Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhni says that they should get serious. She says that he must be onto something and that they should not underestimate him. Mukti requests her to not take so much tension because he will not be able to do anything. She says that she asked Ammes send her the list of the big names in india and tomorrow they will come to support their campaign.
Aryaman and Dhruv come and he says that he has the posters ready and also worked outa slogan Believe in Honesty on this Mukti makes fun of Nandhani which cheers up the mood and so they begin to place the posters.
Harshad’s boys place their posters on top of Nandhani’s posters but Aryaman removes their posters and tears them apart.
Madhiam singhani sees Nandhani posers and is making a beard when she comes and they almost get into

a fight. He says that if he wins she will have to walk around the academy with a beard on her face and she says that if she wins then he will have to place cow dung on his face.
Some new guys come and are amazed to see the new equipment and they asks Harshad some questions. He tells one of them to put his hand in the fan and makes him cry there Aryaman and Nandhani come and are able to stop him and make him leave.
Nandhani goes to Nyonika and says that a lot of students have filed a complained against Harshad. Nyonika says that she will look into the matter and when Nandhani leaves she tears the paper. Harshad comes and they both make a plan but Nyonika says that she will blacklist the fab5 members as they have not submitted the song so she will blacklist them and they will not be able to campaign and then nandhani will be left alone.
Dhruv is talking on the phone with someone and he says to him that he liked his voice so why is he not using his voice the phone is then dis connected and he leaves. Nandhani calls him frombehind but he wals away.
Harshad sits with the new students and scares them so much that they are forced to accept his demands. Then he tells them to fetch some coke and as they are gong they stop by Madham and he says that they have to do as he tells but to notbe afaid as he will be there. He calls to Hashad and says that he is not doing good by scaring the new students because then he will have no one to celebrate his victory with. Harshad says that victory comes from power and he has many Madhiam pretends that he is affected by his talks and leaves.
There is a shooting going on and the actor is not able to perform and then Dhruv comes and asks that why is he not singing the gingle that he created but the manager says that o2 has complained against him and space has also blacklisted him so he can have no mor jobs. The performer is not able to do so and then Dhruv performs which is liked by all the members.
They come back with Harshad’s eatables and also gives them a tip but when he opens his face is filled with ketchup and they all laugh at him. Madhiam comes and takes a picture and Harshad gets up to beat just then they hear an announcement to come to the main hall.
Nandhani and Harshad are sitting in the hall but there is no Madhiam and no freshers but when he comes leading all the freshers he gets the majority of the support and is liked by everyone so Nandhani is forced to take him seriously.
Nandhani is walking and Madhiam comes and taunts her and says that she will not be able to go home alone . he says that there was a car blast three months ago and Manik who was in the car will never come back and then he says that he wanted to ask her to give a lift but is she is not intrested then he can go and so he leaves.

Precap:Nandhani is climbing the stairs and Madhiam taunts her and she leaves. Aryaman seeing this pushes Madhiam against the wall and says that he has feelings for Nandhani as he can see it in his eyes.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Aisha malya

    Guys what r u sayin ???? Its nearly 2 weeks since ky2 s2 is comin n u all r sayin where is manik !!!!! Like seriously guys !!!!! Don’t u all know that parth has left the show …. So from where will manik come haan ???? N yuvraj thakur aka madhyam or maddy will be shown as nandini’s new love interest …. So guys stop behaving kiddish … N u all oldies goldies kahan ho sab ke sab ?? Yaar kabhi to aa jaaya karo !

  2. Aisha malya

    @sai his *parth* role is over in the show n it is not shown whether manik has died or something happened to him …

  3. Plumpyyy

    Im sure…aryamann is falling fr nandu or has already fell fr her!! But just think guyz hw this bhai-behen will b laughin wen they complete their scenes? They might hav laughed like lunatics…hahah…lolzz
    it felt awful wen maddy said manik kabhi nahi aanewala…that ws really hurting!! But that cheater..he smiled…that’s cheating…he shud nt smile nai toh i cant b angry on him…i felt like punching maddy wen he said that…but that idiot smiled!! Huhh…not fair yuvii…but everything is fair in love and war…n its love!!
    Acha bye ppl…goin 2 sleep…
    @aisha…haan yaar these oldies never come now…fairy came last saturday…others dont come at all…its auhona’s bday in 2 weeks n i want to wish her…but she too doesnt come here na…oldies miss u sooo much!!
    Pradi…i’ve posted a scrap..check ur scrapbook 🙂

  4. naina

    How madhyam knows abt nandini n manik…guys y do i feel dt manik is not dead but accident me uska face kharab hua hoga n latr plastic surgery se face change… Madhyam ki aankhon me nandini k liye pyar kaise ho sakta hai….

