hai toh bol lo. M ready 2 listen. Haar bar ye mauka nahi milega. Nd ye mauka sabko nahi milta.

  34. gio

    hey even suhash asked viashu to b his girl friend
    suhash asked every one about their dream guy
    after hearing vaishu’s, he told herhe has all the qualities that she wants and,”today onwards you are my girl friend,its done”
    and she told him ,’you can’t stand me suhash”…so cute vaishu!

  35. sana

    €£Tumhe koi dobt nhi h ???
    ya atleast pehle to tmhe bhi hoga mjhpe doubt???
    Nd wo mene……. se pucha tha Qki wo bol rha tha ki mjhe tamil aati h

  36. £€

    Aane do tamil. Mein kya karu. Mujhe toh nahi aati na.
    Nd also, i don’t know ……….. Let me search 4 it. C u at chidiaghar.

  37. sana

    Or kisiko kuch puchna h koi doubt clear krna h
    karlo spl offer h bar bar nhi milta n sbko nhi milta
    euphie evn u r welcome dear

  38. meena

    nowadays how many guys they listen to thr gilr friends,but he is been reading her for so long,its very unique among guys

  39. A

    I dn’t hv any gf. Nd also, 4 ur kind inf, those grl who r here, i consider them my sis. Never as gf. M nt cheap nd priceless lyk u nd ur gio.

  40. meena

    he is treating her like a god where would you find guys like him,he is acting very normal and decent like da average guys does

  41. meena

    he told he likes her ,what’s her problem then if she doesn’t like then say no,she is such a drama queen!

  42. A

    U can go through my his . M in up. Ntpc. Cm baby cm. M wtng 4 u.

    I hv my own sis nd i don’t force girl to luv me. Nd be4 dong anythng i thnk it 100 tms. As my sis is also a grl. Nd grl r 2 b respected. Bt ppl like u ll never understand.

  43. meena

    brother sister relation ship doesn’t fix in this line,according to me he is not that bad,he never use any vulgar words..she is so silly i hate this kind of girls acting like a village people

  44. C

    Guys don’t we have better things to do than talking 2 her , who I feel is not at all even near to our culture …sleeping will be 10 times better than talking to her !!!

  45. A

    Gio is fully priceless. U meena his wife. Give message 2 him.

    * i am nt priceless.
    * i don’t die 4 any grl.
    * i m nt intrested in luv.
    * i don’t luv vaishu as bf. Bt as a brother.
    * i don’t chat wid vaishu 2 make her fall in my luv.
    * tell ur bf nt 2 b jealous of me. As he can’t talk 2 her.

    U priceless ppl have thought lower than a rapist. U deserve worst death.

  46. C

    Exaclyyy ‘”burden on earth ” u penned it correctly lizard !!!
    2day both of u said very correct nd amazing things !! Hats off to both of u !!
    Clap clap !!!

  47. b

    in egypt mummy ===dead body but not so for us
    most respectable ma or mother
    same words different meanings thats all

  48. A

    My 2o. Tmrw drawng xm. Bye, gud n8 guyz nd priceless meena, spend n8 wid ur husband carefully. He may kill u 2o 4 his shakd.

  49. gio

    god has gifted me these arms,
    so that i can delightfully
    hug you and fill you up
    with charm happy hug day vaishu!!

  50. n what you had done we can also do the same with you but we have manners n heart that we cant hurt anyone.but i you even think of harming vaishu then you will have to pay for that.so better leave vaishu n all of us.n let us leave peace fully n happliy.

  51. candy floss

    Where r those A B C……123456789……€£ …..r u sleeping?????abhi tak????? Kyu jagte Ho rat Mein???

  52. sunflower

    Ohh mere accnt Mein crocodile chimpanzee snake dog cats bahut kuch hain……sam ne bheja tumhare liye…..dekha toh hoga hi

  53. sana

    Nhi sunflower me sb kuch mera hi use karti hu name bhi me kisi ke account me unki chize nhi dekhti
    n sam ko bulao usse baat karni thi na
    n waise wo jane wala tha chidiaghar tmhre liye laya hoga snake crocodile…

  54. sunflower

    Call gio fr once …..he needs the info…….tata….see u later on sana/gio/meena/lola…..
    ..wat else !!!!!!!!

  55. sana

    Oh to tumne mera accpunt hack kiya h
    tabhi tum mujhe foto bhej rhi ho
    n sam sam kya kr rhi ho ya kahi tum hi sam to nhi???

