Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says to Nandhani that since she has promised he will also promise something and says that from now on he will not leave her. He then calls her to dance and they both begin meanwhile Aryaman begins to read a novel but is not comfortable in doing so and keeps on thinking about something.
Aaliy is playing her piano in her room where Harshad comes and after standing for a while he says to Aaliya if she is passionate about fashion why do Music. Aaliya says that fashion was her passion but music was and will be her love. He begins to say a lot to her about how fab5 never gave her the chance to sing but she doesnot listen and says that she will drown with the fab5 than to be with him. Harshad says that he will always be with her and that the food is on the table.
Aryaman is talking

with Maddy and is trying to convince him that he should not mess with the fab5 and try to be calm. Maddy says that he will do what he wishes and will not listen to anyone and further says that he will also perform on the same song. Aryaman tries to convince Maddy that he should watch and not mess with the fab5. Maddy says that to tell Manik that there can be only one lion in the wild.
Naviya is holding her head because of the pain where Mukti comes shouting and doesnot listen but Naviya gets angry and says to her to stop on this Mukti gets on her feet and asks for her forgiveness where Naviya that Mukti will have to do anything which Naviya says. Naviya then makes her sit down and makes her hair and after seeing them Mukti runs out of the house. Naviya is telling Nandhnai about what she did with Mukti and Nndhani gets happy and asks her if she took a picture. Nandhani then asks her about when the new people will come to their house and if she and Mukti will be able to manage. Naviya then says that they will know what type of people they are and if they are fir for Abir. Naviya says that after Manik Nandhani is ignoring Aryaman and so Nandhani decides to call him but he does not pick up the call, Nandhani gets disheartened
Manik goes to the sponsers and makes them end their deal with Maddy and sign a new one with the fab5 to which they also agree and so Manik leaves.
Madddy is training in the gym where he gets the call from the sponsors saying that they have ended the deal Maddy at once asks them if they were told by Manik and when the manager is not able to answer Maddy gets angry and shuts the call.
Aaliya goes to Dhruv who is very tensed and sitting on the stairs there she tells him about Varhuns philosophy but he gets angry and asks her to keep away from Vahun and whilst they are talking they get a call from Manik who asks them to come t the jam room where they have to practice.
Maddy is walking when he hears the music and is about to head for the room at which point Harshad stops him and starts to taunt him but Maddy gets angry and says that if Harshad comes in front of him again then he will not be seen in the academy.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik get out of the car but Manik does not feel so good and Nandhani after seeing that he is not well gets tensed and calls hi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Good epi. Manan dancing scene is awesome.

  2. Aiapp please Manik hi performs kare ,Aisa to nhi Maddy n kuch Kr Diya ho,Maddy ab tumhe Nandu vala punch pdega

  3. Maddy wore same manik’s t shirt but with a lil change….. he wore half torn one ???kitna bhi try karle beta tu manik k standard aur uske attitude ko kabhi match hi nahi kar payega…..poor Maddy firstly he should use a stool to talk with manik….. to match his height of course! ?

  4. Anyone knows what happens to Manik? and how and when will maddy’s character end?

  5. Nice episode…hi prads kyyrocks

  6. Wow!!!!!!

  7. Manik na……. after his accident this is happening it maybe related to his memory…….and bout Maddy toh he will be out damm soon bus donno how…….

  8. I luv u maddy I really wish maddy falks for nandu.. all d bashers n haters of yuvraj thakur go get a lyf

  9. Nice episode manik you are wow.

  10. Hi guys. Pls can any one tells me why Th story I watch is diff from Th written update. It doesn’t seem to go together. Like today some one kidnap nandini wen the were in romance mood playing hide and seek. The person that kidnap her turn out to be her coach, Aryyan But in this forum is talking about Harshad pls can some one expln pls…….. …… I am in Africa

    1. Dear her sir was trilok chourasiya… not aryaan lyk v call kno ky2 started airing outside India too but lil late so u are behind us……. I mean to say the epi bout which u are talking was in s1 and this wu is of s2 epi 42/43…… so its not different its ky2s2 and in Africa s1 is going on hope ur doubts are clear….:))

  11. Lol who’s even bashing yuvi here ??

  12. Harshad se khud toh kuch nahi hota bas dusro ko provoke karke unhe manik se pitne bhej deta hai ???ek din Maddy(though ik his problems but still) tu manik se zaroor pitega aur harshad tu manik ya Maddy se na sahi ek din alya se zaroor pitega ??
    Situation ka fayda uthana koi harshad se sikhe pehle Maddy ko president ship se bahar kar diya aur.
    Dusre taraf Maddy ko provoke kiya against manik ??sachi keh rahe ek din tu sachi pitega…….but anyways well done harshad Maddy should after all kno who n what manik is…… and he said to “apna attitude apne pass rakh” lyk srsly! He doesn’t kno attitude defines manik malhotra ?…..