  5. minnie

    Guys from last 2 weeks m telling like mad that parth is not part of kyys2 still few of u didn’t get THAT……… parth aka manik is not part of s2 he has moved on and even show has moved on… and it’s all bout yaariaan kyy was never one man show OK it’s all Bout FRNFSHIP yaariaan……. try giving a chance to s2 forward nandu for fab3 for new baby abeer forward Maddy……..
    @maitree if u don’t wanna watch s2 then u can surely don’t but at least don’t instigate other ppls….. cuz itss all bout yaariaan not bout manan or manik or fab5 its bout new frndship n it was never a one man show

    Comment edited

  6. Samyukta

    U guys know what
    I agree with Minnie
    For those who don’t know me I used to chat here before but now i don’t.
    U guys know what
    U guys will not be satisfied even if there is a new manik @meenu.
    And I don’t think u guys are giving this a chance
    U want manik back but parth has left the show
    And all of us know that no one else has the charm to play manik. I really think we should give this season a chance.

  7. Aisha malya

    @minnie just please don’t try to overshadow our comments yaar … Like when every1 is commenting something u are just giving ur opinions on them … Let others be but don’t do it with me … Like when i replied to some1 about maddy being nandu’s new love interest u were like no its not confirmed n all … So please don’t … I m a short tempered person n i would not like to fight specially with my friends … Sorry if it hurt u … N u kno what guys i also saw that look of aryaman to nandu … N i was like shit he has fallen for her … Yaar nandu hai hi cute first dhruv , then manik , pandit jee .. And may be maddy also…

  8. pannie

    tellyupdates, hope u r reading comments.pls respect our vews and opinions too. see, here all feel minnie(pradishma) unnecessarily poking in our views,y d hell is she pushng her ideas in our comments. even after changing name from pradshma to minnie ,she is same and dis we identified easily from her first comment as minnie tself in swaragini. now atleast kindly understand ,if not mine pls read how others are feeling irritated with her interruption and help us to comment like before wen u introduced this review in comment.do warn her pls.

    • kaisi yeh yaariyan

      I kno that this might not be related to the show but does any one kno wen warrior high is coming back on with season 2.

      I Luv kaisi Yeh yaariyan with or without manik or parth cuz I understand that parth wants to move on. And we shud respect it. I thought before that arayman was going to like nadini but don’t know who is going to be nadinis love. Well just watch n see

  9. lachu

    guys what nonsense are u talking ,behave yourself,here we are supposed to discuss about the serial only,please keep aside your cheap languages ,if someone harass u, it is their culture ,so it is not necessary to reply to the same tone ,if we do so then what is the difference between such people and we,so we all are friends ,dont write such stupid comments 🙁

  10. Plumpyyy

    See…plz stop fighting…evry1 dont hav same kind of brains to think same…some r smart wen some r not…some cn understand d situation wen some cant! Like now some r giving chance n understanding the actors’ hardwork in s2! They post what they think! U post what u think! Plz dont fight for god’s sake!
    N this is a site ONLY to talk abt KYY!! Not for some1 who sees a person here who cmnts in other show’s site n comes here to speak ill abt dat person…all this was specially for u @pannie…i come here evryday n i kno u’ve not commented anythin abt kyy here…so u dont hav the right to speak anythin abt any1 who cmnts here abt d show ok!! Get that straight in ur brains!!
    Samiiii!!!!!! Come na!! What’s d time in singapore??? Coz in indian time ur cmnt ws posted early in d mornin….missed u dear…
    One more thing…ppl who has interest in kyy n kyy2..n watch d show only shud cmnt here…if u simply come just to seek some attention then u r very self-obssessed person…watch kyy comment…nai toh jao jahan jaana hai…
    -true kyyian