  56. sana

    Kya sunflower itna jaldi chali gayi
    u knw hum indians ki ye hi prblm h
    Dusro ko pakad ne me lage rehte h
    n tab tak real culprit nikal jata h
    n u r example fr tht

  57. sunflower

    Tum he chor ke kaise ja Sakti hun….ye hi Indians Ki prob……ek baar jiske piche padte hain chorte nehi

  58. sana

    Sunflower mene candy se pucha tha
    c tmhare lhud k itne names h tum khudko Q nhi pakad leti n i m nt intrstd in vaishu n sam n i m sure tmhare trh to baat nhi karte honge dono k paas dimag h tumhare trh nhi

  59. Cadbury

    Itna achha deal zidagi Mein do baar nehi milega …….waise tum Sam ko pehle chor do…..uski behen euphie tumhe kachha kha jayegi

  60. sana

    Suhash mene yha kisise se rudely baat nhi
    Ki thi tum hi dekhlo tumhare frnds faltu me mujhpe doubt kar rhe h meri galti kya tht i came here??? Mjhe bhi yaha nhi rukna h jab ye sb clear ho jayega tab me khud hi chali jaungi

  61. stop it guys. Im already disturbed what happened tmrw n i dont want 1 more qureel hr.plz if you all ar my frnds then plz stop all this.plz its a request.

  62. gio

    vaishu baby, please buy 14 th srilankan daily mirror and sunday observer news paper valentines special column for you under the greeting section ,under my name ikshan

  63. Pehele yeh achhi tarah yaad rakho..ki yahan pe koi v kisika kuchh ni kar payega…so hum kyon apas me jhagda kare…cholo sab dost ban kar baatein kare……jai hind…god sake…

  64. n gio 1nce give your id what will i do with you you cant imagine as you ar crossing your limits.n before reaching to vaishu u have to face us.

  65. n gio 1nce give your id what will i do with you you cant imagine as you ar crossing your limits.n before reaching to vaishu u have to face us..

  66. sana

    Aashi y shld i give proof to u
    i knw i m nt gio
    bt still…. yaha ek insaan se ek comment do bar nhi hota ab me.gio ne jo comment kiya h wo copy kar k dikhati hu agr same comment hua den u will stp irritating me ok??

  67. gio

    poor sana,even i don’t care about you,but my deepest sympathy
    and meena i hate desperate girls like you,don’t you even dare talk about my girl.

  68. sana

    I dnt need tht gio
    acha h waise bhi mjhe tum sab ki care ki zarorat nhi h
    aashi agr tmhe nhi lagta den y r u asking for proof

  69. sana

    poor sana,even i don’t care about you,but my deepest sympathy
    and meena i hate desperate girls like you,don’t you even dare to talk about my girl.

    • sana

      Dekho aashi my proof same comment h jo ek hi se do bar nhi ho sakta name change karke bhi nhi ho sakta tum bhi try kar sakti ho

  70. gio

    vaishu i can teach you tamil!!why your parents name you goddess vaishanvi,i think if u properly dressed up with jewels you will exactly look like rani mata dhurga

    dedicating movie “anegan” song- roja kadale song for you!
    got boring lectures now,leaving

  71. sana

    I think tumne uske niche ka comment read nhi kiya n mene pehle hi aaahi ko bol diya tha ki me gio ka comment copy karungi

  72. gio

    stop harassing sana,poor girl going to kill herself
    you all are asking me to behave and what are you all doing!
    i’m the one and only gio!

  73. sana

    No need aashi tum sab gio k trh hi ho
    mujhe mat batao ki me innocent hu
    mujhe pata h tht i m nt wrng
    N i dnt need ur certificate tht i m innocent or nt

  74. sana

    No aashi tum log kabhi wrng ho sakte ho
    i m sorry
    Mujhe yaha aana hi nhi chahiye tha
    bas sb kuch jaldi se clear ho jaye

  75. sana

    No aashi i m nt or.mujhe aisi family ka member banna bhi nhi h
    sorry agr hurt kiya ho to
    yaha sir 2-3 log h jo mujhe sahi lage baki sb ek jaise hi h

  76. sana

    Cadbury ye site tumhare ghar ki nhi h
    jo.mujhe tumhare welcome ki zaroorat h
    apna kaam karo
    kuch bolna h iska matlab ye nhi ki tum koi bhi faltu bat karogi
    tumhe kisne yaha wc kiya
    ye to or bhi bada que h

  77. n sana plz i dont kw what i shuld do to make you understand that all ar good hr n sana dont say that you ar nt membr of this famly.you ar.plz forgive me n all who have hurt you.n why shuld we fight due to that gio.we shuld live hr together as frnds.can you be our frnd sana.