    1. Aiyyappa sachi mein ek baar pitao harshad ko ek saal ho gaya usse pit ke…….. sachi bol rahe hu ek baar alya se zaroor maar khayega yeh ladka…..

    2. Offo prads! “KAISE KARR LETI HO YAAR?”(kuch yaad aaya?)
      Srslly! Tum meri dil ki baat keh deti ho yaar! N ur that line-‘attitide defines manik malhotra’ ! Wowww!!
      Srslly…..kaise karr leti ho yaar????

    3. Areey anu samjha kar manik ka jadoo ?seedhe yaha pe lagta hai ??

  13. Ky2 k aanhoke tips to chill ✌✌
    Ek toh zoor zoor se haaso hihihi haha karke aur doosro ko prove karo tat m mad ??
    And second dost ya sis ki do cute cute chotiya banao ????
    Me during MaNan scene ???pure bliss yaar…….. bit did anyone noticed they showed yesterday’s MaNan scene…. matlab unhe pata chal gaya ki without MaNan epi is rukha sukha ??
    Kidding …….for me kyy jaisa bhi ko I loveee it!
    Baki ka kal…..

  14. Hello kyy family.
    plump i just want to say that ur ricky bro is fake.she is a girl and was showing like is a boy.
    she confesses herself that she is a girl and was just enjoying that but now she realized that its not good to fool kyy friends.she apologizes for that and what to be forgived by all of you.
    so i cm here just to deliver her message.

  15. Minnie. Thnx a lot. Now i understand. Very nice series. Thnx again

  16. WooooooooooooooooooooooooooW
    Awesome epi Aliya ko Harshad ko do chaar laga dene chahiye !!
    Manan dance ws gr8 Loved it..
    God knows abi yeh Mad I meen Maddy kya karega…?

    1. Aish!! Heya!! Its u only na?! I missed u so much yaar!!! Hw’s u? Hw’s ur lappy?? Coz woh humesha kharab hota tha..i remember my silnt reader days aish…ur lappy ws in our talks! Haan yaar sachhi.. Harshad ko do char nahi hazar baar maare toh bhi kum hai!!
      Maddy kya karega… Kuch bhi karega at d end manik ko hi jeetna hai! So no wrries! Love ya aish!! Happy diwali!! Njoy haan..bt b safe too:)

  17. hey guyz….. any 1 remember me! happy diwali KYY family! enjoy

    1. Hi max bro!! Arey im der na! Hw cn i frget u?? Hw r u bro? Hw’s bhabhi?? Hehe.. Happy diwali max bro!! Wish bhabhi too frm my side:) hav a safe diwali bro!!

  18. Lovinggggg thissssssss lyk helllll!!!??
    Manan u r juzzzzz soooooo cuteeeeeeee!! ??????
    N Maddy……plz grow up bachcha!
    Itz a college n everyone there has a thing called standard!! N ya,plz stop copying manik OK! Manik is manik!! No one can juz copy him!!!

  19. Happy Diwali kyy family ??????????????????????????????

  20. I hope manik hi perform kare…maddy plz understand na.. Aryman is right.. Bydwe guys wish u all a very very HAPPY DIWALI ….

  21. Thanks a lot dear nashita and plump for wish me.. Actually yesterday i was enjoy my bd party thatswhy i could not comment. and plump all the best for ur board..

    1. Happy diwali to u too rads:) hav a safe diwali:) n same to u fr d boards:)

  22. hello peepz !
    May this diwali overcomes darkness?
    May peace transcend the earth?
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world ???
    May u all celebrate a wonderful diwali this year !???

    1. Same to u prads!!! A very happy diwali!!!!!??????????

  23. Maddy thinks he is jungle ka lion! ?
    Areey Maddy if u think u are a sher then what are u doing in SPACE someone plz call the zookeeper ???
    *no comments*

  24. KYY S1ws amazing, i mean it ws a bit sensible bt s2 is jst rubbish. Kitne issues raise kiye the s1 mein youth relatd bt nw its jst LOVE TRACK. Each episode of s1 had MaNan scene for sure but smaller. It ws smwht concentrated on youth. I mnt no. of issues like arrogance, drugs, homos*xuality, problems wid parents, role of friends, coping up wid traumas (what Nandu sufrd aftr pndt trilok’s kidnapping), pre marital s*x, the #ItsNotUsItsYou Campaign etc… N nw no sense in calling it a youth show. Call it another Love story… N ya i lyk MaNan bt still not happy… 🙁


  26. My reaction when manik thrown away that permission slip from the door.
    Konsa president? ?
    Kaha ka president? ?
    Manik k raj mein u can u do nothing!
    But srsly yaar president achanak I mean is mein nothing lyk that was there…. ?
    Only one word #PRESIDENT
    *no cmts* ??