  11. Plumpyyy

    Kaisi yeh yaariaan tellyupdates…if you see anyone who hasnt commented till date and comment for the first time which isnt relating to the show…plz dont post that comment…this page is for kyy…so no1 shud be allowed who has no interest on commenting on the show…!!
    Ppl like to comment on others…this isnt any social networking site to cmnt on a person…
    N u kno mny ppl became frnz here…which had started frm last year itself…the base for our frndship is KYY…!! Coz of kyy we are there! So plz dont post d comments which doesnt hav even a word on d show! If they type “kyy” or somethin like that n start their crap also dont post their comments…
    Kyyians love kyy however the show goes on…some started watchin d show for 1 actor n later watched the show for everyone!! Who dont wanna watch s2 toh dont comment na! Its WUs of kyy2!! Not kyy!!
    Love kyy…everyone…all the actors…who had sacrificed their sleep worked for so mny goddamn hours…for those who wanted the audience to be happy..to entertain us…
    And dont bash the one who left the show and the one who entered the show…parth himself wants us to watch the show!! Atleast uske liye kyy2 ko bash mat karo!! Pyaar karte ho na usse??

  12. Plumpyyy

    Pradi..check ur scrapbook..
    So hw is d MaNan ff its complicated..? MaNan childhood frnz..hw sweet na..turned wild lovers in d latest chapter… Manan r soo cute na…spot n monster…there is a poem in which d word “stars” r der n i read it as “manik”.. I sit wid my parthian frnd n this is d way v study…
    Sorry if any1 feels hurt…

  13. naina

    Guys m jst sayin giv s2 a chance… n abt manik’s track, think how is it possible dt he is playin d same song which nandu n manik used to sing… same voice, how he knws abt dere relation… y he always cums in front of nandu… y he makes hr angry (as manik always luved teasin hr)… dont u think it cant b coincidence… . i mean soo mny at a tym…. or i shud say evrytym wenevr dey face each othr…. i hv ds feeling dt its manik wid new face

  14. Yuvian4eva

    Hii…I’m not new here…cut the intro
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode..wanna see aryamann’s reaction…maddening. ..way to go love! Jeep shining brighter my prince!!! Yuvraj ?❤??❤???my prince…my yuvraj…love you…but miss Manbir like anything!!
    Love ky2s2

    • Plumpyyy

      Hey hii!! U a yuvian na!! Great!! Me too!! But a much bigger yuvian than u!! Heheh…dont feel hurt…evry1 thinks himself/herself as his/her biggest fan…same is wid me…
      Guyzz…maddy in a word is MYSTERY! He knows what had happened 3 months ago…n i felt weird wen maddy n nyonika spoke abt the election in nyonika’s cabin…maddy ws introducing himself..y he came here n all that…i felt somethin fishy…n i think he’s NOT plastic surgery manik…coz manik will NEVER want his nandu to lose hope or be depressed!! Yeah we all kno he loves teasing her bt it has its limit…u saw na hw sad nandu ws wen maddy said “manik kabhi nahi aanewala”…manik loves her smile n hw cn he take that smile!!??? No he isnt manik!! Maddy is maddy!! Manik is manik!! But…i want maddy to fall fr mukti!! Not nandu!! I love maddy mukti more!! I love their all time fights!! Yuvi charlie…i want them!! But if maddy is fr nandu…….toh……..they better rope kunwar amar opp. charlie as her new love interest!! CharMar onscreen as couple fr d first time! I’ll be over d moon!!!
      Love kyy…!!

  15. angel

    How come maddy know that 3 months ago there was a car blast and in that car Manik was there and he will not come back……
    I think that maddy is only Manik who’s face has been changed after that blast……
    I’m missing u ? Manik very much

  16. ADELE( Anu)

    Luk guyz, this is a comment section…..
    I know here everybody has their ryt to comment……

    But wat Minnie is trying to prove is that by saying “we want manik back” or “we won’t watch kyy widout manik”
    Parth will NOT come back!

    Plz understand guyz……..MTV did not ask to Parth to leave……..it was Parth HIMSELF who wanted to leave coz he wanted to try something new n he is correct in his place! We shud keep on trying out new things if life gives us a chance! N the same is wid Parth!