  78. sana

    Mene to proof de diya aashi ab tum log batao tmhara proof
    or cadbury jyada dimaag mat chalao
    tumhare jaise logo pe kaise koi believe kar sakta h …

  79. sana

    Mene dekha h aashi hw good u ppl r
    dekho is cadbury ko
    abhi sunflower yaha se gaya
    Kal puri no. Sys yha thi
    tb sirf 2-3 log the mere side

  80. remix queen

    Nai…ek update aaya…whr she decides to hatch a plan n save manik…bt i think after that shell leave n go away…its said she takes the blame on herself…usse nyonika ka plan flop hota hai

  81. remix queen

    Ya ammy sacchi…bt shes a step mom i think…loved manik wen he shut her up by sayin shes a cliche who married his rich old dad to get rich…haha awesome dat was

  82. remix queen

    Manan ko koi alag nai kar sakta…i feel shell prove manik innocent n go away frm him…dats wat came in the update…i wish she goes to bangalore n manikk goes peeche peeche atleast deyll b at peace der!!

  83. remix queen

    Aajka epi wnt b dat great…fab4 blame nandu fr evertin…dats y she gets sad n decides to take the blame on herself…n she shud if she is smart…coz she knows nyonika is playin up

  84. Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi
    Haseen Hai
    Yeh Na Ho To Kya Phir
    Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hai
    Koi To Ho Raazdaar
    Begaraj Tera Ho Yaar
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    Yaaron Mohabbat Hi To
    Bandagi Hai
    Yeh Na Ho To Kya Phir
    Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hai
    Koi To Dilbar Ho Yaar
    Jisko Tujhse Ho Pyaar
    Koi To Dilbar Ho Yaar
    Teri Har Ke Buraai Pe
    Daante Woh Dost
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    Haseen Hai
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    Tan Mann Kar Tujhpe Fida
    Mehboob Woh
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    Jiski Vafa Tere Liye Ho
    Are Yaaron Mohabbat Hi
    To Bandagi Hai
    Yeh Na Ho To Kya Phir

  85. Ammy

    Nandu smart ??? Achha kk…..hahaha…i wish she does nthg foolish
    ND alya ko dekhe mujhe bahot gussa Ho raha gain!!!!!

  86. Auhona;-)

    Hii guys! After a long tym! Hi ammyyy! Hlw bhai ! Hi aash! And shar ! Hw r u guys? Missed u all so so much!

  87. gio fans

    gio,,we’d love to read your comments yaar,u have lots of girls fans in my college too,v r reading kyy comment just b’cos of you!

  88. sanaya

    hii evry1….guys jst stop blaming each othr..n frm nw on no 1 ll gve importance to gio’s cmnt…let him cmnt..jst ignore…..n lets strt a fresh…….

  89. Nutz

    Ammy she said na due to her wifi pb, she won’t b able to cum regularly fr a few dys, she’ll try her best to cum wenevr she can

  90. Auhona;-)

    Guys, u saw the valentines promo? Wasnt it awsm? Manik says-‘love is nandini’ awww how cute na?…

  91. gio fans1

    gio fans .like u said,gio-vaishu hot topic is famous among our gilrs too.we visit this site just to c ur romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Auhona;-)

    No yar…they jst cm infront of the screen and say it…bt thers a surprise for us in valentines! So wait!

  93. Auhona;-)

    Ok ashy,…bt after a long tym we together, so lets talk na….dont mind dear…i m jst suggesting.. 🙂 …

  94. Nutz

    Auho i don’t feel dat much excitd fr dis valentine epi, i mean manik hs gn underground hiding, fab5 blames nandu nd nandu is gng to take blame on herself of murder. Bad things r al hppng

  95. Auhona;-)

    Guys ,u knw my ears were so much impatient to hear ‘auho’ frm u guys….now i am feeling so happy, wen i am bak in my family…….thnx a lot guys,for all ur love..

  96. Cabir

    Oye dhruv, tuje jakar alya se mafi mangna chaiye….uski koi fault hai, bt tere bhi fault kuch kam nahi …

  97. Dhruv

    Aliya slapped me. . . . . hw cud she? I was da only 1 supportng her wen no1 was der by her side, i cared so much fr her bt it seems she was only time passing wd me, she’s still nt over manik yet, she has cheatd me, i’m hurt

  98. Cabir

    Nandini madam, dont wory, manik agar tumhare lia album chor sakta hai, toh undrground se upperground bhi aa sakta hai na!

  99. nandini

    manik……………………….tum to sach me undrgrnd ho gye…….cm na u nandu is waintng….else i ll go away frm u

  100. Cabir

    Arey no dhruv! She has no more intrest on manik now,…she slapped u coz u were saying that she is nt over manik yet…bt its not dat! Read betwn the lines bro!