  27. Maddy Maddy Maddy tch tch tch
    Dekha how he cancelled ur so called concert…tum se nahi ho payega.. ???
    Manik was right u don’t kno him yet…
    Yaar humse puchte bolne se pehle…

    Haha he said free passes bhej dunga… lol
    Beta tu khud free mein kisi aur k ghar mein reh raha hai uski fikar karo …manik can buy whole concert ???can even cancel ur damm concert ????
    Maddy shock manik rock
    What to do m still not over that chomu Maddy face when he got to kno his damm concert is canceled…. poor bachu….

    1. Ohhoooo!!! Awesooooo yarrr! Maddy……perfect linesssss 4 him!!
      Srslly…..bass ek baar humse puchta na…..at least yeh haalat toh nhi hoti!

    2. N yapp! Manik ki baat hain toh sidha dill Parr Hi lagta hain!!!???
      Bilcul iss tarah!?
      Kyys2 rockkZ

    3. ????pera dil toh parthu k pass hai hehe

  28. Makakmayum khalida zia

    I miss cabir

  29. Hey cutiepies !! I just wish all of u a very happy diwali … Enjoy every1… Bye ky2 rocks

    1. Hii aisha!! Thnx! Happy diwali! U too njoy n b safe dearieeee

  30. Anuuuuuuuuu shweetie!!!
    I have a Diwali gift for u ?????
    Jaldi jaldi aao aur dekh lo!!!!!!!
    Go on this link ??
    And watch next thrusday’s epi!!!!! Yep u saw right go fast and see!!!!!!!
    M on cloud 100 after watching the epi!!!!!
    And yeah nandu’s famous punch milega agar thanks n all kaha toh!!!

    1. Sholly anu! Actually excitement mein I wrote next thrusday its contents of tmrw…. sholly ??

    2. It’s OK sissyyyyy!!! Ab tumhe milega nandu ka punch!!??
      N tumhe toh patah hi hain na…..ki agar ek baar pad gaya toh tum do dinn tak kuch nhi bol paaogi!!????
      Vaise ek baat kahu……vo….Jo bhi tumhe tumhaare parthu se hua hain na….vahi mujhe bhi ho gaya!??
      Srslyyyyy….I was watching d old episs…..n……….!!
      Now plz donn kill me!!
      (Pumpkinnnnnn plz bachaa lo!)
      Kyys2 rockkz

    1. Hi punchkin! Nice dp BTW….! Awweee MukBhi!! Missing them yaar…… ??

  31. Hi guys! It’s me after a long time!!! And believe me I ain’t here to join you guys here again! It’s just to re-bond some bonds which were bliss!!
    Hi Pradishma! It’s the old Anu! And yeah, how are you? I just hope you’re doing fine!
    Guys! I just heard what happened between Prads and Plumpy di! Okahe now, I am not gonna be biased! But, c’mon guys, it’s Diwali! You just can’t fight like this!
    Now, you see we have some personal issues at home which just gets us take out all of our frustration on someone else! And I guess Toshna di and the same problem and Pradishma too!!
    If I am in a relationship, if my mom and dad get in a fight, if my brother screams on me, if my school friends are humiliating me, I really won’t come here and tell you guys! I agree that this is a family but the next moment, you know what this is a social site too!! That’s what happen with both of them, Toshna di and Plumpy di!
    And yeah, I swear Plumpy di didn’t say any sort of thing to my regarding please go and say them this and this! I just came here because I have got his gut feeling than Toshna di was here in the TU family right from the beginning and she is as good as any one here! And Pradishma is one of the decent persons too! I know you both are such a cute persons that you never can be rude to anyone but as I said these domestic frustrations just mistakely get out somewhere where we didn’t want it o be!
    Now coming to the point, I know I have lost the right to say anything to anyone here but you just need to chill guys!
    Sorry from Toshna di to all those who think they have been hurt by her because as a person I know she can be the best friend you have ever got!
    Bye guys!!!

  32. ricky bhai girl?? can anyone please explain to me…. 🙂

  33. btw page has changed a loot. happy diwali manan . stay blessed!! kyys1 was mre interesting bt s2 ve chalta hai (only for manik n nandu)

  34. Luv their couple prads

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