    He has left the show n he won’t come back…………..

  17. Plumpyyy

    Guyz…i wanted to reply that yuvian4eva…uske baad instead of posting d cmnt…i continued wt i wanted to say in dat cmnt itself…so just see it once n plz say wt u all think…coz im getting all confused!

  18. Plumpyyy

    What connection maddy might have with that blast? With manik? With MaNan? Is he someone whom manik has sent to SPACE? Its manik malhotra…so it can be anything! Soha is alive…remember that episode na…mysteries…
    Interested to know what CVs have stored for us…hope its something good!!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Di, in ky2 s1,
      Almost all the problems were solved….aryamann had invited fab5 to his house for a party……..along wide nandu n navya…….
      Navya,mukti n alya were already present…….in fact alya had helped aryamann to decorate the dishes…..

      Cabir n manik were entering in the car..
      After that cabir also came…….
      He said that manik is coming after a few minutes……..
      They were all having fun……n were enjoying whole-heartedly!!

      Now here, manik felt that he shud pick nandu…..
      So he decided to go to nandu’s house….

      N he called up cabir too……..
      So now cabir n manik had set off for nandu’s house….

      Juz after that the watchman outside aryamann’s house gave a shout!
      Aryamann went outside to see….multi alya n navya got worried……

      Aryamann came down n recognized that the brakes of the car in which manbir had gone were out of order!!

      On the other side, manbir were in the car going to nandu’s house…….manik was very eager to meet nandu………he was not able to control himself only……he was missing nandu very much………so cabir called up nandu n told him that manik is very impatient to meet u……..n we r coming in 5mins so be ready…….

      Juz after he cut the call, suddenly manik’s control over the car lost n the car started moving here n there…..the brakes were not working!!!


      NYONIKA HAD PLANTED A BOMB IN THEIR CAR coz she wanted to kill nandini……, n later she ordered harshad to take it out wen she came to know that instead of nandu it was manik who was driving the car…….

      So now the car is out of order n then it gets crashed!!! It is shown that cabir got fainted n had got a little injury in his head……..
      N suddenly the car blasts!!!!!!!!
      That the end……….

    • ?minnie?

      Di by reading only u won’t understand last episode cuz it was confusing u just watch it on YouTube there u will understand properly…..

  19. kaisi yeh yaariyan

    Hi does anyone know when warrior high season 2 is coming on.

    Love kaisi Yeh yaariyan. I’m wondering who will be nadinis new love.

    • ?minnie?

      Yeah even m waiting for wh s2 I heard somewhere that it will be cmg in December….. hope its true can’t wait to see sidyali

  20. Manan fans

    Ayaz Ahmed is not coming back according to him its creative n channel call to end his character ..
    He said in an Interview!!!
    He didn’t quit ..its only production House who end his character ?????
    Now bolo !! That Aswamy is playing with our emotion …..
    I want my cabir back !! at leat cabir ko to le aao ya show ko flop karne ka pura maan bana ye mtv wala….kyy s 2 ka kuch nahi ho sakta ,naya char ko samjne mn time lagega…..but bad decision abt end of cabir char….

  21. ?minnie?

    Ik he’s not cmg back even i said it here before but it was his decision listen to interview properly and aswamy didn’t do anything even parth said don’t blame anyone!!!!! It was his decision n s2 will rock cuz v yuvians will take it to new level v yunians will make it no1 again cuz it was never about manbir or manan or manik or FAB 5 it was always about frndship!!!!! It was never a one man show ……. don’t blame other ppl support s2 for nandani for FAB 3 for new chotu baby for aryamann if u can’t then pls don’t speak negative bout s2….

    • ?minnie?