  101. Dhruv

    Sana don’t worry, our game’s plot accordng to da current epis. Manik undergrnd, nandu at clg, fab5 blamng her…in short accordng to ystrdy’s epi.
    Yar just grab a character o join in da game

  102. Cabir

    Thnx dhruv! And nandini ji, wait i am calling manik……..hlw manik! Jaldi aa, tere valentine tera wait kar raha hai! Nandini is waiting!

  103. Nutz

    I’m vry tired yaro, mujhe maaf karo par ab mujhe hona parega tum se judaa…….
    I’ll cum aftr 2dy’s epi, sanappi n shark i’ll b waitng fr ur update

  104. Cabir

    Us mukti ko mai….aur madhubala ha, mukti ne ghar dia hai rite? Usne kaha, she’l help u…toh tum uske ghar jao na! Mera sar kiu kha rahe ho?

  105. sanaya(nandini)

    navya i hv to tell u smthng….cabir se bach k rahna…he z planng to call ur mom…to get rid of u

  106. Cabir

    Thnx gio, and nandini, tonite wear those earings and cm to meet me, i’l wait for u wid a rose.,my love….i’l txt the adres…ok sweetheart?

  107. Euphie

    Widout mad aliya u all started the game..not fair didiyan…exams r starting frm 16feb so quite serious study is going on nd sam is fine..

  108. Auhona;-)

    No dear, we were mising u and thats why no one was alya and best of luck for ur xms ! Hope u do awsm in those…my bst wishes r always wid u…

  109. Euphie

    V all had decided earlier that v all would again meet in march bt c v again met nd even god knows that v won’t be able to stay away frm each other…

  110. Euphie

    Thanku di..
    All of u had wished me so many tyms that nw i feel that urs wishes r enough to me..no need to study nw….hahaha

  111. Auhona;-)

    Ha ha phie! Bt u hav to study! And its the eternal truth, we cant be away….xms n studies cant make us away frm each other!

  112. Euphie

    Auhona is a girl. She is euphie’s elder sister. She is not married. She is very gud nd also loves me vry much. She used to brush nd bath as well as study daily.

  113. Euphie

    I expect u to spend ur tym wid bulbul bhabi that day..nd don’t worry v won’t take any autograph of urs..

  114. Auhona;-)

    Its ok bhai…and i had seen ur mail, bt didnt get tym to reply…sry bhai..bt abse i’l reply all ur mails, pakka!

  115. Auhona;-)

    Yup bhai, i also want bhabi’s pic and wat r u doing in valntines for her? Any surprise planning for her??

  116. Euphie

    Bhai exams ke tension mein badal gaye toh aap exam khatam ho jane ke baad toh aap wapass se purane mazakiy suhash ban jayege na…

  117. Auhona;-)

    Bhai,,,,,,Give bhabi a gud surprise,, go to her, sit on knees, wid a red rose and ask her, if she wud be ur valentine……….hows the plan?

  118. Euphie

    And pls also tell us ur marriage date…v also want to come aur agar aapne shadi ki card nahi de toh bhi hum aajayenge…

  119. Euphie

    Bhai marraige purposal is the best…nd for more surprise u can also talk wid her about ur future..like home,baby’s name…etc etc

  120. Euphie

    Ya no problem bhai aa p bacho ke saath rahena aur unka dhayan rakhna hum bulbul bhabi se chat kar lenge…

  121. gio

    baby doll,when is your performance?
    15 16 17 th Hindu association organizing the cultural even national wide in Srilanka for maha shivarathri,

  122. Auhona;-)

    Ya phie! Then we vil chat wid bhabi! And bhai, take bhabi to a beautiful place and propose her there…..

  123. Auhona;-)

    Sry phie and sana, had gone to chk mail…. And bhai, go to a park at nöon and then rstaurant at nite for dinner….wat say guys?

  124. Euphie

    Mujhse toh lagta hai ki bhabi itna impress ho gayegi ki vo he suhash bhai ko marriage ke liye purpose kar batehgi…bhai best of luck aur us din ke mujhe kuch aap dono ke saath mein photo chahiye that’s a command bhai…

  125. gio

    I know i am a idiot,stupid,nonsense and i am disturbing u all so much…i am ashamed of myself…i’l never come again..sorry..

  126. gio

    I love u vaishu bt don’t worry if don’t want to be wid me then its alright afterall everything is fair in love nd war..nd i won’t disturb u again..bye bt u can be sister pls be my sister na my sweet little sister vaishu…