      Exactly v will rock it unlike few mananholics who are not true mananholics cuz if they were they would have supported s2 cuz of nan(nandani) who is equally part of manan success……. they are not trying to understand only that Maddy is not taking manik’s place …

  22. Plumpyyy

    Wohoooo…yuvians on mission makin ky2 s2 no.1!!! Ky2 s2 rox!!!!! Mission on!!! Come on yuvians!! Its time for us to b in action!!! MaNanholics rock,parthians rock,nitians rock,kyyians rock,yuvians rock…whole team if ky2 n ky2s2 rock!!!!!!!! Love ya all!!! Best of luck…make it no.1 agn n we support u!!!
    Im over possessive wen it comes to loved ones…so dare any1 speak against them!!
    If any1 thinks that yuvi is takin parth’s place then im damn sure ur love for parth is fragile…maddy is nt takin manik’s place..he’s a new entry…n if u think yuvi is nt an actor then just stand infront of d mirror n act…see how good ur at acting…see yuvi’s smile..hw bad his character is bt his smile is super innocent..u cant deny that!
    Okay dont kick fr starting agn… :p
    desparately waiting fr d election…waiting fr d outcome…!! Maddy vs nandini…who will win?

  23. Aisha malya

    N hai mera yuvi ur too cute yaar … There is pure innocense in ur eyes !! Ur such a cutipie …. Wishing ky2 a great success with yuvi… I may come or may be not who knows .. Bye all … Lots of hugs n kisses from my side behen log

  24. Plumpyyy

    Aisha!! Plz behnaaa dont say u wont come agn…woh kyy roxz family wali feeling aati haii…plzz na i kno u…b’lore wali frnd cum behnaa…love u re…
    N yeah…wt u said abt yuvi is right bt 1 thing…mera yuvi…
    Waise…plz any1 say d precap…y ws maddy angry?? Wt happened??

  25. Manan fans

    Day by day boring story …..ye nandu sirf or sirf manik ke sath hi cute lagti hai aur kisi ke sath pair acchi nahi lagegi no yuvi no maddy ….no ayushman……one and only manik….itna romance dikha diya s1 mn manik & nandu ka ki dusra koi bhi bandhe ke sath nahi dekh sakti hun….s2 script change karo cabir ko le aao….ye story jayda din tak nahi chalne wala hia mtv…..s1 copy of boys over flower ab s2 kisse copy karega….ab kuch bachha show bandh karo…aaram re raho flop ke category mn aane wala hai s2……

  26. Plumpyyy

    Yuvi k bare mein jaanna hai? Lo..
    Name:yuvraj thakur
    DOB:22-11-1989 wednesday..i checked in calender…
    First show-V humse hai liife
    first role-arjun thakur aka juno opp. abigail jain n sheena bajaj
    shows-humse hai liife,best friends forever,gumrah 2,yeh hai aashiqui1,ptkk2,ptkk4,bade achhe lagte hai,fanaah 1 & 2,kaisi yeh yaariyan 2.
    Short films-filling in the blanks,tale of a tail.
    Roles-arjun opp. Sia n aliya,pranjal opp. Gargi,varun opp. Sanju,sammy opp. Suhani,tushar opp. Priyanka,amar opp. Karishma(donno her screen name),shikhar opp. Rashi,anshuman opp. Preet(my fav),sarthak opp. Yamini,maddy opp. Nandu(hope mukti)
    has 2 elder sis…
    Born in mumbai..lokhandwala…
    Personally…lives in my heart…

  27. Plumpyyy

    Plz dont discourage the show! Im not against u but still dont discourage plz…@manan fans..
    Hmm…so u dont to c maddy wid nandu…same pinch! I want maddy n mukti!! They look amazing 2gthr!! I wud love to watch them as a couple!! Support the show…kya pata hamare support se CVs k khoi hui dimag wapas mil jaaye!! Atleast…nandu ko rote hue nhi dekhna chahti main…it hurts! I bet..this maddy isnt any plastic surgery manik!! Nhi toh woh kuch nhi karta jisse uski nandu roe!!
    Btw…guyzz..first that struck me wen yuvi’s entry in 2day’s epi ws…his music! Background music!! I bet…that music ws of his character varun mittal in BFF!! I love that music!! Kyy…love u soo much fr chosing that music!! That music sounds scary..horror..hot..s*xy..all 2gthr!! For yuviii…hayeee…yeh innocent insan ko zyada negative roles kyu milte hai!!! But character +ve ho ya -ve…acting toh out of the universe hi rehta hai!! Flawless!! Kisi aur ke lie nhi toh sirf mere lie…coz i cant see any negativity in d king of positivity!! Lo..main pbirse shuru ho gayiii…
    Pradi check ur scrapbook…ek scrap post kiya hai
    bye all…love u lots

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